Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Self born integral sovereign

Dear Beloveds!

We are still in the New energetic month of November! This month is huge, and with all its belonging 11s it acts as a major gateway. We had the 11-11 portal of Light in an 11 month within an 11 universal year, which makes it altogether a 22/4 month. So this month marks the completion of what has been initiated at the beginning of the year. This "tunnel" we have been moving through was quite intense and deeply challenging for many Light bearers, because it's been preparing us for huge transition years to come. These are not easy times to live in, with so much chaos and unrest occurring on the planet, as well as weather shifts of both natural and controlled sources. It was crucial for us to develop the kind of resilience that would replace the overriding structure of resistance which exists as deeply embedded within the controlled system of duality. The deeper we go into the embodiment of Light on earth, the more darkness rises to the surface, and the more balanced we must become. Indeed, these are not easy times, however we have some forward momentum during this month. Venus finally went direct, as Mercury went retrograde, with Jupiter moving into its ruling sign of Sagittarius. We will also experience the nodal change, moving into Cancer/Capricorn polarity. What does this mean for us personally? Only time will tell, so it's important to stay grounded and focused on building roots that will last generations to come. No one else will do this work but us! 

Here is my latest Ascension video update:

Our Ascension is becoming more expanded and multidimensional. As we exit out of the linear framework, we are leaving behind the "enslavement" and manipulation of the Human experience which was deeply tempered with, in order to never reach its higher Divine potential of multidimensional cognition. To leave behind this old and outdated framework as Human Beings, we must first dissolve all inceptions of this distorted interface that was embedded in the Human body framework, rendering it to function only through a limited set of abilities and opportunities. This left the Human wandering, wondering and going around in circles for Eons of time. The volunteer Soul project was established in order to incorporate the high Divine intelligence of crystalline multidimensional consciousness through Human embodiment. These are highly evolved/advanced Beings who do not exist in any form of enslavement or energy entrainment in their pure Soul state of the integral sovereign. With their incarnation into Human bodies, much more could be achieved from the inside than the outside. As this embodiment occurs, it plants the seed of the integral embodiment which begins to grow and expand through each such individual embodiment, as well as a group collective. This project was created out of pure Divine Love and benevolent intervention within the Human realm. This in no way means that something is done for others, because that cannot be. It simply means that each planted seed of sovereign embodiment that's free of any inbuilt slavery inception plants a seed that becomes a part of the collective Human experience. The law of Cosmic resonance is that what One can do, it can be done by All. And so these seeds will eventually grow and increase in their potency, as Divine gifts planted on Earth. There are many who are already feeling the cracking down of all false illusions of control, implants and outdated Human interfaces that render and control the experience, making it impossible to Be Self created. Volunteer Souls are Self created without any outside interference and agenda. They live within their own Spirit liberation and have come to model that freedom for All!

My personal work is shifting and changing as well, and so I will be moving a lot of my content to my PATREON page. This is my sponsorship and subscription page, where I will be sharing Ascension guidance from now on. All Patreons who support my work of selfless service (via free YouTube content) will receive additional monthly Ascension guidance in a form of a Light grid, as well as a channeled Spirit message. There will also be a channeled Spirit drawing and Lunar guidance/Moon messages. Each New Patreon also gets their unique welcoming oracle of illumination when they first join my Light circle. 

And here is my monthly Galactic video update:

In our new multidimensional not linear approach, we always follow the flow of the Spiral embodiment. This means we don't take anything into our awareness in a structured linear fashion, but rather taking things in as we feel called to in each Now moment, which totally reshapes our "time framework". Because everything is interconnected, we are accessing different portions of information that are required for our conscious cognition in each New framework accessing. This means that nothing is missing, because it all comes to us in perfect real time known as Divine timing. This way we are not only taking things into our awareness, but creating our own way in how and when we take information as Light particles in. This is like creating our own "platform" of cognition, rather than following or pursuing information in a linear way. Thats the old concept based on duality framework. In Unity consciousness, everything functions through perfect Divine symmetry and synthesis. That's how multidimensional cognition feels like. We are naturally going through adjustments and integration periods gradually, so we can allow ourselves to experience our own free flow of expansion, because our Soul knows. For great understanding we have to tap into the Mystery of Life and Spirit! 

