Thursday, May 10, 2018

Liberation of the Divine Goddess

Dear Beloveds!

We are in a New energetic month of May with a 16/7 frequency. This month is an amazing time of Divine dispensation, and it serves as a culmination point for many beautiful Souls on the path of Divine Union. Divine Union is truly a path of complete Divine balance of masculine and feminine principles of Life, both internally and externally. We are leaving a legacy of Light and although at times it might not feel like it, we are definitely planting the seeds of New consciousness. This is a time of deep spiritual and physical renewal for many who have lived a path of constant selfless service. At this time the most important thing is to stay fully present in unconditional Love. True Love is not about giving more or less, being worthy or deserving. It is about being the selfless expression of unconditional Love in each reflected expression of it that meets us in this Life. Many volunteer Souls are Now ready to truly birth a state of total inner sanctuary regardless of the external situations or conditions. When we remember that we are here to become the full embodiment of unconditional Love in Human form, nothing else will be more important and the ego will no longer remain in its power. The more we empower the reality of true Love, the closer we are to truly becoming the agent of gentle change by not forcefully changing anything. Just bringing Life to its fullest potential in each moment is enough, and that is how we replenish Life with new fertilization and energetic insemination. We will have a dynamic duo of Uranus shifting into the sign of Taurus and making a connection with Mars, which will usher in a time of transformation and reformation. We are on the brink of something new, and it will manifest differently for each ascending Being. Remember that the state of reality we live in always reflects our current state of consciousness, so continue expanding your perceptions.

May is definitely a month of Love, which was beautifully indicated in my monthly Spirit guidance. If we remain open and stop all activities which no longer align with who we are Now, miracles can happen and will happen. Everything as a part of Life is already in a miraculous state, and by raising our awareness we are aligning ourselves with the highest aspect of Life as pure consciousness, because we become conscious ourselves. We are no longer bound by rules, expectations, hardships and even suffering. By taking Life willingly into the next state of conscious co-creation, we no longer carry the responsibility for Life as it's unfolding and therefore it doesn't feel like a weight on our shoulders. Instead of taking Life into our "hands" which denotes control, we become the very Essence of Life itself.  

Here is my latest Ascension update for this month:

What other changes are we experiencing? Watch my latest Galactic update on Earth's New Destiny:

Beltane/May 1st is always a powerful time of Love when our Soul gifts are on the rise and something within us culminates. Everything is going Green in Nature, which beautifully aligns with the "Green Ray". We are blossoming and creating new opportunities for ourselves. However, we must also learn to unwind and relax, to let go in each moment of surrendered Magic. The only way we don't have to let go of anything is when we are already fully living in the moment. As Humans we like to think that we already are, and yet there are so many tricks, ego desires and distractions of the mind which keep us from fully experiencing the richness of the moment, and the beauty of true Love experienced on Earth. Things like worthiness don't truly exist in the Angelic realms, and only Humans invent all these terms and states of experience. However, attuning our vibration and devotion to our Angelic Self, there is only the purity of Love, and all else remains and dissolves. This is a post Full Moon healing week where we get to enjoy the New unfolding within us, and layers of what used to be fall off and move away to make room for New Magic!

We have so much creative potential available at this time, because we have received a new unified wave of Light. However, the key is to be grounded on Earth and in our Presence multidimensionally in order to embody it, which means we are not only focused on ourselves and serving our own lives. We are invited to become Cosmic extensions of Unity consciousness and move our Light to wherever we are being guided to. When we expand our own awareness, we expand the scope of our receptivity in Love, and therefore much more potential becomes available to us. That is because our thoughts are Now attuned to a higher flow of Cosmic Union and Cosmic Law. A simple analogy would be sitting at home and pondering about life in comparison to going outside and actually meeting Life as an embodiment of Life force itself. The world suddenly expands and becomes a constant birthing space for our fully activated Life force. These are not times to stand still, these are action times of great creativity which touches the world at large and the Being we call our current Home, Gaia! There's so much awakening within the Heart of Humanity, however it is answering that call that actually moves the planetary Life force in alignment with the Pulse of Life.

