Friday, June 8, 2018

The Flame of Illumination

Dear Beloveds!

Can You believe it's already June? This year is unfolding with rapid speed as the 11 Master number keeps guiding us and moving us forward. Life is a mystery, and there are many things we don't yet understand about the nature of our shifting reality and planetary Ascension. There are many theories and belief systems about it that exist, but we each hold only a piece of the whole puzzle. May has been energetically an intense month, which was also reflected in extreme weather patterns. The key learning for many volunteer Souls was mastering Divine neutrality when it comes to Earth changes. Not all of these are pleasant, and chaos and distortion has become a norm nowadays, unless we live in a completely remote region of the planet. However, we are not here at this time to be completely withdrawn from the reality as it is unfolding. We came here with our Divine assignments and tasks to master. Divine neutrality in times of external chaos is definitely one that we all share, and it's not an easy one. We all fluctuate in our feeling states when we witness the turbulent shifts and changes, some natural and others man made. In the higher Truth of Creation, it's all a part of the One, as there is no separation. The more we have mastered Divine neutrality, the more Joy we will be able to anchor. This month offers us an opportunity for synthesis of our work and a higher Truth to be witnessed in our searing Presence. As we lighten our load, we will be able to feel into a lighter energy that this month offers us. But it will not come as an external condition, but rather an internal shift that feels like the breaking after the storm. These are turbulent Cosmic waters we are moving through, so we must find our inner peace and resolve to live in harmony with our inner nature. Our Core Self wants to emerge and shower this reality with unconditional Love for all Life, regardless of seeming circumstances. That's how we master ourselves and get ready for even bigger changes yet to come!

Here is my Ascension update for the month of June:

These are powerful times of taking the next step in our journey of expanding into higher consciousness and Soul embodiment. The old patterns which once used to feed us can dissolve rapidly through conscious Presence and deep observation. In this realm of earthly experience, many individuals associate healing with the idea that we can heal someone else. For many of us, this idea is being reworked from our programming, as we surrender to a higher form of anchoring Light. As long as we feel needed in order to self validate, we will be unable to experience true Unity consciousness. This is because we are functioning through dependency rather than Soul connection and interdependency. The majority of people are using healing on others as a means to self justify and feel needed in some way. However, in yogic awareness all those lower desires must be surrendered completely, if we are ever to experience genuine healing which can only occur through inner Life force mastery and energy exchange. The problem with various methods of healing is that they cannot bypass the current state of awareness which we live in. 

When our awareness shifts and expands, our healing abilities naturally grow and expand. As long as the inner potential to receive at a certain level is not reached, we will not be able to receive that healing. That's why the source of true healing can only come through the inner Presence of "I AM", which can instantly expand our consciousness and alchemize our Being. We often perceive healing as something we give or receive, not generate ourselves. Until we carry that program within ourselves, we will also be experiencing relationships in such a way. As we surrender to the highest form of healing through inner Life force mastery and cultivation, we will be able to become truly independent and interdependent simultaneously. If we prematurely move into the label of being a "healer", we will not be able to serve as a Source of constant healing power and regeneration. And so we will be spreading that energy to others as well. The movement into higher consciousness asks us to strip off any ego perceptions and enter a deeper state of true Union.  

What is the true flame of illumination? There's quite a journey to walk between the first stages of awakening and an embodied illumined Presence. The most challenging thing that even All Masters and Yogis addressed is the idea that we are already there, when we are truly not. I witness so much confusion in people who think that they already know all they need to know, and yet their embodied Presence lacks proper nurturing. I see so many people who begin to awaken lose a sense of reality or they lack a firm grip in their own reality. They might perceive themselves as spiritual, but to become Spirit embodied has truly nothing to do with that thought or an idea of "spirituality". There are a "thousand miles" to walk in terms of Soul maturity before our sense of what is Spirit and how we embody this Presence in the physical realm of Existence becomes illumined. 

