Friday, December 22, 2017

The Solstice of Galactic alignment

Dear Beloveds!

Happy December Solstice! Overall, this was a big "pre-Holiday" time. We began this week with the Sagittarius New Moon that aligned with the Galactic Center, Saturn moving into the sign of Capricorn, December (Winter) Solstice and Mercury moving direct in Sagittarius! This is a time where all of the gathered experiences and knowledge which we have integrated synthesize and move back into the Whole, to contribute to the overall process of spiritual evolution. Therefore, this is a time when our Souls gather all of that in a form of Light codes and reverberate it into the synchronized Whole. In Truth, nothing is really ours in a literal sense of the word, as everything we do and experience, we do so for the Whole in Unity consciousness. The more consciously we surrender everything to Love, the more we contribute to the integration of Light. This is the gateway to our humility and transcendence. Of course that applies for all those who are aligned with the Winter Solstice timeline and vice versa for those aligned with the Summer Solstice.

I channeled this Solstice meaning video last year:

Perhaps You have recently noticed that our measured "time" is behaving differently as it once used to. It's very easy to observe the patterns and movement of the Sun here in the Alps, because the Mountains directly reveal the traveling of the Sun and its light through them. The same technique of observation was once used at locations where the Ancient stone circles lie. I have observed that the time measured with our clocks does not match this movement. The lowest point seemed to have passed already before the Solstice point, as the Sun stayed visible for a few minutes longer before the Solstice has happened. We have been noticing the warping of time since November and this observation deepened this. As Galactic Humans its our responsibility to sync into a new dimension of time and its cycles. In each dimensional space time is perceived differently and the concept of it becomes more fluid. It is our duty to become educated through Gaia's pure consciousness and our Higher Self, which means paying attention and being in deep communion with Nature!

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The planet Saturn moved into Capricorn this week, and it feels like everyone's talking about this. Although this might seem grandiose for us as Human individuals, such planetary movements are nothing but standard cycles of Creation. What will this mean for us as a collective? Well, it all depends on the perspective of our personal Soul development. If Saturn is the planet of karma, those Souls who have moved from the karmic wheel into the spiral of Ascension will feel this differently than those who have not. This is because the rotational cycles that are created through our vibration respond differently to such collective shifts. Remember that the Truth is always vibrational before it becomes physical. Any predicaments that we would aspire to make about such movements could hardly be generalized. There are certain factors that come with such movements as natural laws that are implied in the rotational cycles alone, but as Humans we don't hold enough Galactic understanding to make such comprehensive and all encompassing predicaments.

Those Humans who have integrated more of Galactic consciousness will be offered greater overseeing capacities, but also responsibilities over the whole process. This is because they have mastered their own "personal" understanding of karma and karmic cycles, and are therefore ready to embody a higher understanding of natural law, which is beyond the laws of karma. The most simplistic answer would therefore be, that the consciousness and its generated reality that we have integrated and embodied within our Being will determine how these cycles will affect us. The best way forward is to observe how such changes are influencing the ascending reality of our Solar system and our planet Earth, and then finding our own unique resonating facet of reality that is supported within that. Saturn moves into a natural position of its ruling sign, and for many this will mean a coming of age and spiritual maturity that does not develop without Soul integrity. Only the initiation of Spirit for each individual can reveal this Truth.

You can watch my latest Galactic update here:

