Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The New illumined body Humans

Dear Beloveds!

Welcome to the New energetic month of December, everyone! This is a 14/5 month of deep change, and its most obvious climax point will become rather visible in its expression during this year's December Solstice. We will have a Sagittarius New Moon first on the 7th, just after Mercury goes back direct on the 6th, and then a Jupiter alignment on Solstice. Major breakthrough from the old ways is possible at this time. Something is deeply ready to bubble up the surface at this time, as we are welcoming a New version of Self into form. This form is a higher expression of who we are, which is Now ready for physical manifestation and embodiment. This is us breathing with wider lungs and taking in more Spirit Life force than ever before. It is also us welcoming this New radiant expression into Life, just like we welcome a new child into the world. It is this Life force expression that creates everything in our reality, and it was called the great "Serpent wisdom" in the Ancient past. So many have not yet begin to embrace this path of Self mastery, as they are still gradually rising to the surface of Divine remembrance within their individual awakening. However, there are also those who are a bit further along the path, and are Now ready to embrace the path of true allowance. What is this and how do we tune into our Self through this simple "I AM" wisdom?

Here is my latest Ascension update about the Art of allowing:

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The Art of allowing activation through the "I AM Love"
is a powerful tool to help You embrace your ultimate Self beyond all illusions of separation, points of inception, programing within duality, etc. It is an activation of Source consciousness within which honors the Highest principle of Love, where Love is allowed to be expressed in any way and form, regardless of any seeming circumstance. 

We are in the process of receiving the New Human body template. However, this is not something that just happens. The physical Ascension with the body is the most arduous and challenging process of Soul creation. It is literally the hallmark of our own sovereign Creator-ship within the seed of Life. A Soul has to become completely sovereign and free of anything that still holds it within the lower density realms, in order to be ready for Soul born genesis. It has to become liberated from within and therefore free of any inception. Receiving the New body template within Divine Love and entering into the "incubation" stage for the creation of a New ascended body is the next step if the initiate chooses to do so. This is quite an undertaking, and therefore it requires absolute understanding and Self compassion during the many transition stages as it gradually unfolds.

Here is my Elohim message for the New illumined body template:

I go much deeper in my New Human Body mastery course. The New illumined Body is a journey of physical Ascension through the merge of the illumined Light body consciousness and the evolving biological Human form. The New Human body is often described as the "crystalline" body or the "Rainbow" body, which is a creation within the New Human template. This is a highly intelligent Divine design that reflects the immaculate design of Divine Perfection and it therefore mimics the Source Code of our own unique design. The process of the New Body creation is quite an undertaking for all individuals within the sovereign Being path. It is a way of becoming Self born through the process of Self initiated genesis of Life. When the illumined aspects of us begin to operate through us in the Human form, the form itself begins to unify and therefore it begins to experience major changes in the physical body. 

The New Body design is based on an unconditional relationship between Spirit and body, which are merged in a way that co-creates the illumined body or the radiant body of Light, while we are still holding physical form. This occurs through the illumined/Light DNA translation into our physical DNA. This is the exact translation of our Source code into our Human design, which then becomes independent from all external forms of inception, manipulation and control based on first separation from Source that creates duality. The New Body is a sovereign Creation of our own unique design for Life that is created from the Essence level. In this course You will be taken through this process and the various influences that play a major role in it, in order to activate your New Body template and begin the "Self born" process integration.
You can also get the ILLUMINED HUMAN TEMPLATE mini audio Book here! 

The illumined body template is a journey of Source expansion which takes You to the very origin of your Source Self as the "Root" Race aspect of Creation and the illumined volunteer Soul project of Light assimilation, which is to create illumined body forms in order to experience the immaculate design for all Life in form.
How do we enter into the receiving the New body/merging process?

The circle of illumined Light continues to expand by building on the necessary Light quotient of the Prime Source Life Essence within all. This is required for us to exit out of the so-called Matrix, the "net" or the "wall". We don't do this by thinking we are awake only because we believe in "spiritual realms". This is so much more than that, and it's literally an arduous process which most don't want to even go into. Too much that's actually false has gathered there, and it would be too challenging to break down the walls and becoming the sovereign integral. So much lies at stake, however! And these are not just some "new agey" words. This is the next stage for Humanity, if it ever wants to truly be free. So many people live their lives without even being aware of anything, never asking themselves why something just feels "off" so deeply. Others feel themselves to be awake, but will not continue to go deeper when it's time to do so and hack programmed beliefs about reality.

