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The Lion's Gate 8-8: Magical Divine children of Gaia

Dear Beloveds!

Welcome to the New energetic month of August, which Spirit is calling the "golden month". It is a month of 19/10/1 frequency, which consists of these trinity Principles; the Sun, the Wheel and the Magician. With all this creative energy, a major cycle of Creation is ready to begin during this time. The royal/golden Eclipses which have been ongoing for a while, are Now completing during this Summer, which ends with the Solar/New Moon Eclipse in Leo on August 11th. We are learning the mastery over our creations, to truly know what is of our genuine creation and what isn't. We are therefore learning how to initiate and hold the creative Light of our creations. We can only do so by mastering both light and dark aspects of Creation, in order to know ourselves as the Divine child born of Love, holding the space of Divine neutrality. Only this way can we fully merge with our creations while entering the creative process from the inside out, multidimensionality and without non sovereign influences. 

This also means that we are learning how to maintain our Life force, so that we remain fully focused and centered in what is truly our Source Creation, not a partial creation or even an outside distraction. With all this energy at our disposal, although the masculine planets Mercury and Mars are retrograde, we are learning to co-create through the feminine principle of Life, which is magnetic, effortless and limitless. This principle wants to embrace the Solar/masculine encoding held within this month's energy manifestation. As we embrace both the dark Goddess and the Light within us, we grow in Wisdom as higher understanding of Life. The crucial question to consider at this time is: "Are my creations truly free? Do they reflect my inner state of Spirit of freedom?" May You enjoy this creative month as You continue to master yourself and refine your vibrational Soul embodiment!

You can watch my Ascension update for the month of August here:

We are in Leo season Now, and this is the most powerful time to connect with our Heart as a powerful Creator Being that we are. It's time to turn on the inner Light, to laugh, dance and play! It's time to turn up the vibrational volume with everything that we do. The Divine beat is ready to be heard as we sing a new melody of our passion gone aflame. There's no better time than Now to connect with our sacred bodies, the magic of ritual and the movement of energy which explodes into infinity as it moves through our powerful royal vessels, each time in a unique way. It's time to morph into majestic Lions for a while and roar to the beat of the drum.  

August is definitely a month of change, but are we truly doing what it takes to ready ourselves for all these energy shifts and physical adjustments? As You know, true change which is not only external can only happen as a consequence of deep inner transformation. This is a time of the Eclipses and planetary retrogrades, and if we won't embrace change naturally, it will somehow be made for us through the intervention and on the behalf of our higher Self. One cycle is Now ready to be completed, and we will know and deeply feel this by no longer giving this level of reality any more focus and attention. The New path is slowly and steadily enticing us and therefore pulling us into a New Vortex of Divine creativity. The aspects which are all a part of this new blend of energy are slowly coming together for us, and although they might not always make sense, they are exactly what is needed for this new level of change and reality modulation to come about in perfect Divine timing and reflection of our inner realms which desire a physical manifestation which mirrors that reverberation.

At this time many of us are integrating the magnetic pull of the sacred feminine principle of Life. It's one thing to feel alone, and completely another to truly be alone, so that nothing but the Heart remains and leads the way. There's many ways of being informed and receiving Divine guidance, but we will recognize the sacred Divine feminine by its magnetic principle of holding space. We all learn various levels of holding the space by becoming internally balanced and harmonized with the flow of Life. However, creating and holding the sacred space for the Cosmic/illumined Beloved and Cosmic Ascension/Union, is not an easy task. It requires many levels of training for the Human initiate, in which we will have to learn various degrees of surrender. When the level of our liquid Light quotient is sufficient, we will know that the way forward has been paved, and that there is nothing left to do but holding the space for this integration of embodied Spirit. 

This Essence of Life moves as freely as a butterfly, and therefore requires complete trust and surrender, embodied Presence in each moment, and an intense diversity of Life which can be synthesized and held together at one single point of focus, which moves through our crown, heart and root portals of Divine Human embodiment. We often think that being proactive can be challenging, however it's most challenging for us as Humans to be nonactive in a surrendered proactive way. This is a different kind of activity of Life force mastery which requires so much focused embodiment and Light anchoring. It is not passive at all, and therefore it requires inner stability and courage of mind, emotions, and Spirit as it continues to penetrate the physical realm. Those who find themselves at this current juncture point will know, as they will feel this Cosmic guidance with their whole Being!   

What is the mysticism of Divine Love and how to embody it?

