Friday, November 10, 2017

11-11 Portal of Cosmic Light

Dear Beloveds!

The 11-11 portal of Light is dawning, and its effects shall last all through the Winter Solstice and until January 11th. This time is known as a sacred triad, which is a major Gateway of moving into higher conscious embodiment and multidimensional functioning. As a New Galactic Human, we must completely trust this process. In this time of transition we are like almighty Phoenixes that are arising from the ashes of the old. We are in between Moon stages and in between worlds, flooded with excitement and ideas and yet not yet fully anchored in this New state. A state of Being that was fully birthed within our shifting awareness and bodies during the Taurus Full Moon will be carried over into the Scorpio New Moon of New beginnings. This "in between" time is a phase of integration and assimilation of new Light downloads, and so we may feel guided to spend more time in our own bubble, in the inner planes of our Being where these shifts and ideas are taking place. This is where our guidance is truly coming from, and it should be completely trusted and followed instead of taken for granted. A New cycle of Soul birth is in development, but we must be patient with ourselves and not rush into anything. Instead, quiet alone time will provide us with everything that we need in this transition stage. The inner Light that brings us all the answers in each moment is within, and this is where our focus is currently held. If we wish to do anything prematurely, the results would not be the same, so we are to trust the nature of Divine timing completely. 

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We are in what feels like an "incubation" stage that is holding our bodies at a certain threshold of frequency which we shall cross when we receive the "green" light for it. This is another wave of Soul integration that helps the transition of our body into a New Galactic form, which is of course a gradual process. During this time we are moving from shadow to light, and know that whenever we do that as a powerful Light Being on Earth, we help to transform that shadow into Light. As Light Beings or volunteer Souls we bring Light through any aspect of Creation, which will change the existing frequency of that expression and make it lighter and brighter. Therefore, Light is always with us as that Essence of illumination through which we alchemize everything at the Core level. This transition and transformation phase will once again result in a new emergence of Light in our Human form, a new way of operability and another layer of new template integrated in our Light body translation and embodiment. This process is completely initiated by us and higher aspects of us as the Galactic Light Family. Whenever we go through this stage, it's like planting new roots deep into the Earth! 

The Human body is a Divine Creation, an intricate design, and an evolving template for higher learning and operability. The higher the consciousness of a Being, the higher the Life Force translation and wisdom of the body need to become, for the physical Ascension is an alchemical embodiment which takes place gradually by raising the Light quotient in the Human body. By becoming aware of this higher process of Life Force mastery and Ascension,  we will be on the pathway of illuminating our bodies and the planetary template for the embodiment of Life. 

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Recently I had an interesting experience. During a "half sleep" state or an altered state of awareness in my dreamtime (just before awakening), I heard a noise. It was a sound of a certain frequency, and I telepathically asked: "What's that sound?" The answer was: "The Pleiadians!" And so this opened an instant telepathic communication flow, in which the group energy told me that I was quite hyperactive lately, and that I need to slow down in order to prepare for what's coming up next. I asked what that is, and the response was: "We cannot say." Then some sort of vibrational work was happening and later on I woke up. As I did, a buzzard bird started making loud sounds, which was rare for that early in the morning. It was a confirmation of Spirit communication that took place vibrationally.

The Light Family spoke of major vibrational changes, which our bodies need to be ready for. This is the next level of our physical Ascension, which is a precipitation of a higher Light that is streaming through our planet at this time. This higher perspective and unified merge of the physical and non physical is guiding us into a higher expansion and operability with attracting very high frequencies to integrate and embody. And remember, those who are here as volunteer Souls will have to embody a very high Light quotient as our agreement of selfless service to planetary and Human Ascension. We do not go anywhere outside of ourselves to seek "home", we bring a higher Essence of what Home truly means here on Earth. We vowed to complete this mission at the Higher Self level! Take your time to retreat and replenish your body this month, for it's a part of a sacred task.

The Taurus Super Moon brought with it a powerful manifestation of dreams. This doesn't necessarily mean that everything would unfold for us right away, but that we Now finally see what we need to do in order to make it all happen. It is helping to activate a powerful inner knowing of our unique creativity through which we will bring everything about. This is an earthy/sensual time when the wisdom of our bodies is ready to reveal many secrets to us. The process of earthy sensuality coupled with spiritual wisdom and insight can produce the most powerful results. For example, we might have all the resources that we need, but we must still learn how to properly use them and direct our energy in a focused manner. 

This is a time to make the spiritual real, which means that we work with the White Light to bring the Essence level of anything that we are working on into this physical earthly realm of experience. Our Light quotient increases this way, and so does our embodied power to co-create. This of course, is a process of refining our dreams and visions until they fully align with the Core Essence level. We have built a proper foundation, and that is why we are Now allowed the insight which will take us deeper, especially because the Sun is in Scorpio. This is when the energy of the water's creativity mixes up with earthy spiritual practice in a grounded way. The more we live through our body's Cosmic wisdom, the more power we have to bring it down to Earth and shift ourselves and the collective energies vibrationally. The White Magic lives in all of us, and it's time that we use it through the Divine Law of benevolence and greater good, to assist this planet and all physical Life on it, to shift into a higher vibrational form! This is a deeply creative time, and whatever we have started with, it's now time to finalize and make things happen!