And then there are those few Pioneers who are not afraid to venture out into the New, willing to confront and realize whatever is necessary to truly Be free and sovereign as infinite Source Beings. The circle of illumined Light and our Prime Source Life Essence is there for All. Anyone can join in at any time, but in order for that Self initiation, they have to let go of everything they used to believe about reality and what's truly possible. The illumined Realms of Truth await with open arms, to embrace the Self obvious Truth holders who have themselves embraced a path of non duality and non hierarchy. The path of a unified Source is right at the center of our Core, which is where our illumined Essence is infinitely waiting for us, unveiled and benevolent!  

Here is my FREE video course training for illumined sovereignty and cognition:

Don't forget that there is always Life present, even when our mind perceives certain conditions as "lifeless". In Truth, Spirit is the pure Essence of Life. A Master of Life force therefore knows how to create a surplus of Life force through conscious cultivation process within the Soul embodiment. And this way that very same Being learns how to emanate Life as that Essence of Spirit in any way, form or circumstance. In this way, there are no conditions, only created sacred spaces for the Presence of pure Spirit in form!
We are being taken on a Cosmic journey into the very Heart of the Galaxy. The Galactic Core produces or rather emanates sound waves of Creation which then become liquid Light expressions. These are being directed through the navigation of Cosmic Love, which is the Divine narrative and orchestration of Life. This way the Life force of Spirit oversees everything through the Divine navigation system that connects everything together in Divine harmony and symmetry. At this point we are being openly affected by many Cosmic Rays which easily penetrate our stratosphere and atmosphere during the Solar minimum. We are more receptive and less shielded at this time, which is a Divine intervention that makes sure we are receiving through our Divine birthright and heritage. This way we are being exposed to the kind of Galactic and Stellar information that we require for our next stage of evolution, in whatever way or form that may be. That information of Light streams forth through the great Spiral of Life, the Spiral of Spirit. Are You ready to be open to this process without holding any judgments or assumptions based on duality?

We are on a journey of Union beyond the concepts of Light and dark which we often render to the experience of good versus bad. The light and dark are truly One and serve each other in Divine Love as they intertwine and merge in the realms of illumined Truth. Our concepts of light versus dark are still deeply dualistic because they have been programmed so. Things are not as black and white as the majority of Humanity sees it. We have to travel to the Core of our Being and beyond to become Masters of polarity, and only then can we know ourselves and All Creation as One, held in the embrace of the great unified Truth. That Truth is the Absolute, however we must not get caught in the idea of a search for the "ultimate". Truth is not a rigid thing, because it's not a concept, nor it is a construct. It is therefore not a concept we can search for. Truth of Primordial First Source expression and all Creation that springs from it as the expression of that Absolute is fluid and dynamic. Only a dynamic relationship with ourselves will eventually lead us to the discovery of Truth through our personal experience of it. We are not here to master something outside of us. We are here to master ourselves from our experience of Life in Creation. And because of it no one can give us the "Truth", because this is a deeply intimate and personalized journey of a sovereign integral within the Absolute. It begins with releasing anything and everything that holds us back from experiencing ourselves as infinite Beings of that First Source expression.

So many people are yet unaware of their sovereign state and all that they still give their power to. The journey "home" represents the sovereign path of the I AM Presence alignment and embodiment. Spirit always tells me that the only way out is in! I channeled these Spirit words which can be used at any time, especially when taking back power from those "others" as mirrors of various beliefs as we imagine them before us, and taking in our own Source Light instead: "I AM sovereign and free to Be me. And You who stands here before me Now I fully see. In the Light of Truth I decree and claim my power by saying NO to thee! And so I AM free of these illusory beliefs. The only program left in me is Source that is free!" 