At this time we are under the influence of many Cosmic shifts taking place. These great Cosmic rays sent through the orchestration of the Divine Plan activate our higher Heart and the inner spark known as the Christed flame. This is not a single event, therefore these Cosmic rays can be seen as a Cosmic fuel that we require on a constant basis in order to keep charging forward in co-Creation of our New Human templates and bodies. These Cosmic rays bring the necessary activation and unveiling of our higher celestial blueprint which is required for the translation of these Light codes into the earth plane and our physical embodiment.

There's so many ways we can be called to integrate these energies during this time. It can be as simple as creating a personal sacred space and retreat in order to devote to this natural process within, or as stretched out as visiting sacred spots of Gaia in the external realm. Everyone has their mission and sacred calling, so there's no comparison necessary, because our Souls are wired a certain way and they each receive and transmit frequency in specific ways that are perfect for us as an individual. 

We shall know that we are aligned with our sacred path and true calling only by staying true to our Heart and the desire of our inner Divine (not wounded) child. When our inner child is no longer wounded and set forever free through this activation, it shall feel like coming home, as that precious child of Creation will come out of its shell and re-enter the world in a new way, welcoming in the Light through Divine Grace. This is when we can see all the surrounding Presence of Creation from the most minute and mundane to the most grandiose while seeing no separation between the ordinary and extraordinary. We and are then able to feel and experience sacredness of all of Gaia, not just certain spots we know and render as "sacred". This is the next unfolding step on our journey of not only Self mastery, but also completion and wholeness of our Divine child as the birth of holy Creation within us!

You can watch my video about the higher meaning and purpose of the Divine child in multidimensional Ascension here:

Reality is as wide as we perceive it and therefore create it. In our Earth school of mastery we are learning to stretch our reality through our inner abilities to co-create with and along the lines of that reality. However, in order to truly co-create, we must align with that which is real in the moment and not stay fixed in some far off fantasy. Claiming multidimensional consciousness has to take place through the reality we are living Now and constantly building through our physical Soul embodiment and expansion. Whenever we anchor and ground a new layer of unfolding reality, we go deeper into multidimensional consciousness. 

However, the point of fusion for this process is the triangulation known to us as our sacred Divine child. This magical child within and without (which makes up our Human vessel) is a direct offspring and descendant of the Mother of Life or the Divine Mother. Therefore, everyone of us holds an important key through our Earth mastery which leads us into the integration of inner child and its blossoming into the holy child/son/sun of Creation! The almighty Elohim as builders and holders of form have co-created this Human template or blueprint of Creation in order to carry their own aspects of Creation Love into physicality and therefore multidimensional operability. With the fusion of our Divine masculine and feminine in illumined Union, this spark of Life within can be born, which is known to us as the holy child of Spirit or the Son/Sun of God/Divine! As we take the next steps into this embodiment, we will become carriers of New Earth blueprint and frequency by merely holding this precious child within us and living our life through its magical reality!

It is time for the sacred Divine feminine to lead the way forward, to inspire and uplift that which is in need of higher frequency attunement. This is a slowing down energy when we truly move into our bodies through the depth of our Being. However, that will not take place in our minds alone, for we are here to translate the Divine into our Human experience in order to co-create Heaven on Earth, each of us through our own sacred vessels of Soul embodiment. The highest attainment at this time awaits within the fulfillment of Self joy, which is unconditional and pure, therefore undisturbed by the outside circumstances and appearances. We are the harbingers of the New ecstatic Human Being who lives and breathes for the joy of being alive, not survival, fear and separation. We must therefore fully unify from within and liberate every self imprisoned belief we have ever held within our cells, through ourselves and our ancestral lineage. This is not the easiest of tasks, but our DNA encoding is programmed for success and alteration into a New frequency embodiment within form!   

The Presence of the Divine Mother and the sacred nourishment of Life always flows through us with endless unconditional Love. This means that we receive however much we are ready to receive from that precious nourishment of Divine manna. It flows like an infinite river of Life as it's represented through the Milky Way Galaxy which holds the Galactic Pulse for all Life. However, we choose how to be stimulated by Life and that choice determines how we shall feel and live. As members of the Family of Light we travel to the farthest reaches of the Galaxy and beyond in order to gather that Light in potent momentum. And then we travel through and as that Light itself in order to bring it to regions of that Creation which lay asleep full of dormant potential. We then gather and anchor that Light as a Divine extension and we inseminate aspects of Life within that Creation with it.

