Thursday, January 12, 2017

Weaving a New Creation cycle in Cosmic Union

Dear Beloveds!

So we have the first lunation of the year today on January 12th, which is a ruling Cancer Full Moon in 22 degrees, occurring right after an 11:11 code day! This is a culmination and initiation Moon that aligns us with both endings and beginnings, as we are tuning into what we truly wish to experience this year and aligning with the vibration that makes that happen! The moment when we really choose to engage in a higher vibration and reality, everything within that magnetic resonance will align in order to create that for us externally. We simply have to accept ourselves unconditionally and feel our worth and value beyond just feeling needed. We are wise enough Now to know that these are all aspects of us that are playing and co-creating, and how we really make this happen is allowing the lower aspects of us receiving from the higher aspects. This is the true Nature of Divine Union, and the moment we understand the natural flow of this, we no longer have to control, try hard or push things into manifestation.

Watch my Master Full Moon report for all the volunteer Souls out there:

Instead, we merge with a field of Cosmic Unity, which is an intrinsic part of everything and everyone, and so we know that fulfilling our Heart desires has an uplifting effect on everyone and the Whole. The Divine Mother nurturer (Cancer archetype) works through everyone of us, but evermore so through those who allow themselves to receive from this Universal force of pure Love that has the Power to create and end life. And so we continue to breathe the sacred breath of Life (the holy Life force) that will increase our awareness and guide us towards everything that we need in order to fulfill and Self realize. It is not complicated, nor does it have to be for us as Human counterparts in this grand Universal design. When we get the code of Life, we live by it and we share it in Divine service. During this Full Moon, make sure to connect with your roots, earthly heritage, Stellar heritage, Galactic heritage and the Universal Beloved/belonging within the Great All! Meditate and plant the seeds of belonging joy wherever You are and wherever You may venture out!

Watch my video on how volunteer Souls are experiencing these shifts within their mission through Soul agreements and contracts:

There is a great new wave of balance available to us. We are completing many of our Soul contracts which might have felt very challenging to us at a particular point, and Now they no longer do. When we fully neutralize the energy behind these agreements of the Soul, we will feel nothing but Love and a sense of maturity that will permeate the experience between ourselves and another. For those of us on the path of Divine Union, many of these Soul contracts served to get us into a state of complete Self confidence and mastery, because we wanted to be there for the world in its transition phase and many of the Souls inhabiting this planet who do wish to engage with the Light deeper and evolve to greater states of enlightened partnership and communion.

There is a profound and yet subtle knowing when the Soul agreement is complete. It feels neutral, solid and non attached, without the need to release anything, for the release and transcendence are already a natural part of this completion. This is a number 1 year of the Magi's Initiative, so this completion can be felt on many levels, but for those of us walking the Twin Soul path, this will be most felt in our shifting relationship paradigm. A lot of old relationships feel comfortable and familiar, and as much as they can provide for us materially, they cannot feed our Soul through the richness of Divine manna, the nurturing Love for our Soul. We might have felt an intense Love and belonging on many levels, and yet we know that there is more for us out there and to achieve with our Divine service, so we must consciously withdraw our Life force and prepare for waves of New Love on deeper levels of Soul that are here to serve the Whole through Divine Love!

We are shifting realities and merging deeply into the harmony of Unity consciousness! Are You ready to shift from service to self into service to others timeline!? And that means true Divine service, not self glorifying acts of egoic mentality that does things to gain popularity and renown for the work! True humble acts of Light service often go unnoticed and are deeply impersonal, but in Truth that matters not to those who are truly focused on devotion to Truth and Self mastery in order to serve within illumination!

There are many Unions and Reunions occurring on our planet at this time, as the sacred Soul convergence naturally unfolds for us. For many of us it might feel like nothing much is happening on the outside, but this is because a great level of clarity and neutrality is sweeping us under its feet, so that we can go through a preparation phase and a sacred adjustment. What this preparation requires of us is to hit a level of vibration which we agreed upon, and this can be felt as hitting the right note on a musical instrument. So just as we were pressing all the various musical notes all of our life in order to get truly acquainted with the whole Human experience, there eventually comes a time when we are fully ready to hit our own personal note.

This is the note of resonance that matches our unique Soul signature so completely that all the previously played notes fade away in comparison. It's in hitting this note that we get to feel fully at home, vibrationally aligned and living as the perfect embodiment of our Soul. It's this moment we've been waiting for in perfect harmonious attunement. We Now understand the meaning of all the other notes which were different vibrational experiences that we required for our mission. But Now we have gathered them into a synthesized whole and we have walked this part of the path with Grace and in constant initiation. Now it's time to reap the rewards, to align with our truest Heart desires from inside out and to physically create the homecoming that we have pre-planned in our destined reality of Divine Union!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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