Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Equinox & New astro year of major change

Dear Beloveds!

Today we celebrate March Equinox and the beginning of a new astrological year on March 20th! There is a perfect Equinox message for all of us. The Family of Light is strongly anchored and rooted on this planet Now, as our activities of Light are exponentially growing. We are coming together with many within our Light Essence group, and together we are weaving new portals of Love into Existence. However, a very important activity of Light is also the protection of our sacred space. When our Light is very bright, many Beings will be drawn to us for nurture and support, and many will wish to enter into our sacred circle and connect. However, we have to use our discernment in such endeavors, because the immensity and intensity of Light is not the same as scattered hyper energy. There are many rings of fire within the awareness of the sacred circle, spreading from the most intimate inner Core to the farthest regions of our Soul's outreach. We have to make sure that we always have space for those few sacred connections that share the Essence of a unified purpose. But our most intimate space needs to be secluded and reserved just as well, for it cannot be shared with everyone at the same level of intimate intensity. It is of utmost importance to understand the law of resonance within Unity consciousness instead of separation and duality. When every unique circle of Light comes together in such a harmonized way, there can only be Love. The more we fragment ourselves as we scatter our focus, the more fragmented our workings of Light become as well. That's why we have to make sure that we understand the meaning of our "secluded" space, so that only the right matching frequencies can enter and be co-created within Divine Love!

Here's my Equinox grid of Light to awaken the Life force within us at the new level of Divine potential for the new astrological year. There's a "Chi" symbol stone in the middle, surrounded with the 4 basic elements (translucent stones with symbols for the elements) for the physical embodiment of Life force. Then there's the chakric column through which the Serpent ascends, exploding outwards into higher levels of consciousness and Cosmic Love, creating a Rainbow bridge. Then there's the 4 body archetypes; the Serpent as the Human animalistic/physical Self, our feline Self (Star Self), the Angelic Self (celestial Self), and the Cosmic Master Self (golden Buddha) at the top. The Light grid is surrounded with 7 pyramids of the 7 sacred Rays of Creation. P.S. I'm wishing the most beautiful Creation year to everyone!

Are You currently experiencing a deep transformation where You feel more like a "Star" than a Human Being, while simultaneously feeling more Human like ever before? This is a process of deep Stellar/Human Self integration that occurs as a multidimensional merge and energy convergence. No one is actually in control of this process, so we can only truly experience it through the feeling center and Human vulnerability. As this process unfolds, we might experience waves and waves of emotions which we have not felt before and which we cannot even name. These are deep feelings as energy currents in the Now, through which we are able to carry the Cosmic waves with deep energetic potency. A part of this process requires making total peace with who we think we used to be and full allowance of who we are just beginning to feel emanating through our Essence. Even boredom might be a part of this process, although it's not an ordinary state of "boredom" which we might interpret as such. This is a state that many yogis describe as a state of complete vacuum, where they can just sit in a lotus position while holding it for hours, never getting bored or attached to external stimulation. It is exactly like such, and yet it's different from the perspective of Soul embodiment, because we are not simply floating in our Essence, but bringing it into our Human vessels as they embrace a new capacity to hold Stellar consciousness in Human form. This is a gradual process which requires complete trust and compassion for our vulnerable Human counterpart which might often resist this process. And yet, it's completely natural from the perspective of the Cosmic Union which we experience during this part of Human Ascension/descension! 

