Friday, September 14, 2018

Post Eclipse integration: Masters of illumined Creation

Dear Beloveds!

We are in the New energetic month of September, which is of a 20/2 frequency. We are still under a major influence of incoming Cosmic Rays/waves, and a lot of Beings on the path of illumined Union are undergoing a process of deep synthesis and completion. A theme of integrating completion may present itself during the whole month in various degrees and levels of our current embodiment. However, it is a seamless process which is all permeating, and we need to seek it through observation and conscious contemplation. What is currently pushing through in our lives, wanting to naturally come into its full realization and completion? This naturally brings new upgrades that we are receiving through our bodies, which are Now deeply attuned to the Galactic Core through the Galactic Star Gateway. We then work on aligning with and harmonizing in our earthly embodiment. A synthesis is born when all the participating aspects come together in order to birth a "New unit" which has not yet been before. Through this process we birth a completely New Self or the "diamond" Self, which corresponds to our embodiment of illumination. We can then work towards becoming Masters of illumined Creation, so that anything we create becomes an extension of that illumination, in harmonization and co-Creation with Holy Spirit.
The 20/2 frequency is also about conscious Union/partnership. When the right energies or people come together in mutual understanding and harmony, there can truly only be Love. When true Love is Divine, it has an alchemical component to it. Then these relationships can co-create and watch their energies lifting off and charging reality with particles of Light that have not been there before. This means that their mutual Creation is not just the sum of all parts, but also a new composition that brings a miraculous new openings! I share much more in my Ascension update for September and my 13th level synthesis course called "Mastery of illumined Creation!"

You can learn more about all of this in my Ascension update for September here:

What are You consciously choosing to manifest at this time to step closer into your authentic Self? That Self is a luminescent Galactic and Universal Presence that extends beyond your limiting beliefs about yourself and your current reality. Don't forget that we have a forward moving motion "planetary wise", and a lovely Virgo New Moon awaiting for us this month. We can use this powerful time for a complete renewal and a full re-write. What feels like New to You? What is leaving your sacred space? How can You recognize that which seems to be moving further and further away from You and realize that's how it's meant to be? How can You let go of your old ideas and beliefs that no longer fit in with the manifest reality at this time? All of what lies in in front of You holds messages for You, and is either pulling You towards your past and future until You find your illuminating anchor in the Now. The closer we are to the absolute reality as it presents itself to us right Now, the less our vision will be clouded and veiled. We all have hopes and dreams, and yet aspects of them might also relate to the stories we build around these dreams and ideas, which then lead to veils of illusion and a sense of disappointment. To become fully New beyond the falsehoods of ego, we have to let everything go, so that nothing but the Core of the illumined Heart of the Beloved within remains. When that Heart centered Core acts as our true north, we can be rest assured that everything will align with our inner manifesting Magic. 

September is also my BIRTH MONTH, YAY, as I celebrate my Solar return on the 15th. On the Virgo New Moon I channeled a Spirit gift for myself. This was a very important lunation, and as a Virgo Sun myself, I was called to gift myself another inner child drawing. This is my Virgo New Moon/birthday manifestation, which represents my next level of embodiment and a new cycle I am entering into. This is the embodiment of my Elohim consciousness as a Giver of Life, and living in full alignment with Holy Spirit. I am embodying illumined Union through my celestial roots and Tantrika womb wisdom, the Essence of Life giving as illumined Creation coming into conscious birth. I AM wearing my Aquamarine/silver Elohim cloak of Divine Mother and connect to the sphere of my illumined crystalline realms as I anchor this Essence on Gaia. Beneath me are the Waters of Life which infinitely flow through my Being, and I AM fully liberated and anchored above and below in Divine completion. So be it, and so it is!

What happens once we get closer to a point of Divine synthesis? To create with illumination is not the same as learning to "manifest" a certain way, through certain steps that are often linear and limiting. To create within the illumined template is to build the inner Light quotient that is required for a dimensional fusion and shift, which naturally contributes to the co-Creation of our desire. Here, we don't use our will only, but we use the Divine Will of Creator and pure Life force energy of Holy Spirit, which makes our illumined Creation effortless and sovereign. Yes, the cultivation journey might feel intense and sometimes even challenging, because we are shifting in the very foundation of how we create as Divine Humans. But nothing was built in a day, so we keep on integrating this as we are going deeper and coming closer to the point of illumined synthesis.

