Thursday, April 5, 2018

The embodiment of deep spiritual & physical nourishment

Dear Beloveds!

Welcome, Spring, the renewal of Life!!! We are in a new energetic month of April, which holds a 15/6 frequency of Divine alchemy, which is also known as the "Lovers" archetype in tarot. This is a month of creative play, spiritual and physical nourishment and deep body integration. We have all received such immense codes of Light during the Equinox-Easter Gateway, and this month it's time to relax, unwind and integrate. The embodiment process of receiving nourishment has to penetrate all our 4 lower bodies, which we know as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. When all these levels are equally nurtured and embraced in a cohesive way, there can be only bliss in our bodies. This means these levels interconnect and sustain one another through Divine manna. To cultivate the many levels of bliss in our bodies, we need to attune not only to the Cosmic pulse of Life, but also the pulse of our planetary embodiment, so that our embodied "womb" begins to pulsate with nothing less but pure Spirit Life force. To embrace the feminine principle returns this higher celestial wisdom into our bodies, deep into our tribal/belonging feeling and expression on Earth. To merge the vertical with the horizontal creates an alchemical experience of pure Magic which is the opening of the gates to Cosmic Union/Ascension in our earthly experience. This is how we offer ourselves the highest gift of Divine Source expressed in physical form. We are worthy to receive from the same Life sustaining force that we ourselves nourish all Life from. The origin is one and the same, and as we cultivate our garden of Life, we contribute to cultivating the garden of Eden/Paradise on Earth.

This is a very special month of celebration and synthesis for me. Why? Because I have finally completed the SELF MASTERY training program, which was concluded with the COSMIC UNION/ASCENSION mastery course. This was a long stage of many months of preparation and physical integration, which is the only way I do my higher consciousness work which needs to be spiritually understood, processed and embodied fully within my own Being.

In this course You will learn about the nature of Cosmic mastery and how the journey of personal mastery leads into an eventual unification and synthesis process called Cosmic Union. This is an extended 5,5 hour long course which focuses on many topics which are important to consider in the activation of Universal consciousness, such as Cosmic mastery, Divine orchestration of Life, Divine archetypes, Cosmic Creation design, Cosmic Union and sacred birthing. The aim of this course is to unify all the gathered aspects and lead towards the integration of Stellar and Human, and Yin/Yang aspects which merge the vertical and horizontal, through the embodiment of Spirit into matter as immaculate concept. The inner Spirit intelligence and Light technology of this alchemical merge is described in detail, which creates a template of higher understanding in its multidimensional nature. This course comes together with many additional exercises and a Light activation that supports that unification process. You will learn to become fully unified as the embodied "I AM" Presence in Human form. This is where spiritual, heart and physical Ascension become One and we integrate Cosmic Bliss on all levels of our Being and Human experience.

Watch my latest Ascension update for the month of April here:

We are becoming more and more sovereign and independent in the way that we think and feel. There are many different levels of existing and being informed within the Light or the infinite informational highway of Life in Creation. When we align with the level of being informed through information, we seek and explore the various data that might relate to our experience of Life and somehow confirm it. We begin planting the seeds of becoming the seeker of Truth. When we align with the level of knowledge, we begin to bring together the various levels of information which we are constantly receiving to inform ourselves. We begin to seek the clarity of understanding and Divine synthesis. When we align with the level of wisdom, we begin to integrate the knowledge which we have been absorbing. We begin to synthesize the learned knowledge in order to eventually embody it. We start radiating the crystallized Essence of understanding. When we align with the level of frequency, we begin to tap into the Essence level where all Creation comes into Existence from. Here our only desire is to feel through the Cosmic Essence of our Being, the Core Creation Self. We become the Essence of illumination!   

This is my Elohim channeling for the nourishment of our elemental body through embracing deep spiritual and physical nourishment on all levels of our Being:

This time is all about conscious connection with Nature as that primary Life force embodiment. Everything is energy and when we learn to tune into the energy patterns, we become more attuned to the subtle realms. It is time to move into every aspect of that connection consciously. Spirit recently showed me how weather forecasts are a form of manipulation and conditioning as well. They cause various things. Firstly, whenever we are looking up weather reports in advance, we are not in the moment. Secondly, whenever we plug into what the "forecast" is saying, we plug into that matrix and just co-create along that thought pattern. And we are constantly being fed all kinds of inception. As You know, we are in the midst of intense Earth shifts, and it's very difficult to predict anything these days, especially weather. Weather is such a complex thing, because it consists of Cosmic, Solar and Earth cycles and their combined energies. Then there is also the issue of controlled weather which comes in many ways and forms. 