I wasn't feeling particularly creative for quite a while before this New energy wave came in. I've been undergoing a deep transformation as Stellar consciousness was anchoring within my Human body for months, which often makes me feel spaced out and like a newborn. It can feel completely clueless at times. Recently I had an experience when I finished my last yoga exercise and afterwards I fell flat on my belly. Suddenly a sentence came over me: "You're like a Star around which everything else revolves." The moment this energy came over me, I began to cry. The feeling of home/knowing was so intense, and so I just let myself fall deeply into it, allowing it to penetrate me. I know I'm not as most Humans, I've always known. I don't live a life like most people who walk this planet do. I don't live through much of the "personal". The things that I experience when I anchor Cosmic energy currents only I can truly master and understand. I never belonged to anyone or anything. All I knew was how to love and how to shine, radiating higher Stellar intelligence. All I knew was how to give of myself, and that's the same as the purpose of the Star which simply shines so that there can be Light and therefore Life. I can often be very demanding of myself and all the things I think I should be doing. However, lately my Spirit guidance has been moving me in a completely new direction, a new way of Being. I still find it terribly uncomfortable and I can often resist it, but the deepest part of me recognizes it as nothing else but complete dissolution of identity and the activation of my Stellar Self in Human form. And there is nothing but sweet Spirit liberation in this! However, I am sharing this from my most vulnerable Human Self! I see You, and You are pure Love.

So much is happening lately, and so many beautiful Light Beings are coming together. Our Ascension is only as real as our Human experiences are, which is why coming together in Love helps to increase the Love quotient on this planet and calls for a higher celestial Divine intervention to stream through all Life. We are the Ones who are making it all happen according to the alignment with the Divine Plan. Are You currently experiencing an increased wave of Stellar connections as beautiful Light Beings entering into your life? Are You finding yourself passionate and excited about life in a new way, with new visions and projects of Light? Are You feeling the increased waves of Cosmic energy anchoring on the planet and within your body? Yes, these are all signs of our collective Ascension process through polarity integration. We are shifting from calling it "Ascension symptoms" and moving into the loving Essence of Ascension experience. Our Heart flames are on fire Now. Be on fire, be in Love!

Here's my Equinox message for everyone:

As Human Beings we are all seeking experiences of Love, and everyone wants to be truly loved much more than they wish to be understood. However, a doorway into experiencing unconditional Love is vulnerability. This means that complete Self understanding needs to become a part of our Human experience. This Human expression might feel overwhelming to some, or mistaken for "victimhood" by others. In Truth, vulnerability is the Essence of a fully open Heart. When we allow ourselves to feel deeply, we will always do it through vulnerability. The main reason for it is to eventually experience Life at the Essence level. When we empathically experience Life in such a way, we allow ourselves to be tender and caring, which eventually leads into the development of compassion. An open Heart will experience everything, including the pain and suffering of the Whole, while a closed Heart will often "avoid" the pain, but also experience a lot less Love. In our quest to integrate the Christed Human Heart, our Love needs to reach beyond the confines of "personal" reality and awaken the Love of Humanity through the eyes of Cosmic consciousness in Unity. Of course the first part of this integration is to take care of ourselves through Self Love which includes all aspects of being alive, so that it can eventually blossom into the inclusive Love of All Life in Creation. The one who feels deeply is never wrong, because Love does not separate!

March holds a 14/5 frequency. It began with a powerful and nurturing Full Moon in Virgo. During the past few weeks, intense Cosmic currents of energy have been anchoring on the planet, and we may have experienced energetic overstimulation which affected our physical bodies. With new levels of sacred fire, our bodies always need to adapt to the new frequency, which might take a while for us to truly integrate. We all know that fire can either burn us or purify and transform. When we start the integration process, our bodies start adapting to the new levels of frequency intake. At times this might feel like a "loss" of interest in things, which is truly just a new level of vibrational attunement and orientation. 

This month has a more soothing quality to it, where all the intensity our bodies have experienced will gradually begin to birth something new. This will also be occurring during the next Mercury retrograde cycle which begins this month as well, in the sign of Aries (22nd of March). We be undergoing many preparations and changes that the new Human experience requires. The deeper we go into feeling what "Ascension" is for us and how we experience it rather than mentally intellectualizing it, the more vision we will acquire. The feeling held at the Essence level holds the frequency in embodiment, which can then manifest through the living Life force in raw crystallized form. This also means that those Beings who truly feel deeply and in tune with the planetary harmonics (the harmony between the inner and outer Earth), are able to hold the frequency of the shift in motion. In other words, we don't need to do as much or as frequently once we establish a profound level of feeling held in our physical body. We can experience simply anything while holding a depth of feeling through synchronization with Divine Love as our Core Essence. And as we embrace this potency as our new reality, everything becomes lighter and brighter. Our vision expands and gets ready to birth a new level of crystallization in form.

