Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Summer of Eclipses: Writing our journeys anew

Dear Beloveds!

Happy New energetic month of July, everyone! This is a special month of big changes, because we do have planetary retrogrades and the beginning of the Eclipse season. This is an 18/9 month of deep shifts and letting go of the old through inner sense of completion and moving on. At the end of July Mercury goes retrograde in Leo, and we already have Mars retrograde, which turns our energy manifestation more towards the inner planes of Being. At this time we are deeply feeling the impact of the incoming Cosmic rays, which are rewriting everything within our current Human vessel. Our bodies are being upgraded in a deep way, because this is a Summer of Divine Love. This means that a big part of us is ready for an integrated Divine Union, which we are Now focusing on through Life force mastery and materialization process through the root portal. This is the precipice of writing a new story and birthing a New Age. 

As volunteer Souls we are here for that reason specifically and we have always been doing it, but this month we are truly beginning to feel the seeds that we have planted for this higher vision within the Divine Plan. We are no longer going to live the lives and stories of our ancestors. It is Now time to thank all that was assisting us in our Soul training as we underwent so many initiations, but then we must let it all go and become empty and open. There will be lots of energy movement, so we have to stay present with where we are in the moment, which means observing where our energy is being anchored. We are living in the Now and dreaming of the "future", and this is why we will often feel the longing for what is yet to come. We are no longer who we were, and yet we are not fully what we are meant to become. That's why we need to observe the process of Creation through Life force mastery with great depth and precision. It will show us everything that we need to know in each moment, for we only need to stay awake and alert. This is the best time for deep internal and external preparation for a whole new life cycle.

Here is my Ascension update for this month:

We just had a 7-7 portal of Light. It was a beautiful day so full of Light and new awakenings. We are approaching the Eclipse season which can already be felt because deep shifts are occurring and so many Light messages are being received at this time. We are all on different levels of Ascension integration, because we receive only as much as we can integrate in the moment! That is why achieving true Union with the Self is enough, for all other Unions are a natural consequence of that inner mastery process. Count your blessings and know that every conscious breath You take uplifts You and the world through deep Cosmic Union!

We are in a time of potent new energy coming in. This energy is bringing an expanded vision and version of our dreams, because it's time and we are ready. We are expanding our wings and broadening our horizons. What once deeply resonated with us and our Being might no longer align with who we are Now. There are a lot of deep transitions, evaluations and even relocations happening for fellow volunteer Souls. We are being moved by a new breath of Life, a force stronger than our preconceived ideas about our life. It's time to expand our horizons, commune with our Soul in order to know where we are to Be at this time and where we are being moved with this passing current. Remember that the Sun always sets and rises again, and so are our Life journeys. We are preparing for something much vaster and bigger, which aligns with our New mission at the Core level. Dream big while devoting to the small nudges of our daily reality, which is gradually bringing about changes and improvements every single day. We are like messengers of the Sun who move with the incoming winds of change!

What New are we birthing into Being? Birthing something anew is not always a process of action, for as we are in intense transition times, we begin our birthing process through Life force cultivation, conscious contemplation, daydreaming or envisioning, deep feeling and magnetizing through Life force mastery.  

We are writing our journeys anew, as they are getting more authentic than ever before. We are all multidimensional Beings in our Divine nature, but we express it in different degrees. We all carry many expressions within our Core Essence, and the problem comes when we are either in conflict with them or we are somehow suppressing it. If an aspect of us becomes overly dominant and taking charge over others, we will not be able to integrate the whole of Self in our Human experience. It's normal that a particular aspect stands out or becomes temporarily more important to us as we are integrating its qualities within our DNA, but it's limiting to identify with it as our only identity and source of expression. 

For instance, I've always loved to express myself through beauty, art and style. For me Spirit and physicality are One, and the outer always reflects the inner. I have my Venus and Mars in royal degrees of Leo, which denotes an outwardly Self expression that's very regal but also deeply artistic. The way we dress and combine colors and shapes is also art. However, we can't always express a particular aspect of us in certain living conditions and environments. I've been a hermit for many years and this aspect of me lied dormant for a while. But Now I'm feeling an inner change and a new calling to renew my life and living conditions. It's all coming together step by step, and I only need to be honest with myself and my feelings. New desires are coming to the surface, and I allow myself to reveal the true nature of my expression and what it wants to be and experience in each New moment.

