Saturday, January 20, 2018

2018: The year of Life Force intelligence

Dear Beloveds!

We have officially began our New year (of 11 Universal energy) with the first New Moon in Capricorn (January 16th/17th), initiating the cycle of Capricorn themes and values for our personal and collective integration. Capricorn is commitment, work and our status in the world. Saturn is also in Capricorn, and since that is its ruling or "home" position, a lot of us will be coming "home" into our bodies more deeply. That's why a lot of individuals experienced body challenges as the new year began, for this energy calls for a complete renewal. We all know about the 7-year body (cellular) cycles which are ruled by Saturn. For some this year might coincide with their own 7-year Saturn cycle of cellular renewal, but either way the emphasis is on the embodiment process. There is greater fusion of body and Soul present for many ascending individuals, and those who might have experienced major body issues are going to feel the first waves of change. 

There are Divine blessings and gifts occurring that are an indication of this deeper fusion of body and Soul, with less control and mental activity, and much more Life force infusion and mastery. Of course this process requires constant moderation and maintenance on our behalf, so we will be shown many potentials and opportunities to move into a deeper body fusion this year. We begin every year with leaving something behind and setting new goals and attitudes that make that happen. However, this year the biggest gifts lie in learning to surrender to cultivation of allowance, nurturance and spontaneous fun that anchors joy deep into our Human experience. Life force is awakening within many who have undergone huge body changes, and it's time to slowly awaken from "Winter" slumber!

Whenever a new year begins, suddenly everyone wants to leap ahead with grandiose plans and ideals. As we take those first few steps into the New energetic year, we can instead deeply feel into it before pushing ahead. We can weave our own energetic chord which we wish to experience this year, one which will pull and anchor us into a new expression of our Soul uniqueness. Before making any rash new decisions, taking on new projects and exploring new venues of expertise, we can rather take a "holiday" away from the holiday which we just left behind. This is what this time is about, and it's time to listen to our Soul's calling. Instead of forging ahead we can slow down and listen to the inner silence. In all this hype of the hustle and bustle we can sometimes hardly hear ourselves and our Heart. We have been taught to silence ourselves in the endless pursuits and hopes of instantaneous resolutions that would somehow improve our reality and make our lives better. What if instead we finally work on fully accepting ourselves and our reality without trying to forcefully improve it? This is the way of natural evolution which makes its own way forward when the timing is right. And as we are waiting, we are not truly waiting at all. We are actually preparing for something bigger, wider and more joyful. And so we must internally spread our wings first, before taking that giant leap ahead into the New unknown. This is the year of learning to become a perfect and deeply refined"vessel" of Spirit, after all. 

Here is my Ascension update for the entire year:

The Galactic time we have entered into is not measured linearly, but rather vibrationally. And so this year begins a revelation of everything we have been consciously choosing through vibrational alignment within our sovereignty. There is still a "splitting" happening, which will reveal the intense polarization of choice. Much of the collective is moving into artificial intelligence, but we must first understand why this is truly so in order to transcend all views based on duality and judgment. Everything in Creation is propelled through the infinite Life Force of Spirit. When there is a disconnect from Source and Human creations are based on separation, they start losing Life force. Artificial intelligence is the end result of that which is completely lifeless, inorganic, and therefore artificial. There is a splitting of choice occurring, between those who are choosing the path of organic Ascension and those who believe they need external intelligence which is artificially created in order to survive. 

Yes, artificially created aspects can survive on a certain level, but they cannot thrive and evolve spiritually, and that is the main challenge of it all, and why false constructs based on separation cannot be sustained in the long run. Everyone who understands the natural law knows this. And so these constructs eventually disintegrate, while the organic consciousness creates further on, and life always continues. Those who have awakened to this simple Truth are ready to birth a new reality through their vessels. By becoming a vessel for Spirit (which is this year's main theme), we will withdraw our Life force from inorganic forms of sustenance and rise above the seeming turbulence of this world. We will soar high above the old constructs and join the group of Family of Light that holds the frequency of group collective as illumined Beings who have the power of Life force mastery to create a New world. By joining this frequency of illumination, we have to become masters of Life force ourselves by liberating ourselves and ascending into our Light body consciousness.

Watch my video about how to assist planetary Ascension here:

Therefore this year brings a potential for the manifestation of Life force mastery for all who have chosen this as their main path in Life. This is the path of organic Ascension in the body in which we master ourselves as the most powerful vessel for spiritual "technology", which is the translation and manifestation of Life force in form. Here we see our bodies as the highest expression of Divinity or consciousness manifest, and we devote ourselves to birthing the ascended Self through descending the Life force of Spirit. For those initiates who have walked through the first aspect of this journey, which is the complete inner alignment with our Core Creation Self, the second part is Now ready for integration. This part of mastery will be mastering the external reality and energy responses through our inner alignment with Spirit. 
On this path the inner Spirit wants to be fully represented and therefore embodied in physical form, and therefore eventually recognize everything as an aspect or reflection of that Self mastery. This is a path of complete Self acceptance and growth through unconditional becoming in the world. The completion of our personal Life force mastery eventually leads into the selfless service as infinite support and supply of the Whole as One in Unity consciousness. The kundalini serpent within can create miracles once it's liberated in form and freely overflowing, and yet it can limit and sabotage in a destructive way when suppressed and non acknowledged. 