Here is my Ascension update for the month of March:

Then the following New Moon in Pisces acted as a gateway along with the coming March Equinox. Many of us have been strongly triggered or even challenged at this time, but it was all an initiation into a higher state of consciousness. This can often feel like an injection of Light which operates through everything, even the seeming "darkness" or so-called opposition. Even the forces of suppression and control which currently continue to act against those of the Light, have a message for all of us. Beings of the Light are not always well received on this planet, and we have witnessed this throughout our entire history of Earth. What can we do about it Now? There are forces of oppression that strongly push against the workings of Light in all areas of Life and through the entire web of Humanity. However, by looking at the bigger picture we can see how this is all coming out so strongly in order for the Light to push through in resolution and liberation. Such duality expressions will continue to occur on our planet as long as the experiment of polarity integration is unfolding. 

What we can do best is stepping out of the "victim" consciousness and into the Light of Truth where even the darkness serves the Light. By directly liberating ourselves, we help to indirectly free the "oppressor". We do that by all the workings of Self Love and Universal Love of all Life which all the Great Ones spoke of and continue to address to this day and age. This is a time for deep Self care, careful discernment and observation about what tries to penetrate into our sacred space and the sovereign integrity in the choices we make daily about what we will allow in through Love. Let there only be Love, as that Universal Force of Divinity has the power to break through anything and bring new Life and fertility to us and onto our planet as we co-create with Love!  

I channeled a super powerful Light activation from Spirit about the sacred space we are creating:

I had a magical experience after I've just recorded this powerful Light activation. We had poor weather for quite a while now, and it was rainy/foggy and snowy all at the same time. Then suddenly the sky cleared within minutes when it wasn't even predicted. As You know it's rare to see crystal blue skies lately, because the weather patterns are being controlled everywhere and there is a huge agenda to cover up our skies, which is intensified in the areas where there is lots of "ET" activity. There are many other reasons for that as well, because these secretive programs are very multilayered. However, much of that secrecy has already come to light. Right now it feels like just about every aspect of our reality is being controlled and infiltrated by those who do not wish to see Life evolving in a certain way. However, as Beings of Light we have immense power of Light over this, and every time that we increase our Light quotient on the planet, we open another layer of density and therefore unravel secrecy. I wish to remind You that we all have an opportunity if not responsibility to affect the distorted weather patterns by bringing energy into a harmonious alignment. Nature needs our Love more than ever before, and even just spending time outside in Nature by focusing on spinning the natural elements through the patterns of perfection and aligning with them through our own elemental body can create miracles. Spending time daily on increasing the planetary Life force is a key ingredient of many Light Beings at this time, and this is what we can all choose to do with great reverence and Love for All Life!  
This Pisces New Moon activated the New Gateway of Creation which many of us have been seeding since the December Solstice of 2017. For some of us this has literally felt like a long "winter" or a period of cultivation in which we are mainly focused on planting seeds. During such a period of void we are focused on cultivating the fusion of proper elements in our body which are triggered by Cosmic rays that anchor themselves into our New Earth grid and New Human bodies. This has been an intensified period of cultivating growth, and although not much growth occurred on the surface, major transformations were happening within. Do You know that feeling when suddenly everything that was temporarily on hold suddenly gets the green light and the "ON" button is pressed again? That's how this New Moon felt. And because we are moving into the feminine principle of embodiment, many Beings no longer desire prediction and prophecy beforehand, because we actually wish to directly experience it through our own awareness and birthing process. 