However, there is another aspect which is the Human factor and our own conscious or unconscious emanations and intentions. The more Beings focus on Love, the more our collective Light grid contributes to the natural unfolding of energy as weather patterns. The more conditioned we are in our beliefs, the more we give our power to the system of the false grid. Remember that each time You try to depend on a weather forecast and rather plug into the living consciousness of Gaia instead. She Has much to say through Her constant vibrational emanation, and as we attune to it we are more powerful in our co-creative abilities than we think. Weather forecasts are old and outdated, because although they do consider certain scientific factors, they do not function on the operational system which incorporates the Human factor and consciousness of all living things. Don't allow yourself to be controlled by the three P's; prognosis, prophecy and propaganda! Become and empowered and sovereign Human who lives "off the grid" by plugging into the crystalline consciousness of the New Earth!

Recently a lot is being shared about the phenomenon of chem clouds. A companion also commented by saying that isn't it strange that sunny days with crystal blue skies without Chem trails are so rare nowadays that so many of us are guided to make photos of them. That is so true!!! I have made like a gazillion photos of Alps already, but I simply must photograph them and our White portal during these special days where only Light can be felt. These days feel like our mini victories, which occur one after another. And in my own example, I like to personally document them as a part of my observation within the Light. There are many people (especially in big cities) who don't even know anymore how crystal blue skies truly look like, totally forgetting about the natural atmospheric energy of the Earth. On such days when the activities of the Light are at their peak, it's very important for us to completely absorb the Essence of the Solar Light and the Light codes received through it within our own Solar Light bodies, as well as feeling immense Love and gratitude for the victories of Light. Our Light intentions and emanations should never be underestimated! Beam that Light of illumination in all directions, in everything that You do, and let it completely engulf the planet! 

Our Soul embodiment journey is taking us to ever greater levels of genuine authenticity and Self expression. This is a time of active creativity and co-Creation, and therefore it's vitally important for us to understand the art of authentic creation through joy. Have You noticed how quickly our vibration drops when we are either doing something inauthentic or following what others are doing instead? For example, sitting passively while watching others create or perform is no longer the norm for us. This is because joy is not being generated and our body is fully aware of it. The mind can always be fooled, but the body cannot. Beings who are Soul embodied are experiencing ever greater difficulty with watching or observing others or performances in general. This is because we are so deeply anchored in our Vortex that we can only truly generate joy when we are actively engaging with channeling Life force. For example, if we are a part of a performance, we must actively engage with it. That is the energetic theme of this time. 

When we are passive, our Life force expression becomes stagnant. Therefore watching things or performances doesn't generate as much joy for us anymore, as well as things that have a too serious note about them. It is Now of utmost importance to create through our own Life force or co-create with fellow companions who also channel their Life force authentically, because otherwise we begin to feel drained or even depleted of energy. Joy is the highest frequency of All, and therefore we must cultivate it daily through humor, playful approach to life, authentic creating and co-creating through the Heart fueled connections. When our Divine spark is authentic, it simply sparkles and thrives in all ways!

We just experienced a potent time between the Equinox, Blue Moon in Libra and the Easter Light of resurrection. It feels like so much is going on at once, and this is why we need to keep our focus in these intense times of increasing Light. Whenever Light is being raised on our planet, we experience "chaos and madness" as a polarized counterpart of the balancing act we are currently all a part of in our awakening Humanity. We are experiencing immense extremes of consciousness expression, and that is why we are called to action more than ever before. However, this action on the behalf of the awakened Ones is not a form of forceful action, but rather it's utilized through the feminine principle of sovereign Truth that comes in deep and genuine Self expression. The new "leaders" are not those who try to lead or even teach anything, but rather those who simply demonstrate the embodiment of Divine Love and sovereign Truth in all that they are and create. 