Before that is so, the individual will always experience internal unrest, unease and a certain lack of focus through constant projection of concepts and ideas. During that process they might seek those who represent to them what true embodied Presence is, but most often they will project their own ideas about what they should be themselves. However, that is not yet true mastery and embodied Presence. When we truly are illumined, there is nothing outside of us that can confuse us or project their sense of reality into our own Divine nature. It's sad to witness gentle and loving people acting senseless and lost, without a proper feeling of what is real and grounded, often acting in the name of false Unity, which exists only as a mental construct, not illumined reality. And yet even that is a part of the process. When we truly carry the flame of illumination in our Heart, we will also often be called to assist such wandering Souls who often lose a sense of firm footing and get lost somewhere between the "worlds". The only world we know is the one we live in Now, through our embodied Presence within, for without synthesis no knowing is real and embodied!

Watch my video about the Flame of illumination here:

The Full Moon in Sagittarius at the end of May was a major lunation of surrender and Life force liberation. As Beings having a Human experience we often fail to notice where our energy is still being hooked and therefore drained. We then tend to give power to that which sustains that leakage instead of empowering new consciousness patterns that reflect Truth back to us. Any notion of inauthenticity is not just a mask or falsehood we wear out of false safety and comfort. It is also an opportunity for our Life force to weaken, because we are not acting from our Core. As we consciously engage with the world and reality we are creating through our Core Essence, we are constantly empowering our Being in the physical. 

On the contrary, whenever we wear masks, we disempower our true Being's opportunity for Life Force cultivation and Soul embodiment. That's why so many individuals constantly seek something to do or give their time and attention to, in order to fill in the gaps. However these are not just energy holes, these are actual disconnections from the Core of who we are, which is our true Source of Unity. That's why we make other things our source, such as relationships, entertainment, constant events, the need to be seen, to live in a lifeless environment to keep the status quo, unhealthy habits and drugs, etc. There's a huge difference between creating our space from within and filling up our space from the outside. Every time we do so, this will result in further disconnection and disempowerment, causing us to "long for" something even more, having cravings for all sorts of things, people and environments. A lot of time that will be done under the impression that we are doing something "spiritual". This is a falsehood, because first of all spirituality is not something that we can do. Only fully liberated Life Force in order to live in Divine Love and Cosmic Union is Truth. All else are possible roads to it that we might choose through our personal preferences. However, truly surrendered Life Force has no preferences, only a natural sense of devotion and dedication to the highest inner path and external alignment. 

Our journey is moving from Self mastery to greater levels of mastery and planetary healing. The first process of Self mastery and attunement is the primary component which every true Divine healer needs to develop. Everyone has healing gifts within themselves, however using them with mastery and greater awareness is a refined skill that not everyone yet possesses. The thing with Self mastery is such that once the cycle is complete on a certain level and all our inner resources have been gathered, we will reach a level of understanding that's beyond it. We will then feel a certain sense of "boredom" which will open up new space for greater levels of Self awareness and Presence. Our Spirit Essence will continue to descend into our Human form, but never without understanding the Human factor. 

Until the Human component is not harmoniously aligned with our true Divine nature, we will not be able to demonstrate this Presence on greater levels. To truly unify from within is not a linear process, because one level of Union is always preceded by the next unfolding circle within the great Spiral. Many volunteer Souls are now finding themselves at the level of expression where we are surrendering all sense of duty, false responsibility and transformation of the "collective" which is not aligned with the Higher Divine Plan, but instead comes from separation. And with this next step, we are moving from a broader level of work and mastering earthly experience into a newfound sense of anchoring and specialization. This is a point where Divine synthesis is made, and we are truly ready to embrace greatness as an expression of Divine Grace and flow through our harmonious nature. In each circle journey of the Spiral we need to align with an even greater Self Presence, and this is when we also get to surrender everything that we no longer are. We do not do this by cutting it off, we simply need to fully embrace it through allowing. Through this act of Divine Grace we continue to broaden our perspective of Divine Will as we refine our views of free will and respect for All Life without any personal interference or expectation. We are ready to become pure vessels!

