Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Venus retrograde & the New body template

Dear Beloveds!

We are in the New energetic month of October, which is of 21/3 frequency. A New Creation cycle begins this month, and we are going deep as Venus goes retrograde. We are working on physical integration and much needed body work in order to be able to receive these New Light waves. We begin this New energy cycle with the harmonizing Libra New Moon, which also brought in a New energy wave to integrate. This will assist our further integration process of harmony and well being, but mostly the energy work we can offer to the planet and Her own cycles of release and integration. The first incoming wave was exactly on the 1st of the month, and they were both pretty intense. Major changes are happening in the energy fields of Gaia, therefore the theme of this month is "energy movement". This is a time to learn to move energy in a New way. What does energy movement mean from this New perspective? It means that You are getting acquainted with a larger portion of yourself which knows how to safely and evenly harmonize and move energy in a New direction, so that there is no "final result or destination", but rather a constant "ultimate" which is being anchored through Unity consciousness of what is the highest potential harmonized within all realities of You and All That Is. This is in no way an easy assignment, and therefore it can only be entered into by those who have previously learned to harmonize within themselves.
Here is my latest Ascension update for October:

P.S. This is only a partial message. You can read the entire channeled Ascension message from Spirit if You become my Patreon supporter for 5$ or more. You can find all the info on my page "Serapina Light" and on my Patreon channel here!

These are intense times of New energy waves streaming through the infinite Cosmic web. As they do so, they are causing intense ripple waves of body symptoms with accompanying chaos and confusion. Why is this so!? As these Cosmic Rays enter into our stratosphere and atmosphere from the multidimensional streams of Light, they must first be anchored and directed, because as they enter they are dispersed and seemingly chaotic. It is then our job to gather and anchor them through the Life force mastery process, which means building our sacred space for this energy work from within, honoring our sacred space and keeping it pure from external intrusions and infiltrations, and then cultivate and harness the energies through the intentional process. 

For all energy Pillars who work with these Cosmic waves as a part of their pioneering mission assignment, this is Now a deep priority. These energy waves will continue to intensify all the way until the Equinox point when we will be offered another opportunity for a synthesis. Everyone must therefore get really clear and focused about what is truly important in their mission work at this time, while knowing and honoring their devotional priorities. This is an urgent summoning by the Forces of Light which are asking all the Ascension Pioneers to take this time very seriously and get focused inwardly to offer themselves as a sacred vessel for intentionally guiding, anchoring and harnessing these New frequency waves!   

How do we move energy in a New way?

The Equinox point followed by the Aries Full Moon guided us back to our roots. These will come fully alive and active during the Taurus Full Moon, which will perfectly align with the Venus retrograde, as Venus does rule the sign of Taurus. When we are fully grounded in this moment, we gather all the seeming fragments and particles in order to hold the energy in our sacred space. As we do so, we are not only holding space for ourselves, but also for others and the planet. The more we can come back into our center, the more we will become overlighted by the illumined Wisdom of Nature. Just like the trees constantly hold space without needing to strategize, so can we. This means that instead of acting impulsively in a forceful way, we can simply focus on what grounds us into this very moment, building upon our strongly held structure. We are impulsive when we want to make hasty choices that don't comply with our inner voice. 

Let's say that we wish to experience changes in our life, and then we go about creating the external conditions in a way that wants to cheat the very nature of Divine timing. That is manipulation and control. So instead of patiently allowing the conditions of Life becoming ripe for those changes, we begin to forcefully create the kind of external conditions which would seemingly get us further along our path. This never works in the long run, when we wish to align ourselves with Divine will and greater Life circumstances which we are creating gradually and intentionally, without dramatic or compulsive actions. This also anchors us in the reality where we ground our Presence by devoting to the small and sacred daily tasks of devotion. Trees are energy Pillars, and if we are like trees, we allow all other forms of life come to us. We do this by simply focusing on our primordial nature as a Pillar, holding the space in our Essence. And that will create natural and organic flow of Life and the desired/required circumstances which will begin to coil around us as if we were a magnet.

