Thursday, June 28, 2018

Solstice & Capricorn Full Moon: Big changes coming

Dear Beloveds!

We celebrate the Full Moon in Capricorn while the Sun is in Cancer. Capricorn is an Earth sign of stability, tenacity and commitment. Cancer relates to our roots and guides us towards our true Soul home. It's also a deeply spiritual sign that aligns with wisdom of the Ancestors and ancestral healing. This is a Wisdom of the Sages which is not just understood, but also deeply embodied. This lunation promotes a completion of a physical cycle in our current incarnation before we move into a higher incarnation while building a new template of higher density. We do that by fully embodying the experience of a current cycle through Divine synthesis. Without that passageway of total completion, we will not be able to let go and move forward in Ascension. But this isn't just any miniature surrendering and completion, for it feels like a lifetime completion of the Ages. It's a completion of an Era for many Light movers and Ascension Pioneers. 

We are completing something huge on an ancestral level, and as we do so, we will be surprised and even mesmerized with what's coming next in our reality. Perhaps we are suddenly guided to do something completely different or move somewhere we have never considered before. This current level of physical embodiment requires a total surrender and completion of all that we have experienced before, because it was just a preparation for who we are meant to be as we align with our Core Self. We are no longer that experience, we are what is Now born from it all. We might be feeling a great void for quite a while, which is actually a good sign of a complete rewrite. We might be pushed out of our comfort zone big time, which correlates to a new cycle of Creation. Whether we are pushed in the water to finally swim as wild and free as we truly are or not, change is coming. It first begins as the seed of awareness, and it shall continue as a total dissolution of the past. New experiences and a New Life await. Enjoy!

On June 21st we had the day of the Summer Solstice here on the northern hemisphere. This is a time to deepen the feeling of physical Essence of Mother Earth as pure Creation, the sentience and sensitivity of Life. For without deepening of feeling, we cannot magnetize our experience and we cannot merge as One with our Light body. The magnetization of our vital Life Force is of utmost importance for our journey of Spirit into form, the Cosmic Union as multidimensional Ascension of our Divine Being!

With June Solstice we have moved into the Life expression of Sun in Cancer. Our Life force wants to expand itself through the great magnetization process of Soul alchemy. Once She is fully liberated, She will desire to co-create on greater levels of Being. It's all for the purpose of transformation, transmutation and transfiguration. Some of us are learning to fully master this overall process of Soul embodiment as we refine our Life experience through all of these levels. Don't be afraid to feel deeply, while also feeling for Mother Gaia and all of Her Life expressions. The Cancer Sun represents our longing to go "home" and journey to the Stars, however we are capable of making this journey right here in this Human embodiment. We are at a major threshold for the ultimate Life experience to present itself. And so it's time to connect to the Stars just as well as we connect to all of the elements and therefore reaching for the Stars through the body. Our Home is being anchored right where we are through the feminine principle of Life and the joy of being fully alive, not just living!

It's a time of the great gathering, where we are gathering all the Light information which we have been integrating during this current cycle. The Summer Solstice is a time of the "gathering" in a spiritual and physical sense of meaning. We are gathering all that we have compiled during this cycle, so that we can let it go into the great Whole and prepare ourselves for a new mission upgrade. This is a time when those of us on the northern hemisphere gather the Light quotient cultivation which is Now experiencing its maximum potency. We are at a peak experience, and so we join and gather with other Light Beings (physical and non physical) for an ultimate transmission of the Light. As those on the Southern Hemisphere deposit the energy information into the grid, those of us on the northern hemisphere receive from the grid.

That's why it's important to surrender everything that we think we are supposed to be doing or where we are supposed to be, so that this transmission of Light can occur at its maximum potency. This is a time to let go of everything else, such as all the mindless and endless activities, so that we may be in the full offering of this receiving space. We might only receive in terms of energy, or we may receive blockages of Light information that carry knowledge of our following mission stages. As this serves those who are still integrating their Ascension, it also helps those of us who are integrating higher levels of this work that expands beyond the Self. We are all interconnected in this mission, and so many may be called to join in groups and circles of Light. That's a Soul preference determined by the unique mission of each Being, for it's just as important to be alone for some as it's of great value to form circles of Light for others. We have to tune into our Heart Essence in order to feel into what the words "great gathering" mean for us personally. May You enjoy this receiving experience and may You always seek your highest alignment as it seeks You as well!

Deep changes are happening since this year's Solstice Gateway opened up. Please know that each Cosmic Gateway corresponds to the gateways that we experience on Earth, while each one is an opportunity to move further in our Spirit initiations and Soul embodiment process. We can either choose to go higher and refine ourselves more, or we can stay where we are. Choosing to go higher will always bring new challenges, but also immense opportunities for growth and expansion. On each new level of Soul mastery and embodiment we must go deeper into building a higher density template of Being and living in that current state of density. That might require some time, adjustments and realignment. However, in the end process the Life force magnetization process we shall undergo will help cultivate a new level of Self mastery. Deep cultivation of the organic Life force is an ultimate process towards Cosmic Union/Ascension.

You can learn so much more in my Life force mastery teachings as a part of the Self mastery series that guides the Human into Cosmic Union! 

You can learn a lot in my Divine Triad of mastery courses which was designed with a purpose of cultivation mastery. It's not enough to have knowledge, we must constantly hold the space for devotional practices of Life force transmission. These are the Tantrika Life force mastery course, Cosmic dance for the Galactic Human and Cosmic Union/Ascension. Just visit my webpage "Serapina Light" and go to the section labeled Mastery courses. YOU CAN NOW GET A FULL TRINITY PACKAGE THERE!

The Golden path of illumination is not always the easiest route to take, because there are no shortcuts and exit points. Once we consciously choose it and start our daily walk of devotion, everything in our reality will have to realign with that illumined Essence. Walking the Golden path is not without its challenges, because things don't get easy all of a sudden. But we begin to walk more consciously and peacefully, while making space for this natural alignment to occur. 

 Here is my Solstice message:

Ever since the Solstice Gateway, everything is changing for many individuals. We are making a passageway from one way of living to another, while simultaneously embracing a journey of more Light. This path has always been to move deeply into the dark void/womb of Creation and bring new potentials of Life/Light into every aspect of reality. This is how we inform the Universe through Divine Love which flourishes within us as we Self fulfill and thrive. Because our journey of Ascension is multidimensional in nature, there are always many facets and layers to our ever expanding mission. Therefore something that we have completed and lived out to the fullest no longer carries potency, unless it's eventually surrendered to a wider version of who we have gotten to know ourselves to Be through that experience. 

Next we must allow that experience to become more by dissolving the old beliefs and self convictions we have held about ourselves to this point. The reality we experience is a living hologram which is only real when we infuse it with our Life force. As we do so, we bring Light as information to the Whole and we enhance our reality in order to expand. Therefore we are Now birthing a new sense of longing/belonging, which is activating a new lifestyle experience within our lives. As we trust what we are being magnetized to through our Heart, which always acts magnetically, just as our Mind acts electrically, we can then bring that as a merging experience into our Root, which is our template of physical existence. As we experience this merge on a deeper level, our magnetization process eventually creates a New foundational template at a refined density. This is how we ascend and descend simultaneously in a neutralized polarity. The more we get to neutralize our inner polarity, the more we can manifest as Heaven on Earth!  

This is my video about the Galactic library and Cosmic guardians:

I was preparing for this period during my latest Nature wilderness retreat. After an intense Nature retreat it feels good to be home, although the trip was a major passageway for me. The only problem we have is a huge impact of tourism in our small country, which is like a precious Nature jewel. However, things are drastically changing every year. There is a great deal of motorbikes present, which bring such a terrible noise to once quiet and pristine places of spiritual retreat, an oasis for the Soul. Nowadays You have to be quite a skillful master in order to navigate through all the touristic propaganda and loud places which used to be Nature preserves. Nature places of great purity are always more fragile, so they are not meant to become overly crowded as touristic spots. People come, make fires and litter while leaving their cigarette leftovers everywhere. It pains my Heart to witness such great beauty go to waste. It's not easy to be a true Nature Spirit while watching all of this occur right before your eyes, with problems which are getting worse every year. I used to enjoy certain places of wild Nature beauty which are now experiencing deforestation, touristic impact, pollution and other disturbances of plant and animal Life. As Humanity we have to wake up to our greater potential by increasing awareness and making sure that touristic propaganda goes hand in hand with environmental education. We are in times of great ecological crises and there is no other solution but that, because it's not all about our pleasure and it's not all games and entertainment. Without wisdom we become egocentric and anthropocentric, which always leads to extinction. Let us not make the same mistakes again!  

We had a Gemini New Moon on June 13th, which activated the code for new journeys that lie ahead of us in the near future. This was a lunation of interstellar communication when much is coming through our planetary grid. There are always forces of darkness which want to control this process, however we must no longer use these as an excuse not to live fully in the Light. Many planetary Light servers become too enmeshed in planetary situations which seem to occur on the surface. However, this shifting planet in its infant New world in the making requires those who desire to live within the Light fully, with the shadow aspect of Creation not only mastered within, but also no longer contained in the memory banks of our Light DNA. If we wish to truly surrender to the co-Creation of the New world (not the so-called "New world order"), we must completely liberate ourselves from the grip and control of darkness. The darkness always tells us that we must be somewhere else or do something special or important to be happy and fulfilled, to do our work of Light. However, the Light is fully aware of itself and is therefore completely Self resourceful and sustainable. 

The Light desires only to expand itself from its already perfect Core. The only mission of the Light on this planet is to fully liberate itself in order to know itself only as the Light. Everything else is an illusion and the ideas of difficulty and hardship are a thing of the past. It is no longer who we are, once we consciously decide to surrender these old concepts. When the Light fully knows and embraces its Existence in illumination, all else in the external reality naturally aligns with that. There is no hardship and struggle against the flow required, for it only exists until we still believe in it. Therefore, every condition we have ever created for ourselves will serve this process of Self mastery, liberation into the Light and coming back home. The return might be different for everyone of us, however all that are guided to do so will eventually find their own way into this natural state of Grace, the Gift of the Divine. It is not a matter of how and when, it is inevitable! 

The Gemini New Moon began another cycle of Creation, and those of us who align with the Principles of Creation are aligning our own reality with it. In the current cycle and those yet to come, it is becoming more and more important that we align with the higher principles of giving and receiving, so that we are aligned with the transparent nature of Universal consciousness. If we are only giving, it is as if we are preventing the universal flow of abundance on all the various levels. If there are fears and feelings of unworthiness within our space, we will also create blockages for ourselves. This lunation wishes to free us in terms of how we are giving and receiving universally. Whenever we create a desire within our Soul, we must then also create the need for the sacred space that will hold the seed of that desire. However, the higher we go in our Soul refinement, the less these desires will be oriented towards personal fulfillment. They will become more aligned with greater visions and ideals, such as anchoring higher Wisdom on behalf of the Whole. 

This might feel scary to certain individuals at first, because they might think that there's something "wrong" with them or how they are. The more our personal desires and preferences dissolve and make room for the New, the more we can receive as an empty vessel of the Divine. On this level of becoming the vessel, trusting the physical component of Life is equally important to trusting Spirit. As we trust Spirit we trust Life/body, and vice versa. The more our inner pulsations align with that, the less need there will be for physical comfort, which will be replaced with the state of Bliss. However, this is not what most people consider it to be, for they often mistaken it for wellbeing, happiness and fulfillment. True bliss stands on its own, independent of any external conditions, for it's a state of pure Being that naturally evaporates from our Soul, radiantly and constantly, and it never burns out or dries out. The more we understand that living consciously through sovereign choice aligns us fully with Divine Love, the more Divine our experiences of the Human nature will become.

This has been one of the most intense and challenging years for me, and I'm sure for many volunteer Souls as well. We are in an 11 mastery/Gateway year and it feels like everything is changing exponentially, especially since last year onwards. I was given more energy assignments than ever before, and my body is going through tremendous changes I cannot always grasp as a Human. Because of this intensity I've lost so much of my hair, as well as kilograms due to all that energetic process to feed the New body template. However, Spirit tells me this is a major cycle of change and I can only remain present in my Vortex while trusting the energy and my body completely. The body knows exactly what it's doing, and although many "spiritual" people always try to find reasons why something isn't working properly through advice they offer, sometimes there is no particular reason other than ultimate and complete transfiguration process. Whatever we invest in our body physically, the changes will still happen the way they need to. Only our higher Presence knows this, and so Life force mastery work naturally aligns us with this Divine knowing. Sometimes things are not perfect from our perspective, but there is a greater vision of the "ideal New Self" at play here. Everyone is in their unique physical Ascension and integration phase, and all we can do is continue to trust and enjoy the process and where it's taking us. I know that most people are not experiencing such body changes (yet), because they have not yet anchored the New body template, so we cannot compare ourselves with anyone or any condition that seems external. We have to continue down our own sacred pathway and know that physical Ascension as a part of Cosmic Union is one heck of a ride. It's an intense one and sometimes we might get scared along the way, but we will eventually come back to our center and do what's right for us. We are choosing what we have co-created together with our masterful Soul. 

There is no more excuse not to increase our organic Life force intelligence on a daily basis. Why?! We are in an Era of fast growing artificial intelligence, and we are in need of integrating more sentient Life into our conscious embodiment. We do that through Life force mastery and environmental awareness through consciousness of Gaia. The period of Atlantean destruction was a rapid phenomenon which created a lot of astral trauma and residue for many evolving Souls in this realm. We are now dissolving this "shock" through environmental pressure and chaos of planetary destruction before we transcend it as a collective and move forward. These are all Divine triggers, and the more we grow in our awareness of this overall process by seeing the bigger picture within the Divine Plan, the more Divine/sovereign power we can anchor on this planet through our embodiment of selfless planetary service. 

How do we move into the Root portal initiation?

This has been a really intense time! It's onward and upwards from here, creating sacred space for Life force cultivation. There's always the next wave, so whatever inner work of alchemy we do each step of the way, we are always prepared because we have taken an inner stand and we are devoted to the embodiment process. The only practice that truly works for me as a Tantrika Being living in this crazy world of all the collective turmoil and unrest are these mini Life force retreats. This is the only way I can truly enter the sacred space of my inner stillness and peaceful stand. And then I can work further and expand from there on, infusing myself and this realm with greater Spirit cultivation!

I'm so happy to Be here! There's nothing like knowing that You are doing your mission of greater proportions than even your Self can imagine. There's nothing like the feeling of a daily mission task fulfilled. Life force guides You through that internal pull like the greatest Divine Beloved. And while most of the people on this planet are always out and about, performing their daily tasks and routines while focusing on the mundane, this Being is walking with Spirit 24/7. Devotion to planetary service like this is known to the illumined Ones, and it's all we truly think about, not personal goals or manifesting ambitions, no riches or self fulfillment ... as our eyes are always up in the Sky and our feet firmly on the ground, planting the "seed of Life" consciousness. Just another day in the Life of a Creation Pillar. No one knows what I do through my Life force mastery work, only myself ... and even that part doesn't know the full capacity and scope of the Pillar Mission. How exciting! I let the great mystery of the I AM be presented in each New Now moment. 

It's been very intense where I live lately, and probably all over the world. I have never witnessed such intense changes and massive (negative) Human interventions as now. The place I fell in love and moved to almost 5 years ago has changed tremendously. It's been getting worse every year, and I have never seen more trees fall than now. Every day I witness whole areas removed and it's been really difficult to stay neutral and balanced in these intense chaotic times. The movie Avatar is happening right in front of our eyes, and at certain times it feels like everyone's asleep and no one's paying attention. I've been dreaming about moving to a very remote place, and yet again I know I'm where I am for a reason, for the time being at least. It's sad to watch your favorite sacred spaces turn from a peaceful oasis to an area of destruction. I've planted so many seeds here and I'm very protective of this sacred space, and yet I cannot be attached to anything and any outcome. People don't seem to be bothered by it all, as the law was accepted for even more intervention and allowing trees to be cut down. The phenomena of artificial intelligence and war against Nature is infecting every part of the planet, and the changes can be felt most distinctly in such pure and vulnerable environments. To be honest, I don't know where this is taking us. No one knows! All we have to know is that we cannot prevent certain things to occur, as it's beyond our control. We have to focus on embodying Light in the middle of tremendous chaos in order to contribute with our Love and compassion. No one completely knows why, but Nature has Her own natural ways and laws, and all that Humanity has sown will eventually be reaped. Nature will do Her thing eventually and organically! I'm very sad at this time, as everything takes time to heal, including our inner child that is born of Mother Earth and Her soft bosom!  

Sometimes caring too much about everything and everyone is not the ultimate Divine Human experience. We all have "overseeing" aspects of the Self which are in charge of the greater process because they see the bigger picture. However, as Humans we must learn to surrender control and the need to always "complete" everything or leave no corner of the space untouched by our focus. When our focus shifts to greater visions and ideals through refinement of Soul vision, we attune to a much greater realm of Being and Divine potentiality. We have a much larger vista and perception from here, and our loving impact within our Divine Presence also grows and expands. Learn to leave your cares behind in order to operate within greater levels of Soul mastery and yogic Union instead of the separate ego!  

We recently celebrated world oceans day. Rivers are included in this as well, because they all run into the ocean. As You know we are losing wild habitats with precious animal species every second. We are not alone on this planet. What can we do about it?! The Era of New activism has begun. Don't think that You are just an observer, for everyone has a role on this planet, and we need to shift from being spectators to conscious activists!

Watch my video about integrating sentient Life and transcending AI here:

Whatever cultivation practices You are using to refine your awareness and embodiment process of organic Soul integration, make sure You perform them outside in Nature together with the elements, because their power will multiply into infinity in the organic environment of Gaia, the sacred space of kundalini shakti or the infinite Spirit Life Force. Life force yoga can only truly be performed outside, not in an artificial environment.

Conscious eating is not excluded from our physical Ascension process, for the lighter and brighter we get, the more refined and "rainbow" (meaning of all natural colors) our diet has to become. This has nothing to do with "lifestyle" or going "vegan" because it's popular and now everyone's making photos of their food. It's more about the intimate process with our food which will be a unique journey for each ascending body. We always have to listen to the body, because it will always tell us what it needs. By also educating ourselves about proper nutrition (not just a "lifestyle" label), we can assist our body immensely throughout this process. 

I'm a Mountain girl, but I'm so in love with trees and forests lately. I like to just Be in their Presence and adore them, channeling Life force into certain areas because the trees are in need of it. We are slowly turning them into an "endangered species" and it's all because of our inability to connect to the highest principles of Life and co-existence with Nature, but beyond that, becoming as Nature ourselves, completely liberated, organic and free. We can't exist without trees, as they are the lungs of our planet, Cosmic antennas and teachers of Humanity with their elderly Presence and super ancient wisdom! 

How do we become the New activists?

We are here to appreciate Life as the Beauty of Creation. At times of external chaos we sometimes forget this simple Truth and Life feels a bit more complicated than it actually is. And that's why we must rise up again in order to rejuvenate with Life Force from within, remembering a more simpler and easier time when we knew only Love. That safe place within always rests inside of us, and as we invoke our true Essence to come to the forefront through conscious breath, we approach Life more playfully and we are less rigid in our perceptions. This is the higher consciousness that will always birth New Life and nothing less! 