We have received so much Light information during this Taurus Full Moon. Many claim that Full moons are lunations of releasing, but they are in Truth lunations of fullness and manifestation. An energy reaches its peak of fulfillment and is therefore ready to manifest a new level of creation in our reality. We will feel that culmination as being "pregnant" with new life and ideas. As a conscious co-creator, we then work to bring this energy into something tangible and real. Our latest Supermoon was in the sign of Taurus, and when the Sun is in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus, we are working with the energy of the Pleiades, which is every November and then again every May. The climax is around the 15th of the month or when the Sun reaches the Galactic degrees (of the Galactic Core). However, at this time many new ideas and projects are arising within our creative imagination due to this celestial influence and Light infusion. This energy is guiding us to go within, where these ideas can be harnessed and nurtured to their highest potential. Something deeply Cosmic and Universal is stirring up inside of us.

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I AM starting with the transmission of Cosmic messages from the Family of Light within the unified Galactic perspective. These are meant to serve the embodiment of the ascended Galactic Human. The messages will be shared when inspired by the Galactic Pulse of Light in our collective Ascension process and the Ascension of Beloved Gaia. The first message is as follows:

The ascending Humans Beings will have to start awakening to the unified Galactic perspective, which holds the various Galactic missions of many intergalactic races of Beings. In order to understand their own place in the Galaxy, they will need to remember their Galactic history, not just what they know as their own history on planet Earth, because the planet itself has always been linked with various other Star systems and their own interplanetary influences. The journey of Galactic Ascension supersedes personal Ascension and therefore brings in the various components of several Ascension templates from different Galactic origins. Therefore, each group of interstellar Beings has their own place in the Galaxy itself, as their stations of embodiment serve as various training grounds or schools of learning. As Earth Beings begin to understand their place and involvement in the Galactic history of All Life in Creation, they will be able to move into a higher degree of Light awareness. Through this higher Light awareness, they will more easily understand the various missions that each of the numerous Beings hold within the Whole of Creation. We are already beginning to understand the nature of different Star Beings and their association with our planet, but we do not yet understand the depth of their undertakings and missions, especially through the unified perspective of the One. There is still a lot of illusion present and confusion about the nature of different missions of these variations of Beings. For example, there are many different Beings (whose origin is not of Earth) on the planet at this time, because this planet is at an important juncture point, which makes possible for the influx of various dimensional energies and influences that come with numerous purposes. These include the restoration and completion of certain timelines, bringing healing energy to the planet itself and Humanity, or selfless service to the Whole through higher Light intelligence and Life Force infusion. There are several levels of Creation that many of these Beings come from to this planet at this important time. Every one of them has a unique and deeply specific contract with the planet itself, which occurs at the Core level of Creation. Therefore, only their unified Soul will know and understand why they are here at this time, and for what specific reason. So far we have been trying to classify them and put them in groups, however it's far more complex than that. There are groups within groups and clusters within clusters, and therefore everyone will have to find their own uniqueness beyond such uniformity. However, there is such a thing as a unified mission that applies to everyone who comes here at this time to serve the process of Ascension, and that mission is the integration of polarity and the union of worlds. The Union of worlds is based on Natural Law and is focused upon the bringing together of uniqueness and diversity of various races and their attributes and gifts. This servers the Galactic database of all knowledge which seeks to Self realize and eventually come into its own completion.

Universally speaking, every unique mission within the Whole is deeply purposeful, and we must therefore approach it through Unity that provides a broader perspective in which all are One, and which seeks to unify all the different angles of Creation into a Galactic cradle of complexity and diversity of Life. When seen through the eyes of respect, we see at as Divinity itself sees it through Divine Love. The Gift of Life is then seen as sacred and invaluable. The moment we see Life from this perspective, we see Life as the Creator sees it, or as the Galactic Pulse of Life creates it. The diversity of Beings and Life forms is beyond the current realm of our imagination, and yet we can find correlations (or seeming repetitions) within various specializations wherever we look. This is because in Truth, everything operates through the unified perspective of Source, and can eventually be traced back to this One Prime Source of Origin. In this Source-ness, every single aspect of Creation serves a unique purpose and therefore holds an intrinsic position within the Whole. This means that there is a specific blueprint given to each sovereign aspect at their Core seed level, upon which they will expand and share it with other aspects as well. Although that aspect of Source is unified with all the other aspects and variables, it sees Creation from its own unique angle and experience. The moment an aspect of Source remembers the fullness and perfection of their own unique Existence in Creation, they are ready to Self realize. That Self realization process is not an isolated or completely independent process, because that aspect of Source is tied in to all the other aspects, therefore creating ripples and waves of consciousness transference. We then have one part of the One that is fully capable of "shapeshifting" and transforming the outcome of the Whole. And this brings us to the understanding of how perfectly unique and Divinely intelligent each fragment (or fractal) of the overall Divine intelligence is. And yet, even that just barely scrapes the surface of it all, because the comprehension of Life through the perspective of Source continues to expand, which results in the constant expansion of Life as we know it, and Life as it constantly reinvents itself. When we approach our version of reality through this perspective, we are forever changed, starting to embark upon a path of reinvention and eventually transcendence. We then never wish to interfere or superimpose on others by trying to alter their own course of Source flow. We live in complete sovereign freedom of Source expression and let that freedom of Life Force expression guide every single aspect back Home in its own organic way. As it does so, each Self realized aspect will desire to share this journey with other aspects. And such is the nature of Life, that it constantly experiences itself anew and therefore reinvents itself, which spontaneously gives birth to transcendence through a Self combustion process, just like when a Star creates a supernova and Life begins anew.


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HAPPY 11-11!!!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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