On this level of expansion, an absolute understanding is birthed through conscious experience of Life and everything that we must know for our current cycle comes as a direct infusion of Light processing. This means our knowing is instant when something needs to be in our awareness space. There are New waves of inspiration, hope and magical vision present as we cross into an ever expanded integration of the Essence level. As we are still birthing a new aspect of consciousness to be born in our Human form, we must often wander through the "desert" or float in "space" of infinite potential without limiting ourselves to something particular. This all serves a purpose of anchoring our multidimensionality. However, when the process of cultivation is complete because the embodied Light quotient has reached its highest potential, a state of multidimensional awareness will once more be translated and grounded into our physical form. When we understand this Stellar/Human fusion as a gradual integration process, everything in Life starts to make sense, the trial periods of initiation and the growth periods of Creation. In the bigger picture of the Divine Plan everything serves its purpose so naturally and with such Grace.

Our Light quotient grows not only because of our increasing inner Spirit fire, but also because of true Love of another for us. True Love creates Divine alchemy of immense proportions which can open portals of greater Cosmic Love. That's because there's always more Love to expand into and embody. Our heart flames are growing so that they will one day explode like a massive supernova that can create new life. A Star just radiates and gives unconditionally, it doesn't ask to receive. It is already naturally receiving from Source and it just distributes that Light to generate Life. When we do the same as Humans we become like a Star until we burst into a supernova and ascend into other realms. This is when our Love mission reaches its highest potential of Life in that particular embodiment. That's how I wish to leave this planet, as nothing less but a giant Love Supernova called "Polona Aurea Dawn"!

Speaking about "supernovas" as events, there is much talk about the so-called "event" Now, and here is a video I was guided to create about that:

We have two Full Moons this month. The first one was in Virgo, and the second one will be a Libra Blue Moon of new blossoming. The Virgo Moon was a perfect time for a sacred ritual, which can be as simple as something really personal which holds a sacred intent for the next cycle we are moving into. Virgo is super good for clearing, detox and anything that relates to our body and wellness. It's also a sign of purity and selfless service, so we can ask to receive an initiation or a blessing of commitment to service in devotion that resonates with our next level of Soul embodiment. To be of service is not necessarily an act of "doing", but rather of embodying a particular Essence and then carrying it into the world through our conscious example. When we feel confused about the next steps to take in Life, we can simply ask for more devotion. A lot of people in this world perform constant actions of service without even realizing it. Whenever we devote to something of beauty and grace with all of our Heart and Being, nothing but Love can be born. By focusing on our Angelic Heart in Grace and Divine Union, this is exactly what we will be infusing this reality with. In such a simple way, we are igniting one Angelic Heart spark after another. Whatever our intention within the Whole is, let's make it deeply intimate and spoken from our Heart space!

What are we truly giving birth to consciously? Remember that we don't create from anything that isn't birthed within us already. That's the main reason why we often experience pauses and fluctuations in our creativity, because we are constantly shifting between "operational systems" and new births of Self in our embodiment. During the phase when we are adapting to a new "operational system", our Being needs time to process the new way of functioning until it becomes the new norm. Those Beings who are experiencing the Ascension process in waves will always go through such cycles, which is all a part of the process, inspired creativity and a temporary standstill. When these energetic upgrades reach the level of our physical body, radical inner shifts will begin to take place, and we will require lots of patience, understanding and compassion towards this unfolding process. We are also the ones who will have to give it to ourselves, unconditionally!

