Friday, April 27, 2018

The first New graduates & Human Joy

Dear Beloveds!

We are in a time of the Scorpio Full Moon after we had an Aries New Moon which acted as a "lift off" point for this new astrological year ahead. This is a time of deep alignment with what is yet to come for many of us. Many volunteer Souls who are embodied on this planet at this crucial time of the Solar and planetary shift have completed the first stage of our mission. Whatever that mission is for each individual that holds a specific vibratory level, the collective mission held at the group level was to plant the seeds of New energy consciousness. As the Earth moves through the photon belt, it is being redirected into the Ascension timeline of its spiraling evolution within the entire Solar system. The more we are exposed to these Cosmic rays that are a part of the photon belt, the more we are dissolving the old as our Light DNA is awakening and rewriting our physical DNA. With these body shifts, more of Divine intelligence is coming into our physical form. The volunteer Souls acted like Cosmic antennas, because our primary mission was to develop the physical bodies that hold the optimum strength to act as vehicles for channeling this higher consciousness, so that it could easily distribute itself through us without an overly intense impact on our planet and Humanity. By developing these New bodies, we have planted the seeds of the New Human, and so as this first crystalline mission level is complete, we might feel a sense of completion and even graduation. We are Now in transition mode, preparing for the next chapter of our group mission to unfold. This New Moon is giving this mission a proper boost that it requires for its physical manifestation. Everything is unfolding as it is meant to, regardless how things look on the surface!

Nature is in full bloom Now. In the beauty of Nature, all ideologies and philosophies disappear into thin air. They dissolve so quickly for an illumined Heart, for the Being within has recognized an ultimate expression of Divine Love in form, and can therefore no longer be satisfied with mental chatter alone. It wants to experience only the exuberant joy in ecstatic Bliss of Cosmic Union. And don't You just love the energy when our Sun travels in Taurus? I love Taurus Venusian traits so much, because all of Nature is so alive and shows us the embodiment of Divine sensuality. We are building up towards the Scorpio Full Moon this weekend, which is the culmination of that expression into a sexual Essence where we get to explode in Cosmic bliss. Yes, it's possible, especially through the path of Life force mastery!

We are in a very fertile period at this time, but we need to learn to cultivate Life force for the purpose of well being and self regeneration in order to anchor the energies which come to this planet via Cosmic Rays. If You have noticed, these Cosmic patterns that move through our bodies always require time to integrate themselves fully into the Core of Gaia. All volunteer Souls greatly assist this process, because they serve as Cosmic antennas for this energy channeling. However, many years of this constant energy channeling have left us a bit dispersed through constant channeling and planetary assistance work. There was a high level of energetic maintenance which went into this integration process on the planetary level, and Now many of us are feeling that this maintenance needs to move into the inner maintenance of the New body. This is like giving birth to a new body without dying, but instead creating a New body template from the previous template. And every birthing process requires a huge energetic stimulation as a lift off point that triggers deep renewal. 

This is what many of us as volunteer Souls were here to establish as a Divine assignment coming from the Core of Creation, as an answer to a call for a new evolutionary phase to begin. Our New bodies would more easily channel the incoming energy waves which the previous body template still experienced difficulties with. However, this is quite a challenging process because it requires so much Life force energy. Those of us who have been doing this for many years might feel tired at this time, because the energy investment was of such vast proportions. Our bodies are Now desiring to experience more balance and the ability to let go of everything that was and took place during the challenging body period of transformation. Every death has its own birth that follows, because death in Truth is simply transformation from one state into another, where another form of Life is born and enjoyed!

Because of all these intense changes, I have created a new crystalline product!

The Ascension Aura sprays were channeled for the purpose of connecting to the elemental body structure during these intense times of increased frequency through the incoming Cosmic Rays and Solar flares. I started creating them due to the intense physical shifts that many of us are moving through in these times of transition as we are building our New bodies. However, the primary Essence of these Aura sprays is the connection with the White Ray of Creation and Ascension flame. These sprays are co-created within a higher frequency, so they have an "auric" field around them which assists the physical Ascension process and refined Aura cleanse, which is perfect for all Light Beings who channel energy constantly. They were blessed and anointed at the sacred Mountain waterfall (a sacred spot) through the breath of Life/Holy Spirit, the White Lady Essence and the Elohim Family of Light, as well as the elementals and the water element of purification and harmony, which are the Divine qualities of the White Ray of Creation.  