Watch my video on true Twin Soul mirroring Source consciousness here:

We had a Taurus New Moon on May 15th and Uranus shifting signs, also moving into Taurus. This is a big shift, for whenever the outer planets complete their specific rotational cycles that align with the inner zodiac, we will also feel it within our own Soul expansion. This is actually a time "in between" where we are completing so many Soul experiences and yet we are not in the New. We are gathering New inner aspects and resources, and although this is not a particularly active time from without, it's a fertile period of inner growth and stimulation. As our ego identity expands into becoming more of a Cosmic identity, we are shedding old skins that were never authentic in the first place, and so with every rotation of each planetary completion, we are also feeling inner completions and victories. If we are open to a higher consciousness identity, we will always feel the shifts of all the Cosmic activity and phenomena. 

At each particular cycle of a "summoning", we are creating an inner synthesis by withdrawing our Life force from the external phenomena while engaging it within the inner Spiral of life. However, we must also know that during such huge transits we are more sensitive to change and all that is going on in our external environment and the world at large. Things and planetary topics are sparking our inner flame and we are more affected than ever before, because we feel the old dying in the midst of a chaotic world which is birthing a new One right from its very Core. We may feel overly sensitive and stimulated at this time, and in order not to get too "involved" on the lower level, we must reach the level of a higher potential within this Cosmic consciousness. It acts like a constant energetic protection and shield for whatever no longer belongs there. 

If we notice a tension or tendency to overreact and overstimulate ourselves, we must meditate through the Spiral, which will turn us back to the Original primary within our illumined flame and ask us to consciously act from there instead of feeding fear and automatic responses. Many chaos driven scenarios of our world are designed to trigger reactive responses and by aligning with the Great spiral, we always exist within the "Eye of the storm", acting as a Pillar within the constant changing environment, bringing an Essence of neutral activity in Divine Love, and therefore acting consciously without control. We are all invited to become our own activists for change by embodying the principle of change naturally instead of forcing change to happen outside of us. This is how change occurs through the highest feminine principle of Life, the Spiral of Creation, the maker of the highest destiny in Divine perfection.

How do we expand within this higher consciousness framework?

These are really intense times, and so many of us are going through physical changes which we might not understand at first. It feels like our world is being swept right under our feet, and we have nothing but ourselves to truly hold on to. The Truth is that we are in a quickened state and on the road to Self mastery and sustainment. We are each called to become conscious activists at a higher level where we no longer give our precious Life force to all the worldly chaos and events. The world will only get crazier and more chaotic as the Earth births herself anew. However, it is us that must change through our neutral perspective of what is really occurring at a higher level. Only by neutralizing each aspect through which we somehow feel bonded to or even chained to this world through world events, massive manipulation and destruction, will our Life force become liberated and hence grow in its power. The true power is the power of Unity consciousness birthed through Divine Love. However, we often stumble through infinite excuses in which we describe our world as less than perfect. The current or temporary conditions might not be perfect, but our world is. At the Core level everything is exactly how it needs to Be, and we can each become a conscious advocate for that in our own unique way. Just like we make daily statements through what we consume or purchase, we also give conscious energy statements in how we engage our Life force and how we potentialize it through Divine cultivation. Be ready to let go of your desires of the lesser in order to finally go higher and become more, more than You might have ever imagined before!

You are your own most powerful healer! The more You trust Life, the more You know what true surrender means, and the more real healing can take place within your body. As we trust Spirit, we trust Life, for it is the mastery of the vertical and horizontal as One. I've just experienced a 24 hour "bug" and as I focused so deeply on the body, I was able to shift and integrate very fast. As You know we live in times when we are constantly being bombarded and sprayed with all sorts of chemicals, toxins and viruses. However, once we reach the awareness of a Life force Yogi, we will be able to transcend any idea of illness through victimhood. We are not infected with a virus, our body rather digests the virus in order to integrate new codes of adaptability, mutation and therefore physical evolution which follows a natural response to our Divine Light intelligence. As we don't see any separation here, we simply see viruses and other toxins as triggers for our body's expansion through Self mastery. However, this is not a process of wishful thinking. It is something that only takes place with full knowing and surrender. 