You can find out more about the Light intelligence embodiment process here:

You can get my Tantrika LIFE FORCE MASTERY course here!
More and more individuals are ready to come back into a state of Divine Grace. However, this path requires a total dissolution of man made illusions. The informational path of external seeking often brings people to extreme pursuits and behaviors. And so we must know that in all this seeking and wanting to grow spiritually (often even prematurely), many times ideas and ideals will be born. However, to be genuinely "spiritual" from within as in aligning with Universal Love is not about aligning with certain principles, ideals and ideas alone. These are meaningless without understanding the way they are being lived through the experience. There is nothing wrong with ideas that are visionary, although they cannot stand alone without integration and application. 

The "Buddha" within us is the conscious observer or the aware One full of illumination that knows the path of Spirit and allows it to penetrate into every aspect of its living reality. By doing so, it is not distracted or hindered by external circumstances, not even when the reflection of the visible Light seems dim. This is because it is constantly aware of the power of Divine Light over anything or anyone in the external world of Creation. It knows its depth of penetration, and therefore it is aware that simply Being is enough to absorb this Light from deep within and become a powerful beacon of its power and nurturance for the Whole. By accepting this through pure allowance, it enters a state of absolute dissolution into this Light of internal Source sustenance, and thus a powerful force of its reflection in the physical world. Therefore, the inner "Buddha" within us is not busy with gathering strength and followers on the outside, but rather with mastering the inner Light sustenance through Life Force mastery. Thus, this Essence is looking in its own direction without allowing itself to become distracted by the laws of circumstance, and so maintaining a complete state of Union with Source, which makes its unique path One with the path of the Great Spirit!

Watch my video on how to master sacred sexuality as an Essence here:

Beings of Light who serve the Law of Divine Love are not in it for specific ideas and principles, for they love for the sake of Love itself. A path of genuine devotion to selfless service is a path of honoring and loving the Human spirit. It is a path of loving fellow Human Beings and their evolutionary progression. It is not about pursuing spiritual ideas in a rigid fashion which is nowadays too often filled with judgmental words and a lack of understanding. There is no other drive for selfless service than the Love for fellow Human Beings, other Life forms and the planet itself. This is the Love born and shared in Christ, the unconditional path of that which is good and true within the Universal Law of One.

The balance of light and dark as the yin and yang should not be misplaced for "good vs. evil" as it is not the same. The balance of light and dark in Creation is a part of the natural law, while the playing out of duality between good and so-called evil is man made. The supreme force of Universal Love dispels all those illusions and false interpretations!

The weather patterns continue to resonate with the current upheaval on our planet. We are in deeply turbulent times and much on our planet that is natural is being artificially influenced and modified. This is what we have to step up even more and do our part on the behalf of Gaia. Here's a powerful mantra when working with chemtrails that Spirit showed me recently: "I AM a reflector, exposing darkness to the Light, so that the Sun's infinite Light can shine so bright!" 

I also spoke about a very important topic for our current time frame in the Facebook LIVE stream, and You can watch this video here!

As Humans we are often seeking for Love instead of generating it from within. But here we are, ready to open our hearts to Love of the Divine that wants to precipitate into matter through our unique Human extensions and creations. We are the ones who are the givers of Love, and it's time to bring focus to the Divine service of Love that calls out our name. Self Love is only the beginning of the journey of Universal Love. There's never a limited amount of how much we can give and share from the offering of our sacred Heart!

Speaking of offerings ... During my recent bed rest I made this drawing that holds the Essence of illumined Union. Two Golden/illumined Elohim Beings as the exact representation of Divine masculine and feminine forces of Creation are seeding the planet with higher consciousness of the higher realms. They bring it into matter through the diamond ray and the crystalline template which helps to anchor the planet into the new crystalline grid, while moving it into its ascending cord in the higher dimensional awareness space. This creates an immense wave of Divine Love which has the power to give life force to new forms of consciousness and Life. Enjoy receiving the Light codes that it holds!

If You want to tune into this year's Spirit messages, I did a LIVE Facebook stream at the end of the year. My Facebook live New Year's party turned out into a 3 hour event and a total success! This was super fun and I hope to host more fun events such as this one in the future. We also did some Spirit messages for the group of Ascension Pioneers and our path of conscious Self mastery!

You can see the video here:

There's nothing as beautiful as group power of Love held within the Light! It's wonderful to connect with such beautiful Souls. I love You all! Happy New year and enjoy yourselves wherever You are in the world!

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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn


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