I have also created a New mini audio book as a part of my ELOHIM SERIES. It is called "Creation story & Rays of Creation" and You can get it here

Tune into the Creation story & the Rays of Creation, which takes You to the very origin of Creation and its story of evolution, as well as a walk through the primary 7 Rays of Creation and the unfolding patterns of perfection held at the level of Source. This is a higher perspective of the primary design of Life known as the Grand Design. It is a deepened understanding about the primary Creation Ray of each individualized Soul aspect and of other extended Rays of Creation that make-up Galactic consciousness. It describes the meaning of these extended Rays and how they are playing out on our planet at this time through crystalline consciousness of these higher rays. 

The Aries New Moon really kick started our new mission chapters, and that's why I was called to create a crystal grid of Light to support this transition process. I wanted to channel a grid for lots of energy and how we maintain it through our bodies through Life force mastery and alchemical Twin Soul Union. The grid represents the sacred kundalini fire which expands and becomes a new organic creation through DNA activation and physical restructuring. Happy New Moon, everyone ... create away with Love and in Unity consciousness!

And this is my latest Light grid which I was guided to create through my Family of Light and the Galactic high council energy that works for the Cosmic/multidimensional Ascension merge/timeline. It represents the integration of the Stellar and Human components of our Cosmic Self nature, and how the higher realms become physical manifestation here on Earth, which we can see as the sphere of Gaia down below, receiving the multidimensional Stellar aspects through the Astro/zodiac wheel of Creation archetypes in this density and beyond. Allow yourself to receive its Light codes of Unity and illumination for your Ascension!

You can see ALL my grids on my FLICKR profile here!

I have created many PHOTO ALBUMS/GALLERIES on Flickr, be sure to check them out HERE!

Do You know how to unleash the Divine Lover within You? It's that part of You which loves no matter what and holds the space for the unfolding process of Ascension. Yes, many of us volunteer Souls are holding the planetary Light as our Cosmic Family does so in the outer realms. There's a great Divine dispensation unfolding, but we don't always see all the things playing out in the open and behind the scenes. The Truth is that every new burst of Cosmic energy gets us closer to what many are nowadays calling the "Solar event". In Truth this process is already occurring, and it's happening gradually, as our bodies are getting ready to exist in a space of higher dimensional energy and experience. Many of us around the world are receiving guidance to be at specific points of the planet (either in Nature or large cities) to energetically influence the cosmometric patterns of this process. 

We don't always see our energy influences, and so we may often wonder what it's all about and whether we have any true purpose here. If we were all shown what is simultaneously occurring on so many levels we might freak out, and that's why it's so important not to overwhelm ourselves with all the details and remind ourselves how important it is in these intense times to hold the highest vibration of Joy. Just as our space brothers and sisters are covering their part (which includes the underground part as well), we each play our own role on the planet. This goes for every single Soul who has volunteered to be the bridge of Light in this process and every Soul which chooses the Ascension timeline. It's more important than ever to anchor our Joy on this planet, because it all greatly serves this process.

We also celebrated EARTH DAY on April 22nd. I think we all agree that every day should be treated as sacred planetary reverence day, with acts of conscious kindness and compassion for our planet and Mother Nature. Our planet is an organic living Being, not just a piece of rock flying through space. The moment we wake up to that knowing, our Love for Life will grow together with planetary respect and adoration. All higher consciousness Beings live as one and unified with their planetary consciousness. Cosmic consciousness as the Love for All Life in Creation does not mean that we can do whatever we please because Creation is so vast. It means that because our Love is so universal, we get to treat every single aspect of Life as sacred. The Essence of Cosmic consciousness that operates behind all living things of animated Being is Divine Love! In that sacred space Love for the Self, Love for the planet and Love for All Life in Creation are equal and One.

We had quite a few escapades in April, and recently we visited the CRYSTAL CAVE again. Visiting the crystal cave is always quite intense and demanding for the body, because finding special crystal stones for various purposes that fall from the rocks is very hard for the back as it takes a lot of heavy lifting and activity, climbing screes and leaning deep down to the ground. What a day, I think once a year of this is enough! But it is truly a remarkable experience, because crystal cave days are one of the most special days ever!