The New Moon in Sagittarius occurred exactly in the degrees of the Galactic center. Coupled with Saturn moving into Capricorn, this is a Cosmic formula for deep awakening of brilliance and Galactic renewal which will affect our entire body and leave no cell held within it unaffected. This is a Cosmic blessing and although things are simultaneously falling away as we are shedding our skins, we are actually rising to the occasion and giving birth to our unique magnificence within the Cosmos. 
The "New Galactic year" began with this New Moon in Sagittarius on December 18th. In this time we are being guided right into the center of our Cosmic Heart, where a new revelation about our Divine purpose is taking place. This New Moon is in conjunction with the Galactic center, and so is our Sun, with Saturn as well. This speaks about a deep initiation that we are currently undergoing, one which leads us through many records of our journey that we need to look into before moving forward. This is a spiraling journey where each new precession gives birth to a new form of conscious awareness. Because such an alignment with the Galactic center brings a new surge of Light that informs us and our bodies in a new way, we are undergoing a complete renewal. But there is a catch, which tells us that we must first surrender every illusion before we progress into this New Light sustenance seeking new manifestations. This is a Self initiated energy which comes as a Divine offering right from the center of Creatrix. During such Core alignments, only the deepest Truth can survive and move forward with us, while the rest needs to be surrendered, which is a sacrifice of the lower for the higher. During our personal stories, we have played many parts and gathered many experiences of both shadow and light, which Now need to "devour" their own "tail" in order to progress in consciousness expression, otherwise they just continue chasing their own tale. Cosmic Ascension and Union is the path unveiling before many ascending Beings of Light, which is a multidimensional Ascension and coming home to our Core Creation Self.

This very important New Moon which aligns directly with the Core of Divine Mother's Universal Heart desires that we move more deeply into our bodies. The path of spiritual pursuits often leads individuals on a very mental path of much learning that often neglects or even denies the physical body, which is a very narrow path. However, our straight connection with the Divine Mother comes through our bodies, which is naturally felt for all Beings who are deeply creative, artistic and channel a lot of Life force through their bodies. 

This is the path of Pleiadian royal house of sacred tantric sexuality, which is the mastery of generating Life force through our conscious embodiment. All deeply artistic and expressive Souls who are incarnated on this planet have an awakened Pleiadian DNA lineage. These Beings know what it means to be deeply sensual in a way of expressing their Essence. This initiation wants us to connect with the Core of our Galactic origin and heritage through artistic and sensual pursuits. To be sensual means to feel through our bodies. This is a higher Light intelligence than the lower mental centers for logic and reason. Remember that our brain is representative of the entire Universe, and the more Universal consciousness that we activate and embody, the more higher functions of our brain get energized and highly active. At this time we may be guided to be stimulated in a new way, receive a New Soul gift through an initiation of Spirit or pursue a totally new path that brings alignment with our higher artistic DNA integration. Pleiades reigns in the constellation of Taurus, which we can connect with in our meditations or conscious focus techniques. Enjoy this time around, because it's once in a lifetime opportunity for spiritual growth.

The journey of Being that's held in individuality back into the Light is only possible when we are able to access every single shadow and bring illumination of wisdom into it, by understanding Creation itself through the natural law. Cosmic Ascension/Union is only accessible when each fractal of reflected Light which became its own component of Creation through free will is surrendered back into the Cosmic Whole of the Core Creation Self. In this consciousness, we are no longer the hungry seeker who always wants more, often to the degree of sacrificing its own Self. We become the Cosmic Force of Life which no longer seeks to define itself, for it has remembered its original name of Holy Divinity. By naming the root of our Creation Being, we cease to define ourselves through the lower planes of Creation, for we have remembered who we truly are as Source.

We are integrating a new energy wave, and our bodies are going through a lot of inner shifting, which will result in them needing more rest and a gentle approach to life. At this time we must have compassion for not only ourselves, but a larger process that's unfolding. When things slow down or even temporarily go into "deep freeze", it's often because the wisdom of our innate bodies wants to preserve energy for self maintenance and creation of new energy forms and structures held within it. Creation is not only active, but passive as well. Because we don't see this process with our physical eyes, we have to deepen our understanding by turning on the "inner eye" of psychic perception. 

