Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The embodiment of the feminine principle

Dear Beloveds!

We have just moved through the Eclipse season which lasted all month. The month of February holds a 13/4 frequency of building new physical foundations. This time is bringing us closer to our physical body in whatever way that connection comes to us in its ultimate expression. Many volunteer Souls have been gathering tremendous knowledge and skills, learning how to apply it in this world and dimension. In many ways this journey centered us in anchoring New awareness. Many Light Beings were learning about the integration of the Stellar and Earthly experiences by creating bridges which provide the missing link for the whole Human experience. This journey of synthesis was no piece of cake, and in many ways we had to be deeply active while undergoing many Spirit initiations. However, this next wave of Human integration requires us to move deeper into the body. Meditation and other tools of accessing higher states of consciousness and Being are great, however true Soul embodiment requires us to actively live our meditations by anchoring higher frequencies into our bodies. 

This current amplification means that it's time to take a step further and contemplate why it's so important to move deeper into the body and the physicality of Life. Only in this way, our Light can truly illuminate through the most non integrated corridors of the Human experience. But that is only one aspect of it. The other important component is anchoring the New body template deep into the nervous system of our bodies. This concerns everything in regards to how we receive, emanate and communicate the New Light. New pathways and meridians are being built into our body's new grid, and that's why it's important to grow as one with this knowing and process, so that we serve our physical bodies just as they are serving us. It's time to treat our bodies like sacred temples of Divine royalty, so that this amplified Light will become a newborn (Starborn) Human form!

The most recent Eclipse was the New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Aquarius, Beyond all, Aquarius is a sign of liberation, which is what each Soul must undergo if it truly wants to experience Ascension. As Human Beings we so often fall into the patterns and entrapment of thinking what all we need to acquire in order to become enlightened. However, true enlightenment begins with a full awakening of the Christed Heart within. And for us to embody that truly, we need to completely embrace the aspect of us that is the Human counterpart, which leads into the liberation of every experience we ever had. We can't reach higher states of consciousness by bypassing the Heart. To truly open our Heart to the infinite Divine Love is our true Divine purpose, so that the purity of Love could penetrate deep into the Human experience. As we each do that in our own way, we are being guided deeper into a state of complete Love and surrender, beyond all fears which stem from separation.

Our role as New Humans is not to acquire more information and knowledge, but to open our Heart so that it can receive the so-called Essence of Christ, the ultimate nourishment of true Love. That cannot be experienced while we still hold judgment through separation in our Heart, because that keeps it closed and impenetrable for Love. In our pursuit to live Life as fully illumined Beings, we must first establish an ultimate state of peace and surrender, for everything and everyone that is, whether it resonates with us or not. Only through the journey of true acceptance can our Souls fully be liberated and experience the synthesis called the physical Ascension, an apotheosis of Love for All Life in Creation. All true Masters that ascended before have not done so through the pursuit of knowledge, but only after they left all that knowledge behind in the pursuit of the experience of ultimate Love in Divine Union!

The energy of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius felt like a blank slate for many of us who've been on this path of Self mastery and realization for quite a while. It felt like a stabilizing rod which asks us to hold tight to it, so that we can Now deeply ground and anchor this blessed state of liberation for many generations to come, as we will be progressing further and deeper into the Age of Aquarius. At this point we might be at a precipice of a new chapter in our lives, but at such intense energetic juncture points we must not hurry into anything. Our minds might be rushing wildly, but our Hearts know how to stay anchored in the Now, just feeling the new incoming Light filaments. It's okay to stay put for a while and feel into the vast potentials of Life through dreamscape. We will each be given signs and guidance through Spirit in terms of how to proceed, as the energy of this Eclipse starts to integrate itself on the planet. Remember that to act as a Lightning rod or a Pillar of Light is a conscious choice, and it requires great stamina, responsibility and perseverance.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse before that occurred in the sign of Leo. Leo is the sign that governs the rulership within our own sacred Heart. However, the words "rulership and leadership" are so often misunderstood, misconstrued and abused through the lower nature of Human ego. Consider or contemplate on these powerful words of the Beloved Krishnamurti: "If there is Love, You cease to be a leader, for Love exercises no authority!" This is a time of developing inner sovereignty through Soul's integrity which knows and recognizes only Love. However, if we want to truly become the righteous Kings and Queens of our royal Heart of the Christ, we must awaken to and embody the Truth of Divine Love, in which everyone is already perfectly Divine, equal and sovereign, without needing to control or influence anyone else. We do not lead, and we don't need to follow. We must simply resonate with the qualities of our Christed Being, which recognizes only equality in everyone and everything, through respecting and acknowledging the inner domain of the sovereign I AM, the unique Source Light in everyone. In our current society we are so obsessed with either standing out by being different from the rest or belonging to something outside of us. Instead, our enlightened nature sees both Unity and uniqueness as One without trying to overcompensate for it on the outside, because that Truth already exists within us. We don't need to struggle or fight for it, we simply claim it by knowing our Source. That Lion/Lioness already lives within all of us!  