Here is my 11-11 video topic:

These are not easy times we live in, because we are witnessing so much intentional (man made) destruction on the planet. The Truth is that although there are extreme cases in certain areas, they do have a global effect and influence in all of our lives. None of us are excluded in this Divine equation of immense chaos, ignorance and control. We may have known "war" as the extreme expression of duality on this planet for eons of time, and there wasn't a time that it wasn't present in the lives of the collective populace. However, this current "warring" situation is so different, because it represents the climax point of the apocalypse or the great unveiling. And what lies at the deepest Core is the battle over the planetary Life force. All the means which are being used against us are being used against the planet and its very Essence, which is its living Life force. 

Whenever control is being used in terms of biological, chemical and weaponized warfare, it's being used to control the very Essence of the planet, which of course includes the living Essence within each and everyone of us. It began as a "war of consciousness" and it is being played out in the physical as the "war for Life force". That is why the only way to come into Unity and embodied sovereignty is the complete liberation and self maintenance of our own Life force and internal resources created through our own "I AM" consciousness of a sovereign integral. It's not enough to wish it, because we are at a point of no return, with no one else to "save us" but ourselves, from the Core of our own Source. It is time to wake up and begin the process of complete Self "control" and regulation. It's time to bring Life into all the death that surrounds us by doing the masterful work of inner Life force mastery and cultivation. Everyone can become the Giver of Life, however they must first wake up to all the death and destruction that is happening all around us. This is a grounded approach that requires all of our inner knowing and Presence. Without the gift of our full Presence, New Life cannot be born. It is time to begin ... Now!

There is a higher plan of globalized Unity: 

Our Sun just moved into Sagittarius, so we have moved through Scorpio times and the Scorpio New Moon. The New dawn is here, but what's required is the right inner navigation system which will lead into the New pathways. The breaking point just before the dawn is the most challenging aspect of Spirit initiation into absolute Christed Truth we can experience, but it's right at this verge that the magic of Soul alchemy occurs. We are undergoing deep self healing and integrating deep hurts which were self inflicted through a lack of understanding and application of how Creation works, which left us vulnerable and feeling wounded on the outside as well. This may pertain to lack of self value and not being seen, valued and supported for who we truly are externally as well, as a reflection of that internal state. It's time to break through those patterns by creating sacred space for the Truth of Essence to come out. Just like the owl can pierce through layers of illusion and see clearly, so can we. And once the Truth is told within Self, everything else will naturally align with it and reorganize itself. It's time to create a refined state of inner value (instead of false external validation) within our Core and apply everything else from it, because everything that's lasting and unified begins at the Core level of Self! 

Are we truly responsible for our own healing?

And how do we approach and invoke Christed Light within our own practices?

Nothing in Life is a given, it's all earned and worked for, being gradually built upon at a Soul level. People who think that others have it better or easier than them by entering a reality of ego comparison are looking at Life from a very narrow and limited perspective. Our living "karma/dharma" is a composition of so many things, lifetimes and Soul experiences that are uniquely chosen by us through a Will greater than our own. Coming to peace with all of it means being at peace with ourselves and our reality. There are things we can change, and yet there are things we cannot change, and the wisdom of knowing the difference comes from deepening our Soul perspective through consciousness expansion and knowing Cosmic law. To experience "challenges" in life is not always "karmic" in the way most people still relate to karma. Most genuine planetary servers and healers choose difficult lifetimes and challenging initiations in order to move through dense energies in their own way and initiating change not only at a personal level, but collective as well. That has nothing to do with them participating with current collective energies and choices of the masses and society, as they are usually withdrawn and focused on their mission. That way they are creating New energetic pathways that eventually become available to all. And most of this work takes place behind the scenes with no one to witness it but the great "Almighty". These people know who they are and they don't require recognition or praise, only the Self connection and pure knowing that what they do is in alignment with the greater good of All, to walk their path through the Spiral of Spirit and in devotion to the highest Cosmic Law of Divine Love. And that's what true Ascension is!

We are creating the Christed child within:

This occurs through the Lightworker's journey and synthesis:

I was walking by my favorite lake for Self healing, and then I find this piece of iron at the end of my circle. It was so heavy, and it reminded me of all the heaviness that we often carry within us as Human Beings. My Light Family keeps showing me the process of illumined child integration and how it's the key to our golden Ascension. There's nothing outside of us that will assist this inner process, because it's our own path to walk and to embrace with illumined light. As long as we rely on external reality, things and people, we will remain only a partial Human, not truly moving to our Core. We will be healing certain patterns through external triggers that lie around the Core as many layers, but never daring to travel all the way to the Core itself. Even the Core of the planet is supposed to be an iron Core "crystal", which means that the Core is so deep and therefore so full of everything, as it stores our every Soul experience. 

