Sunday, December 13, 2015

Embodying New lifestyle

Dear Beloveds!

The recent unfolding of our lives is twisting and turning, and so a lot of us may feel a bit overwhelmed with all the changes that are taking place! We may no longer wish to do the things we used to do and enjoy in the past or we already feel called to something new! Our Ascension process asks us to not just embrace, but also enjoy all of these changes! As we make Peace with the rapid unfolding of the new reality, we will be revealed new desires and intentions! The importance is to see everything not just as an ending and a beginning, but rather a continuation of energy that is expanding along with the expansion of our awareness as we move more into a state of pure consciousness. We are slowly but steadily embodying a new ascended Lifestyle for ourselves and the Whole of our ascended Being.

We may have been through quite a turmoil during the recent times, so we had to use all of the adaptation tools and techniques, and yet at a certain point we will no longer have to adapt or even try at anything! We will simply blend in with the new reality in which we invested so much, as we kept planting those seeds for New Life ... so many cycles and with such patient precision! The time has come to surrender into an even greater Faith which surpasses our current state of trust, as we are moving up the ladder of Spirit, embracing our Divinity to guide us Home and live as an embodiment of Divine Peace!  
We are the ones living in times of a great transition and those of us who have been on this path of Ascension for a while now are beginning to feel this shift more and more, on much greater levels than ever before. As we look at our surroundings and tune into the mass consciousness, we feel a major split taking place! As we connect to this transition which we are a natural part of, we can almost feel how we are 'hovering' above the mundane reality and stepping ever strongly into this new paradigm that we are co-creating! 

We are so much lighter in energy! That is why we might feel alone in this purpose in our corner of the world, but we are not alone on a much greater level, because so many of us are transitioning this way all around the world and whether we see it or not, we are doing this together and as much as this is a personal shift, it's also a collective one!

There is a new guiding Light that is leading us into places unknown and things yet unseen! We might not understand the nature of this shift mentally, but everything will be revealed to us in Divine timing. All we need to focus upon is being the Light of illumination that we are in this world, and how we are weaving a new web of Creation! The old world might no longer have anything to offer us and that is why we deeply crave for new things and experiences that nourish our Soul, but let us remember that the New Earth is going to be by our own making! We are the ones who are weaving the Light of Creation as it becomes a new reality in the world that we get to create as our own! This is a world of our new belonging, a new Home that we are creating from our Heart space! 

At this time there is a lot of shifting energy around us, and so this might affect how we are feeling, for there are deep shifts boiling underneath the surface and we might be unsure of where to go next! We might feel the need to even unplug from everything that we are thinking about now, allowing the higher perspective within us to clarify in Divine timing! This is how we help ourselves to let go and receive the assistance and support from our Divinity, which we are never separate from, but often feel so due to everything that we perceive in the physical world! 

Sometimes just a moment away from everything that is known and routine to us can shift a lot of astral energy around our close environment, so it helps when we take a short trip, immerse in something we haven't tried before or turn around and explore something we would never consider in the past!

Often just little things can shift the energy very rapidly, so that a new perspective can be born. If we find ourselves looking for answers at just one place but never consider another approach, then naturally we will always create the same results. This time we are asked to step aside for a while and allow the Divine crystallization to naturally unfold as we receive the Gift of our Divine Self as a blessing in disguise and enjoy our life, our intimate and close connections and creating experiences that feel very close and familiar to our Heart! This is all about receiving something new from what has not been shared yet! Often these new experiences will bring fresh outlooks and we will be in it for a surprise!

We just stepped through the Sagittarius New Moon Gateway of 11-11 (11th day within an 11 Universal month) and 12-12 after all, so let us enjoy it and aim our arrows at something unknown and New! 

This is the new beginning for our Soul expansion and the embodiment of our personal truth! This happened on the 11th day within the 11 Universal month ... so how powerful is that? This is the last gateway of the year, 12-12 included. The new year actually begins with the December Solstice. This is a time of inspiration and making plans that support our Soul! The more we strategize and open up to new possibilities and things we would love to bring into our life as an Essence, such as fun, creativity, spontaneity, adventure and joy, the more we will feel free and wide open! We can even write a list of all the activities we would love to live out! This is a time when we no longer wish to settle for an approximate version of what we desire to experience in our life, but rather go for the bigger picture!

This might require more patience and surrender on our path, but it will be worth it, for we will move towards our true Heart's vision! This is a time of clear guidance but also new blessings and miracles that come obviously and in disguise! We simply need to allow the Divine inspiration to move our life and get ourselves out of the rut that we might be feeling due to all the purging we have been going through! Venus is in Scorpio Now, so She definitely wants us to go deepen in our Soul intimacy and commitments to ourselves and others! How much do we truly value ourselves and what are the changes we wish to see take place in our reality? We have the power to make it so!!!

We celebrated the second week of Advent and so here is the Angel message that I received! As we are counting down the final days of the year, we are becoming aware of all that we wish to change and implement as a new lifestyle in our reality! This brings an energy of pondering and clarifying, because there are big changes coming next year and we are energetically readying ourselves for what is to come! Supporting physical objects and ideas that we don't need requires a lot of energy investment because all of the material exists because of our energy that sustains it! That is why it's important to clear out space, and get rid of self limiting beliefs and patterns that prohibit rather than inspire and uplift! We are preparing so much and announcements of the New are on its way! A new lifestyle simply follows all the vibrational changes that we have been undergoing this whole year, and so as we bring up new desires, we also have to make peace with the old ones! 

Here is my video on that topic and how to be conscious of our energy focus:

Maybe we didn't finish all the things that we wanted to by this time, but that's okay because new things and ways of being are coming our way! Everything is a constant continuation of energy! We have expanded so much that the old simply no longer fits and we no longer wish to compromise. We wish to fully experience our Ascension to its maximum potential and capacity of our Soul! We are truly ready for new experiences, and so far it's only our mind that can convince us otherwise! Are we going to believe it or will we be brave enough to reinvent ourselves? 

A New lifestyle often requires quite a lot of conscious focus on our part, but we are worth it and all is unfolding beautifully, step by step!!!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn