Tuesday, August 8, 2017

8-8-8: The infinity Gateway of the New Human legacy

Dear Beloveds!

Happy 8-8-8 Lion's gate which is the so-called Gateway of Infinity! This year the Lion's Gate is a triple 8 Gateway of Light which Spirit calls the "Infinity Gateway". This is a magical time for all the Ascension graduates who are just about to sing a powerful hymn as an ode to their living Human legacy. Yes, these ascending Beings are leaving a powerful legacy which is timeless in nature, and which many evolving Beings will imprint upon for generations to come. Many Beings of Light have successfully activated and anchored their White Pillar of Light, which is the Ascension White Light column. This requires a complete integration of all 4 lower bodies and becoming a pure vessel/channel for Spirit Light. For those who have stepped into this Life stage, this is no longer a dream or wishful thinking, but an unfolding reality which is gradually and yet rapidly growing.

This will now require a preparation stage for the New cycle, as there needs to be a period of establishment as a powerful transition. When it's complete, each Being will know this, and they will be called into a New reality very gently and powerfully. This requires full commitment and an increased level of trust on this path of Self mastery, for what is coming next requires even more from us. But it shall flow much more easier and within knowingness. Every great work of Light needs time to mature, and lifetimes or perhaps Eons of Soul evolution. But once the time comes as that pivot point, things just begin to add up together perfectly and flow in a new way, with no more looking back. The legacy that these Beings are living and leaving requires much devotion and is definitely not something achieved over night. It's not an external success or craving for recognition or to be "something" or someone. It's a rare work of art and service that happens with Soul graduation and refinement. The Angels and Masters are rejoicing with those who are paving the Way as the New Human legacy of Light! 

Watch my 8-8-8 Gateway & Spirit channeling video here:

On 7th of August we had an Aquarius full Moon and a lunar eclipse. This is such a powerful time for all of us, plus it happens in between the two Leo New Moons. At this time we are to summon all the courage we can to take those leaps of faith into the New unknown. So many individuals still continue to operate in the same ways of being and behaviors, never truly getting to know what true "Beingness" means. "To be or not to be" are such powerful ancient words which can be reflected upon through higher awareness.

A lot of people are living without truly Being, knowing themselves through the Core Creation level. For example, many still depend on outer circumstances or people to fulfill their dreams. Let's say one would be to say:" Oh, I can't do this without a partner in my Life!" In the polarity of Aquarius/Leo we are truly learning about how our empowered and Heart centered individuality (Leo) affects the Whole through the greater group collective (Aquarius).

We are learning to be brave, bold and independent, so that we could take powerful leaps of forward movement, not only in physical actions, but mostly and foremost in our expanded consciousness. As those forward momentums are built, we will see ourselves as newly inspired, energized and interdependent. This true model of points of consciousness in constant communication with each other (all of us) needs to be learned through independence, so that the old ways of codependency are replaced with inter-relatedness and interdependence.

This will build lasting foundations of true Love connections with those who also seek to empower us. And remember, don't start dealing with other people, what they are doing and making assumptions about their life. Rather connect to them through the sacred Heart space where all is already perfect and Whole. Big changes are only made through lasting foundations, so have the courage to leap into this awareness state. Build your dreams in co-creation with All in devotion and trust that your dreams are coming true when You align with your wholeness from within!

This Aquarius Full Moon lunar Eclipse is teaching us a lot about persistence through higher awareness. A big part of the Aquarius energy is Soul liberation through expanded awareness. Surely Aquarius is about groups and community, but this cannot happen on a higher level without our increased consciousness, where our Soul moves into group Soul awareness of the Oversoul and beyond, which can only occur through expanded awareness. This means that there is no true community without communion. Therefore, this lunation teaches us about letting go who we perceived ourselves to be at a certain point of perception, and releasing these beliefs through surrendering into a vaster group complex. Then from this higher awareness complex, we draw new Core patterns which are no longer distorted and based on ego, but rather they emanate from the purity of Soul perspective!

Are You craving for adventure and retreat at this time? This is perfectly normal for this "graduation time". I continue to get messages about play. As adults we often don't know what "play" should represent, and yet it's so simple. It's allowing ourselves to create through the beauty and Magic of our inner child. It's being spontaneous in each moment without thinking too much. It's living with a sense of adventure through wonder and awe. It's seeing everything as if for the first time, like children always do. Oh, we all know exactly how to be those playful children. We just have to allow our magical inner child to surface, and this will inspire our Divine creativity and fill us with a sense of purpose.

The beauty and purity of Mother Earth makes sure that all of our physical needs are met, and that we feel happy, secure and nurtured through Her infinite abundance. When we feel the deep splendor of Earth's Essence, we feel grounded, supported and always provided for. In turn, we joyfully reciprocate this energy through the giving-receiving act of Divine Love. When our heavenly or celestial focus is fully brought into the earthly environment and living on an integrated basis, we will feel joyful, well nourished and creative. Therefore the balance between Spirit and matter can be achieved while embodied on Earth, knowing that our Soul can be fully accessed and embodied. And so we set our aim towards living Heaven on Earth!

The point of illumination occurs in the fullness of expression and integration of both light and dark as the primary forces of Creation, creation and void. When our understanding matches that of Creation, we see everything through the eyes of the Divine Plan of Perfection. May our Heart center stay radiantly open to new opportunities pointing to new ways of Being, so that we could know true Beingness at the very Core level of Creation and our unique Existence!

Don't ever forget that You are pure Magic. When You begin to experience yourself as such by relating to yourself in this way, Magic of sacred alchemy will respond to You, and Source will fully live through You in its complete state of Self realization. That is why You are here, Beloved!

I AM wishing a happy 8-8-8 Gateway of Light to all those that continue to ascend higher and higher while holding their physical Human form, so that the highest attainment and manifestation of unified Light can occur. This is such a magnificent ascent of pure devotion and selfless service. Surely it requires the sacrifice of all of the lower, but its rewards are multiple and deeply enriching for the evolution of the Whole!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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