If we have any doubts and fears left, we will not experience instant rejuvenation and recovery through deep integration. The same goes for the belief in being possessed through negative astral entities or dark forces. Until we realize this process through Unity consciousness which serves our mastery through mastering these energies in order to eventually become a Cosmic Master, we will be seemingly blocked or controlled from the outside. Unfortunately most individuals work towards getting rid of these "forces" or energies prematurely, without being ready to "digest" and integrate them though Unity consciousness. Until we learn and master that there's nothing outside of us that works against us unless we give it power, Life will be an experience of separation for us. To truly penetrate energies more deeply, we have to Be with them and merge on all levels. Escapism doesn't work for our advancement but it rather keeps us more ignorant and enslaved through forces of control which only exist in separation.  

Living in faith is not the same as always hoping or praying for something. Living in faith means that we fully trust that Spirit is always with us, for Spirit lives within us. Living in faith means that we know surrender and how to live in constant devotion to the higher Divine Plan, where every step is guided and everything is always taken care of. This means that whatever occurs in our reality is out of Love, and it's all a matter of perception. As Humans we don't always see that, because we always want something different and so we resist the natural flow of Life. However, living in faith is not a constant, for we are flexible in our Soul growth, that's why our state of internal knowing and faith keep expanding as we evolve. Therefore, the mastery of surrender is a daily attunement where we don't think in terms of achievement, but rather an open mind and Heart that keep on rising higher in awareness. As our awareness grows, our consciousness in physical embodiment expands, and our horizons are broader and wider!  

The New Dawn is here, and after quite a turbulent wave, a steady integration is at hand. Naturally the energy shifts continue on a daily basis, but sometimes we need a moment to get away from the routine or the so-called "business as usual". For us to rise higher in consciousness, we need to constantly integrate what we've learned. That requires time and patience, which eventually give rise to higher understanding. Our Love and compassion begin with ourselves, and as we take the leap of faith into the New unknown, our boundless freedom of Spirit will birth new perspectives of higher consciousness. Our sacred Heart is both the giver and the receiver of electric and magnetic energy which needs to flow in an infinite loop. As we face the turbulent waters of this chaotic world, we must remember that we can only do energy work within Divine Love if we remain in a neutral (not passive) zone. This means that whatever used to bother us, once it's truly integrated back into Wholeness (both on personal level and what we face in the collective), no longer triggers us and we are able to help liberate it into the nature of true Love.  

There are two kinds of Love which we can express as Human Beings. One is loving the other because of how they make us feel about ourselves. We use that to validate ourselves. The other is genuine true Love for the other Being's Soul. We use that to Be in our own Soul embodiment. So many people in this world don't realize this difference and the fact that the first expression comes from separation, not Unity consciousness. The same goes for the way we love Nature. So many people nowadays say how much they love to be outside in Nature, but this is not the same as holding Love for Nature on a Creation level, where we acknowledge and reflect the Love of Source through every aspect of Life. Liking Nature because of how it makes us feel can often be an infatuated selfish expression which comes with no actual energy exchange. So many people nowadays speak of "Gaia", the Essence of our Earth Mother, but in so many cases it's all just talk. To truly Love Nature we have to become just like Her, for there is no other way. 

The only way to truly serve Gaia is to feel Her at the Core Essence level, not some superficial "new age" propaganda, where we keep saying how we serve the planet because it's popular to do so, without having any deeper connection with Her Life force. In order to truly merge with the Essence of Life (known as the Holy Spirit), we have to become as pure, raw and wild as Nature, unplugged from everything which leads us into the false construct of the matrix. Matrix is not Nature, it is artificial "intelligence", and it's all that creates a false feeling of safety and security that the "modern" city life provides. Have You ever seen a real Yogi trapped in a city? Never! They all had to fully merge with the raw feminine principle of Life in order to truly develop themselves in their Self embodiment. To truly serve Gaia, You have to deeply feel Her, be attuned to her pulsations, rhythms and cycles that come through the Galactic Core or the Pulse of Life. We need to truly wake up to what being a Divine Human Being is, or we will be swept under the current of falsehood and "modern" identity! There is a huge difference between liking Nature or Being Nature. Wake up and feel it!