There's another important factor that comes into play here, because in order for us to maintain the perfection of balance on the behalf of the Whole, even our outdated concepts of balance need to change. For instance, in integrated embodiment balance does not come in any form of extremes, such as either resting/meditating or acting/creating. In the higher consciousness and multidimensional expression of our Essence, we are engaging with everything consciously. And so our work can be an expression of rest and nurturance just as our rest can become an expression of playful creativity. This is a greater level of Soul alchemy that triggers the fusion of many different aspects of Being, so that they all cooperate and co-create simultaneously. 

This calls for a less rigid approach to Life, and a more natural and humorous one in which Joy is anchored into every level of our Being and every cell of our body, until the words "New" are no longer just words, but rather a full expression of sovereign Soul embodiment. These are increased times of manifestation, but first we must contemplate on what manifestation truly means, and shift our perception of manifesting! It is not about what we are manifesting, it is more about how we are manifesting and what we aligning with in the awareness of the highest good within our sovereign Soul.

This is my Easter Gateway update about the resurrection of the Rose:


The Light of the Easter and the Blue Moon awakened new aspects of us, can You feel it? It's the subtle aspects that often have the most profound effects on us. Just notice the deep transformation we are all moving through, and how much old is being swept away as we embrace more joy, Magic and adventure in Life. We are learning to be with that which holds the most potency for us to experience joy, rather than doing what we (or others) think we should be doing. This also includes following what others think is good just because it serves them. The main question should always be: "How does this serve me and my experience of Life?" 

There is a rising of understanding about the Truth of immaculate conception/concept and what it truly means. It relates to the sacred birth through the fully liberated birthing portal within our crystalline Being. This is something that was deeply hijacked and infiltrated on our planet through the suppression of the feminine principle of Life and giving Life, which caused many inceptions and imprints. However, the "matriarchy" does not only include the role of being a mother of a child. It relates to living Life through the awakened feminine principle of Creation. In Truth the mothering love and nurturance is a Divine quality of Life where we are consciously choosing to give birth consciously. This relates to everything that we birth through our conscious creative expression.

I have been preparing a major video topic on the new children and sacred birthing, the importance of Eros in Creation and the liberation of sacred birthing portals.So much Love to all who choose to give birth in all ways consciously!

Part 1

 Part 2

So many people in the "new age community" are talking about the so-called "Event", and it saddens me how very few are actually already living their lives to the fullest as if they are the greatest Divine gift and "Cosmic event". Everything that we are is already rippling out and co-creating with All Life. Recently someone got upset with me because I said that the information about the "Event" did not even reach me. I responded that I simply don't have time to plug into the informational stream of all that's being shared or better said, all that we are being bombarded with. They accused me of thinking I'm above everything and I strongly disagree. I'm simply within everything, and here is where the main difference is. To be with everything as a Divine Lover of Life does not require us to do simply everything and know about every single thing. 

Our minds are already overstimulated and constantly targeted with nonstop information which we don't truly need. But when we choose to become our own sovereign, only that which we truly require for our Soul's purpose and highest good will reach us. And as we flow along that stream of consciousness, we are already connected with everything and everyone, through Love. All that it truly takes is opening our Hearts to Cosmic Love and the constant outpouring of Light, rather than trying to know about every single thing that's supposedly going on. What is real anyway? We live in the creation of our own reality, so why not making our Life the greatest Event there is, the Cosmic alchemy of Stellar and Human consciousness that we all are!? The Truth is that we cannot be half awake. We are either awakening, or we are fully awake, and no external event can override the beauty of flowering consciousness as it moves through Life!  

With everything that is being spoken about these days ... there is always something more occurring behind the scenes simultaneously, which is the Bigger Picture. Every year during the Easter Gateway immense showers of Light are sent through the spiritual hierarchy and the Family of Light in order to wash over Humanity and Earth. However, this immense dispensation of Light always triggers an immense release of the dark, which is all that which believes to exist separately from Source. When we say that something is "demonic" in Nature, this simply means that the energy created is so deeply distorted and fragmented that it has developed itself to exist independently from Source Light, which means that it lives in a state of total separation from the Union with Source. Therefore, when waves of Divine Grace come through the many Divine dispensations of Light, these energies seek to be released, and therefore may appear to be "unleashed". This might occur through individuals or world events. Even when we look at astrology and the connection and conjunction of the Full Moon with certain fixed stars, there are always archetypal themes and energies implied in that connection. Because the Light comes in so strongly, we might collectively experience what many call "karmic clearing" or immense emergence of the dark. Don't forget that the Divine Light is stronger than any darkness, so by invoking the Ascension Flame of resurrection and purity of Holy Spirit, we are more powerful than we think in channeling that Light of Spirit. We do immense energy work by stepping into the sacred space of most High. 

