Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Golden/Royal Eclipse season

Dear Beloveds!

Happy month of August, everyone! This is a time of the Leo energy and the royal/Golden Eclipses. We are in for quite a ride, with new golden opportunities and rapid Soul expansion. The heart of the Lion wants to create and share in communion with others. Even when we think that we are dealing with a project alone, it's never really like that. Firstly, we have our Spirit team, then our loved ones who love and support us, and then there are those who are physically incarnated with us, and who dearly love us as well. A lot of people are still feeling alone or lonely on the Ascension path, but there is a difference between passing our initiations alone (in the solitude of our inner Self) and feeling alone. There is a lack of perception in regard to physical support, and a lot of people are still feeling unsupported. While they may have felt supported in the old framework, they are still finding living in the New very challenging. It's not always easy to cross that bridge between the old and the New, from the crumbling old era into a golden New dawn of Soul embodiment. There will be challenges on the way, but our Soul will grow through it all, and these Golden Eclipses will make sure that our passageway is safe and supported. However, this is a passage that we need to allow, to let the Soul in and be resilient amidst change and patient in the integration process. It is something we are doing step by step, and any sense of void is there because we have successfully surrendered something, and now we must only gather the trust for the New which is already being created. All who are patient will be rewarded for this graduation by the Soul, as it doesn't just fly away somewhere, but comes into the body and grows in Light through the evolution and integration of darkness, so that "what shines is golden" truly becomes so. Go forth and create, and by doing so ... illuminate!

We have recently been in deep integration mode, preparing for the energy of this month. This is an 18/9 month of rapid completion and graduation for many. This New energy wave Now desires to be stabilized, so that we can co-create with it. We are asked to spend time outside, exploring the great outdoors and having many adventures that will open our eyes to new things. As we are in Nature, we will be receiving new ideas that come as clear guidance of our Soul. This guidance lies within our current expansion, so we will not find it in old and familiar thoughts and ways of Being. We have to look beyond the known, which is what a sense of adventure always brings us. It is natural for our Soul to want to be of service, by seeking new forms and ways of expression. So often when we feel "spaced out" or experience a void, it is because we are being energetically prepared and tuned in for something greater.

The Soul only desires to expand and serve within those far reaching energy expressions, so if there is a sense of "lack" in our lives, it's because our Soul has something else in store, and we have to allow ourselves to be gradually guided into these new ways of Self expression. The greater we are in terms of sovereign Essence expression, the more Spirit will want to utilize us as a conduit of Divine service. There are many pathways to choose, and yet there's a direct path of a unique Divine Plan set out especially for our Soul. As we become aware of it, we know that the way into it occurs through surrendering to Divine Will. Enjoy your expansion time!

The Lion/Leo is all about royalty/nobility. Everything about the upcoming month of August is about our Golden Self, the activation of our inner royalty and Soul nobility. This time of the "golden Eclipses" is ushering in the possibility of truly living in the Heart of integrity. A lot of people think that they already got this covered, and yet they often avoid true communication and compassion towards everyone. It's so easy to feel "on top of our game" when wrapped up in our own little bubble, rather than truly looking into all the situations and relationships that we need to face. It's time that we either show up 100% or not show up at all, and stop talking about the things we are only thinking, but never truly acting upon. This is what royalty stands for, as it's nobility at its finest. It's genuine richness of the charismatic character that looks out for everyone's wellbeing in Love without trying to please everyone, always aiming for compassion for all in greater good, rather than choosing poor actions that lack integrity and seek to only please the little self. It's time for the first wave of Divine Priesthood on Earth to awaken to its brilliant magnificence!

Although there are forces that seek to manipulate and control, taking away our natural Human rights, spraying our skies and deciding who lives and who dies ... it is not time to give up or merely "try". It is time to be as fierce as a Lion, the king/queen of the jungle, seeking our true sovereign nature in the merging of the heavens and earth, remembering our Galactic heritage and living it right. We have the God Spark within, the Source code that lives in everyone. The time to activate it is Now, by being the rebellious spark that has not forgotten how to fly. And so we rise above the low perspectives of the lesser "gods" by awakening our Source code that lies hidden in our DNA, becoming our own power of the Divine. The time of the Galactivation is here, so let your inner lion/lioness roar by setting yourself fully free. Don't believe what You are being told, but seek the Truth in the unknown, through your authentic nature that knows what it knows!

Watch my Galactic update about this here:

The Leo loves to be in the spotlight and serve in total dedication, as a representative of the leadership energy. There is no greater joy and fulfillment than being of selfless service. However, to be of selfless service is not necessarily an act, it is a state of Being. When we try to be of service by performing all kinds of deeds while still feeling unfulfilled, we are not truly honoring the sacred Heart of Divinity. When we naturally mature into our Self fulfillment and realization, we will become like a beacon for that Light Essence which is totally free and limitless in Self expression of Divine Love. And from this point of Self absorption, we shall expand into the sacred Heart and calling of Divine service. When all from within feels complete, our Presence alone that is initiated into Divinity will be of selfless service. And then no matter where we are, whatever we are doing or whoever we are presently sharing with, becomes infused with our sacred Light of selfless service, whose devotion is only to emanate the purity of Divine Love, always judgment free and seeing the bigger picture of every situation or event. To initiate the sacred Heart of Humanity in Unity opens the gateway to such selfless service, and as we experience it, perhaps for the first time ever, there shall be such joy through the Soul that has Now stepped into the maturity and completion of its wholeness.