Here is my Equinox video message:

These are the times to move the energy around. Many energy movers and "grid workers" are guided to move energy in their own way, within sacred spaces they are being called to. Where are You being called to at this time? It's time to answer the call! My Alpine adventures were triggered during this month. I was called to my precious Carnic Alps in Italy again. I've been there last October and I simply fell in love. I traveled there again for a week long adventure of 8 sacred days, to do my Creation Pillar work and move some energy. It was a beautiful trip full of so many adventures and challenges as well.
You know, I drove on quite a few Mountain roads in my life, but this recent adventure took me by surprise many times. Sometimes the roads were terrible, or the navigation has failed me. It was beautiful but challenging as well, as I no longer have my "jeep". It can feel rather scary at times, knowing that the car is never fully reliable, and that You can remain stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I've had quite a few weird moments on my trip, and I wanted to share with everyone that it's not all perfect, like a "bed of roses". Mountain road trips are beautiful but sometimes unpredictable and challenging as well, and so You learn a lot about yourself, how You handle such situations and how You can persevere and move through anything.

But every trip has to end eventually, and where better to complete the journey than by the river. It was a long 8 days of constant hiking, non stop activity and some challenges along the way as well. It's not always like we would imagine it, if that's even possible. But I guess it's always what we most need and how we expand. The journey of expansion never ends, although we experience constant ups and downs along the way. 

I love to be as authentic as I AM, and that's why I would not like anyone to think that my life is all fun, just "love and light". Yes, I live like that internally, but I'm a part of this material world of duality just like anyone else, and I meet various people, circumstances and life experiences, both pleasant and unpleasant. But along the way, I never give up and I keep on moving forward

How to anchor the Cosmic Ray activity?

This year's Autumn season is pretty intense since Venus is retrograde in Scorpio until November 16th, but then we will soon have Jupiter moving into the sign of Sagittarius. This is something I'm personally looking forward to with great anticipation. This year has been truly challenging for me on all levels, going deep into the underworld of absolutely every aspect of Life. Jupiter was in Scorpio after all, and those of us who have a deep connection with this great Giant have deeply felt this impact. My Rising sign is Sagittarius, as well as my Jupiter. So I will experience my Jupiter return with this transit, and so I'm super excited. This period of many years has felt like treading over dense waters in order to bring Light into every possible element of Life.

Those of us with Jupiter in its original sign Sagittarius (ruled by it) are known to be restless free Spirits, who constantly need to expand and create new pathways. We are always looking into the next possibility, so it's sometimes difficult to stay grounded in this moment. However, we are visionaries and we are planetary healers who are here to help alleviate planetary karma, so that it can fulfill its destiny and move into a new planetary "incarnation" cycle. This is not always an easy task because it requires so much spiritual training and mastery in order to be able to hold and anchor this energy. The reason for our restlessness will often be the feeling of collective shifting energy. 

October is a month of energy movement, so this beautifully aligns with where we are and what we are moving towards. I sincerely hope that those of us who have been constantly fueling these shifts will finally be able to feel a breakthrough and reap some rewards. It's been intense, and it makes me feel tears within just thinking about it all and how much energy investment this all took. That's why some of us are Now deeply tired, or perhaps even experiencing an energetic burnout. Go easy on yourself at this intense time and don't rush into anything. Be headstrong while holding a state of peaceful balance and inner resolution.
Here is my Venus retrograde video with a Beloved Union reading:

The Venus retrograde we are in Now is a time of all Love related things, but this is not a time of "slowing down" as many would like to think. This is merely a time of deepening and going deeper into all Venus related subjects, and we can go as deep as we want. It all depends on the level of our consciousness and what we will focus on. When we hold our focus on being open and receptive, so that the highest possible flow can manifest, all shall occur for our highest good. Much will be revealed through deep triggering and conscious contemplation. We are not to be afraid of the coming triggers for change, because no matter how challenging or pushy they might seem, they are ultimately leading us into a New unfolding and blossoming. It is all leading us into the depth of true Divine Union, the alchemy beyond what is alchemically known Now. 