This beautiful flower blossom represents complete openness and transparency, which is something that we rarely experience in this Human world. It fascinates me to see how many masks people are still wearing in order to protect themselves and their genuine Core Essence. In the end those who wear masks always end up playing games and hurting themselves and others along the way, because they have not fully matured and grown into who they are at the Soul level. They are just fooling themselves as they are seeking constant approval from the world, wanting to be seen and recognized, while not even capable of expressing genuine Truth on their own. As long as we are wearing masks, our sense of Self will be shadowed or veiled, and so people will come into our lives in order to help us dissolve all that we are not. But people don't always see this gift, and they therefore don't truly appreciate it. It's one thing to constantly analyze others and try to put them in boxes of all sorts, and another to develop full allowance and respect for the other in an organic way. 

Therefore so many individuals show off a fake or mirage image of themselves as their true nature sleeps. Even being "spiritual" or doing "spiritual things and events" can become a mask. Anything that we use to come out a certain way instead of moving deeper into a true state of Joy is a falsehood. And that's why it's important to see every relationship as a sacred Gateway that provides us further information about our current (non)alignment. I see so many people needing to be seen and acting as if their world is the most important thing on this planet, when they can't even truly sit in their own space and be alone in true Presence. They are always filling up their creative space with something that just takes them further away from who they truly are. But that's all a distraction, and therefore relating on this level will also become a distraction rather than genuine connection and Soul companionship. Soul maturity takes time, and mostly a lot of alone time to truly witness all that is false to unveil all that is true. It takes time to truly devote ourselves to becoming our highest Self!  

What does it mean to dream beautiful dreams that are aligned with Truth and Wholeness of Divine Love? It is to see every aspect of Creation as uniquely Whole and important in Divine equality. That equality does not imply sameness, quite on the contrary. It implies the understanding of Variation of Creation, where we are all the embodiment of a unique Being, perfectly held within our own creative realm. However, in the bigger picture of a Divine Plan, all of our individual realms interconnect and intertwine. Together they create a beautiful mandala created through the Love of Wholeness and Divine harmony which is the symmetry of Divine perfection. 

Only when we are completely aligned and harmonious from within, can we actually tap into this vaster tapestry of Divine beauty and Love. When our focus or goal is only to experience personal happiness without the consideration of others and our environment, we are still only able to feel partial or fragmented "wholeness" as an idea of it. Our Being is contained within a bordered dome of Light that is not yet limitless and expanding into infinity. It is still confined and it has limitations and borderlines. When we truly melt as One into the illuminating Presence of Divine Love, all those boundaries will suddenly dissolve and our co-creative space will become limitless and infinite. But it is only when our Love is true that this will occur, for we cannot fool the Divine Source of "I AM" within us. It knows every inch of us, every separation we have ever created and every illusion we still give our power to. We are only truly limitless and unified through the power and grace of Divine Love that lives as the embodiment of Truth within us.

Just being in our own company is enough. Whenever we go through a deep spiritual transformation, our entire Life Force investment will pull back and retreat into the micro spiral of its authentic Existence. As we do so, we will experience big inner and outer changes, pulling back from all that's unnecessary and somewhat burdensome and inauthentic. The reason for this process is always Love and our genuine well being. Humans do so many things that are not truly required of them, and they forget that we can only do what is necessary, for it is enough. Each one of us is a microcosm in its own natural habitat, and as we nurture and cultivate this habitat, our Light will grow and expand, sometimes even exponentially. We don't need all the toxic ways of relating and relationships, constant words and speaking what holds no meaning and true importance. 

We don't need to hang around social media all the time, unless it's to share and inspire. But even sharing has to be approached in balance, because we often tend to overshare. We only have to offer what is necessary, otherwise this Divine offer turns into something disharmonious and crass. However, people are addicted to sharing everything about them with others, like every single detail of their daily life, instead of truly going within and feeding through inner nourishment. We tend to forget about the golden rule not just as a hermetic principle, but having to reflect it in our daily life in everything we do. Very often people are feeling lonely and seek to fill that hole with all sorts of information, sharing and constant verbalization and endless discussion. We are dealing with non important things far too often, even to the degree of imposing in the lives of others. We forget to mend our own inner gardens and make the whole world our problem instead of our love and devotion. Fewer people are dedicated to a true yogic path of illumined Being, because nowadays information and news are more important, as well as constantly being updated with everything and everyone. There is only one solution for this, and it begins with turning within to the center of our Yoga/Union. True Wisdom will not come on its own!