Are You noticing the increased chemtrail activity? Ever since I moved here to the Alps, it's been getting worse and worse every year, and nowadays we barely have sunshine, especially this year. This can be most easily noticed in colder climates in Winter time, because the days are already so much shorter and cold, and the sunlight being our only source of warmth. Many say that they are using chemtrails to prevent the so-called "global warming", which is a scam in so many ways. It is being used as an excuse to manipulate our thinking, so that we would agree to their scheming. However, there are so many other alternative reasons for spraying our skies and hiding the activities on the Sun and beyond, now that our biosphere is gradually opening again, to eventually join a greater Galactic perspective. These aerosols are neurotoxins, and so they are poisons for our bodies as they enter the streams of air, earth and water. They cause so many problems in the body and are one of the reasons for increased illness rates in Humanity. The only way to move into a higher octave of Being is to create a New crystalline Light fueled body of the New Human. 

I recently experienced a "magical" chemtrail situation which occurred here. There was a blanket of thick artificial clouds which seemingly came out of nowhere all of a sudden. It was perfectly sunny with crystal clear skies, but that changed drastically in less than an hour. Then I walked consciously although it was dripping rain with all that toxicity. When I made a big circle around the hills, the sky suddenly cleared, however that rain was still falling, but it was dripping out of nothing as the sky was totally clear. I have never seen this before. I was like: "What is falling from our skies, and what is it falling from?" It was obviously a weird and "unnatural" phenomena, but I still felt so safe and protected because the New Body is an intelligent Divine design that knows how to handle toxicity. For those of You who wish to learn more about this process, You can watch my latest YouTube video.

This is my video about it from the perspective of the New body:

Look at this beautiful Diamond Light manifestation! Lately we have been working with the Angels non stop, and You'll never believe what has happened recently ... unless You see it with your very own eyes! I was editing my latest video, and a White fluffy feather just manifested itself in the frame out of nothing. It flipped like someone shot it from somewhere, which would require force. And there's no wind in our apartment. Yeah, I get the physical feathers I often find, but this was a whole new level of experience. I was just saying "goodbye" in the video, and they said "hello". Omg, what a Divine blessing from Spirit! (see the video above)

December is a time of sharing gifts, although for me selfless giving and sharing is a constant practice. However, I wanted to give a little extra in return to all those who support my work of selfless service in any way. So anyone who either donates or buys a product or a course on my web page Serapina Light in December, will go straight into my HOLIDAY RAFFLE bowl. At the end of the year I will select three lucky "winners" via a random draw. The gifts will remain a surprise until the very last moment to make it all the more fun. You are welcome to join, and may the fun & joyful cheer begin! Have a festive month, everyone!
And here is my EXTRA GIFT for everyone, Spirit messages for Life force mastery (with oracle readings):

Are You feeling all these shifts in your own body as well? This month I'm stepping into the nurture of the New illumined body, which is a process that moves through the nurturing of the physical body. At the time of this merging process, the physical body goes through a gestation phase that consists of many phases, and I'm using this to connect to the alchemical nature and Magic of the elements and the body's natural revitalization abilities. However, I also feel it's important to create physical well being and wellness in deeply creative ways! I'm going to enjoy using some of my new organic body products to enjoy myself as I dive deep into Self nurture and treating my body as it's the Essence of most beautiful liquid Light. We are precious Essence made of pure Liquid Light, and nothing outside of us can compare with our sparkly Essence. However, we are here to co-create with the natural world in order to live in balance and harmony
It is time to go deeper within as we walk through this 12th month of the year, in every possible New way that we can imagine at this time (and beyond). This 14/5 month of the year feels exactly like walking through a tunnel as we see the New Light before us. We are only a few steps away from full integration and understanding of the current cycle. We are assessing our choices as creations along the way, as we undergo a conscious Life review in order to Be in greater balance. We know that we are out of balance by knowing how true balance feels, and this is how we can always Self regulate and moderate. And as we bring ourselves into greater alignment, we expand and enter into a New creative cycle of Life!

HAPPY HOLIDAY season to everyone straight from the Core of my illumined Heart Essence!!!

NOTE: Don't forget that ALL the donations to my page SERAPINA LIGHT get a FREE oracle of illumination as my gift of Gratitude returned to all of You!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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