Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Becoming the New Humans

Dear Beloveds!

We are becoming the New Humans more so every day. The destruction we have all been moving through is only the ruin of the old, the no longer fitting, authentic and resonant! This relates to the New energy influx and when these New Cosmic waves come, they will blast everything out of the way, which is everything that limits the expansion and expression of our Soul! Our Soul needs to feel free to soar in our Human body, and so the old can be seen as something fixed and enigmatic, but as the Light of the Divine hits it, all the walls and heavy bricks begin to fall away and dissipate! In Truth, this speaks of courage and liberation, and those who are brave enough to see the Light in everything (even in the seeming darkness) are going to continue to expand and break all false boundaries, so that only that which is real shall remain! Too often we keep ourselves stuck in the same mind sets, same routines and beliefs, but when the Divine "Eye" comes and leaves its signature upon us, it puts everything into a new and fresh perspective! The liberation is the first step towards healing and illumination. Hope is inspired by trust not fear, and sometimes certain events need to happen to truly hit us on our head so that we can see the Light of the Truth beyond all illusion!

Recently a lot of new Masters of Self in training embraced so much of themselves that a new level of sovereign Being was created! All the initiations, tests and trials of the Self in order to rise and give birth to our illumined Self are culminating and coming into a completion! A New Self is emerging against all the odds, which means that we become more empowered against all adversity, external conditions and projections of others! This is not an easy initiation, because it requires a complete withdrawal and internalization of our genuine Spirit Life force, in order to initiate that New birth in complete authentic mastery! 
For us to do so, we had to liberate so many illusory layers of the Self and come into deep inner Union! With this new chapter of Mastery our newfound completion will give birth to a new initiative of Spirit, a New Divine decree for all the sovereigns! Our new roles as leaders of consciousness will be presented to us in Divine timing, with great appreciation for all that we have already established! There is great growth in adversity, and we shall be known for our courage and called the Brave Ones!

There are New waves of energy constantly streaming in! Cosmic energy waves have no dates and timelines, only Humans do! We align with a preferred timeline through the power of focus and conscious choosing! We are always just a choice away from being a spiritual sovereign, a Being choosing mastery and illumination pathway above all else! Masters in Cosmic service know what they have chosen and what they continue to choose in every Now moment.

The more sovereign we are, the more we have the ability to Be the Self in Human form and to radiate Bliss. Miracles are then found everywhere, but when we become so busy with Life on the outside, we can fail to notice the Magic that is constantly unfolding all around us! It is the biggest Miracle on Earth to Be Self aware and full of innocence and purity as the Divine child that we are, embracing the free life in simplicity! This means doing what we want and what our Life force dictates us, every day, not just sometimes. And that is the biggest Miracle and Self offering to the world!

To become the New sovereign comes through many layers and initiations. As One lives their true Essence on all levels with full knowing and confidence in embodiment, they have the ability to trigger and generate that in others ... Simply by being who they are! This is because all Lights are One within the Grand Pool of Divine Love, and so when one of the Light sparkles and dances in their authentic Soul origin, the other ones begin to be stirred too, feeling the gentle shakes of their true Soul awakening! This is what it means to Be a true Way shower ... To simply become the embodiment of Life itself, the Purity of Spirit Life force in action.

Many of us are being called to even greater depths of our Heart! Our Soul is showing us a deeply unique path for us and it's a natural growth occurrence, so the more Soul aligned we are, the more authentic we become in our embodiment and the less we compare ourselves with others! We began the month of July with a beautiful Cancer New Moon on July 4th, which is symbolic for creating our own roots, Soul Home roots as well as our belonging home space in the physical! The more that we allow ourselves to live an authentic and free life without projecting our hopes, desires and ideas onto others! A word "idea" actually implies an ideal, and that ideal is true only for us, for only we feel the feelings that are in our Heart! Our Heart is cracking and breaking wide open, and that is perfectly natural and okay!

Our Soul that guides us through the Wisdom of our Heart only wants the best for us, so when we don't feel good we need to face the reasons for that being so. Usually that will be because we haven't fully followed our Heart and Now our feelings want to show us more Love, freedom and authenticity! For many of us Life has become all about Self mastery and nothing that we live and experience is not for that mastery, for we are growing into our deeply liberating sovereign nature! Our Heart does not really need healing, it's already perfect, it only wants to be honored and listened to! We got this, and as we learned about Self value through core wounding and relationships, we have been shown so much about ourselves! How amazing is that!

We are loved and supported beyond measure and our Heart already feels this simple Truth! A lot of us are retreating, but not only for the purposes of vacating, but mostly for deep Self re-alignment and focus through Self evaluation! We need understanding to complete our cycles and move into New Divine birth! Walking away from what no longer sustains us will help us create the space for New creations! We are constantly creating, it's only our awareness of it that changes and expands! We get bigger and wider!  