We can always tune into any energy or situation, which includes the subtle processes of our body. The body is not only resting because it's tired, but also because the New body is wise and knows how to maintain itself within the balanced energy levels and Life force mastery. Life force mastery doesn't mean that we will always feel highly charged and active. It simply means that the wisdom of our innate body will be completely surrendered into and sustained by the Spirit Life force, which always knows the highest potential of Creation. On our Human experience level we are not always aware of it, so we perceive things as blockages and obstacles. However, once we are fully embodied, there is a higher power in charge of our bodies. The mind might still struggle with it, but the Heart Essence knows this surrender and wants to leave it in tact. This integration requires a lot of patience and compassion which comes through the understanding of this process. So much energy was invested in building our New ascended body, and Now it's time to let it naturally germinate and cultivate in its own course and time, without trying to force anything into happening. We have to let it be and let all expectations go, fully trusting our bodies and what they know.

Can You hear the pulsating of your Cosmic Beloved Heart that is thirsty for new experiences of Love? Our Heart-mind is an expanded and highly creative fifth dimensional Essence which awakens when our perceptions and receptivity move towards the fifth density and beyond. The time of deep integration of the Cosmic Heart is here Now, although it's been through many awakening stages through time. What occurred is that our Essence Self wants to branch out into the physical world by holding a higher vibration of increased vitality and creativity. This higher creativity connects us to our Star lineage and the Cosmic family. It also opens up a state of joyful celebration that is written in our Star encoded origin. 

This activation expands our hearts into a higher frequency where Life is seen less as a duty or obligation, and more as an offering of Spirit to Life itself, a blessing and a magical occurrence which is seen beyond the ordinary. Here we enter into the Realms of whimsy, dance, poetry for Life and a co-creation with it at a much higher level. It has been quite challenging to exist in this state of embodiment on Earth for Eons of time and not be judged or even prosecuted for it. As we move through this initiation and challenge, our biggest judge might be our own self, because that self is connected to the collective consciousness of all that ever was and is, and it therefore feels the "collective pressure and resistance" to this higher state of Existence that is more organic and highly creative. In this state, our creations are not always so physically obvious or direct, because we operate on more refined levels of Spirit and celestial wisdom. As we initiate ourselves by moving beyond this threshold of archetypal judgment, a whole New reality will be at our disposal, with a New world there before us. Will we dare to go there ... and what will we create?

Those who have recently experienced a New wave integration went through a pretty intense phase of body healing and higher vibrational embodiment. A New Stellar Gateway activated and created an opening which will stabilize the shifting energy that not only caused our bodies to feel lethargic and inactive, but also slowed us down vibrationally so that regeneration could take place. At such times we may often feel more energetically withdrawn and discouraged, which keeps us in preparation mode for new harvesting when Divine timing comes. However, we are Now learning to discern between energy blockages and changes we are undergoing during integration periods. These include higher cycles of Creation we are not personally in control of, so we have been learning the difference between being passive or surrendered. This period stripped us of any false identity and role that no longer applies to us and holds us back vibrationally. For us to unify from within and enter the Essence level embodiment, all of that needs to be surrendered and replaced with a higher Light quotient. Only such dissolution brings our alignment to the next level of Galactic formation which we are ready to step into. That is followed by an increased amount of inspiration and creativity. But before that, we need to liberate ourselves from the familiar vibrations that are in a way of this New. Every Galactic breakthrough requires a deep preparation stage which our ego selves don't always recognize for what it is and therefore perceive it a threat. What occurs within this process is a softening and an eventual dissolution of this defense mechanism that wants to protect the established and familiar. By getting deeply into our body we will feel where those resistances are and give new cellular commands to the Universal holograms of our body. Whenever we feel tension or pain in our body, there is a form of resistance playing out and we must seek to bring it into the right alignment within the New Galactic consciousness.