We have to be ready to receive the gifts and blessings that await us on "the other side", which simply points to the expanded perspective which wants to come as an offering. During retrogrades, there's a deepening of awareness that takes place, especially if we are ready and alert. Without being open to receiving these gifts, the planetary associations and universal energies that flow through it all will not be able to deliver it to us. It's time to open our eyes and allow our Light to shine even in the darkest of times. The deepest spiritual alchemy of transforming duality into Christ consciousness occurs through our journey of ever expanding polarity integration. In whatever situation or circumstance, we must find our anchor point and connect to the Magic within. And as we tap into those resourceful gifts of inner alchemy within, we can share them with others and the world through Unity consciousness, which comes through integration and application, not wishful thinking and empty words that lack a deeper meaning and committed devotion. 

This is an important message Spirit wants to bring to our collective attention at this time. It's about how we are and feel in this world. Feeling too important leads to egoic separation, and not feeling important leads to self pity and victim consciousness. Where's the neutral balance point from which we truly know the Self in illumined Presence? The words "full of yourself" came up today, and they made me reflect. Then I read a post from someone saying that they have enough of challenges and shedding, that there's nothing left for them but to leave this Earth. We all experience moments of feeling a sense of entrapment or "no way out sensation" in this realm of density built mainly on a template of duality. However, we respond to this feeling differently, which depends on our Soul evolution and maturity. 

The stronger we are as a Soul, the more we will respond to such challenging feelings with perseverance, courage and strength. These are all traits of Divine Grace, and the more refined the Soul, the more we can embody Divine Grace in any condition or circumstance. This is in no way a judgment, only a call to embrace our Human nature with compassion and dignity rather than theatrical responses which only bring up more drama to break free from. Those were Spirit words which came through as I opened myself to responding to this statement with Love: "Feeling like there is no way out is like giving up just before the miracle unfolds. Are You sure that You would so quickly surrender your strength!? There's never a last breath or a final say, because there's always more in Creation and every Angel must regain their wings on Earth!" Be brave no matter what, be uncompromisingly You regardless of anything. Be your own Home, your own sovereign, your own Source of Divine Love! 

Such is the journey of the Soul as it moves through the experience beyond pure Spirit, which is All That Is. First it moves into the dark in order to begin its journey as an individualized consciousness within the unknown New, until it experiences both polarities to integrate. Eventually it will move into the light, but at first this will be the "false light", which means that it's still polarized and experienced from one angle of duality. It is only when that light becomes integrated and applied within the dark, that the individualized Soul experiences itself as illumined. Masters of illumination are Beings who reside in a neutralized polarity of Christ consciousness. What lies amidst everything is the eternal Presence of Spirit, the overseeing consciousness that resides everywhere and oversees this journey within the Whole. And in this space of Spirit which we can experience as a form of "higher Presence", there's always infinite hope as the Presence of Divine knowing. This is a state of Divine Perfection which we can always feel within, every single Being of Light, everyone of us as One!

Are You your Divine Beloved?

Rise and shine, everyone! What will we do today in order to truly enjoy Life in the moment? To be so deeply present that only the next thing before us creates our whole reality? We are usually not that present, focused and clear, because we can only filter it through certain portions of our daily reality. But we do have patience, practice and perseverance to accompany our every experience, and we only have to be willing to show up and do our best in each moment. Then each moment will respond in Divine reciprocity and reflect our own Presence back to us. We are here, we are Now, and in every moment we grow.

We are not here to live a life of stagnation and survival, but rather that of Soul beauty and infinite creativity. Out of darkness, the Light is born, and this is how we grow. It is time to become fierce, unstoppable and determined to be what we wish to embody in this Life and beyond, to summon the sum of All parts to live as One within us. This is how we become a fierce ally of the Light, an unstoppable force of Life which always moves towards its ultimate fulfillment as the highest potential of Life, Spirit born in form.