You can learn much more in my "Mastery of illumined Creation & embodying Elohim consciousness" course, which I've finally completed. It is the 13th Gateway synthesis course on Mastery of illumined Creation and embodying Elohim consciousness, which You can find on my web page Serapina Light under "Mastery courses".

As You join this synthesis Mastery course, You will learn about the very nature of Creation through Holy Spirit and Elohim consciousness. In order to become a Master of illumined Creation, we must first become fully illumined within our own Being ourselves. This process requires us to undergo the process which is sovereign, dimensional and whole in its Essence, which makes our Creation fully illumined. This builds the inner template of illumined Mastery within our own body as the House/Home of Spirit, to become the vessel for the Light of Holy Spirit and illumined Creation. This is an extended 7 hour long course which focuses on the nature of Creation, Creation laws and Creation formula. The aim of this course is to guide the initiate of Spirit through their own process of creative template from all perspectives and variables. By unifying all of these through the so-called dimensional infusion, we can eventually born a synthesis of the Self or the "Diamond Heart". This Heart of the Elohim is the primary Seal of Creation through which we then learn to create everything in our reality. This course comes together with many practical examples and exercises and a Light activation that supports the process of inner illumination. You will learn to become an embodied Master of illumined Creation who works through "I AM Elohim" consciousness. This course comes together with a 50 min long LIGHT ACTIVATION for practicing the mastery of illumination. You can get this activation here separately as an automatic mp3 download to practice on your own!

Elohim message about illumined Creation:

The synthesis is often represented with a Diamond Light Gateway. The crystallization into a Diamond Soul Essence is not the surrender of our own will, but a complete melding of our will with the Divine. It is the most absolute synthesis a Soul can experience as the Galactic Star of their Cosmic Essence origin is transcribed and translated into their earthly embodiment through the Earth's diamond chakra or Gateway. We will recognize this state through the inner Divine synthesis and complete merging with Holy Spirit as we then fully co-create with it as One! Our Heart becomes the Heart Essence of a diamond Soul who has passed one initiation after the other, always moving deeper into the Core Essence of its Creation Self. Saying "yes" to this path is saying "yes" to the highest Essence of Life as Creation Law in pure devotion. It is the absolute surrender to Divine Love as it walks in Human embodiment in form, through Cosmic Union/Ascension. 

Here are some messages from the illumined council:

We are still moving through the Gateway of the Virgo season, with Virgo themes of harvest, healing and service to others and the world. Those of us born under that Sun sign are already in alignment to selfless service in our own way and to a various extent. However, we will always be called to step into a deeper mastery and refinement of that Essence. This doesn't necessarily mean doing more, quite on the contrary. This growth and expansion asks us to internally and externally create more inner wellness and balance, so that we are always served first before serving others. The society has indoctrinated us into numerous roles of sacrificing, adjusting, becoming better and more sufficient. However, our Divine nature is quite on the contrary, because once remembered at our Core, it simply asks us to hold our unique Light by being more authentic, unified and harmonized from within. 

This inner harmonization and synchronization naturally adjusts our inner cycles of Creation, and moves us into a spiral embodiment. This is embracing the feminine principle of Life through non forced action/control, while embracing the receptive way of Being in deep creativity. It's time to let go of the distorted feminine principle based on duality, which creates subordination, self sacrifice, passivity and control. Passivity and control are two tendencies based on extremes, which pull from different angles of separation, which we must eventually unify from within ourselves. This will heal and integrate the distorted feminine principle that continuously aligns with the distorted or fallen masculine principle, who can never meet in Unity and equality. The way forward which is born through great embodied Wisdom is the Way of Divine equality through embracing every facet of Life and its expression in Creation. When each part of the Whole is recognized as sovereign, we can only but create through sovereign authenticity, not sacrifice or control, power over others or victimhood, as two sides of the coin. We can learn a lot about this dynamic by observing our inner nature and responses to Life, as well as in consciously established and experienced relationships!