Did You know that You can get CRYSTALS from the cave on my web page here? That's one way of supporting my selfless service work for those who wish to also benefit from these super powerful and beautiful crystal stones. I gathered a nice new batch on my recent escapade to the cave area.

On my little crystal cave/Nature adventure I also found this aquamarine colored glass by the river, which always instantly reminds me of the Elohim & Divine mother Ray. I usually don't pick up beach glass, but this piece was just so perfect and of such pretty color, that it was absolutely obvious it was a Divine messenger. Look at how beautifully the Rainbow Sunlight enters its crystalline structure and enlivens it!

We took some stones from the cave especially for anchoring crystalline Love on our sacred river beach. I brought some stones to the river beach and created a Heart of Divine Love. 

The energy shifts are continuing to increase their potency. Recently we had this rain shower that came together with strong winds, and it was so super amazing, as it was raining in the middle of sunny weather. The new Cosmic ray activity is crazy at the moment, so I can get restless leg syndrome all the time. It's not always easy for Light Beings to exist in a physical Human body with continuous energy channeling work which goes on non stop. Our work is 24/7 even when we are supposedly in "retreat" mode, there's always something going on, and at such times it's like our natural biorhythms are thrown out of the loop. Taking care of ourselves by replenishing outside in Nature is the best remedy ever. 

Nature is awakening and simultaneously Gaia is super active at this time, and we are still integrating the latest incoming Cosmic wave. As this unfolds, there will be spiraling weather patterns that will channel the energy to the Core of Gaia. Whenever this happens the New energy anchors itself into Gaia through spiraling formation, and we can act as conscious antennas during this process. As it occurs I can feel immense Life force rising through my kundalini as it creates new energy connections and opens Cosmic channels. Due to this whole process I have been guided to channel a lot of Life force energy for planetary healing.

Surrendering to non action is a very important "lesson" for many of us right Now. We can be so hyperactive and busy, but we're mostly just preoccupied with things and heavy burdens that we do not need. If we let go of most of the things we really needn't be doing, we'd magically empty so much creative space to be filled with the New and greater potentialities of Life. If we wish higher consciousness to occupy our physical bodies, we have to let go of being preoccupied and make room for Divinity. We have to eventually start somewhere to become Masters of Life Force!

Daily moments of zen and doing nothing for at least a few moments a day are highly important at this time. Those of us who constantly channel energy in deeply creative ways also need rest for balance, to not be overly stimulated and hyperactive. These moments will unfortunately not just come on their own, for we must create them ourselves in our sacred space in order to enter the void of refined energy space. This is to take us higher and deeper into our Soul embodiment.

At the end of the day when the Sun slowly goes down I love to do Life force exercises to replenish and energize. Life force cultivation is an ancient knowing and yet it's not really used a lot in our current world. So many things constantly distract us from just Being and inhaling that breath of Life, guiding it through the body and expanding it into the infinite. We have become more of a "Human doing" than a Human Being, and although everyone likes to talk about this nowadays, we're mostly still not getting it. We are constantly seeking external validation and conditions on which we base our lives, and yet there is so much to explore in terms of consciousness and expanding it through the Soul embodiment process. We haven't even begun to truly tap into the living Creation and its Divine Principles. What are we waiting for? And why do we so easily settle in the old and familiar, the constant daily routines which truly take us nowhere? To reach for the Stars we have all the technology within our body, but we have to plunge right into it and begin this journey of Life force mastery. So many things are literally stealing our Life force every day and depriving us of our Divine heritage, but we are the ones who allow it. How can we move beyond our current reality and the mundane living to begin the journey of the magical Mystic, the Master of Life force?

Did You ever notice that the words "OM" as the primordial sound of Creation and "womb" sound exactly the same when You hum them? The feminine holds the key to the creation of Life, so come into your power of the inner feminine principle of Creation, so that it can merge with the masculine principle in an organic way, through deep Soul alchemy. Our womb is meant to channel pure Life force energy and translate New liquid codes of Light into the substance of Creation, reaching greater levels of refined Essence, so that our Being can become fully One with our physical body form. Not all matter is physical in nature, so the forms of density which we birth through deep tantric Union with Life move from higher refined states into more tangible or physical forms of manifest reality. Wake up and channel your sacred power as an invitation for the Divine Lover to enter your sacred chalice and fill the cup with nothing but pure ecstasy of Cosmic Bliss! Let the feminine and masculine principle within You fully merge and unite in orgasmic Bliss! The path of Life force mastery is the most profound Union with all Life!