On our path of Ascension we have to consider many different factors in terms of how to integrate the Self. A lot of individuals are using Ascension as an excuse to avoid real life and responsibilities such as family or other Soul agreements that we made on this physical plane! Remember that the personal path we are walking on is not separate from our Ascension, so our Ascension is not just about meditating, reading books and expanding our knowledge database! Physical Ascension in Truth is a vibrational Soul alignment that draws from the higher realms in order to develop and establish a balanced synthesis in our physical realm! With such interrelatedness we are actually ascending and descending simultaneously, as these are not two separate processes! 

Our family and our social environment (our neighborhood) are a perfectly encoded design that we have chosen on a Soul level to expand in our Self mastery, not to avoid it and try to run away from it all! Ascension is complete acceptance and only with true compassion for everything do we grow and expand in our horizontal reality! The more we embrace things and environments, the more we also transcend them naturally, not through force and trying, but simply creating a new vibrational template to build upon! We are becoming the change in order to instigate more change!

Here is my latest Ascension update:

A lot of us on the path of Self mastery are currently undergoing strong initiations where we need to speak our Truth and healthy boundaries! We are the New inspirations of courage, fierce nature, free spirit and sovereign integrity! Whoever tries to bring us down and instills doubt within us should better watch out! No more silencing, for we are becoming the embodiment of untamed Life force, running carefree and in endless creativity! Our mastery work of Light is wherever we are, because it's not about where we are and what we do, but who we are! Our Essence just naturally always radiates! And we meet the kind of circumstances that build up our inner muscle towards more mastery! Ascension is both a Soul choice and the Human choice to integrate Self mastery in our physical embodiment! Both go together hand in hand as One!

We are at another threshold with new choices to be made. The thing with the freedom to choose is that our choices continue to shift in the present moment, because we are shifting so drastically fast Now. We may have so many ideas that come and go, some of them stay longer and others have a short period of duration and are here only to remind us of what has already passed. So many of us have shifted in our perceptions so much that it can Now almost scare us to see how simple Life can be. We no longer have to struggle, be somewhere special or do something "spectacular" in order to truly feel amazing and like we belong. We have been through so many experiences which were needed to act as a bridge/pioneer into our ascending reality, for Human awareness learns much through contrast and relating experiences with others and the world at large. We needed to become fully Human in order to become fully Divine in our Soul embodiment.

We are Now possibly feeling the growing pains of what it means to live a simple Life of higher frequency. We won't necessarily embrace that so easily, for some it may even be quite the challenge after getting used to the idea of needing to constantly manifest and make things happen. Higher Creation level is all about inviting in the Soul and allowing it to become our chariot. This also means that we are giving up the things that we have outgrown and transcended, because the Divine laws of vibration and compensation want to bring us something else and New, which cannot happen when we cling to the old and familiar. A simple life may feel like just another routine if we look at it on a surface level, but when we go deeper we will see that something else is at hand. The more we unplug and withdraw our Life force from all the unnecessary external things, the more we will know how to cultivate it from within in our Self mastery and know what is truly of our own creating!

It's easy to draw the Life force from the outside resources, and the Human kind has been doing that for Eons. Now it's time to become a conscious Self Master who generates and utilizes the Power of the Life force from their sacred fire within and merging it with the planetary sacred fire through the tantric connection and unity with the natural world and all of the alchemical elements! Only that way can we become the potent Force, the fifth element Human in physical form! We have been transforming into that and we continue to do so! The more we trust this process, the less conflict and confusion we will feel and the more we will honor the Self in how we are becoming and why we are choosing it!

Here is my video on the path of Self mastery in depth:

Self mastery pathway requires a lot of focus on solitary rest, meditation and conscious reflection! When our solitude becomes not an excuse or an exit strategy of avoidance, but a conscious tool for Self mastery, it is never used with remorse, sadness or regret! We work with our solitude to advance internally, so that our physical path of following Spirit guidance will become more conscious as well! It's easy to find bliss and peace in our meditations, but we must also use our meditations in our daily life and all of our activity! The more we embrace our solitude and alone time, the more these things will become obvious to us and we will embody more of the Self! 

We need to know not just how to use our creative Life force, but also how to withdraw it from something that we have outgrown because it can scatter our energy. True Masters of Self know how to use their focus and withdraw their Life force in order to truly use it for greater good in Divine birth. Those who are on the conscious path of Self mastery understand the meaning of solitude as completely equal to partnership and cooperation that leads to co-creation! Without fully knowing the Self, how can we give to another, and how can we have understanding for others without proper Self understanding? We are to cherish every gift of conscious (Soul chosen) solitude, for it truly is a Gift!