WHY ARE WE HERE? Recently I was called to create an important synthesis video update for all volunteer Souls who are here on a sacred mission. Who are we as bringers of the Dawn and why are we here at this time? How do we anchor higher Cosmic Rays within our bodies and why?

On July 1st I found these beautiful wild strawberries. They gave me a message of sweetness of life and Joy, and how it can most often be found in the simplest of things. But then something else happened as well. A white butterfly landed on my right foot just as I held these strawberries with my left hand. The big white butterflies have always been messengers of Holy Spirit to me, as that's how Spirit showed it to me. I love to watch them fly, but these butterflies never land on You as the other ones do, because they are especially shy. I've always been saying to myself that once a white butterfly lands on me, it will be a sign from Spirit that I have truly embodied the vessel of Holy Spirit. And there I was, standing with the little creature on my foot, almost frozen and full of shivers. Spirit told me that it's true, and that the path forward is safe and clear. When You are fully in harmony with Nature, You can feel the Presence of Spirit in anything and You become the messenger of Holy Spirit as the infinite Life in Creation itself! 

I was also gifted this huge black crow feather on my way back home, after a long day of Spirit work. I was channeling guidance about the AVATARS OF ILLUMINED UNION, which is Now available as an MP3 recording/Gateway! What an amazing kick start of this month! 

This Gateway is a 1-hour long journey and Light activation of Divine remembrance of our illumined state of Being. It is one of the most sacred and profound channelings and visions I have ever received. It is a sacred offering for the initiated Ones and all who feel they are on a journey of Divine Union and sacred devotional partnership within illumination. This is the holiest of Unions and it's meant to hold the level of the Holy Spirit expression of Life and sacred embodiment. The Gateway addresses the higher Creation purpose and mission of the Avatars of illumined Union as we move through different ages or Eras of precession in the evolutionary journey of the Soul. It gives an example of Yeshua & Magdalene as Avatars of illumined Union for the Age of Pisces and explains what we are Now integrating as a collective before moving into the New Age of Aquarius. This is a profound inner awakening and healing journey of Divine remembrance with Light codes of deep knowing within illumined Truth. It includes a profound Light activation to activate the template of the inner illumined Beloved. 

 The second part of the monthly Ascension update which includes a special Light activation:

The New energetic month of July activated an immense Gateway of Light, which initiated intense energy/body upgrades. The symbol of the Cosmic egg can be seen as the field of Light called the tube torus, which is an energy field of primordial Creation. At this time our torus field is being upgraded and aligned with our primordial Creation Self. How do we know this is happening to us and through us? Are You in need of more sleep/rest, and are You waking up tired with all of your body muscles being sore for no particular reason after your awakening? One of the reasons for this is the immense Light body upgrades we are receiving in our sleep, and the deeper we move into our physical Ascension integration, the more intense they will get. 

The only way to truly harmonize with these upgrades and physical changes is to learn how to master the flow of Life force, which is not just our own personal "life force energy" or vitality, but the Cosmic Life Force which is being stimulated within us through the impact of Cosmic Rays and Solar Light infusion. The Light that constantly pours into our microcosmos from the great macrocosmos is being stirred through the Galactic Pulse of Life or the Galactic Core. Our bodies are having a hard time adjusting to these frequencies of Light after Eons of living in darkness and separation. Know that this has nothing to do with our Soul Being or state of illumination, for it's our bodies who are in need of this readjustment and upgrade. In order for us to experience harmony and wellbeing, these organic changes that occur simply because we are ready on a Soul level, need to be maintained within our body properly. Our bodies as vessels need to once more rise up to the level of what it means to be a co-creator with Life or a mini Creator God in terms of the expression and manifestation of Life through infinite Life Force.

Although the weather wasn't the best here lately, and it's shifting every second, I can't live without my Tantrika Life force yoga and devotional dancing. It's getting too intense by the second! These are intense times regarding the external circumstances and chaotic shifts, and only deeply getting into the body can assist us in that process of physical Ascension integration. I can feel a complete difference between not doing Life force mastery yoga or doing my yoga. Everyone who will learn to master their Life Force flow and practice regular cultivation, will have an easier experience during these chaotic times. Those who won't learn to move into their body and activate the root portal will experience more difficulty and physical challenges.