The path of the light is not separate from the path of the shadow. This is the main reason why so many volunteer Souls experience a lot of turmoil which is associated with the external world, which is nothing else but a reflection of the collective experience. However, we must not mistaken the meaning of our personal experience with the so-called "collective". The moment when we identify ourselves with anything that comes from the supposed "outside", we allow separation to penetrate into our experience. If we wish to truly embody the Light of illumination, we are never to identify ourselves with the outside world. We can explore it or associate with it, but identifying with it means that we have forgotten that a reflection of the "world" is truly occurring within us. Everything that we perceive on the outside is reflected through the lens of our awareness, and when awareness is not present, it will become automatically absorbed into our Being. That means that we begin to be dictated from the outside, allowing the mind and emotions to rule our experience, rather than our inner Being navigating all of the lower bodies. If we truly wish to liberate ourselves from all the outside influences and conditions, simply praying for it is not enough. We must really do the work, and that work is called yoga/Union. In that Union we become the only conscious force of Life force navigation, guiding our operating systems (body, mind, emotions and energy) through illumined Presence. In this Presence, we become the master of our experience, without rendering it unnecessary. There is a difference between denying the experience of Life itself or mastering it from within. We must strive to center ourselves every time that something based on separation and falsehood tries to penetrate into our living Creatrix. For that to become our only Truth, we must unify our body, mind, emotions and Life energies. And when that is done, we are the only sovereign who navigates consciousness through our animated Being as we co-create with Life.

Here is my video about the integration of dark into Light:

And this is a continuation video:

P.S. A follower has shared this image from the video, and You can clearly see a face of a Being in the trees. It is a lovely confirmation and calling of connection with Mother Earth!

We can have all the knowledge in the world, but connecting to our Soul Essence that eternally exists in the Cosmic consciousness is that which makes us feel what it truly means to be a Divine Being. In our pursuit of mental understanding we often miss the point. It's almost as if we are afraid the the vastness of knowledge will evade us. We are not to worry so much about mentally "understanding" everything, because for everyone that "everything" is absorbed at the level which their Soul allows and as much as it's needed in the moment. And that is not always a mental process as we know it, for it's about shifting our consciousness into multidimensionality. In this parallel the One Source filters through various Beings, dimensions and realities differently, with alternate perspectives. Our only concern should be staying in alignment with the highest perspective of our current state of Soul expansion and embodiment. As we do so, the next level of expansion will always come naturally without trying to understand it and therefore control it.

To walk with Holy Spirit in Unity is to live in Grace. However, Grace is such a mystical term which cannot be described or understood mentally, but only by partnering with the greatness of Spirit. In Truth, Grace is not a state we can live in as an individual identity. Grace is truly a state that belongs to the realms of illumination, where our personal truth blends in and merges with the greatness of the Divine Plan of Perfection in Unity consciousness. When we cease to exist as an "i", a greater Self becomes revealed to us, and we can choose to align with it more every day, until eventually fulfilling the plan which the Universal Life Force has for us, not as an individual but as a unique Soul Essence! 

Divine union of our inner polarities is not something we can make happen because it is not something that lives separately from us. Divine Union can only be experienced within Unity consciousness, which includes all of Life, all that we do through unconditional love for all, not only ourselves and what we call our Beloved. It is the ultimate experience of Christed consciousness, for there is no union without it. That is why false conditions and fears need to be loved and integrated back into our Wholeness, because otherwise they prevent us the experience of wholeness. Ascension is not something we gain or lose, for it is a state of Being that always exists, but we either embody it or not. Living our life as it presents itself without any conditions or expectations or labeling what is of Union and what is not, is the ultimate path to just letting it become all of us, consuming us with radiant Love for life. When we embrace this internally as all of our Self, not just aspects that we judge as worthy, that ultimately creates an embodied vibrational experience for our resonant Union match in perfect Divine timing. Before that Union is complete from within, we attract separate experiences to reflect what is not yet integrated within us. But even that is a part of the process of growing into embodiment and needs to be understood as such and loved, not pushed away through fear. The Union path is always chosen through the Soul, so only separate ego can resist the process, as the Soul already knows all that it is choosing for the ultimate experience of Divine Union.  
Much is happening on the energetic level. These fluctuating energy levels naturally affect our physical Being, and although we are Beings of Love who embody higher frequencies of Light, we all have Human counterparts which can feel vulnerable, exposed and super sensitive at times. However, we must not consider that as inexperienced or immature, as it has nothing to do with whether we are enlightened Beings or not. Even as fully illumined Beings, we can still live in a state of compassionate existence which deals with both the inner and the outer world, the world of a Mystic and the Human world with the infinite realms of experience which are currently present on this planet. To be "illumined" does not mean that we do not get affected by energies, emotions, physical conditions and influences from others. However, we must aspire towards not giving the external (or the "other") the privilege to distort our natural balance in any way. That's because in true Unity consciousness there is no "other", while in our Human realm there is. We know that is a reality because of our current experience, and it's the experience of Life itself that reflects this diversity of existence back to us. In Unity consciousness we must aspire to continuously come back to our authentic Core, which is our true Divine nature without any judgment or fear/separation. We must continue to come back to the actuality of the experience in order to understand what and why is currently happening in our realm, and whether that belongs to our inner creation or not. Only in embracing the experience shall we ever understand, for denial of Humanity is futile and ignorance is Bliss!