Here is my latest Ascension update about this graduation phase:

In order for us to awaken our leadership Essence, we have to discern what is right for us in each moment. I love living by this simple principle of Truth! "If it's not a definite yes, it's a no!" As a Divine sovereign we have to learn to choose through the integrity of our Soul. No one can tell us what's right for us in the moment, because only our Unified Self knows. And we can practice this simple law of inner resonance until it perfectly sits within us, rooted firmly in the soil of our Soul embodiment. It's an experiential wisdom that we are growing into as we continue to align with our highest priorities. Surely there will always be things and people coming along, sometimes trying to sway us in the other direction. But when we know our Core, we are anchored in it so fully that nothing can sway us off center strongly enough. We have become the center of our unified Will! I love the word "commitment" because it denotes devotion to the highest path. And there is no greatness without devoting to that which is greater than ourselves, a higher cause of selfless service!

The Leo also loves its sacred territory. What is sacred space? My favorite thing on Earth besides being of selfless service are my solitary moments in Nature, when it's just me and Gaia ... and no one is looking. With so many people on the planet it's not easy to find such spots, but it's possible. And this is what sacred space means to me, so that complete balance can be felt without disruptions or other energy influences. This balance between honoring our own Source connection and allowing ourselves to co-create with others is a very delicate one, but we must all eventually learn it as a part of our ascending path. We are One and yet we co-exist with all, and so we must find a way of integrating balance through the uniqueness of our Self!

If You have been feeling a huge wave of tiredness and fatigue at this time, please know that You are not alone. Light Beings all around the world are experiencing it. This is all a part of the New energy integration, as our bodies are being prepared for a massive Eclipse season this August. Spirit is calling this time "the Golden Eclipses" and because they are bringing such powerful activations for us, our bodies need to prepare. All those sensitive Beings who are here to serve the planet are feeling this transition, so if You have been feeling this way, know that You are a part of "team Gaia".

It is of major importance that we build community at this time and share our experiences, even if it's an online community and support from the people we resonate with. This builds on the planetary Heart chakra, as we connect as one community of co-creation. And as the body feels tired and like it wants to hibernate, be compassionate towards yourself and others, because after all, we are a part of the same planetary wave and there is not a single Being who is not being affected. For volunteer Souls it might often feel like the whole planet stands still in ignorance as we're doing all the energy work, but let us not forget that we have made the vow to come at this time to assist and to integrate the New wave that leads the Earth into a new multidimensional experience! So respect the needs of your body and rest when You need to, sleep when You are dizzy and take good care of yourself, because your awakened Presence on the planet is of major importance, so never forget that.

Watch my video on experiencing the void:

Sometimes when the body integrates a New energy wave, it doesn't want to engage in practices that raise the kundalini levels even more. At such times the body is in integration mode and it needs peace from raising the energy levels. When it's time, the body will naturally call us out to start gradually rising the Life force again. That's why a yogic practice should always be intuitive, never mentally guided or forced upon. For those of You who are intensely working on integrating the New energies, know how important it is to listen to our body's needs, because resting, napping and relaxing takes away the burden of constant energy processing, so that our body has the proper peace and quiet to integrate. The process of integration goes deep into our neural-networks which have to constantly re-adjust and upgrade the streaming of energy. And then this information stream has to reach every cell in our body and the morphogenetic fields that they are creating for our body to function as a whole unit. So nurture yourself properly and take care!

This time is all about partnership and co-creation as well. As ascending Humans we must realize that we are not isolated individuals. Yes, we are unique and our contribution to the Whole comes through a unique perspective, and yet everyone belongs to a greater Soul complex and then Human collective here on Earth. We must learn to discern what are the things we can only do alone because it's our Soul signature and agreement to this contribution, and where we are enhanced in our evolution by allowing Divine partnership to unfold. This also includes having gratitude for everyone, as our daily lives of Human nature are intertwined with people who perform daily services for us, seen and unseen.

As the gratitude center in our Hearts expands, we will also create more Soul based connections which perhaps don't create in such an obvious tangible way, but rather bring the unique Essences held within our Soul circle together. By opening our hearts we will see that we are never alone, because support is always there for us. Sometimes it comes through a stranger, and other times through a loyal companion. In order to embody the co-creative nature of our Divinity, we must realize that to be in constant partnership with Life is our natural state of Being and our birthright. Therefore, the more we feel supported and see ourselves as Self fulfilled, the more this partnership flow will be established and joyfully lived on Earth, in constant communion, communication and co-creation!

Although it may often seem to us that we are alone, or we may drift into feeding only through our internal Source connection, we are never truly alone. The Source simply differentiated itself into all the individual aspects as Sparks that we are. And through our individualization we grow and evolve in our Source uniqueness, although we also exist at the co-creator level. In this awareness we are all One, interconnected and intertwined through our specializations and unique contributions. In this merging of the inner Source connection (the vertical) and the outer Creation level (the horizontal), we create a perfect balance of complete Soul-Source Union.

And here is a short update on my book writing process, for those of You who follow my unfolding of the Grand Design. Although things of such vast proportions take time to mature and develop in the physical, I'm quite fast! It was funny as I began the process of writing this trilogy, I felt so behind with things and then one day Spirit told me that I'm actually ahead of myself. It's the process of a perfectionist that needs to allow for the bigger vision to manifest through them in perfect Divine timing. It's not a process of getting things done or hurrying with anything, for when You are an "employee" of Holy Spirit, You truly are just a vessel, for better or worse. Anyway, I'm now practically done with my second part, and moving into writing the third one, which will be about the Seed of Life and illumined Union, through the journey of the Cosmic Beloved!

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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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