Whatever we are creating is our own sovereign Creation, which means that no one on this Earth knows what we need and what we need to do in order to get it done. The masterpiece of our Soul alone knows these sacred tasks, and therefore it's all in our own "storage house". When we understand this and know ourself as a powerful Creator, we can tap into all the magical abilities and gifts that we hold within in order to complete the materialization process of our Creation. I often see how people want to wish specific things for other people, however that's not for us to wish for. That already falls under projection, and that's why it's enough to simply wish for Love and the highest good for everyone and everything. When everyone awakens to that creative force within, the wishing and creative process is Self triggered and accomplished through our inner reservoir of knowledge and inspiration.  

Are You one of the Beings who is creating illumined Union in this Life? You can watch my latest illumined Union videos here:

And here:

NOTE: This is a 1-hour long journey and Light activation of Divine remembrance of our illumined state of Being. It is one of the most sacred and profound channelings and visions I have ever received. It is a sacred offering for the initiated Ones and all who feel they are on a journey of Divine Union and sacred devotional partnership within illumination. This is the holiest of Unions and it's meant to hold the level of the Holy Spirit expression of Life and sacred embodiment. The Gateway addresses the higher Creation purpose and mission of the Avatars of illumined Union as we move through different ages or Eras of precession in the evolutionary journey of the Soul. It gives an example of Yeshua & Magdalene as Avatars of illumined Union for the Age of Pisces and explains what we are Now integrating as a collective before moving into the New Age of Aquarius. This is a profound inner awakening and healing journey of Divine remembrance with Light codes of deep knowing within illumined Truth. It includes a profound Light activation to activate the template of the inner illumined Beloved.

The Gateway we are walking through during the 8-8 Lion's Gate was initiated by the Aquarius total lunar Eclipse, which was not just an ordinary full Moon. This lunation served as a door to personal liberation and a gateway into dimensional passageway which many of us have been co-creating and anchoring since this year of 11 Mastery vibration began. This Eclipse is both a culmination of all our efforts until this point, plus a complete rewrite into the New. The rewrite into the New and a multidimensional New level of our Soul creativity is not possible until the ascending and descending spirals of matter and Spirit meet. 

As we might get that mentally through our higher understanding, that part itself is enough and does not complete the inner work. A complete state of Life force embodiment must occur so that we build this merging point of Divine connection, where our Human counterparts literally begin to experience what it means to be a multidimensional Being. It's not something we can force or conjure up in our minds. This is real and it occurs when we do the Light quotient mastery work and build that inner bridge of multidimensional mastery. This is what Spirit has been showing me through my latest Light activation work, which is a simple Truth that the merging of the celestial/Stellar and the material/embodied actually creates an experience of multidimensionality. 

As we activate and uncover new aspects of ourselves through DNA re-activation in our Human form, new Divine gifts and abilities begin to come through, but also new ways of Being which bleed through from multiple realities in a seamless way. I never considered myself a "mermaid", as I was always more of a "Mountain goat". However, lately my body is transitioning from one way of being active into another. I went from running and mountaineering into a more feminine way of expression through dancing, Tantrika yoga and now swimming as well. 

I spend most of my time outdoors by the water anyway, and now I really enjoy swimming, which in the past was not that important to me. My body is harmonizing with Earth and Gaia consciousness in a new way, and it's very fun to observe how these inner shifts and body changes are reflected in our lifestyle. Everything is our extension, and so with many new activations taking place in the body at this time, new ways of Being are being formulated. I never saw myself as a good swimmer, but now I'm seeing how conditioned and false this perspective was. I'm very active and creative, which then also reflects in the way that I swim. All that is required is full liberation from the "norm" and beliefs we might be holding. There should be no more conditions as to how we are, only allowance of our natural creativity and spontaneity! 

It has been stressed so many times how intense these times we are living in are. However, there's a gift in all of this. As we navigate through both light and dark, we are tuning into our inner senses, until there's nowhere left to go but into our Heart Essence. When we navigate through turbulent waters, our multidimensional senses are being awakened. There's a difference between embodied spirituality and material spirituality. Many Beings are still in the external or material pursuit of what they perceive to be themselves or "spiritual", however true initiates of Spirit and embodied root portal are very rare on this planet. We are the illumined Ones who go deep into our own bodies in order to break all the illusions and limitations of 3D dimensional reality. 