The assistance of Cosmic healing energy is with us, and although we might have been "lost for words" at this time because Mercury was retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius, this was actually a blessing of going deeper within and discovering facets of Being which we could not have found on the surface. This withdrawal is bringing a lot to the surface, on the individual and collective levels of the Human experience. Every time we dive deep into the collective energy that has been suppressed or ignored, we aim to bring seemingly "lost" aspects of the Whole into an offering of Love. By realizing what we are doing and the service we are providing this way, we begin to understand why our journey of Light as volunteer Souls is often so challenging and arduous. However, we can also continuously notice the many blessings and rewards that we not only receive as individuals, but what we manage to rise up in the collective. The main rewards lie in the activation and opening of Cosmic Gateways that connect our planet to other Stellar regions within our Galaxy which have been previously non active. We are realizing that even though the majority of our work takes place behind the scenes, we are being deeply acknowledged and recognized for our work in a Galactic sense. It's not always easy to work with intangible levels of Light that cannot be immediately seen or confirmed, but it's our courage and devotion to this mission that keeps us constantly moving forward.
We are beginning to understand that we are just as connected to the Stars as we are to Earth, and that this symbiotic connection brings together Spirit and matter. However, this is not an understanding that's intellectual and wants to put reason behind everything. We need to embrace mystery of the unknown if we are to truly move into a New Age of illumination. In Truth, our journey is just as much shamanic as it is about enlightenment, for the genuine quest of the Goddess embodiment comes through embracing both light and shadow. Our dreamspace is one of such playgrounds and no matter how evolved we become as a Being of Light, the unconscious remains a mystery. In embracing that aspect of us by not trying to define every single surfacing vision quest or dream reality, we actually allow it to naturally become what it is. This way we allow aspects of us that we have not yet given voice to speak up and express themselves. There is a powerful and often unacknowledged alchemical process that occurs in our dreamtime, and we might not understand it, but it still plays a vital role in the overall process of consciousness becoming the many different aspects of Life. We might say to ourselves: "I had a strange dream, it makes no sense!" But surely it makes sense when viewed from an alternate perspective which implements a broader view of reality that's not bound by a third dimensional reality alone. In Truth, our consciousness and its many different states are just as mysterious as the entire Universe, and by treating it as such we will liberate ourselves from labeling and categorizing our every experience. We will be able to recognize everything as Divine, which will naturally plant a seed of the Mother Goddess in every experience, so that we may live richer and fuller beyond the mental capacities. We have often heard statements that our Universe is a mental one. It would be much better to say that the Universe is fully aware of itself, which science alone will never be able to prove, because consciousness does not function on proof. We can only reveal things from the Core of their true nature, not the artificial ways. This is how we embody the sacred Wisdom of the eternal Mother Goddess and move deeper into the realm of Soul consciousness.

Body focus seems to be the main theme at this time, because it all comes down to the embodiment process. Our bodies always know the way forward, even if what they are currently conveying seems too irrational for us. It's often that our mind wants different results and pathways that our body is currently capable of. Remember that the mind can always be fooled, but the body cannot, because it's an organic vehicle of consciousness. During the organic Human embodiment process the body is returning to its natural state of Galactic Being, where the energy currents that move through it naturally direct the flow of processing. The ascended Human is attuned like a fine instrument, even when the mind would seek to misinterpret the natural wisdom of the body. When we relax the tension that we can so quickly build in our body through lack of Cosmic awareness and attunement, we become more perceptive and receptive to the subtle energy processing that occurs within our bodies. Imagine how much processing our Light vehicles need to engage with every day, especially at this shifting time of the photonic Age. We are re-opening electric circuits of this Universe that have been seemingly dormant and in waiting for Eons of time. Imagine what that feels like for our biological forms and how much work they put up with daily, 24/7. And if that is not enough to shift us into a more compassionate understanding, let us imagine our bodies as precious children of Creation which they are by offering them the sort of kindness and generosity that they use daily to process all that incoming Light information. Our consciousness comes through the body just as much as the body is the product of higher consciousness, and so we must treat it as such and pour all the Love and gratitude into this process. We are not machines, and we never will be. We are the living substance of Liquid Light in embodied Human form!