The New Humans are creating a Divine legacy of Light, but this is not an individual Creation of our own making. For Eons of time, that which creates and births Life through the immaculate conception and design of Divine Perfection was not accessed and used by Humanity. The aspect of the Creator known as Holy Spirit was not understood and even deeply distorted, hence Humans as Creator Beings began to create only with their own Light, which created the "fallen" frequency. This got so far in the experiment of Human evolution, that eventually there was no more room for the holiness of Spirit or the Divine Creatrix. This is why Human creations got more distorted over time, creating within the fallen light and forgetfulness of the principles of Life and how Life is born through Spirit. In order for us to become Spirit born as a Divine vessel and a chalice of Life, we have to once again tap into the great mysticism of Life in Creation and bring back Creation (and its illumined principles) which is sovereign, dimensional and illumined. Recently Spirit shared these words about Creation with me: "I die as One with my creations, so that each time I can be born again. And I must die a thousand deaths before a synthesis called Life is born!" You can contemplate on these words and how You can integrate this principle of Life giving in your own life of Ascension and Cosmic Union.

The long awaited 8-8 Lion's Gate brought the codes and alignment for illumined Union. This year it's especially potent because it unfolds during the Eclipse season with a theme that's ready to complete itself and initiate new beginnings. This applies to all those who have been doing the anchoring work throughout all the seasons of this particular theme. All those primary or pioneering "seeds" will gradually move into a new Creation theme while the rest will continue with their integration work, as there's no bypassing the necessary attainment within each ascending individual. Everyone is simply where they need to be with the required activation work that's before them. The keywords at this time are stability and grounded perseverance. 

Whenever there's a theme of completion going on, we are already simultaneously receiving new codes of awakening. This might feel a bit strange and arduous at times, because we continue to juggle between the old and the New. However, it won't always be this way, especially when this current theme is done with through complete integration and embodiment. Literally speaking, once our DNA receives a certain activation and we work on assimilating those codes in our physical template, a New unfolding theme will become available to us, and we will become more susceptible to it. It's been a long journey of many years for many of the Family of Light, as we have sacrificed everything on our path in order to create this New blueprint within ourselves and the collective.  

Here is my 8-8 Gateway video:

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo was a magnificent time for not only new beginnings, but new birthing of our Soul in this Human body that we are currently embodying and melting into oneness with. Leo is a sign that rules the 5th house, which represents the inner child, children, heart desires and creative pursuits born from that fierce passion that lies deep in our Hearts. This is a point where a New Life can begin through our inner child who is like a golden seed which is now ready to fully descend into our Human form, by inhabiting our root portal and saying: "Here I AM", announcing its arrival in golden/illumined consciousness. This Divine child represents everything we have worked towards not just in this life, but many parallel/simultaneous lifetimes. 

This is what we were preparing for while continuously liberating ourselves, for it's that template of illumined Creation which every ascending Soul strives for in order to birth and co-create a brand New world, a golden reality. When this child is ready to fully live within us, we will be stirred up and moved by new passionate desires that will gradually re-write our reality into something completely different, not just physically but dimensionally. Even if our reality feels fine Now, there's more to what we truly desire and long for through our Soul calling. This leap jump will naturally create new circumstances and levels of attainment through this organic Soul alchemy and birthing of our magical child. This Being within feels like a long awaited "Self", a crystal child that is now fully stable and joyful in this reality, at last! It is an inner process that's completely organic and yet mystical, which means that we can't trace or retrace the steps back to where it all began. It is a completely new sourcing point of "beginning" which exists as a consequence of all our spiritual devotions and efforts, and yet it also exists independently from anything else. Tune into these words: "Here I AM, I have arrived," by deeply feeling them in your body. Enjoy!

This post Eclipse time is leading us into a time of integration. Everything we have been working on during this Eclipse time will meet its external match and mirror in the physical world as we continue with our manifestations. This shall be ongoing during this whole month until September/October timeline where many planets that are now retrograde will shift and bring a new influx of energy. This is always aligned with our personal movement forward, and many of the Family of Light have been working on integrating compassion for all forms and ways of Being in Existence. This may have showed up in our personal/micro world as a troubling or disrupting pattern of being. This isn't always an internal pattern, for as volunteer Souls we are working with energy fields which we are deciphering while allowing them to trigger us a certain way, so that we could build the right energetic response that aligns with our Self mastery and inner spiritual resources. 

