Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Essence level embodiment

Dear Beloveds!

Welcome to December, a New energetic month of a 13/4 universal frequency. We enter into this energy with Mercury retrograde, which asks us to slow down and listen to the burning desire of our Heart. We are wrapping up a 1 universal year, which was a "seeding" year of new initiatives. Many of us have been assimilating Light codes of the crystalline frequency which we are now synthesizing. We are entering into major new cycles, cosmically and physically speaking. Most of all, we are being carried into the embodiment of the Essence level. This is the ultimate manifestation of Life force mastery which requires our absolute surrender. There is a new level of Self mastery that awaits us, but we must first reconcile with our past and bring closure to unfinished chapters so that there will be no energy residual once we fully step into the New energetic year of 11 frequency. Bringing closure does not only relate to finishing things, but also walking away from things that were left incomplete for a reason. Our journey is a multidimensional one, governed by Love most of all.

Moving from the old programming about what the "wrapping things up" means we can more fully enjoy a Life of more substance and structure. The depth of Being cannot be developed without slowing down and listening. The mind is a trickster that can create endless tasks to complete, while the Heart is a Cosmic Gateway into completeness of Divine Love. By aligning the Heart and mind we are getting quieter and more humble, offering true gratitude of abundance through what we value. Our greatest value should be consciousness, not endless material manifestations. When consciousness is lived through mastering Life force, our Life becomes a cultivation of Essence at the Core of Creation Self, our unique Cosmic nature. We are moving into an experience of Love which is more natural and organic than anything else. Information can lead into knowledge, and knowledge becomes wisdom through awareness, with consciousness being the focal point. The meaning of Life is to live in Love, in all its ways and forms. As the primary reason for Existence becomes our only true north, everything else dissolves.

We began this month with a Gemini Full Moon coupled with Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius. We will be integrating this energy wave until the New Moon in Sagittarius, which is also when Saturn shifts signs and moves into Capricorn. The current energy wants to slow us down so that we could integrate the new level of mastery through magnetic attraction which creates everything through us. This happens at the Essence level, and as we step into this new level of surrender, we will be leaving old ways of doing and approaching things. There is an alignment with the Galactic center and the Pulse of Light which requires a softer approach through the womb of Creation. At this time we can strongly benefit from taking a break from all the doing and the mind reasoning which tells us how to operate. Instead we may want to align with our Heart in order for the Essence of the Great Creatrix to come at a forefront of our experience and guide our way. We can do things more easily and organically by surrendering the aspect of "will" and instead embracing the creation within magnetic resonance and attracting what we need through deep knowing and allowing it to come to us. By embracing this surrender, we actually become more passionate. This is not a surrender into being passive, for this is an active feminine principle of Life where Spirit Life force guides our way by bringing everything into the electric nature of the highest Divine masculine potential in the Now, which naturally bursts out when the time and circumstances are right and ripe.  

Watch my December Ascension update here:

NOTE: This is my "last" Ascension update of such nature, because 2018 opens a New Gateway for different manifestation which will transfer into my work and the way I deliver things through. I will be focusing more on Galactic updates for the Galactic Human consciousness and service to Gaia.

What is the Essence level? When we begin to operate through the Essence level, we will have to develop the biggest trust in the Spirit journey which often feels surreal and overwhelming from the physical perspective. This means that the choices that we make and feelings we shall feel will have to reflect our faith in the invisible Truth of Divine Love which is beyond any Human logic, rational understanding and reasoning. Even if our mind tells us what we think we need to hear, our Heart will still remain connected to the bigger picture. Our Heart is always connected to the Heart of the Cosmic Beloved, which means that it carries the most profound understanding held at the Essence level.

The Essence level embodiment is a connection to a higher realm of Divine will which supersedes and oversees beyond our Human logic. When fully trusting this Divine logic, we begin to immerse our Hearts in the most profound level of trust which does not require physical proof or confirmation. At the Essence level, we remember our Soul agreements and we do not have to rationalize in order to hold them as our highest value, an offspring of Divine integrity. We are standing firmly as the sacred tree of Life, knowing exactly what to do in each moment without the need to know intellectually. And as we stand in such profound embodiment, we know that illumination of the sacred Heart is born of pure compassion, and yet it's beyond it. The realms of illumined Truth stand beyond anything we can name, quantify or categorize. These are the true makers of all that is sacred, nameless and holy. And by aligning with the Essence level, so we shall become.