How would it feel if our inner magical child would always be listened to and encouraged to lead the way forward into New adventures? Unfortunately we are still so conditioned and so we wear all kinds of masks and false personas, and yet our inner child has so much potential. It wants to reveal so much beauty to us, and it wants us to break free from the mundane over and over again, until every shell is cracked and there's nothing left but the playful Spirit of adventure that we truly are. Yes, our Soul is always up for an adventure, only the ego is full of old wounds, beliefs and conditioning and tries to maintain the status quo by keeping us "safe". But this safety is false, because it's a self made prison which feels like a cage. We can choose to break free a little more each day, becoming the rebels for a cause which we are in Spirit. And that cause is Self Love and the Love for all Life. This Love can always ignite the inner Spark or the Spirit flame of our originality and uniqueness. And this is how we can live through Divine passion and courage, a bit more every day, until we know nothing else!   

This time is inviting us to participate with Life in a new way. We are always changing and shifting from within, but as Humans we still engage in this world externally before going within. This is one of the primary reasons why we seek answers to our challenges in the outer world, through our own reflections, whether they be conscious or unconscious. When things in these external conditions and circumstances don't always match our ideals and expectations, we are often conditioned to jump to conclusions, which also makes us want to react and create change on the outside. We are resisting what is and therefore the inner realm remains stuck, unwilling to let go and allow the flow of Life to naturally unfold through us. Because of it we are unwilling to grow through our circumstances, which is why they continue and even remain the same for longer periods of time. 

Acceptance can only occur through allowance, which is not the same as staying passive, ignorant of the circumstances that reflect our inner state of Being. When we allow, we accept everything through Love, and we do so exactly how it is without our controlling interference. This then leads us into a state of compassionate existence and vulnerable openness. It's not only okay to be vulnerable, it's necessary for the return of Divine Grace through the feminine principle of Life, which is inviting, magnetic and therefore deeply creative from its Divine Core. The center stage for this blossoming is here, and all we have to do is recognize where we are in this healing/wholing process and acknowledge the unfolding journey. We must surrender the lesser will and let the Master Self take us on the ride of surrender which will plant the seeds of New consciousness that considers both polarities in Union, and therefore co-creates from the space of third energy, which is the Christed consciousness manifest. We are not here to teach and preach about some concepts and ideologies that we feel are right. We are here to primarily focus on this Self healing journey and Christ consciousness integration that blossoms organically when we simply water our garden with the ever expanding Spirit Life force!

How do we enter a deeply embodied meditation full of Life?

We are still moving through quite intense times, riding the waves of New energy. This energetic change is the cause of many foundational changes that are taking place in our lives and occur deep in the body. We are creating New body templates which is a lifelong process and any Being who commits to this path will undergo tremendous body changes in their embodiment, including the experience of constant death and rebirth. When aspects of the old energy "make-up" or foundation die, so do our cellular memories. This means that our cells are undergoing an intense rebuilding process, which uses a lot of our vital Life force that usually goes into regular body maintenance processes. 

This causes the exhaustion experience which we will notice taking place in our bodies as a gradual process which occurs in waves. In each wave, the cellular dynamics within our New bodies will undergo a new level of Soul alchemy and change profoundly from the Core level up and from inside out as if it's blossoming. As the New Humans in the making, we have the capacity for this alchemical alteration and we are also paving the way for others by holding energy for it. This change is becoming the New norm for us, and although it's quite difficult for our bodies, we are also adjusting to it by adapting to new bodily functions and adopting new ways of energy maintenance. 

That's why we need to build New energetic pathways in the body for a new level of body sustenance. It doesn't come lightly and on its own, it's being done through our consciousness infusion and body integration as One. We participate by allowing flow in our bodies and generating a new way of creating beyond control and resistance. For a while we may feel completely vulnerable and New in our bodies, but this is temporary and it's also necessary to create full allowance and therefore living and operating fully from our New body template. The less we resist this organic process, the more everything will flow naturally through us.

How do we deal with the Ascension symptoms?

Here is some more about the NEW BODY TEMPLATE:

Practicing my Tantrika Life force mastery is what gets me through these intense times! It's especially important to do the Tantric/orgasmic cultivation during the period, to harness the highest womb potential during the woman's intimate cycle. This will create a pain free release and harnessing of menstrual blood which we can then use creatively, as we are guided by our own bodies. The "New body" is super intelligent and so it knows exactly what it needs.