As we do so, these external triggers which occur through people, situations and events (basically energy in disguise), and they will unlock a new code of knowing within us. This means that instead of reaching for external means or resources to solve these Life situations, we shall be called to enter the inner temple of Light where we can work with our Spirit technology. This way of Being is an internalization and utilization of Life force which aims towards the creation through the Elohim principle of Life, or a Divine Creator Being within us through the "I AM Elohim" consciousness. This consciousness is just about to begin its birthing stage in Human form, as we gradually shift towards full on creation through Life force mastery. Due to this unfolding process, we need to become fierce Beings who are their own sovereigns. We don't give our power away or allow anything to hold us back, because we are our own Spirit Masters.

How does Spirit guidance come through the feminine principle?

Here is my video about time and anchoring dimensional doorways:

While doing a reading for someone I got this very important message from Spirit which we so often forget about: "Remember the principle that the more that we know, the more we have to play to keep it light and balanced. By embracing this simple Truth we can flow with life in ease and grace while engaging in deep body work. It can be as simple as holding a part of our body that we feel called to in the moment and channeling all our Love into it. This will activate that part and our cells with all the knowledge of our Divine masculine principle which is our inner Magician. We can imagine Divine knowing coming through our body as the feminine receives it and how they are always a team that works in reciprocity and balanced harmony. We unlock our DNA and cells from within ourselves. We have all that we need already." 

We also celebrated Mary's assumption day on August 15th. There's always a great Presence of Divine Mother present upon this day, and we can work with our healing intentions for ourselves, our loved ones and Mother Earth. I asked to receive messages for illumined Divine Union from the Divine Mother of Life or the Goddess of sacred birth in Creation and our intimate personal lives. The message that came through was that although everything is held within the all permeating Presence of Divine Love, we don't always physically experience that here on Earth. There's also separation and pain that's born out of duality here in this realm, which makes us feel all of this through the energy of chaos and confusion. Just as there are great benevolent forces of Light that work with us on our path of Ascension and Union, there's also those forces that wish to block, sabotage and interfere. We have to acknowledge both light and dark. The only way to truly move beyond that is to embrace the Mother's Love in everything and hold faith and deep trust in our Hearts. This knowing invokes the feminine Principle of Creation in everything we do and manifest. Yes, there are forces that be who constantly work on holding the Light infusion back. But just as well, the Presence of the Great Mother of Life is behind everything and in anything, so that's where our focus should be. There are miracles occurring behind the scenes, with gentle nudges of encouragement to keep on going. We are to become open vessels for this manifestation of illumined Union in form, as the sacred alchemy desires to birth such Divinity through the intertwining and merging of Spirit and matter. When both are seen as equal and the feminine principle embraces the masculine in order to birth new Life into form, that shall come about eventually as we rise up in our frequency embodiment. We can see all the disturbances as merely triggers to embrace the Divine Mother and Her Creation Love even more. This is what living in Holy Spirit Presence means. This way, resistance is futile and Divine reunion inevitable! 

Here is my Mary's assumption day video:

Let us embrace Mother Earth as the embodiment of the Goddess, which is the Principle of giving Life. There are those of us embodied on this planet who carry the Divine Mother's Essence and purpose of birthing New Life into form. We don't always see the obvious evidence of this sacred purpose, which in itself is an even bigger reason to embrace Divine knowing and synchronicity of Life which shows us that it is so. Those of us with this most sacred calling are asked to embody the Mother of Life by birthing everything we do through the feminine principle of Life. This principle of Creation operates through the great spiral of Creation. When ready for a new birth, a Divine feminine aspect of Life makes a statement through her sacred calling. She sends out a call as a sacred offering for the Divine masculine principle to respond to. Through this merging process, a Union is possible and a birthing of sorts occurs. 