Finding Magic and Nature Bliss is very important in these chaotic and turbulent times when worldly events and the destruction of Nature are on the rise. As a Pillar I AM constantly reminded not to overburden myself with endless activities and Human interventions. In order for me to do my work of anchoring Light, I often have to just sit in stillness and Be. I look like a mother hen laying on her eggs while nesting them. It's how it often feels with immense waves of energy moving through my body. This is where I replenish my Soul in all this turmoil and chaos. You don't even notice everything that's going on if You're just sitting in your backyard. When You take some tours and detours around, You'll witness the chaos of our "modern" world and all that greed can create! This completely destabilizes the natural environment and vulnerable ecosystems! 

I AM not a flower picker, it is hard for me to pick beautiful flowers today. I'm not very prone to picking flowers, but I had a challenging few weeks here, witnessing immense deforestation which is strongly on the rise. I was so sad as I talked to this old village man. He's one of those old school forestry men that has true knowledge over how things should be done. He was also quite disappointed over the occurring events here. It's all about greed and making profit, cutting down trees illegally so that it's not done properly, and then the rest is killed off by the tree bug and intense weather. Then they cut off the remains. Not to mention the new "high tech" cables they are laying down here. And we live right next to the national park, come on. No one cares anymore! He gave me a bunch of super explanations and I was very grateful. But my Heart was still heavy, for it's not easy for us high empaths.

Whenever I pass by the meadows, I feel such a high Life force energy. After the rain comes Sun, and the flowers and grass soak it all in and charge their energy fields for ultimate growth. The more You will appreciate the beauty of the micro worlds, the more You will see how Life is organized and not random. Every aspect of natural Life knows only perfection through its unique purpose within the Variation of Creation. Everything from micro to macro works together in unison, and if we overlook even one single aspect of Life, we will no longer feel the Whole as One! 

Lately I keep seeing flowers that grow out of sand or challenging conditions. They are reminding us that as volunteer Souls we are scattered on the planet throughout various conditions of living. These might not be perfect, and sometimes they might even seem lonely or challenging, but we are right where we need to be in order to anchor Light. It truly is that simple, and beautiful Mountain flowers always remind me of that.

I love this photo! Not because it portrays two huge fallen trees, but because it shows the raw power of Mother Nature. These trees have fallen down on their own terms and with their stand they blocked the gates of the sacred water spring. Nature is being very protective of Her transformation process and She appears to be wreaking havoc everywhere, and yet these are all the Earth changes we all knew were coming. They are gradual shifts that are about to amplify and become even bigger changes. Everywhere I go I witness tremendous change in Nature, from naturally fallen trees that leave in great numbers to Human created deforestation. We Now have to master Divine neutrality and see this process as the start of new beginnings. These are not easy times, especially for sensitive Nature empathy who do Nature healing work 24/7. Come into your power and send Mother Nature your unconditional Love as the force of true liberation!

If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will show you a new hello! Too often we don't make a choice to move on from something out of fear of loss and perceived emptiness. We are afraid that something new won't come in for us, so we fear taking risks. We are hesitant of taking a leap of faith into the unknown just because we don't see physical evidence of that New yet. But how can this be, if Life is pure abundance and our own Life force reflects that perfectly? We don't create through external circumstances, we create through our Soul alignment! And when we are ready to meet Life, Life meets us half way as well. The Universe functions through the infinite law of compensation, so we never have to fear about losing something. Things simply come and go as we grow and expand, making room for the New, creating anew! In Truth, we are always full when we live the law of Love, and this will move us into ever greater levels of balance and harmony!

Watch my videos about integrating and dissolving the Atlantean polarity timeline:



I myself go to the Mountains to gain a higher perspective of life and reality, for every time I visit then, I see that not everything occurring in the valley down below is of our control. We can surrender and let go. We can let the Magic in and open up to more. Nature is the finest artist, and if You refine your inner and outer vision by attuning yourself to notice these blessings and miracles of Mother Nature every day, You become the richest person alive. Your Heart and the Heart of Gaia have become One! 