The decision to nourish our Soul no matter what the outside circumstances might be is to honor the Self! In deep searing Presence only Grace pervades, for everything else dissolves and is replaced by the soft and warm genuine Presence of our illumination! It is not selfish to always choose ourselves first, for we cannot give off of ourselves when we are an empty container! We need to fully fill our vessel and embody our Soul, and in that act of soulfulness we shall connect to All That Is for all is interconnected! We are not just one occupation, label or even an archetype! We are multidimensional and free, and our Higher Heart always guides us by allowing our Life force to lead us to where we need to Be, doing what we should be doing, not what we think we must! All the conditions fall away and we stand there bare naked, with only the nourishment of our Soul and for the Soul! The Primordial Life Force of Source always knows the right course where all Life is headed!

Without consciously feeling the gratitude for everything it's hard to move into new things and cycles! Each completion of a cycle asks us to Be with it for a while, walk through the creations of our Life that have helped to shape us into who we are today! Each master of the Self in training needs to constantly and consciously reflect on the magnitude of their creations, the purpose, meaning and reason for their existence! These evaluations actually help us with the new choices that we will make and Soul pathways that we will create! Here is to what was and what yet awaits, through the eternal Eye of what Is ... the Now! 

Self Masters are meant to create their own sovereign paths, not following those of others! Each Being was born on a Soul individualized level as a unique Essence but the more we begin to refine our mastery, the more group consciousness we will attain! This is not to be confused with following a particular group in the physical! This refers to a greater Light quotient that we can embody and utilize from within and merge our Human counterpart with our grandiose Spirit of the "I AM"! 

We can either stay in the "up and above" or anchor our descending Light into the creative below! The power of our ascended descent makes us true artisans and Masters of Earth, knowing how to navigate the physical realm of Existence in all of its Divine glory! We no longer see physicality as a "curse" or necessary evil, for we know that every cell of Creation is Divine! We can either play with it and enjoy, becoming the most beloved child of Creation that we are, or stay in the rut of the victim mentality! The descending Power of our Spirit moving into every fiber of our body is a powerful thing! Many fear such power because of the knowledge that it makes our every thought manifest almost instantly, and yet it's our natural birthright to live in such a reality of the Great "I AM"!

Our Self mastery includes the Gift of solitary rest, meditation and conscious reflection! When our solitude becomes not an excuse or an exit strategy of avoidance, but a conscious tool for Self mastery, it is never used with remorse, sadness or regret! We work with our solitude to advance internally, so that our physical path of following Spirit guidance will become more conscious as well! It's easy to find bliss and peace in our meditations, but we must also use our meditations in our daily life and all of our activity! The more we embrace our solitude and alone time, the more these things will become obvious to us and we will embody more of the Self! Those who are on the conscious path of Self mastery understand the meaning of solitude as completely equal to partnership and cooperation that leads to co-creation! Without fully knowing the Self, how can we give to another, and how can we have understanding for others without proper Self understanding? We are to cherish every gift of conscious (Soul chosen) solitude, for it truly is a Gift!  

When we use our masterful energy wisely, we will do less talking, more tuning in and deep pondering, so that our energy can be conserved and used for greater good not trivial things of lesser nature! Our natural state of inner mastery naturally creates this body refinement as we progress in awareness and elevate in our frequency! It is time for more purity of the Self to shine through, with greater transparency, less pressure and false sense of "responsibility"! It's time for the "I AM" to lead the way into embracing the simple Human gifts and pleasures in our unique authenticity! There is much to be discovered in that simplicity of Truth in Soul alignment!

When You begin to truly immerse in the Self and it is deeply real and authentic, You won't be able to stop! The world of You will become so deeply intriguing and interesting that all You will want to do is spend more time with You, discovering the many aspects of your Cosmic Beloved nature, hanging out with yourself to acquaint yourself with them and embody all of them as You are being called deeper into your true Home! That is what your inner Divine Reunion truly feels like! You begin to love yourself so much that You only want to devote your loving focus to that which flows through You most organically as You never wish to live in a forced reality anymore! Natural spontaneity of Spirit exploring its Creation (matter) is who You become! You wish to honor and celebrate You every day! 

Divine Union is also much about encounters with others that make us more aware of ourselves, of feeling Love through the reflection of another, falling in love with Love itself and the awakening inner sexuality! Our inner sexuality can only go as far before meeting up with another who can act as a mirror for our next level of Self knowledge and initiation! When we fall in love, we actually fall in love with aspects of ourselves through another, and if we become more consciously aware of that, our Human relationships will grow and expand! There are certain meetings with others that are completely destined, which is encoded within our awakened Life force, and we often feel and recognize such Unions rather quickly! 