When we apply this principle to our daily reality in our personal lives, our relationships and sacred services that we offer, we allow everything to unfold naturally. We are no longer in control, and therefore we finally know the true power of the Divine Mother of Life. As we understand this principle in our relation to the planet, we know and feel that she is also constantly sending out messages that mirror that Divine calling of the Mother. Earth as Gaia is an aspect of the Mother, and so are we. We can then respond to that calling with our own participation and sacred offerings. This way we become the matriarch, the guardians and caretakers of Life at its finest. We can become the extensions of this Life giving force and live in Unity and true Love as a vessel. We can also neglect it by separating ourselves from the Mother. The choice is ours to make, but when choosing through Love, we shall see and feel as Gaia does, and therefore we shall be offered secrets of the Magic of the Mother of Life! The White butterfly is the symbol of Holy Spirit, the language of Light through which is strongly speaks here on Earth. I saw so many during this Summer, and I also had the privilege of being touched by them 3 times, as they landed on me.

I was asked about when Humans will finally wake up from all the suffering and inflicting pain upon our world, and this is what Holy Spirit shared about it. As you know this is a free will planet/Universe, for it's how it was designed in its blueprint. This is how Creator/Creatress individualized through its extensions and Source aspects in order to fully know of itself. Therefore, no one can answer that ultimate question directly and finally, because so much is at stake simultaneously and so many Souls are still in the "fallen frequency" as they are evolving out of it. However, there are several things we can do within ourselves to align with Divine benevolence and neutrality, in order to see the evolving and unfolding world as Spirit does, with the eyes of pure Love. All that is not born of that pure Love still causes fear, conflict and pain within us as individuals and the Whole. That unconditional love is the love of All and for All. Spirit means this as loving that which is still being harmed and that which continues to harm as well, for that which harms something or another is also harmed within it. It also lives in pain and suffering. These are just two sides of the same coin, internal and external expression of suffering. Most Humans can so far see the world through the eyes of duality, which is always within a certain form of exclusion, not inclusion. An example would be sending love and light to only that which is seemingly harmed outwardly and is suffering. For us to illuminate "suffering", it needs to be perceived from all angles and participating forces. For us to truly live in Divine neutrality, we have to see and live this bigger picture while not taking on these burdens upon ourselves, for we do not "cure" duality by feeding it light born of separation. Those of the Family of Light are here to integrate the dark just as the dark has to integrate the light, in order for there to be Divine Union and integration within Divine Love, not separation and fear. The mission of the Family of Light is to act as a bridge of Light for this integration process of Love, not fueling more fear and addiction to negativity as a result of "all the pain in the world". We are here to transmute it with Love, not absorb it. And this is a process, so we must be loving and patient. There is no final "answer" as to when all of Humanity will finally "get it". It is more about when and how each of us will step into our sovereign Light of Wisdom and Truth and integrate it by also sharing it with the Light of the world. This is how the Light of the world grows, not through more pain and suffering, even if it is just through witnessing the pain of others. The Light of the world grows through our own Light quotient rising to the levels of illumination as eternal Wisdom that cannot be changed or taken away. And this is why we are truly here for and know within the deepest Core of our awakening and Ascension/Union.

Big shifts are happening this Fall, and if You are on the path of deep Soul integration, You will feel it. The Full Moon in Pisces was an integration Moon and it will help us with the synthesis process which is so deeply required after this intense Eclipse season. Things are coming together like puzzle pieces that just fit together so naturally and organically, without us even trying to make it fit or make sense. We are already gaining deep intuitive insights and pure Spirit knowing. Huge steps are being taken in order for us to finally grow our roots of New Earth embodiment through the feminine principle of Life, so that Spirit can be born in matter.

We are learning to synchronize our bodies through the Solar and earthly cycles of Life which impact us as bridges of Light. We are the intermediaries of this bridging process, by taking in the phonic Light as liquid manna and embodying it through the Light body merge, so that it could nurture us and the planet. As Human Beings we are re-writing the genome codes into those of bliss and ecstasy, eliminating those of pain and suffering which are born of separation. This means that whatever we perceive and feel through our bodies is Now occurring consciously, with us as synced in intuitive Ones who know exactly what serves us and how to be optimally served. Our physical bodies are changing, and although they are growing stronger every day, they need a softer and more gentle approach. As we master the art of Life force mastery, we synchronize our bodies through the harmony of the Divine feminine and masculine principles of Life. This way we know exactly how to feed ourselves through the liquid Solar Light, what bodywork practices to use and implement for our physical embodiment process, what to eat and how to act, so that it all consciously reflects the Goddess Principle of Life, which is the Life giving Essence of Divinity. By raising our awareness we are also raising the standards of our living, becoming more vibrationally refined and cosmically attuned. Our blood purifies through this process, and so it becomes the most sacred elixir of Life! Our skeletal/bone structure strengthens and can therefore act as a crystalline conduit for higher forms of consciousness.