P.S. You can learn all about Life force mastery and more in my Divine Trinity of Life Force mastery course package. Visit my page Serapina Light and click on "Mastery courses"HERE!

We all know these are super intense and chaotic times. So much is going on energy wise and on the surface of our planet, so it's not always easy to find a peaceful and quiet spot. However, we are all challenged to anchor that state of Being within ourselves first. We have to become as still as a vast lake. I'm currently mastering complete neutrality and peaceful carelessness which all Yogis speak about. Without it we identify too much with our environment and the external circumstances, which is especially true for deeply empathic people. Why is this so? The more all encompassing we are as Beings of Light, the more we will deeply feel everything. Because our energy fields are so wide and spread far out, we have to master the art of balance and temperance, for we are holding a larger energy space than most people. It's not very easy to master that here on Earth with such density and extreme duality, but yesterday we did a channeling meditation and the Family of Light said we can do it! It's our most sacred assignment and it's what's truly turning us into Golden Beings of Divine Love.

What new seeds of Life are we planting this month? We are in the Eclipse season, and so it's super important to be in harmony with our inner state of Being and our true Heart desires, which continue to shift in each moment but remain the same in the Core as we hold the space at the Essence level. This means that we have to continue to connect to ourselves and our pure inner desires beyond what others or the world seem to be expecting from us. Our path is beyond this, as we are transcending artificially implanted ideas and ideologies about ourselves and how we are supposed to live our lives.

Do You know your boundaries and do You expand alongside them? Making a journey of pleasing others towards pleasing the inner child can be quite an undertaking. A lot of volunteer Souls are used to constantly serving others before considering themselves, but this isn't always done through inner mastery and sovereignty. I often tell people my truth, but they still won't listen and act differently. Knowing something and acting like it are not the same! One example is that I always share that I don't use social media to chit chat or act as people's living library for all their questions. 

I use social media to share my messages of higher consciousness. Then everyone else must do their own inner work and invest their personal effort. Doing things for others or serving others through mutual energy exchange are not the same. These old concepts are now being rewritten with an inner mastery of knowing and living our Source and pleasing ourselves in order to know our own worth and make sure we are constantly balanced. Too much pulling of our attention and focus in endless other directions does not align with true sovereign mastery and Life force sustenance. Choosing to be kind is important, but not when it goes against our own truth and imbalance. If people do not show understanding and respect, and if they don't listen, it's not our job to explain anything. Everyone has to master their inner temple and become the embodiment of Divine temperance on their own!  

This Summer of Divine Love is all about Divine Union. You can watch my latest Divine Union videos here:

And here:

Because this is the Summer of Divine Union/Reunion and coming together within the illumined Union through Holy Spirit, I AM sharing my Ascension article about the BELOVED PATH, which I wrote a couple of years back:

A very important part of our Ascension journey is to connect with like minded individuals who resonate with our Heart and whose vibration is similar to ours. If we meet or are confronted by those who do not resonate with us and they label us as "such and such", we can only release them to their own path and know that they are right where they need to be as well, as we all are. We are each on our own unique timeline. We are to align ourselves with people who support our spiritual growth and if we meet someone whose Soul path is not aligned with ours, we send them Love and move along. We are here for ourselves and we are here to support one another, not move further into separation. It is time to feed Unity consciousness through higher understanding.

We are all One! But One who resonates most deeply with our Heart, is our ultimate Beloved. There is such a strong loving Presence in this reunion, that we simply cannot not be ourselves. When we reunite with our Beloved, there are simply no words that can describe the intimacy and depth of this connection. It is beyond words and measurements of space and time. There is a speechless Divine Reunion taking place, and it is from one Heart to the other, in the Silence of deep inner knowing ... remembrance of Divine Love that we are, together as One! It is then that we see … that we are the One that we have been looking for all along.