This is how You dissolve into pure liquid Light. Nature knows how to do it, because Nature is the highest technology that exists. It is completely self regenerative and sustaining for all elements and aspects interact and co-create in unison as One. If we tapped into a very minimum amount of such technology we'd thrive and prosper as Nature is fueled by Source completely, as fully organic Creation. For us to thrive as Beings of Light in Human form, we have to become organic as well. Connecting with Nature and tapping into Her innate resources holds the key for us to evolve to the next stage of personal and planetary evolution. 

Here is my latest video as Elohim message about Cosmic Ascension/Union:

If we render yoga to a form of exercise, we are missing the whole point. Yoga is not about achieving a certain type of body strength or agility, although this can become a side result. However, true Union yoga is about entering into Cosmic bliss. There is no one type of yoga which makes that happen, and if someone is saying that, they are not aligned with Truth. They might have discovered what works best for them, but that's all. There are so many unique Beings here, and we all require a deeply intimate approach to enter the world of yoga. However, several "modern" techniques of yoga are not the same thing as shaping our own type of yoga which suits our unique Being, feeding our mind, body and Soul. We are all trained to get results or try out things that are modern or well established, or perhaps sometimes radically new things which someone just came up with. 

How about inventing our own unique style of yoga? The body exercises should be performed through unique body types and preferences. And those who have shaped yogic exercises in the past were either male yogis from the East or nowadays people from the west. However, true yoga is neither yin or yang. Yoga as Cosmic Union is an integrated principle of Balance embodied through each unique individual, and it's not about what we do to embody it, it's about how we do it. My yoga is neither yin or yang, and it represents the way I AM and the way my unique Being best cultivates Life force energy. The reason I call it "Life force yoga" is because it serves that purpose and all else is a byproduct or side result of that primary devotion. The reason why I love tantric cultivation yoga is that it unlocks so much of womb potential and releases blockages that so many people hold on that level due to this overly masculine culture of constant doing and producing. By unlocking those codes we are unlocking the abilities to channel Cosmic energy almost automatically and become the Spiral principle of Life. 

My Tantrika Life force mastery & Cosmic Union/Ascension courses are available on my page Serapina Light under Mastery courses!

Here is my latest GALACTIC UPDATE video with a powerful Light activation:

At this time we might be feeling an increased desire to Be of service within the highest Light of illumination. On that quest we must always remember that our Soul sovereignty and deep spiritual integrity through the purity of devotion is a much higher aim than all the things we may perceive to do or not do. We are learning to be carried with the Cosmic current of Love, which is a much larger force than that of our single will. In this Will of the Divine we are unified and all aspects of Life conspire to work together in co-creation. We are integrating how it feels to co-create with Life, through Holy Spirit and the White Light of Creation. This includes our inner happiness and a sense of fulfillment. 

In this crazy world of constant shifts and much turmoil, we often forget that our deepest service to Life is anchoring Joy within our Being while living a Life of Humanity. All the troubles and the burdens of the world cannot and never will be solved through an individualized attempt. For a higher world of Light to manifest, we must constantly feel Spirit working through us as a group collective, infusing all the so-called "issues" and "problems" of this world with White Light. In our daily Human endeavors, we often forget how those decrees are more meaningful than anything else which we will create as an extension of that knowing. We can Now commit to our sovereign path in a new way, regardless of how the external conditions look like in our world. The world that we are anchoring from within has a higher meaning and value when we acknowledge its importance. That is why we are never to forget our power of Love, which we are fueling into every aspect of Life, simply by bringing our loving attention to that which is guided to come into our sacred space of awareness.

We are choosing to co-create with Life all the time. As You know with all things in Life, falling into a regular "practice" (not the same as routine) is always the most challenging part of the whole process. Once we are in it, we have established a new life pattern and we are deeply rooted in it. Know that the courage of persistence always pays off in the end, because it's not about pushing ourselves into a goal or demand (which causes expectations), but rather it's about committing to a path with determination and non resistance! 