A Mystic once said: "A sense of wellbeing in the body is health, and if it becomes very pleasant we call it pleasure. A sense of wellbeing in the mind is peace, and if it becomes very pleasant we call it joy. A sense of wellbeing in the emotions is love, and if it becomes very pleasant we call it compassion. A sense of wellbeing in life energy is bliss, and if it becomes very pleasant we call it ecstasy!" The most important thing to know is that we are all channels for pure creative Life force of Source, and that whatever we may choose in our Life, we are all striving for the harmony of Union with all these levels of experience in Unity consciousness. However, when our perception of ourselves is limited in any way, we can not exist in an all encompassing state of Being. And for that reason, we must continue to open our mind, heart, body and Essence in order to experience the ultimate pursuit of Life, which is to experience within a complete state of Union with the Creator as it flows through all of us as the creative Life force. We do so by truly asking ourselves:" What does it mean for me to truly be alive in my own Human experience?! What is Now the ultimate Human experience for me?! How can I create that in my reality through the highest good of All?" 

There's no better way to attune to the natural harmonics of Gaia (the consciousness of Earth) than observing natural phenomena. They can be anything from large to small, such as the rising or setting of the sun, the falling of snow, the melting of ice and the sound of rain or thunder. Even by tuning into the changing of the seasons we are tuning into our own natural cycles that are harmonic in nature. When we attune our consciousness to these phenomena, we actually attune to the heartbeat of our planet, connecting the consciousness that we live on the surface with the consciousness of the inner Earth. The inner Earth is a consciousness of harmonic perfection which are all the Creation Principles for the template of Life on the planet. By being outside in Nature and frequently communing with Her Essence, we help to bring those patterns of perfection to the consciousness of our surface systems. A big part of our Essence does this automatically as we awaken to who we truly are and what living on this planet truly serves for, but there's nothing like consciously attuning to the Core of Gaia and bringing that frequency Wisdom to our living reality as conscious New Humans.

The key of our Existence lies in the blossoming and unfolding process that we all experience as Human Beings. The things we do or engage with are all indicative of the experience as various triggers, but only our true Essence is the experience itself. And no experience can ever be forced into, that's why to intellectualize spirituality doesn't work. In the ancient times mystery schools operated through both learning theory and practical application of the knowledge learned, which was provided through spiritual initiation. Through that initiation the knowledge could become embodied wisdom, and the shadow turned into crystallized Light. This is how all Creation truly comes into form, and as we allow ourselves to feel through the experience of our Essence Self, everything that is essential for our spiritual evolution takes a natural stand in our reality. We no longer aim for the perception of Life, but rather the infinite blossoming of Life through our Essence and experience born of it. All true Masters and Mystics of the world awoke their Core Essence in physical embodiment, so that all Life was not only perceived through it, but co-created within it. When all that is innate within us takes a stand in our reality, every single experience (including our challenges) is perceived with awareness. This means that our trust and Love have become the ultimate experience for us in Union. And so it doesn't truly matter whether we like or dislike what we currently perceive, because we recognize it as a part of the ultimate, and so a seemingly random experience can transform into an ultimate experience within the Whole.