There is still a lot of focus on this Divine Reunion that comes more from the perception of the external. In Truth, this Divine Reunion cannot be explained with external labels, definitions and expectations of what it's supposed to be like. Each one is unique, and yet, they all have the same Core, which is the Essence of Divine Love. The nature of this Divine Reunion does not just lie in the Human concept of unconditional Love, for the template of it is Divine Love of our Source. The reunion itself reminds us of who we truly are as a Divine Being, while at the same time, it can also be experienced in the physical. So it is about merging our Divine and Human Self, as they are One. If we have some expectations about how this Divine Reunion should be like, we are moving into the realms of self sabotage, because Divine remembrance comes from within. There are many who fear this Divine Reunion due to these external expectations. Every expectation in fact, is an illusion (and an illusion arises from fear itself), although even that illusion serves as an experience to move even deeper into our Self, the Beloved I AM!

So how can we move into true Self knowing and expansion, instead of remaining trapped in these definitions, which only feed more of that separation consciousness? Firstly, we have to move deep within and see why we are putting our focus "out there", instead of "in here". Secondly, we have to become aware of the fact that only in the letting go of everything, the Absolute Reality can take place. So, why are we not allowing ourselves to feel this Divine Reunion from deep within? What is still blocking us? Which part of us desires to create this experience? Are we ready to move from this perception into the Truth of One? If this is so, we can ask ourselves how we can shift from one awareness into another in the most gentle kind of way. Say this to yourself a few times, in your deep Silent space: "I AM the One. I AM the Beloved! "

When we finally fully allow ourselves to experience this Divine Reunion as it is in the Truth of One, we will start experiencing it, from within to without. We can only experience an experience that we are ready to embrace. So when we fully embrace our Beloved through the Self, we will feel the deepest Love that we have ever felt. Divine Love! It is a Love that inspires, a Love that ignites the deepest parts of us, especially those that might have been repressed before, those that we might have negated and suppressed for eons of time or for a short period of time. It does not matter. What matters is that the remembrance of the Divine Reunion is now taking place deep inside of us. We are ready to fully open up, and once we do, our Beloved is here for us. The Truth of the Beloved is not complicated … it is very simple. It's about experiencing ourselves as we truly are, the authentic I AM Presence. It is about sharing this Love in a deep Union with another/and all others and know ourselves as Oneness, so that Oneness can be truly experienced. And from there on, this experience can no longer be described … as it is different for each set of the Beloveds. Each set of the Beloveds is creating the third energy, which is their own creation in the making.

We are here to feel our own experience and know the truth of our own Divine Reunion. And remember ... we are all the Beloved ... the Beloved I AM! Source is calling us back Home! For those who are truly being guided to meet their exact vibrational match, I have written this as well! We are in intense times of the transition into a new density called Ascension. For that reason, there are many here on this planet who have volunteered to assist with this planetary shift. There are also many "Twin Flame" couples (Divine counterparts), who are a part of this Divine decree. They have agreed to come to this plane of existence and show the way of the New with their own embodiment of Divine Love, to represent and model a new template of Being … a new relationship paradigm for the New Earth. In Truth, every relationship is Divine in its nature, and Twin Flames are only showing this highest potential of a Divine Reunion through their own example … to every Being that is currently embodied on this planet.
There is so much material out there on Twin Flames and what they are supposed to represent, but many are missing the most important component of a true Divine Reunion … which is merging with our sacred Self and selfless service to others through the magic of our individual experience of Oneness and many initiations of Spirit that this initiation requires. The agreement is to share their own Divine remembrance with others and show the way through their own Divine Reunion … which includes all the challenges that are being experienced as a consequence of the intensity of spiritual growth that a Divine Reunion requires for the embodiment of Divine Love … our Source Essence. Through their own experiences, they spread the highest Truth about Divine Reunions and show that it is possible to embody our highest aspect in this physical form and embodiment.


Yay, the Summer is here and I AM ready for my Summer holiday after a really challenging year so far, and also not the best weather. It is what it is ... but let's intend for the best, and to rest and nurture ourselves well during this Holiday season of the Eclipses and retrogrades. Let us continue to reflect and retreat whenever we are being called by Life to do so, and let us therefore take care of our inner child.

The focus this time should be on Divine Union, because everything is coming together regarding this journey of Divine Love and sacred partnership. Are You ready to birth an amazing Summer of Divine Love? Say "YES" to Life, as my T-shirt says "Yes Girl". Let's make this Life into one giant YES!!!

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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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