The co-Creation through the liberated feminine principle of Life means that we have to surrender all personal control, expectations of outcomes and the forced will. The highest Creation of Life comes through the so-called Seed of Life, where we understand the infinite precipitation of the Divine Mother and we seek to merge our will with the Divine as a holy child of Creation. The God/Goddess of Life as Creation itself lives through all of us, but as we are still dealing with lower potentials of Life, we can't see the higher potentialities. 

They only become available to us when we seek a higher manifestation within our reality and align our vision with the Divine. Also, at the beginning of each new personal cycle of Creation, we have to release everything of the previous cycle, just as it plays out in the macro story of Creation as well. It takes bravery and courage to do so and take a leap of faith which dissolves the old ways of being in order to transcend and move into the creation of new potentialities and realities. The Seed of Life is the non manifest becoming manifest in form through the power of our Love, for it is Love that wills and births everything that's Divine in nature in our reality and the world at large. The major issue at this time is letting go the "identity reality" in order to move into the "group reality" of common good and planetary community through recognizing mutual independence, liberation and well Being of All, not just our own. Happiness is only real when it's shared! 

The Scorpio Full Moon truly ushered in the sacred feminine principle of Creation, so open yourself up to receive from the Wisdom of the Divine feminine. Our bodies are the main focus at this time, so that the feminine principle of Life can truly be embodied through us. Create a special Pink altar or a circle of Light, gather with your loved Ones or just embrace the Moon through your inner feminine Essence. Creating a sanctuary is an important part of Spirit devotion, for it is about bringing the sacredness back into this world in turmoil and chaos. This is so needed right Now, so enjoy wherever You are to Be a beacon of peace amidst great change.

Every woman has an inner Goddess as the spark of the Divine, therefore She doesn't need to constantly say "I'm a Goddess!" This has become so overly popular in the "new age" movement that nowadays everyone is so occupied with themselves and all that they say they are. When the inner spark of the Goddess, which is simply the feminine principle of Life, is lit from within, the outside expression and embodiment will naturally follow. The true embodiment of the sacred feminine is humble and wise, not boastful and self absorbed, and so She naturally witnesses the Magic of Life unfolding through her Essence.There's a huge difference between the perception of "I am the a Goddess" and "I AM a living expression of the Goddess Essence of Life". 

The difference might seem slight at first glance, where we are only witnessing it at the surface, but when we go deep with our genuine Presence, we will notice the egoic identity versus the true Magic of Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit is truly embodied within our sacred spark, that spark gradually becomes a flame, and that flame of the Goddess as the feminine principle of Life remembers its true Divine Love origin as the womb of the Divine Mother. In this sacred space, there is no division and separation. Every woman has a spark of the Goddess within Her, and so does every man. It comes through the Divine principle of Life embodied as a "genderless" Human. It is the expression of pure Life force, not a physical gender identity. And that expression of Life can only birth Divinity in form, without allowing itself to become attached to the forms it is naturally birthing and illuminating Life with its sacred Presence.

We are all helping to liberate the Goddess. How? Every time we give our voice to Love instead of fear, and every time we decide to be in alignment with our integrity in the moment instead of thinking we must be polite or pleasing others or the world. Every time we set aside lower views to be replaced with higher ideals, and every time we liberate ourselves from restrictions by saying "NO" to what feels limiting. The Goddess does not live for perfectionism or comparison, as She is wild Life untamed. The Goddess is that voice and Essence deep within everyone of us, and it wants to Be fully free to live as the Divine wills it so, so that we may fulfill greater ideals instead of lower ideologies born of ego, not Spirit. 

When the feminine principle within us rises to the level of Spirit, She does not wait or hope for external circumstances. She doesn't even wait for Her Beloved, as She is the embodied Beloved as the very Essence of Life Herself. When You commit to the path of Holy Spirit, Life will often test You, but it will always be in a good way. Those initiations are designed to liberate You from all the restrictions which are self imposed or projected onto You by others. Only in the Full Presence of the Holy Spirit You are truly free, and the Goddess has liberated herself through You. So release the opinions and projections of others as well as your own, let go of expectations and truly give Life a chance like never before! Rise as the Holy Beloved within You, the Beloved that is You! 