Here is my video about the Creatrix embodiment:

Have You noticed how the Sun is different every day, shifting from greater to lesser intensity of energy radiation? Our Sun is always providing us with everything that we need and we are nourished by it through the Union of earthly and solar Ascension. This process of Solar Ascension has nothing to do with the current climate or how warm/hot it is. On certain days the Sun is just simply too strong in its intensity of radiation, and people need to become aware of this fact if they wish to build a harmonious inner relationship with our Sun and its radiation cycles. Yes, the Sun has its radiation cycles just as our planet does, including us Humans who are living on it. If we intuitively follow those cycles, our body will naturally tell us what is good for us and what ways of connecting with the Sun will best serve us and our vibration in each moment! This is available to us from within as sacred knowledge when we are centered in both the feminine and masculine principle of Life!  

Here is my Solar Ascension Light activation:

This Full Moon in Pisces was pure Magic! Suddenly the floodgates of Divine knowing opened within me, and I just knew that I AM finally ready for my ultimate Spirit embodiment. The "water ballon" of pure Divine intelligence held above my Crown suddenly bursted open and I was flooded with pure Creation knowing. All the questions were replaced with answers, but not fixed or linear ones. It was simply a knowing beyond all knowing. Everything made perfect sense. And Now I'm on a fast forward track with the mystical 13th mastery course, the Divine synthesis of All, a Master class on Mastery of illumined Creation and manifestation through the embodiment of Elohim consciousness. I've never felt more alive than Now. This is that threshold, the moment of inner completion I was waiting for. All who patiently wait without being passive while constantly in devotion to the highest, eventually await their time. My Elohim Family of Light have shared these humble words with me: "It might feel arduous and deeply challenging to embrace the journey of masterful illumined Creation, for it's bigger than ourselves and our personal creations. It involves working with primordial Creation Principles that govern all Life in the infinite and eternal Now of all Creation. But once we structure our entire reality around it, it all becomes an investment of pure devotion, beauty and grace!"

Holy shift, Creation is an amazing thing! Sometimes we can only be in awe at how much can be received in simultaneous time, all at once! Are You feeling it lately? Ever since the Pisces Full Moon it was like the floodgates have opened wide and it just continued to pour and pour with Light codes of Divine knowing. My tiny Human body could barely catch up at times. We had another "Cosmic Ray flood" in alignment with the lunation. It's how I call them nowadays. When it happens I can't sleep a wink and I get restless leg syndrome as my body is growing into its new stage, transforming during this whole process like a Cosmic butterfly. And when it happens, the forces that wish to be answer by completely covering the sky with chemclouds. We know what's happening because we can feel it in our bodies 100%. We are receiving so much information at this time, because the incoming Cosmic Rays (Bringers of Comic manna) continue to intensify. These are deeply intense and revealing times. The wheels of time as cycles in Creation keep spinning, and as we grow and expand, our abilities to see our path ahead clearly shall increase. The closer we are to a particular cycle completing, the greater and more refined our vision becomes!

At that time I also had another powerful initiation and Light activation. I was guided to visit my Vortex spot by the Twin lakes. The energy was building up and suddenly I began to cry, just releasing all the pent up energy that wanted to move through me. My mother was just telling me what guidance She received before falling asleep the night before, about my sacred path as an Elohim Spirit. She was shown that She needs to build a wider respect for me through trust, and to picture me as an Elohim Spirit every day, because the only difference is that I hold a Human form. Then suddenly there was a huge weather shift and the winds and lightnings came. I was feeling the buzzing in my whole body that began to rise, and I was called by a huge spruce tree to anchor the energy. There were three trees that formed a beautiful triangle, and I put my bare feet on the roots of the big tree as I laid down. At this time my main theme is "roots" and anchoring that Home in my physical body. The moment I did that, my body began to pulsate with electricity and Tantric Eros frequency, as it kept translating through my body through a triangular form. The trees offered me so much Love and they kept saying that I don't need to do this work alone, that we work together as Cosmic antennas. The Creation Love within me is co-creating with other forms of Mother's Love. This was the most beautiful initiation and transmission I ever felt in my Human body that doesn't always acknowledge my Light Family ancestry. Just humbly knowing what I AM gradually empowers me in my sacred mission as a Creation Pillar in Human form. With that, my ability to translate Life force and heal through it grows. And that's how a Divine Union of Spirit and form is born!