Many Beings still don't understand the invaluable meaning of personal experience. So often we wish to compare or project our own experience onto others or even the collective. However, whatever we are moving through as a sovereign Soul and person, is happening to us and not someone else. It is uniquely our experience, and it is our choice and our life. Only we have the navigation or guidance system within us that will move us through the experience. No one else has it for us. There is no comfort or knowing that can come through another, because after all we are each on a unique path set out only for us. And yet we are not alone and walk together in our journeys. However, we must walk them interdependently. All that we can have for each other is compassion. All that we can share with each other is Love. Whenever that Love gets falsely interpreted and distorted, we must make room for it to grow and expand within our own heart. 

We don't need constant words of comfort or special blessings, nor do we need to be understood. When we seek to be understood we are searching for approval. When we seek to simply be loved, we embrace compassion. True Love is an embrace of Truth in Divine Love and it's transpersonal and deeply felt in our heart. Until it's felt we might skeptically say "That's not a reality, only a dream", but in Truth Soul reality is a far greater Truth than our current experience might be. We might say "It's not my current experience, but I know it's the Truth of Love". That's is completely different. Saying it's not true is like depriving ourselves of all the Love that always Is, in everything and everyone. There is no other meaning in compassionate embrace but Love. It's all about Soul Love, and only rising above all the stories and situations will anchor compassion into our heart. We can bring that Love into our reality at any moment we choose to. We are the Master if we choose to be. But until our reality is full of "if's", that will not be our experience. It will always be Truth on a Soul level where there is only Love, but not necessarily our Human experience.

As Humans we need to remember this natural state of balance and bring it into our daily life as we learn to embrace all people, Life forms and varieties of their expressions. In Truth, every experience is an opportunity to notice the contrast of light and shadow and bring more Love into Life. "Love and Light" are not just words, they are our Divine birthright and Human responsibility. Each time when we consciously act from a state of "love and light" we are increasing our Light quotient and Divine illumination. However, if we use these words unconsciously, we are creating just another "random" program which begins to run behind the scenes of our conscious awareness. What is truly the Essence of these words is a knowing that the Love of Spirit needs to equate the Love of our Human Life and this planet. 

Without that awareness we begin to function on "autopilot mode" instead of conscious co-Creation through responsibility. Our Divine mission does not separate Spirit from matter, which means that the reality we are living in is not merely our own personal reality, but also the reality of the collective and the Whole. Only by realizing that there is Love, Wisdom and Power in the group/Unity consciousness, are we able to transcend an interest in our personal reality alone. When one begins to master their personal reality, they will always be asked to make a conscious contribution to the Whole with this newfound sense of Self mastery. There is no "personal" mastery which truly lasts, because the moment it is gained on a personal level, it becomes a part of the Whole, and therefore a much bigger picture of Life. These are intense and challenging times, and that's why the words "love and light" should never be forsaken or taken for granted. By consciously standing in the Essence embodiment of these words, we become the Essence itself!

And Now I wish to share something that was occurring in my own reality for over a month, and before I shared it with everyone I wasn't even aware of the degree at which this is occurring at large! It is actually a HUGE initiation of many Light Beings.

There is something of major importance that is occurring at this time and it's happening to many Light Beings around the planet who work to serve the Light. I've been experiencing intense online harassment and threats regarding my work for weeks, which I instantly knew came from the dark side. They are operating through many targeted attacks and manipulation through fragmented Souls who are unaware of lower psychic entities. Simultaneously a lot of people reported to me about various levels of targeting. Everyone who does any real work of the Light on the planet has experienced at least one form of abuse. I then wrote to a psychic healer I know and this is what she wrote to me: "Hi, Polona! I understand about the attack you are receiving and I will say this. The darkness is playing hard to distract you at the moment and it’s important to stay focused on your work and what you're here for. This pulling away of your energy from your path is simply a Game. So when people do this to you simply say "thank you for your opinion!" Because that’s all it is, "an opinion”. Stay clear. Stay strong and stay in the light. Big love and light!" (A beautiful Being from "Love Light and Truth" web page)