Be willing to look at yourself always as You are Now, not just what You wish to be in some projected future outcome. Too many people get distracted and fooled by all they want to be instead of truly witnessing themselves in all their shadow and light as they are Now. That is the path of true acceptance and compassion. Avoidance does not please the Great Divine! Truthful Presence is the only Way towards true Soul liberation and illumination. Don't get distracted with hoping, wishing and projecting to some indefinite timeline, and don't wait for something to change on the outside. Be everything that You are Now and your highest potential realized right in this moment. Instead of striving for perfectionism, seek illumination. If You are not your highest in this very moment of genuine Spirit devotion, when will You be? If You are not willing to see yourself as You are Now and would rather avoid that by running away from yourself and others, when will You truly know full intimacy of Source? Divine Love knows the happiness of inner wholeness and not a distorted illusion built on false excuses. Love is Now, for Love is Life. And Life is not just personal satisfaction, but rather happiness and well being of All! 

What are You devoting this month to? I'm devoting it to sacred Life force dance. Through sacred dance I'm expressing myself and my Highest Being at the Essence level through unlimited flow of Life force in unconditional Love. This way the depth of Love that I embody travels to where it needs to go unconditionally for the highest good without me needing to give it to a particular situation, person or an event. This is the next learning state of evolution for awakened Human Beings. When Love is expressed that freely and without control, we are seeing how we can gift Life with our expanded state of Being and Life force mastery! 

At the time of the Wesak Full Moon I've promised myself a sacred sensual dance for Beloved Union to anchor this New wave of Light, which I haven't done in a while, but the powerful time of the Pink Scorpio Full Moon really brought the sacred Lover out of me. I channeled some new moves to activate the womb potential of the sacred Lover for Cosmic Union. I was guided to dance really slow so that they could come through me in great detail. Did You know that You can watch my sacred Essence dances on my Tantrika page? These are 5 sacred dances which I recorded once, and they are the White, Golden, Pink, Red and Royal purple dance!

And perhaps it inspires You to get my Cosmic dance for the Galactic Human course, because it's just so super awesome and made with profound awareness of my Tantrika Essence.

Here is my video on complete body revitalization where You can also get educated on yogic diet and body optimization:

The sacred Feminine principle of Life is on the rise. And this is not happening externally as some force moving through events. It's an inner force of Life which is ready to co-create a New cycle of Being on this planet through our sacred bodies. Through Eons of Human history, the feminine aspect of Creation has been witnessed, experienced and interpreted in so many ways. All these periods of ancient history have come and gone, birthed something and then retreated to make room for new Eras. Humanity has played many different roles, expanding from priesthoods to peasants. During all such cycles and experiences, the feminine force of Creation as the grace, beauty and wisdom of Life has served different roles. Now She wants to be set free to just Be. 

She no longer wants to be confined to a certain set of rules, beliefs or even rituals. She does not want to be used or abused in ritual Magic. The beauty of ritual is the Magic of Life which already lives in everything and everyone. That's the White Light of Creation. That's why we don't need a special form of ritual to connect us to Divinity, for Divinity is not something we connect to. It is who we are. Magic is not within the ritual itself, but the Life force energy that travels through everything and anything that we already co-create. The New feminine Wisdom is without interfaces or intermediaries. She just Is, and She is enough. She is pure Life force embodied through us as illumined sovereigns, and through us She witnesses Life fully liberated and free. She needs nothing or anyone to make Her feel special, because She already is the very Essence of Life itself. These are not just words, that's the New Truth which can only be felt and anchored intimately within our Being, without the need for approval or confirmation from others. It is sacred and holy only when experienced within us as Cosmic individuals. When you become the embodiment of the ritual, You no longer need to perform ritual as an act. You become it! And that is the highest state of illumination and Holy Spirit devotion we can offer to this world!

Watch my Elohim Light activation for embracing Life force:

Do You ever feel torn between using your voice and speaking your truth and avoiding what You perceive to be a conflict in that moment? Do You have heavy feelings in your Heart or You really wish to share something with someone but You don't know how or You are afraid to? If You have issues with speaking up and using your voice, You can practice by first lovingly stating your truth to yourself. After You do, how does that feeling in your Heart respond to that? Do You still wish to share that with someone or is it enough to know who You are in this very moment when You stand in your truth? Then there is an example of speaking words of Divine Truth, not just personal truth that we each have. There are many on this planet at this time who were born as messengers of Truth as living Divine oracles. When someone speaks against it or projects false beliefs and ideologies at us, we simply have to speak up as the voice of Truth. 