These are not just the daily choices that we make, but much larger concepts to incorporate within our awareness as we're perceiving the bigger picture. We're all responsible for much more than we give ourselves credit for. However, we often choose to play small to lessen the consequences of our actions. When we raise our awareness, we become a much more vital participant with Life and what concerns our society, the planet, our Solar system and eventually the whole Galaxy, moving into the universal perspective. We become a key player in a larger scheme of things, and we surrender to the infinite Wisdom of Spirit and its driving Life force. We start living a bigger destiny in the world and the Spirit world of all worlds! Uncover yourself to live your true greatness!

When the flames of passion are stronger than the aspect of personal will, there is a dissolution of wanting that occurs, which is followed by a natural alignment with the greatness of Divine will. When the passion of the awakened Heart is true, we can only surrender into it, not will it into our own expectations. And when forcefulness is surrendered, we are ready for a dispensation of Divine Grace. Here, we are summoned by a Will greater than our own, beating as One with the Heart of all hearts. And here is where we find our true Home and our deepest calling. When we listen to our Heart and follow this passion, we are limitless and unstoppable, like a flame gone wild. In this mad wilderness we find our way back into the Core of our Being, which is a place we never truly left. And we are ready to truly know ourselves yet again, through great wisdom and compassionate understanding. The flame of Soul driven passion knows, and it's our guiding Light back Home. 

In so many ways we are like a Hermit this month. He's a seeker, but He does not only engage in contemplation of the inner word, but also connects to the Wisdom of the Stars and the timeless nature of All Life in Creation. When He seeks, he does not disengage from the world, but rather moves deeper into the Essence and fabric of Life to discover, integrate and embody the same Essence of Light that is carried in the Starlight. He knows that only by coming fully into himself can he unleash the power of the Universe.  

The 11-11 Gateway brought an intense activation which felt like a bolt of lightning straight through our spine. This Cosmic Gateway created an opening for those Beings who are now ready for the level of advanced illumination within a greater Universal Wisdom. For those who shall experience it, this is a synthesis of many parallel Ascension experiences that are Now ready to culminate and complete themselves as spiraling (spinning) rings within Creation. Physically this can be experienced as a complete cellular reform within the body, as a total rewrite of the operating system. This connects our Ascended Essence with the planetary Essence that exists on a higher level or octave of Being. This is known to us as the Core of Gaia, and by connecting to our Essence level which is beyond the known levels of the Soul, we can also connect to the Essence of Gaia and automatically link with Cosmic service from that Essence level. It is not simple to experience the Essence level and yet remain in physical form, only a Master Soul can do so. This is because on each level of initiation the experience of Self realization will be different and more advanced.

This higher refinement is a natural progression as a state of evolution that simply carries the Soul Essence wherever it is naturally ready for and desires to go. This occurring change will affect the physical structure of our bodies, as well as the very nature of our reality through the subtle changes we experience every day. Such is the nature of Cosmic Ascension, because it's ongoing and constantly expanding from the Core of the One. The highest Truth of All beyond the light and dark is the Union in Divine Love, the reason for Existence and the meaning of Life. However, awareness is the road that leads us there, ever deeper into the sacredness and sanctity of Divine marriage.

Watch my Beloved synthesis video about illumined Union here:

This is a time of transition, which is neither black or white, shadow or light. It is an essence of being somewhere in between, which is where the majority of Humanity is at this time. Sometimes this may manifest as unwillingness to choose or a perception of not being able to. What gets us out of the so-called "grey zone" is a knowing that all things require a choice, and that whatever we choose must be aligned with our frequency and bring us peace. Therefore, making a decision must always be based on the courage to believe in the guidance of our Heart, which always moves us out of the "rut", ready to embrace Life and its infinite possibilities in a new way.