Here is my latest video update about living in the New consciousness:

Are we free to be happy and live as New Humans? Happiness is a natural consequence of anchoring joy through all the levels of our Being, which allows us to become more blissful. However, we live in such turbulent times that not a lot of individuals truly allow themselves to experience happiness and deep Soul fulfillment. As Humans we use all kind of excuses not to be happy and push a feeling of joy to some indefinite "future" timeline or condition it through ego perceptions of happiness. However, as bliss is an internal state, happiness also relates to our external conditions and connections, and because we live in times of great turmoil, chaos and global/collective suffering, we often forget what happiness is truly about. True lasting happiness can only be experienced when we learn to connect the internal with the external and live in a harmonized state of Union no matter what. 

Due to so much suffering in our world, we often don't allow ourselves to enjoy all the beauty Life has to offer, because we turn our empathy into pity and feeling sorry for all kinds of things. However, such expressions of Life cannot move into a higher state of expression, which make us feel compassion and wise understanding instead. There are so many factors to consider when we discuss the matter of happiness, and while a sense of fulfillment is there as long as we are aligned with our Core Soul purpose, happiness is not that automatic. Human happiness is a complex state nowadays, because we have filled ourselves with so much adversity and complexity in Life. If we start liberating ourselves little by little, tapping into our sovereign freedom and allow ourselves to receive from Divine Grace, we will start to feel all the blessings that constantly surround us. We will move deeper into feeling in the moment and experiencing Life through all of our senses again. So much of our senses have been numbed and non allowance made many trust the ego far too much, instead of living in Love. Love is the key to feeling fulfilled and happy again, regardless of our global state of affairs. It is time to become those New Divine Humans again. We are worthy of it!

Here is my video on the subject of happiness:

The call to unplug and retreat from all the madness of the world is getting stronger for many of us. Why do we all of a sudden need to know about what everyone is doing, understand every agenda, watch every video and stay updated with all the news? No way! All the great yogis have been teaching Humanity that our most important (and in fact the only real) job is to know the Self. There is so much going on in the World. You might wonder, where Your focus is most needed? How You may be of service the most? Just ask Yourself this question. The answer always comes. The energy does its magic when the focus is pure and sharply oriented. When You are in Your Essence, the focus is the strongest. Don't follow what others do, listen to Yourself. When the focus is inside your Heart, it is everywhere!

Living in the New consciousness is all about synchronicity and Magic. In my life I experience it daily, but do You know that synchronicity is always our constant companion and it always works in our favor? However, we have to become a Mystic in order to truly feel that Magic on the level of pure Spirit. Synchronicity is not the same as the meaning we ascribe to it ourselves, it is not an explanation or evaluation. It is simply a blissful occurrence of Magic in our reality. How many times do we tell ourselves that "this" can never happen to us, that it would almost be as if it's impossible? Just because we didn't yet have a certain type of experience, it doesn't mean that it won't cross our path in Divine timing and perfect Soul alignment eventually. So many times we set ourselves to self limitation, and we say that things cannot happen in such and such way. How about making the impossible possible, through always living with a sense of Magic and wonder? When we are in awe and silent anticipation of Spirit Mystery, we are always living in a state of Bliss. When we define what is possible and what is not, we only sabotage ourselves. Nothing is actually impossible, and we are the conscious co-creator and participant of our reality. Nothing just randomly happens to us ... we create it ourselves as powerful Beings of Love that we are!  

I often share glimpses of my Magic and deep Spirit experiences of my world and reality with everyone, and often I get responses from people who want to additionally explain or share their version of guidance or impressions that they get from it. However, that's not how Magic works! We each live in our own world as a sovereign Being, and so we can only reflect Source back to its source, which is how anything should be received, at the level of its own Source. Our Spirit guidance is a magical experience and initiation that is only between us and Spirit, and it can only be felt in that moment of the Now where deep alchemy of Soul is unfolding. It does not need to be explained or verified, confirmed or debated additionally. That actually kills off any sense of Magic instantly. 