These are not times to remain quiet just to keep an illusion of false peace going (on the surface), or because we don't wish to hurt or disrespect someone. When the Truth is Divine in Nature, it might seem harsh to those who still live in false illusions, but it never ever disrespects. Divine Truth comes from a place of Divine Love, even when it speaks with a firm and non conforming voice. That is the voice of the Goddess fully liberated and free, the Goddess Principle of Life that no longer supports illusions or false ideologies such as religious beliefs built on separation, which set some aspects of Divinity on a false throne to be perceived as more than others and worshipped. It doesn't support fanaticism, projection of such beliefs and invasions into the private nature of our unique personal lives. The feminine principle of Life is on the rise only by always speaking up on the behalf of Divine Truth through the voice of Love, Wisdom and Power. Be discerning and know when it's truly your time to Be the living embodiment of that Voice!
Eros is the Essence of desire and fulfillment. Desire, when perceived with balance is what drives our Soul to move forward and continue to expand. When we do not feel as externally active, we are moving deeper within and exploring the realms of our inner Eros and how it affects our relationships. In Truth, every Union that is Divine has to move through all the different stages of unveiling and unmasking everything that is not of our true nature. So as we move deeper into our psyche (which represents our Soul), all of our fears and insecurities will be presented to us, in order to move through them and build an embodiment of the highest integrity and personal mastery. When it feels like our personal relationships are somehow triggering or challenging us, it's a sign to reflect that back to ourselves and assess everything so it can come to the surface. 

When something confrontational occurs in our partnerships, we can either look away or examine further. Sometimes it will reveal the spots where we are still filling the inner void with all sorts of occupation to avoid true feeling. We can always ask ourselves the following questions: "What is my reoccurring pattern in Life and relationships? What repetitive notions do I notice in my ways of relating to others? What parts of deep intimacy am I avoiding or unwilling to move into?" All of this serves those of us who are walking the path of wholeness as the Cosmic Beloved, the Union with our true gem Self. The less we are afraid to go deeper and shed light on the seeming darkness, the more rewards we will reap and the more doorways we will notice opening for us. Remember that the more we can unify, the more we will simplify and the more closeness and togetherness we will experience as our reflection. This is a great and opportune time to move even deeper into our true Soul longings, through knowing the Way how to master, embody and achieve them in physical form! 

The illumined Beings have recently shared with me that life in the physical existence is not about striving to be perfect. Life in the physical dimension of expression is about navigating through it with Love and compassion, which in itself creates Divine perfection as a consequence of living in alignment with Cosmic Love, which is the highest principle of Life in Creation.

Here is my video on Cosmic Love:

Speaking of this ... I spent such nice moments together with my mom lately. Oh, that woman knows Love! After many disappointments I have experienced in life from people who are not as genuine as I have first thought, and after so many heart breaks in this Human Life, She reminds me of the Love that's always there, the Love of the mother's embrace in complete unconditional love. But not only that, she is so wise and she knows what true sisterhood is. 

I don't have to look far to find Love, it's right there in the heart of the woman whose womb I've come through to this planet. My first teacher of Love is Spirit as the eternal Divine mother, the second one is my own mother!

And what is the Essence of the liberated Divine feminine and masculine? Recently I had an amazing experience of such liberation and I'll never forget this day as long as I live! I was caught in the rain on a long walk far away from home. I had no umbrella and I was not guided to hitchhike because it felt unnatural and like a disturbance of my organic flow. So I just went along with it, singing in the rain and creating such Magic. I came home all sparkly and laughing with such joy, and then we danced and sang some more with such spontaneity. We created such a magical energy flow which rippled out in giant spiraling waves. It's been a long time since I had that much fun. When we open our Hearts to new adventures without any predispositions of what's supposed to take place, Life becomes an elixir of Joy. This was one of the highest vibrational days ever!