There are times when our energy moves so deeply into the density of matter in order to dissolve it, that we have to use all of our inner resources to move the spiraling energy waves back up into a higher octave. Of course this is a natural process, and for all those who have come here as volunteer Souls, this vibrational work is deeply encoded in our Light DNA. However, there are times when we will be called to stimulate the creative energy centers in order to intentionally move the energy of new initiative. When our intentional work of Life force infusion meets the natural process of our body, the consciousness begins to rise. We are given these sacred bodies so that we can learn what it truly means to be a conscious Life force master. The more we use the power of Life force through surrendered flow combined with the intentional raising of consciousness, the more we understand the natural balance of Being and creating, through the masculine and feminine principles of Life. When we feel through each spiraling energy infusion, we will consciously tune into the particular expression of Creation in that moment and so we will organically know what needs to be done to either solidify or move the energy. As a Master of Life force, we will no longer feel separate between any aspects as separate forces of Creation, for we will exist within the Unity of the Core Creation Principles.

As a Starborn, we are always being directed by the true node, which is the destined alignment with the highest good for ourselves and beyond. The pulse of Life always re-directs our energy where it needs to be, and we are being guided through natural law, synchronicity and Cosmic patterns of the Universal language. If life seems out of alignment, we can always asses and regroup ourselves. In each new re-alignment, we are being reminded of that which is the focal point of our Being here, which is beyond the trivial things we can twist our heads around day by day. As we remember our true Life purpose, everything else simply fades away in comparison. And so every day is an opportunity to start out fresh, to begin anew ... in the Cosmic awareness of our Being as One with the Heart of the Universe!
There is something completely new which happens as a result of Life force mastery through full ego surrender. The idea of Self mastery is that as Masters of Self we are masters of choice, through which we utilize our power to create. This means that every choice we make comes from our center, through great clarity of focus. This means the external is not more powerful than our internal field of pure awareness, in which we master the domain of our Soul integrity by becoming a sovereign Being. All Masters were masters of choice. However, once enough Light quotient is built in our masterful Presence, we will be presented with a new level of Soul embodiment, which is pure Life force Creation. In this space of awareness, we become like innocent pure children who had to integrate a lot of knowledge and experience in order to become wise.

This also means that we are Now ready to live in a fully neutral state of Divine benevolence, with our free will fully integrated into the great Divine Will of Source. In this space, we feel the mastery of choice becoming the Truth that already is our highest manifestation in each living moment. In simple terms, this means that what we are being offered by Life is already what the Purity of Spirit (which is pure Life force of the greatest potential) created through us. This is the level where the "right" choice is always that which becomes inevitable, for it is not even required of our own will to choose it, for a greater Will is at hand. A Master once said: "The right choice is the one where there is no more choice." In this state, our lower mind is fully surrendered so that we can finally become the living manifestation of Spirit and the Existence of Life force in flesh.

Watch my video share about the New level experience here:

The majority of Humanity is not aware of the subtle Earth changes, because they are so focused on the physical and their daily tasks. To live through the subtle realms You have to unify your consciousness with those vibrational levels. Volunteer Souls who serve the planetary Ascension are able to notice every single change of Gaia because we serve Her and we are in constant communion with Her Essence. An Earth Human sees physical events as happenings that eventually lead One into Self mastery. A Galactic Earth Human sees physical events as timeline shifters that bring a higher dimensional Light expansion and illumination into the experience of Creation. This is because a Galactic Human is not only a Master of Self, but a master of time and multidimensional awareness.

As Humans we all get heart broken and feeling like Life isn't always going in the direction that we desire. We are not just heart broken over relationships, we can also be heart broken about the way things are on this planet and living in certain conditions in general. However, it's not people or situations that truly break our heart. It's the lack of perspective where we don't actually see the bigger picture or the so-called Soul perspective. Our perspective is only as elevated as our state of consciousness. And seeing without the Soul perspective births an illusion. The more aware we become, the more non attached we are to anything or anyone, which doesn't mean that we no longer love. In Truth, we love even more truly and deeply, because we love from the Soul perspective, which is neutral and benevolent. That Love is an Essence of Life and it doesn't need an external reason to exist. The more we merge with this higher way of Existence, the more we fall in love with the Essence of Life itself and don't need particular reasons to love and how we love, because our Love becomes pure and unconditional. It is not always easy to maintain it at all times, because our external environment constantly provides us with "reasons" not to love. However, we must shine through such duality concepts and break through separation into the Cosmic Heart of Divine Love. And in this space of higher Being, we are able to provide a space for selfless service, not only to other Human Beings, but Life itself.