And what our ego perceives to be "spiritual" is not the same as the true reality as a mystical spiritual experience that is always just between us and Spirit, period. Our egos always want to discuss, debate, expand upon or even argue. However, the Soul just experiences as the Essence moves through Life and what is being shared with us in that magical moment, which is so real and profound, therefore untouchable by anyone else but ourselves in that moment of purity and complete blissfulness. I wish that more people allowed themselves to feel and live that Magic instead of trying to take it away from our lives. When we remember that Essence state of Being, we will know and live in it fully and completely.

Living in the New can truly be so magical. Recently I had a 2 hour running/hiking/training adventure in Nature that spontaneously took me on an unmarked path. It led me through so much training, as I was going up and down, climbing, moving through all the fallen trees and so much foliage after a long winter. I had to follow the hidden trail to get to where I wanted to. It was a very long circular route which was quite long, and I had all my favorite Nature elements with me; the forest, waterfall, rivers and stones. I was so deeply present and enjoying Being a Human Being so much. There are certain things that truly lift our spirits. Don't You just love it when your Soul takes You on a spontaneous magical adventure? I never feel as good as I do outdoors with my favorite Nature companions. And then I come home all tired, but simultaneously fully hyper, super charged and energized! 

Are You allowing yourself to be playful, cheerful and goofy in Life instead of being serious all the time? Doesn't it feel so good to just unwind and be silly in your favorite playground called Nature? Whenever I AM outdoors, I feel an increased presence of the "little people" around me, and they are always so happy and making me laugh so that I can keep spreading the cheerful Spirit of fun and entertainment. When You are really present in Nature, You can never feel challenged. When You truly feel that instant Gaia connection, there's only Love and your playful Human Heart left. Otherwise You're not really "in Nature", and are instead filled with all kinds of thoughts or worries. You can have a challenging time, but when You truly connect with the great outdoors, You can completely transform and feel like your true Self again. It's that simple and easy once You tune into the Essence level. All that heavy weight is lifted off the shoulders instantly. Now that's true practical Magic!   

We are deeply transforming and changing in multidimensional ways. Our bodies have undergone massive physical changes due to Solar Ascension and earthly Life force embodiment, and yet this was all a preparation for what yet lies ahead, and a deeper body transformation to be experienced. The three main levels of physical Ascension known to us as transformation, transmutation and transfiguration are always working together in Unity through the Law of One. This means that in the first stage of our Ascension our bodies have been preparing to undergo massive energy shifts that will be propelled by a shift in consciousness, which is always a prerequisite for full body transfiguration through Life force mastery. This means that our bodies had to unlock certain Light codes in the physical DNA structure to be able to receive this Cosmic intelligence. Many volunteer Souls are feeling this first stage of their mission as completing, which makes the first "graduates" (who have mostly been doing this preparatory work behind the scenes) moving on to the next phase which is about to be initiated. Enjoy and never forget that we are in this together as One!

Many people are shifting in their diet and eating patterns at this time, including those who are already living a healthy lifestyle. Why? Because our bodies are constantly shifting and changing into "New body" forms. When we talk about conscious eating, we need to know that it's not just about being a vegan as a "label" or a "lifestyle" choice, because it's also important that we eat intuitively and appropriate for our own body type, because we are all unique. On a Soul level veganism stands for compassionate eating, while on the physical level it represents the New ascending body tendency. The desire of the ascending Soul is to experience a refined frequency while still holding physical body form. Due to the New body requirements and constant energy maintenance we require a lot of additional nutrients because our soil has been so depleted in general, and our waters have been so polluted. Our new bodies require pure water in moderation, silica, vitamins and minerals, and plant based proteins (and carbs) as nutrients of very high quality sources. And that's just the food part, because we also require lots of fresh air, movement, sunlight and Life force cultivating yoga practice. This is to increase our body's magnetism which helps with all the incoming electricity that acts as Cosmic charge or fuel which we are constantly receiving, because magnetic and electric Principles of Creation have to be in constant balance. And of course, we also require lots of laughter and joy in order to become those Divine New Humans with happy lives!

You may especially enjoy my VEGAN photo album, with lots of Royal Angelic food which clearly shows the sweetness of vegan lifestyle and compassionate eating! 