When our Life force withdraws from everything and anything that is not Self sustained within the infinite nature of Divine flow, we are free to liberate ourselves and move into the Great Spiral of Life. As we do so, we have to be brave enough to let go of everything that limits the flow of truly allowing and receiving through the feminine principle of Life. Everyone talks about wanting to let go, but it is not enough to want it, for we also have to be willing and courageous enough to truly let go when it is presented to us through Life circumstance. 

This is my video about the harmonious Life force liberation:

If we are not truly present in this moment, we will not know what we need in this Now, because we will continuously drift elsewhere and repeat that in an infinite loop. The lack of Presence is a disease of the "technological" Human, that's why the more natural and wild we get in Nature, the more we will know exactly what we need in each moment and make sure to provide that exact thing for ourselves. This is how we will become more natural and organic, tuned into the living Presence of the Great Spirit and how it materializes itself in Creation.

As a conscious Life Force master there are no excuses not to do yoga, in whatever shape or form. When You regularly devote yourself to your practice of cultivation, You will notice so much more undulating bliss in your body, mind and emotions. Here is my own example! After a few intense hiking days my body was quite tired, but that was no excuse to stop me from creating a little sacred space for my practice. It's of major importance to harmonize within ourselves in order to feel centered and whole, especially in these intense turbulent times! 

Another way to stimulate Life force is through sacred dance. A sacred Woman is born to dance the Dance of Life force! As I dance, I turn into a "Snake Princess" and it's the only time when the world completely dissolves in my feminine Presence of Divine Love and illumination, and nothing else remains but that pure Essence of my Divine Name that no one knows but myself. And I remain, only feeling my own Presence, humbled by Holy Spirit!

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LIFE FORCE YOGA enlivens and revitalizes us and brings us into the alignment of Beauty. What is beauty and what is natural beauty is such a relative term. However, to be naturally beautiful doesn't just apply to our face our physical appearance. It doesn't apply to using only natural or organic products. Recently someone asked me what's my recipe for a glowing skin. Here's my recipe, I have none! For me, beauty means complete Self acceptance on all levels and an authentic way of living through inner beauty. This means staying true to ourselves, but also living in accordance to natural law and harmonious balance. Personally I find this balance in the right amount of activity and rest and nurturance. I find it in being outdoors most of my time and breathing as One with the beauty and harmony of Nature through Life force mastery. What I put in my body and what I apply on my body is just "cosmetics", which means it's all just refining touches. All the work of Life force mastery, refined balance and Self honoring comes first, and then putting the right things in and on my body naturally corresponds and aligns with that. Physical beauty might be a relative term which we perceive subjectively, however internal beauty is not. It is universal and it can be experienced through the attunement with Divine Love, the Love of All Life in Creation. This is what Cosmic Beauty means to me!

Recently I had a dream about liberation in which a lightning switch went off in some far-off distance. As I went towards that lightning, I suddenly began to fly instead of walking. But I was not doing it, as it was not me who was flying. I was simply carried by this vibration as the energy kept lifting me higher off the ground. It was compete surrender and bliss, and a deep knowing that finally I can be in my natural state of Magic and Soul ability to fly again!

P.S. I'm all finished with the Creation of my Golden Aura Ascension sprays. This time they were made on the important Full Moon and spent the whole night charging on the moonlight together with my Master Ascension crystal. Then I took them to additionally charge in the Mountains, so they are extra powerful. This is the best batch I've made so far, and I've also refined the design. They all have a little golden Angel blessing them and their sacred Essence, for they truly are Angelic. They hold crystals, pink salt and essential oils inside, together with mountain spring water and rose water. This time I made their scent more gentle and honey like. I really like this batch, it's my favorite so far. 

You can find them on my page "Serapina Light" under Crystal products until the stock lasts. Until they are available, You will be able to purchase them. Then it will say "currently unavailable" until I make the next batch, as I only make them in smaller amounts, so hurry up if You feel called to receive one.

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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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