With every New cycle of deep breakthrough, we go deeper into our bodies and develop a new level of courage through feeling. People who do not go deep into feeling cannot move into the reality of what the current energy manifestations are on this planet. They are reading energy only on the surface level. A lot of them are living in the shallow surface or swimming in the astral waters of illusion. Only those who move deeper into feeling and move it through the root portal, are actually serving the planetary consciousness of Gaia by anchoring illumined Light. Only these Beings are keepers of frequency and gatekeepers who are moving huge waves of energy. The rest are still swimming along in their personal bubbles, because it requires great skill and lots of training through Self mastery to be a planetary Light server through embodied root. We are like tigers and lionesses that safeguard what's sacred by moving into their deeply protective instincts of Truth. This is the next initiation, through realizing that all of the external is created for us to master a deeper level of Soul embodiment and Pillar activation. Roar away! 

You can watch my video about the Keepers of frequency here:


During this Eclipse season we are being completely rewritten, perhaps even totally emptied out. However, this is not being done in the sense of being absent or lost. Whatever has transpired and did not grow in the current cycle of our creation, must Now be surrendered and melted into greater visions and versions of ourselves. Perhaps it may not come right away, as it requires time for gestation. Remember that higher and more refined visions of greater frequency maintenance require a lot more to be integrated and brought into this physical Presence. The more we dig deep under the surface and break free from the status quo, even the whole "new age" stage of play, the more we break into an unknown territory. This is somewhere that not many Beings on this planet have traveled before, for it is New and not yet explored. Nowadays a lot of individuals on the planet are grouping up or doing the same things in slightly different versions or formats. However, a few selected individuals who have done the work of Soul embodiment and energy mastery, are Now choosing to move forward and sailing into these uncharted waters. 

The world feels New even though we might not physically travel far and wide to explore it. Remember that the deepest way of travel is through consciousness expansion. When You feel like nothing that You meet outside of You as a reflection suits this new version of what You embody, it's okay to be different and not choosing to belong anywhere for a while. We each write our dreams deep from the Soul, so they have to be remembered through us as we choose to go deeper into this New. Not belonging to anything or anyone in particular is a state of Being that lives through the individuals who select themselves to embody the highest Light quotient on this planet as of Now. It does not have to be measured or compared to any kind of outside standards, it only has to be recognized and felt in our Hearts. We might just float in this state for a while, but we know that we are being carried by the Spiral of Life as the embodiment of the feminine Principle on Earth!

Freedom is our natural birthright as Divine Beings of Soul Essence. However, in this free will Universe and physical reality of manifestation, freedom is not a given. Freedom of Soul liberation and sovereignty must be sought after, mastered and fully embodied. No one will give us our freedom, and it's not even for the taking. It simply Is, and all we have to do is realize this Creation law and walk right into it. P.S. I've had such a challenging time for the past few weeks and even months, and through this Eclipse season I'm birthing a new aspect of freedom and unconditional joy. It's been terribly intense here where I live, with all the poking and construction work everywhere. I'm constantly losing my sacred spots and I sometimes feel like I'm being squeezed into a corner. However, this is just a feeling and it can be surrendered and transcended. Today I went with the flow of Life force and liberated myself a little more. One step at a time! I found a new spot by the river and began to dance my Tantrika dance of Life and free Spirit. As a free Spirit I can feel almost sick when I feel like my personal space is being taken away, however that's just an illusion. I'm the one who creates my space by moving with the flow of Life force guidance!

P.S. Speaking of freedom, I love my naked moments, especially because they are so rare. Nowadays there's people everywhere, so it's difficult to find a sacred spot where You can be all alone and enjoy the absolute meaning of the word "retreat". The biggest reason for all my wilderness retreats is to be fully in and with my body and deeply present with it in all ways, nurturing it and giving it exactly what it needs in each moment; lots of freedom outdoors, movement, silence and of course ... sunshine! 

Everything during this time is being stabilized by planetary retrogrades (we have so many planets retrograde during this time) and alignment where they all find themselves on one side of the Sun/sky. This is a big time of major shifts which are not just happening linearly, but inter dimensionally. Yes, Eclipses are dimensional doorways which help us to release what binds us to our current framework of Human experience. As we do so, we have the potential to realize that we can build the same doorways through our shedding experiences. When we view our cultivating and releasing experiences within this bigger framework, we will realize that our experiences always feed into the greater Whole and help to inform it. Many of us have reached the ultimate capacity for expansion within the current framework and are ready to break through the next dimensional doorway and crack the code of the New realty. This means that we have gathered enough Light quotient to enter through the next dimensional doorway which co-creates our New reality with us. This means that the changes we will experience from Now on will no longer be held within our current framework. They serve as a gateway for the next level of multidimensional mastery work and experience. 