In order for us to truly become illumined, we must travel all the way to the Core and Be the Light in the dark. It's easy to remember that we are Light Beings and walk in light. It's definitely not easy to Be that Light in the dark, all the heaviness that might surround our Core. These are all the layers around it, however only by traveling to the Core itself can we truly heal our "Cosmic birthing pains" of Soul individualizations and begin the path of true mastery and illumination. This journey takes the inner Divine child with it, for that One holds the key to our embodied illumination. Therefore to travel in the light is only half of the journey. It's easy to be the light in the light and surrounded by light alone. However, it's a whole other dimension to Be the Light in the dark, no matter what and regardless of any external circumstance. Only highly evolved and "advanced" Souls will choose this path, because anything else would trigger a lack of challenge and boredom within them. And so they choose such an advanced Soul journey, because their agreement is to master that level of consciousness and expand into it with all of their Being!

We are entering a time of deepening the body/mind correlation. Our ascended body template is growing stronger and therefore it requires proper adjustments and adaptations. Old thinking patterns, habits and routines are becoming so outdated, that they have a negative and debilitating affect on our Human body. The body is growing to become super strong and intelligent, with the inner illumined child acting as its guiding Light. This is one of the main reasons why the keys to our living Ascension Now need to be surrendered to the Divine child within. The majority are still not aware of the super importance of this process, which requires a complete loss of control over our bodies and overall Human experience. When the knowledge of how things are and function for us is outgrown, it becomes outworn and it therefore hinders our progress and natural evolution. 

Many volunteer Souls have entered into this plane of reality at this time in order to change the body structure from within, hence they had to incarnate into Human bodies as Divine intervention from Source. This is not an easy task, because it requires a well of knowledge being imprinted in this Human form, which will serve as an intermediary for the ascending process of the physical body. However, this knowledge becomes a burden once it no longer serves the embodiment process. This is because at a certain point, a total surrender to the New is required, so that a higher consciousness can take over the body completely through Divine Grace, triggering a new stimulation of bodily functions, which means that they will then be regulated through the higher principles of Life which mimic Divine perfection through the immaculate design. It's Now time to deeply scan our bodies for any old residual aspects of control, which can be traced even as far back as the origins of the Human race. However, this higher form of consciousness is capable of overriding everything with total and complete unconditional Love. It's time to enter into this next octave of Being in Human form and allow the natural unfolding of this journey to occur through us.

We have been working on surrendering all forms of control:

The Taurus Full Moon was a powerful initiation of the Light, especially because Venus as the ruling planet of Taurus was retrograde at the time. With Mercury moving retrograde Now, it's still time to be still, peaceful and inwardly balanced in order to receive new insights from deep within. Not everything is as it seems to be at this time, with so much happening behind the scenes in spiritual Truth, and so during this time we may gain deeper insights into our personal journey within the Light of Truth. This is a deeply inward time of Self reflection and Life force cultivation. Embrace the New as it wants to neutrally present itself to You. Then take this deeply into your Heart and feel the merging of Divine mysticism and grounded physical reality. The living Light of Spirit wants to embrace both the realistic and mundane together with the magical and mysterious. Embrace the unknown! 

Venus rules Taurus, and She has recently been giving us quite an initiation:

This is a powerful combination of several shifting Cosmic energies and influences. It can be deeply felt if we connect to its blessings from our Core. This means that instead of trying to mentally understand something from the outside or reaching for external knowledge, we can directly tune into the Essence of it by creating sacred space and inviting in this experience of the New. When that sacred space is created, we can dive deep within and feel the undercurrent of the frequency we are tuning into. By vibrationally feeling into it, we are already creating new pathways of Soul expansion and growth. We often think that we have to expand our understanding in order to move on to the next level of our Soul experience. In Truth, we only have to continue to open our Heart to the feeling center which lies in our Core. Words and explanations are no longer that essential or even required for the ascending Ones, as we invite in New feeling levels and experiences within our Being. Sometimes it's enough just to focus on the words "New" and feeling behind them as more becomes apparent in our reality through simple Heart Wisdom. These are some of the gifts that are coming to us through this lunation as another Ascension Gateway. We are most powerful when we surrender to the feeling and the wisdom of the Heart, which is a unifying force of the so-called "higher and lower" into an integrated Truth of Divine Union and Unity consciousness. Enjoy, celebrate, have fun and play! 
We are reminded of the infinite Soul journey which we all travel through our unique experience of Being. When we connect to this natural state, it's quite easy for us to feel lightness of Heart. So many Humans forget about this luminescent connection through Prime Source narrative. We try hard to accomplish certain goals, get things done or create opportunities that we believe we need to create on our own. Have You ever thought about all the objects we bring into our reality through ego desire? We have a nagging feeling that we need to have that, but quite often the object of our desires seems meaningless to us and what we truly need. So we often end up throwing piles of things away, creating more entropy and imbalance. 