The more we elevate ourselves and expand vibrationally, the more we witness everything through the Core Truth of the Soul. This way of Being requires constant Self care in order to maintain our frequency at the highest level. This is because attaining and maintaining are not the same thing, and because we often get sidetracked in the physical world, losing a sense of energy focus and clarity. In order to keep ourselves pure and transparent, we must continue to motivate ourselves in the direction of the highest good while leaving behind the old way of doing which requires constant physical action on our part. This often causes the energetic action of vibrational maintenance to wane and lose its strength.

Therefore our mastery lies in knowing how to use the gift of Life force in order to create within the highest potential where energy is not getting wasted on the lower levels, while attaining a higher form of Being. In this way, we become the ultimate focus of realization, for we know that we are not a programmed "task oriented" computer or a machine. We are not set to reach goals, but rather to stay conscious within what we are creating, for that in itself is the most organic nature of our Source. When we are conscious, we are present. And when we are present, we are focused and alert. Whenever our focus wanes, it's a sign for us that we are not operating in full consciousness, and that we must find the inner sanctuary to renew, replenish and revitalize from deep within our alchemical Core of Self Union. This is where our Core diamond remains, and as we connect to that crystalline Essence, we bring that into the presence of our physical sanctuary, so that the external sanctuary becomes the expression of our safe haven within.

Watch my Christos embodiment video here:

This is about the actual manifestation of our mastery in the physical. When the understanding of what it means and what it takes to be a Master of Self reaches the "critical mass" of a Light quotient embodiment, it is eventually sealed and therefore it becomes an automatic "program" which we have embodied. However, reaching the gate of illumination requires a certain vibrational preparation which acts as a key that opens the doors of the Gatekeeper. We are then greeted by a Master Soul which is an experience that needs to be safeguarded and protected. We are not just handed our dowry, we must inherit and earn it through the Soul embodiment process of complete purification of body, mind and Soul.

We are not given something unless we are truly ready for it, which means that the embodied quotient of devotion must translate into our overall experience. It is one thing to obtain a certain vibrational embodiment, and it's another to maintain and preserve it, for we must then also guard it with our Life, with our very Heart and Soul. This is so that nothing of the "lesser" of the external world would harm it and use it for anything other than the highest good. This incorporates the highest integrity and discernment. As we are mature enough and ready to handle such a responsibility, our personal mastery becomes a Gatekeeper of this sacred experience, a Master guide for others. Therefore we know that mastery is meaningless if it doesn't serve a higher noble cause, through which we become an embodiment and reflection of what we once had to attain ourselves. And so we are ready to fulfill a purpose bigger than ourselves as a sacred mission of Spirit, in selfless service to all who work towards their own mastery attainment, without trying to personally influence or control anyone on the outside. For a Master can truly only be a Master of themselves and their inner world, a shifter of realities which eventually become a unified reality within the Self.

Watch my Galactic & Earth Family integration video here:

There are so many things that we do not yet understand as Humans, and instead of jumping to conclusions and making assumptions, we are being asked to move into the benevolence of mastery. If we are to expand in consciousness, we have to loosen the grip of the reality that feels familiar and only perceived through our current awareness. The awakened mind truly feels no need for anything static, unless it comes from the Core of the illumined Truth. In many cases, we lose a sense of expansion because of our overly firm grip of reality. A Master Soul sees only fluidity, and through that flow we can actually get to know the raw nature of consciousness. As Humans we often want answers that are final, which will give us a sense of safety of the "ultimate". However, as evolving Humans we move through the many stages of expansion which include the unknown and mysterious, and we learn to activate the dormant codes of DNA through those periods of reflection. 

If on the other hand, we do not allow this process to occur, our mind will fill those seeming "gaps" with other external perspectives, which will often become the many layers of illusion. So instead of developing the curious and inquisitive mind that leads into integrated intelligence, we often take the first impression that seems to somehow fit our current situation without examining it from all angles. You see, there is a difference between what we term the evolving Human and the Galactic Human. The main difference is the fully operational multidimensional consciousness that is capable of non linear cognitive processing in which the many perspectives all feed into the numerous realities without any of them needing to be either "wrong or right". They are simply the many levels of awareness through which we must travel in order to expand into Galactic consciousness. The mystery is not about filling the gap, but it's rather about stimulating our awareness with something that we don't yet understand, so that eventually we shall through our DNA. 