How do we integrate the Cosmic Beloved through our Divine feminine and masculine Essence in illumined Divine Union? The Cosmic Beloved journey takes us through the integration process of the masculine and feminine forces of Creation that live through us and seek their full illumined realization of Divinity through Holy Spirit.

Here is an illumined Spirit reading I did on the subject of Beloved Union:

It is through my own illumined Union understanding and personal embodiment that I can assist those who are still in the process of full Self realization and Ascension through the path of illumined Union. I also offer Ascension/Union grids of Light, which act as higher templates of illumined Essence/Creation seals and assist your current integration and devotion process of illumined Union. You can find these on my personal services page here!

The The middle represents the Essence/Core in the Now moment, which is also the point of Divine synthesis. The middle point represents the synthesis point where the Divine feminine and masculine triangles oppose each other in the Star of David/Merkabah formation, known as the "Ascended Self". The bottom of the feminine triangle represents the root of the highest feminine integration, while the upper part of the masculine triangle represents the root of the highest masculine integration journey, with the middle positions serving as the indicated integration process for those main anchors. The Key to this process is the inner recognition of the Twin Soul (the vertical illumined Beloved) and how it can be reflected in the illumined Divine partnership (the horizontal expression of sacred devotional partnership). All of the interconnected aspects and influences in this process as forces of Light are internal, not external. These are all extensions of our higher aspects as we develop ourselves in this higher knowing. This means holding the highest Light of compassion and illumination for aspects that are still experiencing themselves through the so-called "fallen frequency" or distortion. The Gateway is through embracing the receptive/feminine principle of Life as it allows the active/masculine principle to come forth and lead in an illumined way. That process occurs through compassion born of Divine Love in Holy Spirit Union. The Holy Spirit Essence in this equation is what helps to liberate the "fallen" aspects naturally and with purity of higher consciousness by holding All Life as precious and equal, whatever our current experiences may be. This inward integration process means that these "distorted or fallen" (masculine or feminine) aspects are held within our own self, which then reflect that in our mirroring experiences and relationships with the masculine or feminine energy in our life as outside of us. Shifting perspective on that will liberate us while no longer associating our Beloved Essence integration process of illumined Union with a person or condition, but rather an inner alchemical Union which is whole and complete in itself. When this fully shifts from within us, it is when all of these aspects playing the "game" so to say, will merge in a unified perspective of true Love in Spirit devotion, rather than externalized ego based concepts and ideas which we either take on from the "matrix" or develop as distorted inner beliefs.

Spirit shared these words with me: "When the Love of illumined Union outgrows the love aspect which we might hold about a person or condition, our Human relationships will begin to reflect only that which is fully liberated and illumined in its Essence and form!"

Here is the synthesis for the illumined Union video:

I'm enjoying my Divine synthesis process of Elohim integration and I'm super excited about my 13th octave/synthesis mastery course about Mastery of illumined Creation. It is a co-Creation with my Elohim Family of Light, the creators of the immaculate seed of Life within the perfected Human genome/body template. As we learn to create in a way that our Creation is sovereign, dimensional and illumined, we begin to activate the immortal seal of our illumined Self, which builds a lasting template of illumination. We create this first within our own body, so that everything else that we create becomes an extension of that illumined template. We will be working with the "I AM Elohim. I AM the breath of Life. I AM Creation manifest" invocation to embody Elohim consciousness of Holy Spirit Life giving. This also implements the Aquamarine Ray of the Divine Mother and the waters of Life. So much Life giving wisdom is birthed through that course, I'm simply in awe!