Sometimes the seemingly small physical things that we do for ourselves and others grow into great things. That's why it's important to nurture what we value, support what we respect and gift that which we love. The Love we give to ourselves becomes an offering for others and the world if we know that the highest laws of compassion and gratitude always reward our selfless state of Being. We often don't participate with something because we don't hold any value for it, and often we judge things because we find them invaluable. In Truth, our Souls understand this higher sense of value which we can implement in our life by trusting our intuitive guidance and the direction of Life force that moves us towards conscious choices. When we give beyond the intellectual or mechanic value system that we are embedded within as a collective (because we were taught so), we begin to open to Christed consciousness which does not place value to things by scaling them, for the equality of natural forces already recognizes the value in everything and also that which serves the greater good. This is how we can give without expectation to that which nurtures us and love with gratitude.

There are Beings on this planet whose mere Presence alone is enough. They are not special or "chosen", for they are merely in the knowing of how to participate in this Cosmic dance of Life through depth of conscious Presence. They act as bridges between different Stellar highways that intersect with our planet by holding the space for the infusion of Light which is created as a result of this converging process. They are special in the way that they have consciously chosen to be here through their own decree of Divine Love and co-creation with Gaia within the higher consciousness. They act as Gatekeepers and intermediaries or midwifes for the Cosmic Ascension process. They don't have to do anything special to walk their mission, because their healing Light Essence comes from within and makes love to the world in the most organic and authentic way. Their alignments become feelings which become words of expression that birth new manifestation forms on Earth. They live within a greater Dream which connects to the other dimensional spaces that they help to converge and bring into the reality of the current density and beyond. And no, they are not always aware of their chosen positions and roles, but that doesn't stop them from vibrationally participating within the Whole in their uniqueness. In that way they know exactly what they are to do and why they are here in this special time in the Grand Design. Every such embodiment holds a powerful Key to the Ascension of the Whole.

These are also deeply challenging times for many people who are undergoing awakening and tremendous change. Whenever we begin to worry about something, we need to take a deep breath and relax into our Heart space. Remember that the first informational impulse comes from our Cosmic Heart, not the mind. The mind was used to interpreting this informational infusion in its own way, and in many cases it was design to act as a protective force in this world of duality and "dangerous" external influences. Therefore it was often on the fence, so on the lookout for various circumstances. Because of this the mind often developed an overprotective quality which had its own purpose, but it also shielded the Life force energy so that it could not go further into embodiment and expand. When we begin to expand within the New energy, we need to almost "rehabilitate" the way we function, so that the informational infusion emanating from our sacred Heart remains pure and open without additional stories and patterns evolving around it. The Cosmic Heart transfusion was not developing for Eons of time, and so it sort of remained dormant and underdeveloped, but it was there even when the mental qualities of assessment began to grow over it. In the New "photonic" Age we need to reacquaint ourselves with the way our Cosmic Heart functions by loosening the grip of control which seemingly wants to protect us. Instead, we are meant to build a new dynamics in the way we relate to the Whole of Creation through the impulse of Life that informs itself through us. This way, the Union of Heart-mind will begin to flourish and expand as we enter into the Galactic Age of Humanity. 

The energy is ebbing and flowing, and all we can do is align with the great Universal Mother energy of nurture and growth that occurs in perfect Divine timing. The more we nurture ourselves, the more we know how to nurture others and eventually planetary consciousness through the process of midwifery. It can feel so crazy at times as Gaia is shifting and the energy is unfolding. All these energy shifts that are reflected in extreme weather patterns often feel overwhelming, challenging and exhausting too, but we must remember the bigger reason behind it all which links the body of Earth with other celestial bodies and energy changes happening within our Galaxy as we travel through the photon belt. Relax and be organic in your momentary energetic responses and creations!

And here is a message of the New Moon straight from the Galactic Pulse of Light that supports this: "When You surrender into the unknown, as a paradox everything shall be known through the Light of New Dawn!" Simple and pure! Allow yourself to bathe in the White Light of Creation and start anew fully revitalized by the holy breath of Life! May every cell of your body receive from this eternal fountain of youth! 

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Don't forget that the Sun is also close to the Galactic center at this time, which happens every year around this time. And this is the best time to charge your crystal companions with the ascending Solar Light for the New Galactic cycle!