Recently I received Spirit guidance about the "resurrection of the sacred Rose" and I also channeled the so-called "Sacred Rose & Cosmic Christ light activation" which You can get on my page Serapina Light under Light activations.  

The activation of the Cosmic Rose through the Cosmic Christ is the process of the ultimate Union of feminine and masculine expressions of Christ consciousness.

"The Sacred Rose & the Cosmic Christ Light activation is channeled and designed to awaken the feminine and masculine Christ polarities of the Cosmic Christ to transform, transmute and transfigure our Being through the activation of the sacred Rose principle and the resurrection of it through our physical embodiment. This is in alignment with the crystalline consciousness and deep planetary integration."

I have also channeled a most powerful Easter/resurrection Light activation through Holy Spirit, the sacred chalice and the resurrection of the Christ within our unified Hearts. It holds the potency of assisting the liberation of darkness through the Cosmic Christ.

Watch the video here:

The Easter "holidays" always remind me of people's mad behavior in terms of celebrating them. Have we truly woken up from Human madness and considered eating compassionately during the holidays? I will never understand how Humanity began to take "holidays" which are gateways of energy coming in as feasts to entertain themselves and overeat. That simply goes against the very nature of what the Ancients knew and how they lived. In Truth these are energy gateways and to overstimulate ourselves and overeat goes against the basic understanding of this knowledge. When have we fallen to such a low expression of consciousness? We were simply indoctrinated and manipulated into it. But still, people gave their power to this nonsense. Such gluttony and disrespect will never be understood by my ET Self and so this Human phenomena of "traditional holiday celebration" remains a puzzle to me. We should eat simply and lightly and focus on receiving the New energies that are coming in to bless us through Divine dispensations of Light. That is why I rebel and I don't do or eat anything "special". I live as I do every day, in simple moderation. We have pretty much ruined everything that was once sacred and deeply understood through Cosmic Wisdom. I truly hope that people wake up to this simple Truth one day!

With so much going on, I kept getting the message about creating a secluded space and retreating for a while. It's not always easy for us to create that as a full depth experience, because we are constantly overstimulated and bombarded with information and all sorts of communication. Mercury is retrograde for the first half of April, so this is a perfect message of taking some downtime to integrate the intense Equinox energy wave. Just relax, do some yoga and breathing exercises to balance out of the flow of electricity which penetrates our bodies during such Cosmic events. When our magnetic nature cannot follow the flow of incoming electricity, we will always feel overstimulated, drained, fatigued or even dizzy. That's why we need to constantly devote ourselves to inner Life force mastery through the balanced polarities of masculine and feminine Creation principles. That is what the true Soul embodiment integration process requires as we are increasing the potency of our New bodies as New Humans.  

Watch my video about this current energy integration phase of embodied balance:

How do we create in the New? Watch my Elohim channeling about the power of manifestation:

Don't forget that April is a month of creative play and spiritual/physical nourishment. What will You do to fulfill that requirement of nourishing yourself on all levels, from spiritual to the physical? Your body is a wise sacred vessel that can channel spiritual Light technology directly if You nourish it properly. What we think that we need is not always the same thing that our body needs, so take time to truly move into your body on all levels and listen to its natural Divine alignment, which is written in the Light DNA. When You nourish yourself on all levels, giving and receiving will become One and your Human Self will flourish in Life force cultivation and embodiment! 

At this current point, many ascending Souls are being woken up from their heavy sense of responsibility and duty ("lightwork") into a playful embrace of Life full of magical creativity ("lightplay"). If Ascension used to be perceived as a duty, obligation or a selective path of limitation, Now it can be seen as choice through simplicity of living through the Art of Divine Love. It really is that simple, and as our Divine child nature awakens, it wants to lead us into new experiences with more openness and a willingness to surrender all concerns, and even old dreams and ideas that we have already achieved ... maybe only in a slightly different way than first imagined. It's time to let go of lesser dreams and loves in order to empty ourselves out, so that bigger visions and dreams can Now become a part of our reality. But we need to believe in them and keep on choosing the path of our highest attainment. This means that we need to always surrender that which we have already transcended in order to move into new pathways with Joy!