Spirit also guided me to create a course about Cosmic orgasm, for mastering the process of serving through channeling orgasmic energy that opens multidimensional doorways. This higher Light process is bringing in the crystalline codes of the Sun/Logos through activating the crystal Star chakra and connecting it to the Galactic crystal star through chanting "OM", in order to connect the diamond centers of the Galactic Core and Earth through the womb/root portal. Establishing flow is the most important part of our physical Ascension. There's many ways how we can get into the flow. But the most crucial Truth is the following. Nothing and no one can dictate the Heart beat and the pulse of Life force streaming through us in any way. When it comes naturally and organically, we will be taken into the wild nature of Spirit and how it wants to unfold within us and our bodies, which already are perfect containers for Divine Light and infinite creativity!

My video about the Cosmic Orgasm and the illumined Union template:

The body flow is the most important thing to achieve and stabilize within ourselves at this time, with all the high streaming frequencies that we continue to receive. So no more excuses, get into your body, connect with it by asking what it needs to receive. Then simply start your body flow with full devotion, like your body was the most sacred temple. The body flow is not about pushing yourself into a certain form of exercise which feels very structured and organized. That is restricting and rather limiting, for it comes from a third dimensional perspective without the appreciation of full Unity. It's about fully letting go and just trusting the guidance of your body in the way it wants to organically align with its rhythmic and pulsating vibrational flow. This is how You most easily get into your personal Vortex!

My Tantrika mastery work & courses can be found here!

Dodajte napis
I've finally published my "Cosmic orgasm for illumination" video course. What is Cosmic orgasm through Life Force cultivation? What is its meaning in Creation, and how can we attune to its Essence through practical usage of the orgasmic force? This course is designed to increase your body's Divine intelligence through the understanding of Cosmic orgasm and the bliss charged frequency of pure Creation. It describes the whole process of energy cultivation through guiding the Light quotient of the orgasmic charge in the intentional process which can be used for: personal healing and body restoration, complete Self regeneration and rejuvenation, anti-aging and Ascension process of DNA re-wiring, opening dimensional doorways and charging potential realities, creating an illumined reality and building the template for illumined Union, as well as for the purpose of planetary/Gaia healing and Cosmic service. It also brings the awareness of the womb wisdom, as well as womb yoga exercises and practicing the cultivation of pure flow, which is important for our embodied Ascension process. P.S. All my sacred Tantrika wisdom and practice is gathered in that teaching. 

I'm beyond excited, because I'm experiencing such blissful orgasmic states in the body which I wish to share with those who are ready to take the next step of their embodied Cosmic mastery. Ever since I started to deeply tune into my Tantrika embodiment through the Cosmic orgasm and womb wisdom practice, my whole body has become deeply sensitive and in tune with the natural cycles of Life Force flow. My menstrual cramps have stopped, but not only that, for my periods have Now become deeply sensual and orgasmic. How to step on this beautiful path of conscious Tantric mastery? You can learn all about it and more in my Cosmic orgasm course.

Every month I will channel Spirit guidance/transmission for those who support my work on Patreon (Elven Ascension). This month's guidance for September was very intense and the message came out rather long. Here is a short excerpt:  

"The frequency never lies. And this means your literal embodiment as a translation of Life Force quotient into You. Whenever You are hiding yourself and your authenticity, even in the way You communicate with others, You are hiding a part of yourself from the world, and so the world cannot read You as a Whole. It is therefore your own sovereign responsibility and duty to make yourself known through the vibrations of authenticity, transparency, purity, honesty, loving confrontation and communication, instant state of forgiveness for all, compassionate leadership and devotion to your highest potential, not perfectionism. You know when You have arrived at this space when the frequency of the world fully loves and supports You in all ways through the Unity consciousness field, as a pure mirror of how truthful and authentic You are within your own Self and all that vibrates along with You." 

And here is a video reading I did on your illumined purpose:

So for me, the Summer (and deeply committed work) brought me a final synthesis Mastery course called "Mastery of illumined Creation and embodying Elohim consciousness". With all the courses Now complete, I will go deeper into illumined messages and other interesting content. You can also support my service work on my Patreon page and get an additional monthly Ascension update & grid layout in your e-mail inbox each month. This will support your journey of physical Ascension as You go deeper into your integration process.

YES, the Summer went by super fast, but it was also long and it was good. I jumped into the super cold lake to celebrate the end of the bathing season, but also to welcome in all of the New that awaits.

NOTE: Don't forget that ALL the donations to my page SERAPINA LIGHT get a FREE oracle of illumination as my gift of Gratitude returned to all of You!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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