After I have shared about targeted attacks from the dark side, a lot of people have been responding with their own experiences. It was a remarkable experience of sharing and coming together as a community of Light. So many Light Beings are Now undergoing this process of attack, harassment and abuse, whether it's happening physically or online. But here's the thing! From the higher perspective, none of what is happening is actually personal. It's all a part of a much larger process which embraces the dance of shadow and Light in their integration process. Yes, at the moment of the "attack" we might not perceive that, but what is actually occurring is similar to a virus penetrating the physical body in order to evolve it to the next level. As the virus enters the system, it triggers a series of processes which stimulate a higher rate of efficiency, which we may also reference as an alchemical process. This is because our overall intelligence in the embodiment process rises. With each such "infection" or infiltration of our sacred space, we have to know that it's only allowed to the degree which stimulates our embodiment process. Once it completes its process, it is no longer necessary (just like a virus), and so it leaves the body on its own terms, which occurs naturally. 

As we are being triggered into higher states of evolution, this is a somehow necessary process which our Souls will allow, even though it may feel challenging and overwhelming to deal with at first. This goes for both the play of choosing the Light or dark, because the integration process encompasses both in Union. However, once we integrate the next level of our masterful embodiment of the New Light, these triggers would become hindrances to our unfolding process and will no longer be allowed to penetrate our reality. We have to understand the bigger picture and act accordingly, because there are always higher forces at work. Our Souls know exactly what they are creating and what we are able to co-create together in Unity consciousness. If we stay aligned with that simple Truth and listen to our Heart, everything will unfold perfectly within the Divine Plan!

The intensity of targeted online harassment continued so that "they" began sending false trolling messages to all the people that followed my FB page. Shortly after that my inner guidance said it's time to close down the page. Please don't fall for these fake messages and don't give information to people You don't know! They are doing this to many of us who are being monitored because of what we are doing in the name of Truth, trying to bring us down by spreading lies and bullying. I know because I have confronted one of these hackers and trolls during his surveillance in my lucid dream, the experience was real and as I confronted him, he did not wish to say anything in his defense. But he knew everything and I knew as well what they are doing. As a volunteer Soul I've gone through immense training work so I know how things work, but I understand that many individuals get overwhelmed. Some don't even wish to know. However, it's important to address this because like Barbara Hand Clow once said, these programs function through secrecy ... and what happens when the secrecy is exposed? This is something we each consciously decide to co-create, a world of loving Truth and Human togetherness. With awareness we can bring everything into the Light!

Say "NO" to duality and separation and stand in the Light of Truth!
So much came to light in the midst of this experience and I was feeling into the group energy of a unified Heart. After I shared about my online harassment and gang stalking experience, so many people have been showing up with comments, support and even knowledge about this type of thing. I asked for a Divine intervention and this was all a part of it, every single thing ... every single one of You! I cannot imagine a world without Human compassion and togetherness, because this is what I AM and what my main Essence resonates with. True devotion, loyalty and companionship travel across the distance of space and time and connect us in Divine intelligence and our Human Hearts full of Grace! And whatever is to come next ... I say "bring it on!"
Don't forget that everyone of us is responsible for how we respond to the darkness which operates through separation, fear, spreading confusion and lies among people and the Light community. We have to stay aware because there is no other way to truly integrate the dark but to confront it, which means facing it with courage and fearless attitude head on. We have to show it that we know what we know, and that no matter what, our Hearts are guiding us into the Light of illumined Truth, because there simply is nothing else but the Truth of Divine Love.

I would also like to thank You for all your love and support of me and my work of illumination which I have been doing devotedly for many years!

It is our choice to choose either Love or fear. And we cannot let others choose that for us. We have to be our own sovereign!

Love always recognizes the Essence of Love which the fragmented mind cannot.

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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn


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