Remember that this is the year when the Feminine Principle needs to be awakened, integrated and embodied within us, for the Human consciousness to rise and heal the old wounds of separation and the Goddess suppression during Eons of false gods and patriarchy. It is time for each Being on the planet to awaken the inner Goddess Principle of the Mother God aspect to join in Union with the Father Principle of Creation. This Creation Essence awakens the compassion, nurturing and healing aspects within Humanity. This is how we heal the miscreations and distortions of the past while simultaneously holding that Light of illumination and balanced/unified polarity for the planet!

The return of the sacred feminine does not relate to women only, but both men and women who awaken the inner Heart of Christ as children of God. The planetary Goddess Serpent is awakening and coming to the surface, calling for Life Force embodiment. This is the center of the blossoming Goddess as free and liberated from all restrictions and limitations. She is ready to be fully herself in all her glory and feminine Wisdom, inspiring and igniting the Light Spark within many!

Here is my video message about the Heart of Gaia:

With the Lunar Eclipse in Leo, we were asked to tune into the courageous nature of our Being that is willing to move deeper into our own Essence and confront anything that still resists the inner Union process. That process is the merging of our feminine and masculine polarities within, so that the inner and outer Christ embodiment can be born. This loving Union is the key to the physical Ascension process which is an alchemical state. In this sacred space, we can visualize the lightning of the sacred masculine flame (on the left side) and the sacred feminine flame (on the right side), which co-create a space of inner cohesion and fusion. This merge gives birth to the inner child of Christos, which can only illuminate in its perfected state of immaculate design when both the masculine and feminine flame of Divinity are flowing together as One. 

In this state of Union, we are holding the sacred space for deep allowance of every experience that our masculine and feminine counterparts ever played or participated in. We Now allow our masculine to release itself fully, and so releasing the feminine in her intuitive and magical arts and abilities. Then the feminine releases itself fully, and so releasing the masculine in his freedom to explore the new potentials and co-creations. As the masculine releases the need to control through the distorted masculine, it enters the holy waters of purification. As the feminine releases its pain, suppression and suffering of the distorted feminine from Eons of time, it embraces the path of the true Goddess embodiment. Together they give rise to new consciousness of the Cosmic Christ, birthing their Union in physical form, becoming the true Divine Beloveds, living Heaven on Earth. And so, the New Earth and the New Heaven are born as One, as are our Stellar and Human counterparts.

Here is the Lunar Eclipse message from Spirit:

We can have all the knowledge in the world, but connecting to our Soul Essence that eternally exists in the Cosmic consciousness is that which makes us feel what it truly means to be a Divine Being. In our pursuit of mental understanding we often miss the point. It's almost as if we are afraid the the vastness of knowledge will evade us. We are not to worry so much about mentally "understanding" everything, because for everyone that "everything" is absorbed at the level which their Soul allows and as much as it's needed in the moment. And that is not always a mental process as we know it, for it's about shifting our consciousness into multidimensionality. In this parallel the One Source filters through various Beings, dimensions and realities differently, with alternate perspectives. Our only concern should be staying in alignment with the highest perspective of our current state of Soul expansion and embodiment. As we do so, the next level of expansion will always come naturally without trying to understand it and therefore control it. 

To walk with Holy Spirit in Unity is to live in Grace. However, Grace is such a mystical term which cannot be described or understood mentally, but only by partnering with the greatness of Spirit. In Truth, Grace is not a state we can live in as an individual identity. Grace is truly a state that belongs to the realms of illumination, where our personal truth blends in and merges with the greatness of the Divine Plan of Perfection in Unity consciousness. When we cease to exist as an "i", a greater Self becomes revealed to us, and we can choose to align with it more every day, until eventually fulfilling the plan which the Universal Life Force has for us, not as an individual but as a unique Soul Essence! 

Here is the Solar Eclipse message from Spirit:

What is occurring at this time for many Light Beings, is the amplification of the Light within the Divine Plan. This means that our Light emanations are gaining momentum within the increased frequency of Light, so that this planet and all Life on it be served through the I AM Presence. Of course any sort of frequency amplification has a deep impact on our bodies and the way they are generating energy and translating codes of Light. Due to this increased planetary demand for selfless service, many of us have agreed to offer our physical vessels as a forcefield for this amplified Light. However, this comes with its toll for the body which Now needs to adapt to this increased potency of Light translation.