Feminine womb (period) retreat in the high Mountains. Why not? I have to be where the highest energy possible is, in order to harness it for my body rejuvenation process. I have this Creation rock here which I call my "spaceship" and I have to visit it at least once a year. I have been receiving guidance for a while Now to spend my first three days of period in solitude and introspection, to open the space for the feminine principle of Life. And as my menstrual blood (the elixir of cultivated Life Force) is gathering, I'm then harnessing it for the regrowth of my hair. Yes, menstrual blood that's created and released during a woman's cycle contains all our cultivated Light quotient, which we can then harness. Menstrual blood also has a lot of iron, which is deeply required for the hair regrowth process. Everything that we need is already in our body, and if we begin to work with our Life force to increase our body's natural vitality, we are gradually becoming masters of this process.

You can learn the art of Cosmic orgasm mastery in my sacred course devoted to this powerful wisdom. You can find it on my page Serapina Light under "Tantrika". So much wisdom about this & more is shared in this course, which is a beautiful practice of sacred Life giving.

How do we drink in all the sweet nectar of Life and allow change to happen naturally through our Divinity on Earth? We plunge deep into the darkness to bring another aspect of the Whole into the Light, and then we integrate a new level of experience called Love. At that point we must surrender completely, if we wish to receive the gifts of Spirit. We cannot control anything. That way every single thing is a gift so full of Life, the sweet nectar of Love. And even that is just a beginning, because we always open up to more! 
There's so much talk about leadership and becoming our own sovereign, however at this point in time everyone will understand it merely from their own vantage point. To truly know leadership as a Divine quality (and equality), not that of men, we have to embrace Unity consciousness. One cannot be in sovereignty when they stand firmly rooted in ego consciousness. We truly become sovereign when we embrace our Divinity and therefore Unity consciousness. So far sovereignty and leadership have been understood primarily at the level of ego, building upon their reality through separation and power, which always leads to control. 

For us to enter our Divine sovereignty, we have to see ourselves as a part of a bigger Whole, where all that we perceive and experience is a part of that collective, and the same goes for that which we perceive as the "other". In knowing that what we experience, so do the others and vice versa, we will expand our thinking paradigms into a Heart centered expression of Love. What One experiences, All do, and what all experiences hold in their unique expression, has the same Core of Unity. We might understand that intellectually, but we don't always embody it. As we deepen our meditations and "Silence", we will be shown new ways of how to truly embody our sovereignty which is Divine and therefore fully illumined. 

P.S. The photo is from my recent mission trip when I conquered the highest peak of Carnic Alps.

Enjoy this beautiful Fall season as the leaves (and our own old skin) fall off one by one, revealing beautiful new colors that we have not yet seen before! Create an open space for the New by trying new things which You haven't yet tried before.

You can find two new CHANNELED MEDITATIONS on my web page. They came through some very powerful session work.

One is DREAMWORLD MASTERY Light activation, and the other one is CREATING FROM THE CORE Light activation. Both are beautiful and powerful Spirit offerings!

The Dreamworld mastery Light activation is a most powerful tool for connecting to the Ancient wisdom stored within our Light DNA and accessing it through our conscious and subconscious selves, in order to become the master of the Dreamworld. Here we begin to work with the archetypes of Light language in order to illuminate all that is born of separation and step into the Wisdom of multidimensional mastery through expansion via dimensions and realms.This is a 1-hour journey through the inner Self exploration and accessing the Dreamworld as a conscious Master of Self. You can use this activation to enter into different aspects and versions of yourself (multidimensionally) each time as You enter into this sacred space.

Creating from the Core Light activation is a powerful tool to help You connect with the feeling level of your Heart, in order to activate and enter your personal Creation Vortex. It can assist You in activating your powerful gifts of awakening Life to a new consciousness level of pure Spirit potential, entering a doorway of your Creator Self. As You activate your Core, You enter into a sacred space of consciously engaging with energy and playing with its creative potential at the level of pure Spirit, which is pure Life.


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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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