My hiking days always continue! However, these are not simplyy easy days of relaxation, because I come across many areas of deforestation and immense Nature changes. As a Creation Pillar I'm always guided to these through Spirit, and every time I hike I witness new areas and I get new assignments. It's not a peace of cake as so much of my energy goes there. I return home very tired, but not from walking. As a Nature healer I bring harmonious frequency to areas of immense interference and change, blessing them and planting seeds of New Life!

Unfortunately it's very hard to enjoy some peace and quiet lately. Why? Because we have a huge noise and pollution problem which is getting worse every year. Every season there are more bikers that come here and their terrible noise and pollution are a real threat to all the animal species that live in this vulnerable Mountain environment. A lot of people think how peaceful it is in the Alps, but I cannot say that for the last few years. The problems continue to intensify and no one does anything about it. It's as if they are all pretending these problems don't even exist until it is too late. The animal species are more endangered than they used to be. Yes, the Nature here in this pristine Mountain environment is very pure and delicate, but the environment is not, and this is where the problem lies, in denying this disharmonious alignment between Nature and the environment. 

The external treatment and approach should always mirror the internal state of Nature in each environment, but unfortunately this isn't so in our "modern" age where we treat profit and technology as sacred and Nature as a commodity instead of vice versa. The inappropriate use of technology always leads to an intense environmental and ecological crisis. When we start seeing Nature as sacred, everything can instantly change as a reflection of that consciousness shift. But until then, we only live in self pleasuring and "steaming off" mentality which lacks proper compassion and environmental awareness. We can't run away from these issues until we live on this planet, so we have to continue facing them head on through all this adversity! Why? Because when enough people refuse this construct based on separation, new laws will be created through their continued group effort. as the usage of our free will. We can't let others make choices for us, we have to wake up and take the lead.

It's Now more important than ever to anchor Love and adoration for Nature wherever we go. I got this Pink crystal stone as a gift and I was guided to take it to the Mountains with me today. It represents the fact that my Heart/Love belongs in these Alps! As I got back home, I got this beautiful green crystal in mail. I ordered it a long time ago and I almost forgot about it. As it came, I instantly felt it as the "Green healer", and it's so perfect for all that's taking place in Nature at this time. The moment I held it in my hands and closed my eyes, I saw myself walking and hiking more consciously in order to do more Light work. I saw myself drawing these symbols on small stones and then placing them in areas of deforestation and intense Nature changes revolving around trees. This will become my next Heart project and Nature blessing! How awesome is to receive Spirit guidance like this?

Enjoy yourself and rejoice in being in Love with Life. When we are fully Present in our body, we love Being alive and we see every moment of experiencing Life as an opportunity to expand our higher consciousness through the physical vessel. When You are joyful within yourself, You are also able to feel happiness for others and their Life. Knowing the Divine Beloved within turns the whole world into one giant Beloved playground! When You slow down and relax deeply, everything will become more vivid and piercing, as your Presence will grow and become more penetrating of Life. Your Life Force intelligence will grow and You will become more observant and divinely intelligent, and so even every blade of grass will stand out to You as a spectacular Creation within the infinite Life!

Every day a new miracle of Life awaits to be witnessed by You. So open your eyes and see the beauty of the infinite Life that awaits to be played with! I live and die for those sacred Nature moments of pristine scenery and natural phenomena. The Whole of Cosmos flows through Life on a daily basis but most people are too absent to notice it or they take it all for granted. Their Life force is sleeping and so they cannot attune to the beauty of infinite Spirit Life Force and the holiness of Nature! Simple things experienced out in Nature make me the happiest! My inner state of purity is easily reflected in the playfulness of Mother Nature and all of Her gentle creatures big and small!

Just love! Love All Life with your every breath. This is how our Human consciousness becomes holy as Divine. This is how we create more Life through the seed of Life Design of Creation. This is how we hold all Life in the highest vision of Creation Love and Unity consciousness! 

Let the flame of illumination rise within us so that we can eventually embody Elohim consciousness within the Light of Holy Spirit.

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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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