As Beings of Light who are deeply rooted in our I AM Presence, we hold the power to make such conscious decisions on the behalf of the Whole, within the illumined nature of our individualized I AM. This energetic upgrade comes with the program to further expand, stabilize and ground our physical body within this amplified frequency template of receiving, amplifying and magnifying Divine Light. Yes, the inner Light body technology or intelligence is that amplification tool in itself, to which our physical bodies Now need to attune to and adapt. This process comes straight from the selfless Heart of Divine service in the Light of illumination. And so our bodies are Now undergoing many changes in order to become more stabilized and resilient within this Light process. We might have to find new ways of attaining and maintaining inner physical balance, for the Whole energetic make-up is shifting to a new octave, and therefore the physical body has to follow this Cosmic law of Light infusion.

You can watch my amplification Ascension update in two parts here:

Part 1

Part 2

Have You recently experienced a challenging period of body integration? Our bodies have activated so much more Light than ever before during this intense amplification process, and Now they need attention, gentle care and self nurture. This is the year when our bodies will require extreme compassion and devotion through the feminine principle. So please know that whatever it is that You are experiencing at this time serves You to move deeper into your body and birth it into a new level of Light embodiment. This month has been deeply challenging for many on the path of physical embodiment.

I have observed within myself how I remained in such Joy for Life in Creation in spite of the challenges. The Truth of our Divinity shines so bright once it's anchored within our physical embodiment, which makes it a permanent experience within the Light. To know our Divinity in form is to embrace every single Human experience that we ever held on a personal and collective level as the whole of Humanity. I've experienced such waves of exhaustion and pain in the body at times, and I know it will remain a part of the earthly experience until there is still suffering present on the planet. Such is the nature of Divine compassion once it penetrates the lower dimensional worlds. And yet I trust that the Life force knows what it's creating though myself and everyone. The death of the old constructs is only possible once we fully let go of all control and false ideas and expectations of what it means to be a Divine Human. Becoming fully illumined does not mean that we won't experience challenges in this purging world, but quite the contrary, we will serve as lightning rods for the pain of the world that is being released at this time from every facet of the old. Remember that the harder our challenges are, the more intense the mission of our Soul is, for we are able to use our Life force in penetrating deeper than most. Embracing every single experience within the Unity of Divine Plan is our personal and collective key for Soul liberation!

A Mystic said: "A sense of wellbeing in the body is health, and if it becomes very pleasant we call it pleasure. A sense of wellbeing in the mind is peace, and if it becomes very pleasant we call it joy. A sense of wellbeing in the emotions is love, and if it becomes very pleasant we call it compassion. A sense of wellbeing in life energy is bliss, and if it becomes very pleasant we call it ecstasy!" The most important thing to know is that we are all channels for pure creative Life force of Source, and that whatever we may choose in our Life, we are all striving for the harmony of Union with all these levels of experience in Unity consciousness. However, when our perception of ourselves is limited in any way, we can not exist in an all encompassing state of Being. And for that reason, we must continue to open our mind, heart, body and Essence in order to experience the ultimate pursuit of Life, which is to experience within a complete state of Union with the Creator as it flows through all of us as the creative Life force. We do so by truly asking ourselves:" What does it mean for me to truly be alive?! What is the ultimate Human experience for me?! How can I create that in my reality through the highest good of All?"

What does it truly mean to live in the Now multidimensionally?

Every Being on this planet is either learning how to liberate themselves from the illusory creations of the ego or serving the Divine Truth of liberation, so that we can learn to co-create with the Divine Will, which supports only the patterns of perfection or the radiant forms of immaculate design. In this way, whatever we are creating comes without unnecessary and inadvertent restrictions of the egoic mind. We are then fully free and liberated to flow endlessly in the field of Divine Love and infinite illumination. This is not the same as a false sense of freedom, where our ego thinks it can do whatever it wants to please itself and the lower desires that do not emanate from our Divine Core. If we took just a few moments a day to contemplate on the words "I AM" and state: "I AM my I AM Presence" while following that flow of illumination, we would soon notice an increased flow of infinite Life force, vitality and Divine creativity.

When You begin to live in the absolute purity and perfection of Life in Creation which are held in the immaculate design of Life as Source sees it, all that purity is constantly being reflected back at You. You begin to truly understand what the Essence of Life truly is through Divine Love, and You can do most random tasks and chores or stare at something for hours in complete bliss, because You know there's nothing random about Life. Everything is pure Perfection and You finally see those patterns of perfection in everything; in Nature, in others and in all forms of Life. Creator and Creation become One within You as the Divine child of Life, and that's what Divine Union with Source truly is. 