As we embrace more of illumination from within, we realize that the words "twin flame" in the physical realm of experience and mastery simply represent two Beings who have fully become their own sacred flame of illumination. That is what illumined Union means, and as the state of Cosmic Union/Ascension overflows within the individual Self, they become the holy Fire of Spirit embodiment. As this occurs, they transcend the individual Soul levels of experience in order to become a greater vessel for Spirit embodiment, an extension of illumination experiencing Life in the physical realm. That's why in illumined Unions the flame of Creation will not burn if both individuals have not built their own sufficient quotient of Light in order to become truly liberated in their Spirit embodiment. In order to truly initiate this stage, they must both free themselves of all personal desires, expectations and illusions of linear time. They must also liberate themselves from all sort of comparison and other people's projections of Union, for they must embrace their fully unique path of Union. In order to set the stage for physical Union of complete Spirit devotion, they must become free Spirits who are only interested in serving a greater purpose of the Divine Plan within the Grand Design. They must step aside from the known and familiar in order to embrace the path of genuine devotion. They do not know what that is or how it looks like through control, for they have surrendered that in order to birth a new vision of Divine knowing. When the illumined and fully liberated Divine feminine and masculine are totally ready to dance as One, so they shall eventually become!

That state of illumined Union only births creations of illumination. Recently I channeled a new mini audio book on Creation story & Rays of Creation.

Tune into the Creation story & the Rays of Creation, which takes You to the very origin of Creation and its story of evolution, as well as a walk through the primary 7 Rays of Creation and the unfolding patterns of perfection held at the level of Source. This is a higher perspective of the primary design of Life known as the Grand Design. It is a deepened understanding about the primary Creation Ray of each individualized Soul aspect and of other extended Rays of Creation that make-up Galactic consciousness. It describes the meaning of these extended Rays and how they are playing out on our planet at this time through crystalline consciousness of these higher rays.

The second mini audio book I recently channeled is about Light Beings and Creation Pillars. I've been embracing my own Pillar purpose very deeply. Everything in Life is a code, whether we recognize it or not. Lately I keep waking up at exactly 6:40 every morning and after a while I noticed the pattern, but it took me until today to fully get it that "64" is a code of Life which reflects the "Seed of Life" and Creation Pillar consciousness as the sacred "seals of Creation". Just this weekend I channeled a new mini audio about Light Beings and Creation Pillars.

Tune into the Truth about Light Beings and Creation Pillars, which takes You to the journey of Soul illumination, the creation of a Light Being, the difference between the Soul and a Light Being, as well as the Light body and a Light Being. Discover the nature and purpose of Creation Pillars and serving the Creation Principles in the Grand Design, in order to embrace a higher reality of Divine Plan. Each Soul journey is unique, and yet all Souls are created through the Love, Wisdom and Power nature of Divine trinity of Life through the Source primaries. As Creation expands, Souls evolve through Life in order to eventually become illumined as Divine Light Beings.

You can get both of them here!!!

As a Creation Pillar my energy channeling work never ends. Just recently I had an amazing busy day in my Mountain Vortex, anchoring new Cosmic energy that came in with the latest Lightning storm. I'm always called to visit this "anchoring station" after new energy waves. I wake up in the morning and I just know where I need to be without a doubt. Luckily I was practically alone today as the holiday hype has settled a bit. I was guided into New initiations and activations and it was all flowing so beautifully. During the energy channeling process the wind was getting stronger by the minute until the energy reached its culmination point, and this is how I know the grounding work is complete. After coming home I always have intense heat waves moving through my whole body. It takes a while for all this energy to stabilize and harmonize through the anchoring/embodiment process. The days when I AM called to do my Creation Pillar work are the best, and I'm taken to an amazing state of Cosmic Bliss. This is my primary purpose for being on this planet beyond all else external that follows.

What a powerful forward motion week that was! I completed the anchoring process of the current incoming Cosmic wave in my favorite Mountain valley. This is when I get to immerse so deeply in this Essence. I must admit that I could hardly leave my Mountain valley to return back home. I started my return during late hours, so I was enjoying it fully to myself with no one around.

It's those moments where I deeply know who I AM as a Creation Pillar and yet all the knowledge of Creation I hold in my Being becomes one simple song, an ode to All Life in Creation and the beauty of its Divine Design!