Here is my video on illumined Union:

Our Soul passion is meant to be reawakened with each partial reunion, so that the complete Union of Self can eventually take place within oneself and the Union with another in a tantric embrace! Divine Union is not a finalized stage, for there are many levels and layers/stages of Union, which are all parallel experiences of Life Force consciousness through Soul attainment. Our Divine Union keeps on expanding all the way up to the Great Cosmic Beloved ... the Source of All Life in Creation!  

Only Nature can provide Humans with everything that they truly need to live in total Paradise, and only in co-creating with Nature in an organic way can we regain the knowledge that was once lost and forgotten! We can do it! While the majority of the world is moving into a timeline of technological advancement and almost robotic disconnection with Nature, there are those of us who are ascending into becoming the New Humans! Nature never forgot the knowledge, everything will be revealed to us yet again if only we choose it as our New ascended reality! 
The need for being is much stronger Now than the need to do and many of us feel that strongly! We are longing for that organic freedom and lifestyle and although Humans have been dividing work and holiday for centuries, we are Now realizing that this too needs to be unified for those on the ascending pathway! We are free sovereign beings who should freely decide when we want to work/create and when we just want to play, in order to restore that perfect balance of the Human factor! Our Divine nature already knows this, it's our Human mind that needs to make that leap jump into the liberation of the New!

We can reflect on how much we have shifted into parallel reality. For many of us things are changing from inside out. Our true Home is who we are and as we embrace that, our Essence will start reflecting and creating new things to us. Many of us already feel much withdrawn from the ordinary world and the hustle and bustle of Life! We are realizing that we are not a part of the collective because we are shifting into our own timeline, and so we don't have to tune into the energy and doings of the masses. We are creating our own unique ascending timeline, which will lead us deeper into the many layers of Self and the deepened connection with the natural world!  

The more we search for belonging and a feeling of "home" outside of ourselves, the more disappointed we will be in life! Only when our inner world can be authentically aligned with the outside reality, do we know that we have mastered the "homecoming" process of Soul embodiment! To be our perfect original Self relates to creating and experiencing the kind of authentic "routine" that truly fits us on all levels, not just some! It is our most sacred ritual of Self honoring. A sense of "arrival" is not found within the seeking, although the seeking process makes us eventually have those realizations from inside out! The very Essence of what Home means to us is that "limited" sacred space within the infinite, so that we may feel temporarily settled in the world of endless opportunities and live the middle path between focus and boundaries and unlimited possibility and constant change, and to have a sacred space to which we always return to! A Home within the home! 

Our dream time is becoming more intense and multidimensional Now too. Do You know that when we nap, our Soul often travels places and does things? So we never have to control ourselves or feel guilty about this process because our Soul always knows exactly what is doing! It is totally in control, not our often limited Human minds! I often get carried with the wind and the sounds of the water, and although I can never fully fall asleep in Nature because of so many natural disturbances, I allow myself to drift away if only for a short while! If we feel a bit dizzy after opening our eyes, that even more so confirms that just as we drifted off, our Soul did as well! Do You feel like You've been somewhere after waking up from a short nap!?! Then You must have been traveling! 

It's time to let go of control and surrender to the flow of the unknown that makes all Life go! The appreciation for what Is and what we have attained brings us new blessings of the Divine, and if we continue to open our Mind, we will be able to better tune into our Heart, as they go hand in hand, stirring the wheels of time! Enjoy Life and the Life force within You will grow stronger! Trust yourself and that this is so! Life is simple, the less complex we make it, the more gratitude we will feel for all that we are and all that surrounds us!

There should be no labels and no words for how we love all Life! We are Divine treasure beyond measure! If every single Human Being returned to an ounce of that feeling, we would have already lived in total Paradise! Just do it! Test your "limits", exercise your body and your own will! Ye are all Masters! Always leave your wonders only when there is nothing else to wonder about! Self fulfillment through completion and personal mastery needs to occur as a natural process that flows through our Soul organically!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. We are heading towards a Full Moon in Capricorn, which is taking us into a new level of our destined commitment. Our Divine Destiny is something so mystical and magical that can only truly be felt in deep surrender to our Essence which is a mystical experience with our Source Self and all Life in Creation! As we truly embrace the path we are already perfectly traveling on, it is about to get so magical! Life can become so full of new inspirations, creative muses and travel plans into the great unknown! True happiness comes when we release all expectations about it! Blessings come knocking at our door when we simply do our Human input while always focused on our divinity! As we surrender all worry, stress leaves our reality and like a breath of fresh air, new things and experiences come! Nature is our playground and with such a large portion of Humanity disconnecting from Nature and harmonious co-existence, Ascension Pioneers become the true artisans of Nature Bliss! The Full Moon says that it's time to unplug, connect deeper to Nature and have a vision quest or two! Everything else can wait!

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