A strong New incoming cosmic energy wave entered the strata of Earth in the middle of April. Other sources have shared that a massive healing wave is going to be with us for the next few weeks. Afterwords very early in the morning there were so many chemtrail planes in the sky, creating a dense coating around the Sun. Usually they begin their labor after noon, but on such specific energy days they are all over the sky. Then I received a message that it's time for us to step up and unite in our Light endeavors, which means not to complain or take it in with a heavy heart, but rather use our light to dissolve these coatings, so that the cosmic rays can move through and be received at maximum potency. The highest way we can do this is not just with our intentions, but actual Life force yoga mastery to assist with raising the planetary or embodied light quotient! The more of us do so, the higher the potential for our Human embodiment will become. This way we are not only planting the seeds of awareness, but doing actual Life force alchemy work. This requires deep Presence, that's why it's also crucial not to be distracted with our phones and too much information, but rather focus on being out in Nature to do this work of Light. 

This photo is a literal proof and Divine message that the power of our "I AM" is beyond anything or any agenda. Just by coming to my sacred spot which Spirit guided me to today, and sitting here in deep Presence and awareness (without doing anything special) within Divine Love, the Chem cloud skies have completely transformed and all the dense coating has dissolved within minutes. However, this does not occur through our ego or lower self will, but rather a combined group effort of Unity Light. These distorted dense creations are actually a super good physical indicator of our immense power within Divine Light. We work best when united in our Christed Hearts, blessing the Earth with our compassionate Love. To fully step into your Creator Power use the words "I AM Elohim" to become One with Creation Principles and unified within your Core Creation Self. These powerful words align us with our Elohim Family of Light consciousness that holds all Life in form through the Principles of Creation. This way we also activate the elements and the elementals of Earth and our own elemental body at its optimum potency. This serves All Life immensely, through deep reverence of Life and devotion to selfless service in Unity consciousness! 

If whatever You are doing is not being done in a playful and deeply spontaneous creative flow, it's not of the New consciousness energy. You will know that You are in the flow of New energy creativity when You are deeply joyful about what You are doing and also enjoying it very much. It does not come forced, it is not "necessary" or obligatory. It simply is, and You are super excited about it. This is what leads into becoming New Humans who embody higher consciousness of Source creativity and Human happiness, becoming the magical Divine children that we are. That's how higher consciousness creativity feels and looks like.

This is how it is when You have a fully feminine day and everything that You encounter in Nature reminds You of that. I love to express myself and my Spirit guidance through Nature photography, because it's so deeply revealing and shows me all that I need to know through what I love as Love embodied in Human form! We have to allow the feminine principle of Creation to lead the way at this time.

P.S. We don't see sunsets that often, so this was such a rare Divine blessing. Do You know those days which You can so easily call perfect?! It's those days that remind us that the Light always prevails in the end, and that earthly experience is so beautiful regardless of its challenges and all the ups and downs. Heaven on Earth is our co-creation within Divine Love!

What is Creation Pillar consciousness and how do we tune into it through Life force mastery and Cosmic Union/Ascension? What is Divine Love for All Life in Creation, and how do we anchor the seeds of Creation Love on this planet and beyond? I have recently published 2 new YouTube videos which I have been working on for quite a while. The "Creation Pillar consciousness" & "Songs of Creation" were recorded in the beautiful and pristine slovene and italian Alps, where I have traveled myself many times. You can get my "Songs of Creation" album on my web page Serapina Light/Music. These are 13 channeled Creation songs that take You on a journey of Divine Love for all Life in Creation.

You can watch the Creation Pillar Consciousness & the Songs of Creation videos here:

The songs of Creation music video:

"The Songs of Creation" is a selection of 13 songs of Creation (13 being the sacred Creation number Essence). Each song is a Divine attunement with all Life in Creation, bringing the codes of Light to awaken the knowing of Creation in Divine Love.

P.S. Don't forget that everywhere we are and wherever we are going, we can anchor our Love deep into the Earth by knowing that as the sacred Cosmic Rose becomes our own embodiment, we can gift all Life with it. We become precious and holy as the illumined Being walking on Earth. My inspiration always has been and always will be Mother Nature. It's where I get all my Spirit messages as a Divine Lover of Life. It's the Source of everything that we need outside of ourselves to support our inner Source connection and creativity.

NOTE: Don't forget that ALL the donations to my page SERAPINA LIGHT get a FREE oracle of illumination as my gift of Gratitude returned to all of You!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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