How do we align with the patterns of perfection in our embodiment?

Here is a video which contains the higher perspective of the Cosmic Christ integration:

The inner Core of the feminine principle reflects the Universal Life force mastery through the Serpent Wisdom that then expands further out, co-creating the path of sacred birth and Divine Union. The Goddess is free and liberated from all restrictions and limitations. She is ready to be fully herself in all her glory and feminine Wisdom, inspiring and igniting the Light Spark within many. What is the transfiguring flame of Divine Love? It is the highest dispensation of Divine Grace which we can receive and then channel into the Earth's crystalline grid through our sacred bodies, to amplify the resonant frequency of the fifth dimension and the establishment of our New Earth. As we do so, our bodies are becoming transfigured themselves and aligned with the immaculate patterns of perfection. All Light Beings do that very naturally once the Cosmic Heart Essence is fully opened and capable of not only receiving, but magnifying and emitting this powerful frequency of Light! And so we anchor the flame of Cosmic Christ within Gaia and All Life on the planet!

Divine union of our inner polarities is not something we make happen because it is not something that lives separately from us. The Divine Union can only be experienced within Unity consciousness, which includes all of Life, all that we do through unconditional love for all, not only ourselves and what we call our Beloved. It is the ultimate experience of Christed consciousness, for there is no union without it. That is why false conditions and fears need to be loved and integrated back into our Wholeness, because otherwise they prevent us the experience of wholeness. Ascension is not something we gain or lose, for it is a state of Being that always exists, but we either embody it or not. Living our life as it presents itself without any conditions or expectations or labeling what is of Union and what is not, is the ultimate path to just letting it become all of us, consuming us with radiant Love for life. When we embrace this internally as all of our self, not just aspects that we judge as worthy, that ultimately creates an embodied vibrational experience for our resonant Union match in perfect Divine timing. Before that Union is complete from within, we attract separate experiences to reflect what is not yet integrated within us. But even that is a part of the process of growing into embodiment and needs to be understood as such and loved, not pushed away through fear. The Union path is always chosen through the Soul, so only separate ego can resist the process, as the Soul already knows all that it is choosing for the ultimate experience of Divine Union.

Who are the Avatars of illumined Union?

We are truly entering into a state of Union with our bodies like never before. The bone medicine teaches us to anchor deeply into the root of the physical body through the base of our spine and connect to the body of Gaia in ultimate Union, so that our sacred body temple may be served as One through the planetary template and structure of Gaia and receive all that it requires energetically and physically. As Humans we have tiny crystals within our blood, and that's why blood is considered as sacred. The more Life Force we cultivate, the more we stimulate the flow and activity of the blood crystals. In this way, we align the bone structure of our own body with the planetary structure that holds our physicality in the highest light of form. There is such beauty and harmony of Mother Nature, the embodiment of the Goddess! In the stillness and the silence of the Universal OM, the sound of Creation, we can find our true everlasting Home!

For the past few months, I've been integrating a whole new aspect of my radiant Self and in order to complete this transition, I had to be more withdrawn from everything than ever before. It's been quite a journey of Life force descent, and the integration still continues, but the majority of it is complete and it feels truly good after such a long time of intense body changes and challenges. However, each time I undergo this process, I become more illumined from within, embodying my Soul Essence that truly exists within the realms of illumination, so that I can then anchor this energy of Divine Love and Cosmic Union on the planet and plant the seeds of the New Human embodiment! 

As my most recent Spirit initiation that followed a long integration process of Cosmic Union embodiment, I have received the Cosmic serpent sacred breath of Life within our Universal Self. It will become a part of my concluding Self mastery course on Cosmic Union/Universal consciousness!

Check out my inner Vortex/violet flame Light activation:

The embodiment of the feminine principle is the return of our abundant nature in the physical, for when Spirit can freely flow through the manifested Creation, our Life force energies are in a state of harmony and can therefore overflow.

How do we co-create Universal abundance?

From Now on (starting with this new year), every donation to my selfless work of Spirit will receive an oracle gift of illumination! This is my way of saying how thankful I AM for those who continue to support my work of unconditional free sharing within the Light of illumination. This includes both direct donations available on my page Serapina Light (and my YouTube channel) and Patreon support, regardless of the amount. Single donations will receive the message straight away, while Patreon supporters will receive their messages after the monthly payout. However, I cannot send the messages without the recipient's e-mail information!

Divine Blessings of Universal abundance through the Cosmic White Butterfly Essence of purity in Holy Spirit! 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn


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