Trees are also Pillars as Cosmic anchors. I'm so grateful for these gentle Giants in these chaotic times of immense deforestation. Every time I take a walk I see new trees being cut down in huge numbers. Just today I've witnessed a massive deforestation because I think they are laying down some new cables or something, and it's insane. There's huge piles of whole islands of trees being cut down and they are laying there like dead bodies. This makes me feel so sick and sad on the inside, although I try to remain neutral. What the Human is capable of doing out of stupidity and greed amazes me every single day. Such ignorance and pure nonsense! Do You know that trees don't just have a physical mission as the lungs of Gaia, but their higher Cosmic purpose is also to act as Cosmic antennas.

Whenever Cosmic rays come through the lightnings, they hold the balance and equally distribute the channeled energy so that the flow remains harmonious and we don't have disasters. Why do You think there's so many "natural disasters" occurring at this time? This balance is being deeply distorted. And what happens when we cut so many trees that the balance is really disturbed? The problem with people is that they don't see other biological Life forms as truly alive and they are not aware of their purpose in Creation. Just take a moment to feel this and send trees your Love and gratitude daily!

I'm so grateful for our natural drinking water here in the Alps. However, we don't always treat Nature as we should and we take it for granted. All places on the planet where You can find Human life, which is basically everywhere, have their flaws and challenges. It is not always perfect where I live either, although people imagine it to be a pure paradise judging only by my photos. It's because I make it look like that, because I only focus on Magic and I love to witness beauty all around me as a free Nature Spirit. Although we have problems here just like everywhere else on the planet, it's not Nature that creates them ... it's Humans who go against Nature with their big fat domineering egos. However, I'm reminded by Spirit to find joy and gratitude in everything regardless of the external circumstances! That's how we assist Life by moving into a higher octave of density and Being.

And flowers!!! When Spring begins, every day new flowers grow and bloom. It's unfortunate that the majority of Humans have lost a sense of wonder about the miraculous beauty of Mother Nature. When we cease to see constant reminders of beauty that surrounds us, we also lose touch with ourselves, for we are Nature and we are here to marvel at Creator's creations and extend our own variations and designs of it through the Pulse of Life and Divine Love. Lets luxuriate and enjoy Life! Now that the Sun is in Taurus we will desire physical enjoyment and celebration of Life, because Taurus is ruled by Venus and Venus is all about Love, beauty and sensual pleasures of Life!

Nature surely is pure abundance! Isn't dandelion such a beautiful plant?! I'm not really a "picker" of anything, to be honest. But after my energy work in this Alpine portal today I really wanted to have the last portion of dandelion because in the Mountain regions they come a bit later, so You can still enjoy them even when they're already in full bloom elsewhere. I asked them nicely to serve me through the Mountain Light codes of this portal they contain in their DNA structure. I had nothing with me to pick them, but luckily this old and closed shepherd lodge had an opened window and I grabbed the first thing they had ... a rusty bottle opener! How things show up quickly when You need them! Isn't Life just amazing?!

And can You guess what this is?! It's wild mint, and it grows in abundance here. I came across a whole bunch today and I picked some to dry for my morning zen teas. I truly prefer wild herbs that grow on their own, uncultivated. They have the highest Life force! Did You know that real tea (not herbal tea) of any kind is a nervous system stimulant just like coffee and should therefore not be consumed daily? In yogic diet tradition it belongs to the negative pranic foods group that actually desensitize us. When we use them by choice (not as a habit) it's quite different, because when anything overstimulates our nervous system it requires a lot of energy to process and our bodies are getting busy in an unnecessary manner. The same goes for garlic and onions, which are actually medicines, not food. It's totally different to consume them as such in comparison to daily intake. A whole lot of people don't know that, but I intuitively never used them in my food because I naturally strongly dislike them and don't respond to them well. The same goes for coffee which only makes me hyper and overstimulated, as I'm already a highly energized Light Being!

How much to learn, grow from and EXPAND into!!!

In this Now is where everything exists. The nothingness is only the great void of Creation which is nothing but pure potential of Life from which we draw our own Divine inspiration and co-creation. Embrace and master the spiral consciousness that emanates from the Galactic pulse of Life and co-create through the purity of Life force instead of the separate ego. And then You will see how it feels to fly!

NOTE: Don't forget that ALL the donations to my page SERAPINA LIGHT get a FREE oracle of illumination as my gift of Gratitude returned to all of You!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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