This relates to those who have done the inner mastery work and acts as a potential possibility for all who will continue their growth into multidimensional expansion and Human Ascension. This is a centerfold position where we anchor this New template and operate with it from the inside out through our inner realizations and initiations of Spirit. We are growing into the embodiment of "frequency keepers", which requires a more focused dedication to carry the frequency of light and embody Love in all we do. This is not an automatic response, for it's an initiation of the Soul. This is where many tiny leap dimensional jumps into a new framework will occur, and if we have prepared ourselves, it will simply unfold naturally for us, as it cannot be forced. This is a space of embodiment where we can create through our frequency alone, for enough Life force mastery has been achieved within our physical bodies and we do not just know Light, but anchor Light into Gaia's new Light template.

What Gateway of illumination are we walking through during this Eclipse time? It's very important to hold the space for sacred ritual and ceremony at this time. A beautiful and powerful Light tool and exercise is working with intent within our auric field, because it all begins there. Maintenance of our energy is of crucial importance at this time. We can do this by expanding Light through our aura by breathing into an oval shaped energy field or a golden egg of Creation. As we encapsulate ourselves in this energy egg, we begin to breathe sacred intent into it. This can include colors, how we wish to feel and how we want to stay harmonized and safely contained within our energy and the energy of constant expansion in Creation. Embrace this time with so much Love and devotion to yourself and this sacred rite of passage!

During this intense Eclipse time we are being guided to continue to purify from unwanted energies that steal our focus while staying grounded and aware of our connection with Gaia. We are growing and evolving into the next stage of keeping the frequency and grid work maintenance. Due to this, some of us are experiencing immense growing and birthing pains, which are simultaneously accompanied with waves of undulating pleasure and wellbeing. Yes, the extremes which our earthly bodies as vessels are Now experiencing are quite intense, but this is all due to the re-polarization back into Unity, where our bodies are unified with the New Earth grid rather than the old Earth frequency. 

This means that as carriers and keepers of this frequency, we can serve as walking embodiments and anchors of Light, which is not possible without moving through the portal of this wave frequency. Only when we push through the threshold and learn to maintain our frequency there no matter what, can we truly hone being the everlasting keepers of frequency and Ascension modulation and configuration. Our Beloved Gaia thanks every single one of us who has fully and wholeheartedly committed themselves to this work of planetary Love service in universal brotherhood and sisterhood of the Christed flame of One! 

And again it all comes down to our physical bodies, the vessels of great value and reflection for the light of Spirit. The body is such a powerful and yet fragile Creation. Just before the great Lunar Eclipse (which was super long lasting) I had one of the most intense experiences and initiations through pain in my life. And the worst thing is that we were at a public place when it happened. We were by the lake as I got the most powerful menstrual cramps in my whole life. I could not move and go anywhere, and yet I had to keep moving in order to go "empty" myself somewhere in Nature. But I could not even walk to my own car, although it was so close. Every time I made a few steps forward, I nearly passed out from pain and I couldn't breathe. I almost had to crawl on the floor and as I was super close to my car, I passed out. I lost consciousness for a few moments and as I came back I remember talking to someone. I had to go to the "bathroom" several times, and yet I could barely walk without passing out. Then I just lied in my car without water as we ran out, and then a nice lady came along and offered me some mineral water and a candy. Her name was Gabi, which was a clear message that the Angels were with me, and that AA Gabriel sent her. Right as I was about to get a little better and my mother did Reiki on me, a butterfly flew into my car, signaling recovery as a Spirit messenger. 

As I recovered a bit, I was so weak that I could barely walk, and yet I wanted to drive to the river and lie on momma Gaia, my favorite Being and healing Presence. I slowly got better, except for some bruises from my fainting and falling. The channeled message from Yeshua was that they are sorry I have to suffer so much at times, because I'm so strong and therefore such intense energies are moving through my body and anchoring themselves into Earth. The other message that came later was that the stronger the birthing contractions, the bigger that which I'm birthing next shall be. As far as I'm concerned, I already had my Eclipse initiation. This was the most intense pain I ever felt in my body, and yet I'm grateful for the gift and deeply humbled by it!

YES, A lot is still hidden from us for bigger reasons that exists within greater plans always on and with purpose. There is always action behind the scenes, whether we see it or not. But we are truly blossoming into a new beautiful version of who we are. And there is no final "self" because it's a multidimensional journey of Divine Love in form!

Enjoy this precious time and always remember those who have walked before us and that which is yet to come and be co-created through us and our future generations to come.

Happy 8-8 into infinity!!!

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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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