This is most definitely not how we create through Soul desire. Soul desire is all about connecting to the Essence level, and co-creating with our Soul through those aspects. So for the most part, creation occurs at the Soul level, which is received from the causal planes of Being. As Humans we must simply develop the proper intuitive gifts of inner knowing and discernment, so that we understand what we are walking into by inviting it into our reality. So just like the Soul can bring the people we need to meet quite easily in perfect timing, the same applies for everything else. This doesn't mean that we are lazy and do nothing in order to manifest, because higher Spirit work of refinement is needed for us to vibrationally align with the desired Essence as we ready ourselves to eventually walk into it. So whenever You feel finite in your resources and creative opportunities, visualize an ocean of Soul Beings as an endless sea of consciousness. They are all moving towards their Soul fulfillment and realization, and they know exactly how they are being moved in order to get there. As Human Beings, we must apply the same Soul wisdom to our own reality and stop trying so hard to get things done. And so we become the open and clear vessel for whatever it is that wants to be manifest through us!

We are moving deeper into the awareness of our seership abilities and inner knowing without knowing also called cellular knowingness. It is from this sacred state that we make a connection to the Divine Mind, and it's also a state of consciousness that many great seers or prophets connected to as they received Divine visions from the Wholeness of Life. These visions sometimes come as visual imprints or subconscious visions, but more often they enter into our reality as subtle impressions or feelings. These are orchestrated through our Higher Self and are often deeply symbolic and archetypal. The awareness which best receives them is the so-called "blank slate" awareness in which our lower mind does not interject and project with its assumptions, which are usually stimulated by signals and thought processes based on past experiences. The Divine Mind cognition can only be accessed in real time called the Now, the great "Nano" or the Quantum hyper space reality where this is all accessed relatively fast, in an organic and natural way, in which the lower mind has no "time" to process it. So for us to reach the awareness of great seership, we have to remain in a state of absolute purity and deep observation through benevolent neutrality. We have to observe everything as it simply comes and goes without passing any judgment onto it. And only in this way, our seership abilities will exponentially grow without us trying hard or wanting to reach a certain state. The more neutral we are, the better!

Recently I was taken deep into a journey of another consciousness expansion as I was drawing this beautiful image of the "Eye of Divinity", with its infinite layers of consciousness expression and expansion. I listened to this important material from "Wingmakers" (which I highly recommend to everyone), and the words came: "Only knowing the Truth brings the power of choice. Staying in fear and ignorance does not. Ignorance is not bliss, it is a deception and manipulated inception. And knowing and living Truth means personal responsibility for each sovereign individual. There are no false promises, external salvations or saviors, empty hopes and rewards for this journey of embodying a sovereign integral. Only the Love of Truth and our liberation into it!" Say the words "I AM, We are", and feel this Truth awakening deep in your Core.
We are encouraged to remember our own sovereign Self as not only a state of infinite Existence, but also responsibility to Truth. We are all Warriors of Light if we choose to Be, but it's not something we say about ourselves or even do. It is a vibrational frequency pattern that we carry within us, and that gets unleashed and deepened with each DNA activation we undergo and receive. It's in the very nature of our Being and we are only here to unlock its potential. There's no final step to this journey, a finish line or a goal, but rather a constant state of devotion to what consciously wants to expand and therefore evolve within us. Being an agent of change does not necessarily mean doing anything in particular on the outside, but accessing the inner multidimensional spaces of Creation and play with various opportunities and variations of reality there. It's how we truly expand our reality from inside out, as agents of multidimensional rather than just physical change, as it's the physical that follows the unfolding of energy and the dynamics of our creative play with it as we explore the realms of mystical and unknown!

Are we doing the proper inner work for physical Ascension?

And here is a message from Gaia about the higher Life force perspective:

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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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