I had my very own ceremony on the Galactic New Moon. This is the first Tantric Twin crystal that I got for myself. It was many years back as I began my awakening process, and during the New Moon activation it called me out. The seed was ready to come full circle and offer a realization of its Divine potential. I took it out as the Sun was slowly going down, and I charged it by holding my left hand on the Heart while the right hand was holding the crystal up in the sky. The tantric lovers began to dance and spin, and my hand suddenly felt like liquid Light, with my whole body vibrating and buzzing. This was the most perfect Light activation for this New Moon!

This crystal activation from my Cosmic Heart to the third eye of diamond Light brought me immense pleasure. I was instantly touched by my inner bubble of Light so sweet and pure that I could stay in it for hours and hours. 

Those of You who've been waiting for a Union that brings in a Stellar frequency of the multidimensional New consciousness rather than the old karmic cycles of Earth, have been in preparation stage all this time. In a way You've not been passively waiting, but actively participating in bringing the Stellar consciousness here on Earth. You first had to fully master and embody this frequency here on Earth within yourself. You did not settle for anything less because that was not in your primary Light DNA design which holds your Divine Plan. This was a strong intention and focus all your life, and that is why You've always perceived Union of polarized opposites as something "out of this world" while not being able to find it in the conventional ways. Naturally this is because for You, the sacred marriage is a Stellar Union that truly is beyond this planet alone. You have always felt and honored this Truth within You, even if your Human mind could not always find a logical explanation for it. That's because there cannot be a linear answer for a question that's mystical in its Core design. There is no physical answer or explanation that can define such Magic, for it is an alchemy of the higher consciousness. This Union truly defies all logical explanations, and that's why it can only be attained though the Cosmic Heart of the Mother Goddess, the Giver of Life in Spirit and form. That's the true Core of illumined Union. 

At the end of the year it's always good to do a whole zodiac spread for all 12 houses as Life areas using the major arcana of tarot. This is how we can prepare to anchor new energy and how we will be integrating it. My overall reading was as follows: 1st house of self - Wheel of Fortune, 2nd house of resources and finances - The Star, 3rd house of communication - The Lovers, 4th house of home and family - The High Priestess, 5th house of love and creativity - The Hierophant, 6th house of service and health - The Empress, 7th house of partnerships - Temperance, 8th house of Union - The Magician, 9 the house of philosophy and expansion - The Tower, 10th house of work - The Moon, 11th house of community - The Devil, 12th house of spirituality and esoteric - The Fool, Main theme - The Hermit.

In 2018 many of us are meant to withdraw and harness energy that we will use in the coming future by opening to new spiritual perspectives and ways of Being. Our paths may lead us away from the collective and into Divine partnerships and marriage, meeting people who resonate with the Beloved path and will help us with missing pieces of the puzzle. Our worldly communication is meant to expand and going within may be the best processing method at this time so that we can engage in internal expansion. This may lead us into abandoning outworn and familiar methods because our Souls are ready to engage with Life in a new way, also enjoying life more by bringing the embodiment of the spiritual vessel into our home areas and locale. The time of talking and sharing with the world is changing, as the era of intimate embodiment begins. The way forward which serves through the highest potential at this time is through the feminine Principle of receptivity and nurturing New Life into Being. We might feel a temptation and attachment to what is already established, but Life has something else in mind for us this year. We are ready for it, as new destined events and cycles unfold. All we need to do is show up and be open to change and deep spiritual transformation!

In this last week of December, I'm wishing You lots of peace, moments of solitude intended for quiet introspection and contemplation, meditative bliss and joyful celebrations of Love! This is a time of gratitude and humility held within Divine surrender. We have all been through a lot, regardless of our personal stories. There is still so much there to experience in the beauty of awakening to higher consciousness. However, there comes a time where we must rest, regroup and heal the aspects of us that want to be Whole again after all the expansion that was created. And that's always an infinite journey of growth and expansion that no Soul is immune to. So take a breather this month and relax, allowing yourself all the time in the world to do and be whatever it feels like the highest potential and expression of You as your Core Essence in the Now! Blessings to All!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn


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