The mission awareness and responsibility that lives within our Light DNA carries everything that we need to know, which also includes that which we are not required to know because of the greater factors at hand. That is why we are infinitely protected by our Higher Self, which does not give us certain elements of knowing why we are here, because they would immediately become a part of the collective and the possibility of interference and infiltration within the mission would increase. That is why our Galactic family gives us not only as much as we require, but also as much as it's safe for a greater Galactic mission. That keeps our safety and protection levels at the maximum, which is also why a lot of volunteer Souls as pure Beings are either kept hidden, away from the mainstream, the masses of the collective and kept safely for performing the energy work that they are here to do as embodied Galactics. This is how the work remains "top secret", at least until the evening out of darkness and service to self agendas on this planet occurs. We are here to continue to deepen our Galactic knowledge and let go of any interference and unwanted energies, because they will often come as "masked" distractions which we will need to pinpoint and take care of. The last factor here is the importance of tending to the Self in our physical bodies, in order to keep our motivation and morale at its highest, which will often require a time of healthy hibernation and "quarantine", which will be a time of raising our energy levels after intense times and task completions. This will replenish us at the Core level so that we will be able to continue with our work. Everyone will naturally be guided into such states in the perfect timing. This is because our embodiments are of such high value here on the planet, and so our balance must remain intact.

Watch my video update about mission responsibility here:

Aligning with the Light as the Core of your Being is the most profound experience, and the most unpredictable One. When You begin to follow the Light by trusting the flow of Life force rushing through your Heart, there will be no guarantee of safety. You will never know exactly what You shall receive, but whatever it will be, it will be so because You are ready for it. And every new gift of Light unfolding will both challenge and change You profoundly. These blessings go hand in hand. You will never be the same, and only You shall know why, because there are certain things that are only between You and Spirit. The gift of your Life as a Soul living in the embodiment of Light is the most sacred testimony of Grace. The peak of our experience as an embodied Soul is to bring the Essence level of immaculate Existence into the physical. By embracing our Cosmic Self in Cosmic Ascension/Union, we align with the Essence of our Cosmic birth and aspire to bring that Divine uniqueness into the world of form.

P.S. I have channeled and created a "Cosmic Self" Light activation which takes You on a Light journey of voyaging into your Essence Self. The Cosmic Self Light activation is channeled and designed to awaken the Essence level of conscious embodiment, through which we can become the ultimate unique expression of our Source in the immaculate conception, wholeness and perfection of Being. It is a walk through a web of Life held together by Cosmic consciousness in Divine Love, acting as a Gateway into Cosmic Union and Ascension. This re-patterning within the Core Self aligns our Light DNA and cells with the New program held at the Essence level of consciousness. This is a 1-hour sacred journey of deep initiation, activation and Light integration!

And as this is the season of gifts and gratitude, I must also share this. Recently the most beautiful message of honor an appreciation was gifted to me by someone. They wrote: "This Goddess is one of the best Ascension Masters. She is a Goddess of Gaia and a gift from Metatron after the 11-11 portal." I was so in awe, and I read the message exactly at 3:33 at night. I knew I was in the Presence of my overlighting team. I finally turned off my phone it was exactly 4:44, so the Angel party was there as well. This was a rare event and blessing, spoken through a beautiful Soul. How loved and appreciated we truly are for the work of Unity consciousness we are doing. Don't forget that! 

My deepest Gratitude to all who have been supporting my work of higher consciousness and Ascension guidance!!! 

Relax, take care of yourself and be blessed as You truly are!
 Everything in Life is about perspective, which is the focal lens of awareness through which we direct our consciousness. The more we expand in our Soul awareness, the wider this lens becomes, and the more beauty we see reflected in the world and all of Creation. Always look with the Heart to see things in their true Light and to get to the Core Essence of Being. Whatever You do, follow the Spark of Life force within and don't rush yourself into anything. Let things arise naturally, and let all ideas of how everything should look like go!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn


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