Nature is the most playful child, because She is so full of Life. When I'm outside I always have the most magical experiences that deepen the most natural state of childlike joy. Recently I had this experience when the wind suddenly came and it started to blow snow "cotton candy" right into me, and then I got a huge snowball right in my face. I started laughing like a silly person, just receiving Love from All Life in Creation and spinning around in circles in the middle of the road. It was the most magical and spontaneous moment of pure Bliss. So many times we say that there's nothing for us to receive and that we are not loved, when all that we have to do is step outside and commune with Nature, who is the most precious Force of Life full of Magic and playful Love, with all her tiny helpers such as the fairies and other "wee folks"! Life loves us so much, so let's love Life back!

Lately I'm constantly drunk on Love, playful and childlike ... with some magical "goofy" as well. We don't really know what Joy is until we experience it ourselves as it runs deeply through our bodies. There are many levels of integrating Joy in our Human bodies, but we aren't fully illumined in our physicality until Joy penetrates all of our main three vortices; the crown, heart and base/root. When Joy is deeply rooted within our physical foundation, the Whole of Life becomes a magical playground, a dance of constant celebration and multidimensional creative expression.  

If You're not goofy and playful in Life, then who will play that role for You? Your kids? Funny movies? Other people? If You have noticed there are less and less amazing comedy movies out nowadays, and this all serves a purpose. We have to learn to entertain ourselves and those we love, in order for each of us to become the best comedian in our Life. I always entertain myself and those I love, and that's why I'm always entertained and never bored. I never run out of goofy ideas and that's why my Life will always be magical no matter what. Life is so precious when we become those precious crystal children full of laughter and joy ourselves. What we then create with our children is just pure sharing through our Hearts. "1, 2, 3 ... tell me a joke! No thanks, I rather live like one!" Make your Life a beautiful joke, in the most organic way possible!

As Humans we always speak of Love, but even great Masters have said that what the majority of Humans practice is not Love. We say the words "I love You" to someone who we feel is just like us in some way, so we believe we love them for who they are because they remind us of ourselves in some way. The Truth is that until we are at a personality level, we can't love truly. When someone loves You from the personality level, they love how they feel with You, but not You. Only when we embody the Soul, can we truly love another in their Essence!

Do You ever feel like You are walking down an infinite road with so much to do, so much to assist and so much energy to constantly hold and integrate? You wish to rest and replenish or even go "off the radar" for a while, but then something else comes along your path. As volunteer Souls we have definitely not chosen easy lives of plain comfort, because we came here to constantly and consciously engage with the planetary and Human evolution in the Light of Truth. 

And here's my own example! Sometimes I wish to unplug for a while, but more to do comes along instead. In those moments I simply affirm that all is well and that I'm the One who's choosing everything as it is and that I embrace it as it comes. Just recently I received a beautiful message from someone that I wish to pass along. She said: "Just take really good care of yourself and know that the weight is not all on your shoulders. There are many of us here (not necessarily in percentage of humans yet, but many all the same) who are doing powerful work for Love. So you do not need to tire yourself as when you rest, someone else is taking "shift." The sun shall shine bright again soon enough!" Please feel free to pass this message along to someone You know and appreciate for all that they do for Love and make their day with this powerful message of Love and companionship! 


I created a FREE video for the Galactic mission of volunteer Souls. You can see the video here:

People look up to find "heaven", but heaven is right where we are, and it's rooted within every fiber of our Core Being. And every time we immerse ourselves in Nature, we are in heaven! Living on Earth can truly be paradise, we don't have to go far ... and most importantly, we don't have to go anywhere else to live in Paradise Now. But let us care for Mother Nature as She truly is the Mother of All Life here as we know it. The Life of planetary service begins with each conscious individual! 

Blessed is the One who sees Divine perfection of this world and Magic of Nature in any weather, condition or circumstance, for such a One has truly anchored Heaven on Earth within their Being, living the otherworldly and extraordinary through the ordinary as both are One! 
Live your Life with so much LOVE! It is Love in genuine Heart felt companionship that is bringing us closer together every day!

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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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