Monday, June 13, 2016

New Creation cycle & Reunion

Dear Beloveds!

A lot of us are feeling the dawning of a new creation cycle, but we are unable to fully place our finger on it quite yet, because it feels so unknown and unstable. As the new Light quotient streams forth on the planet, it has to descend into matter and therefore move through many layers of "densified" energy. This makes us feel more irritable, fatigued and in anguish, for our conscious minds are not always aware of what is happening behind the scenes and they need some time to process and adjust (catch up). As Humans we still like to rationalize things and make sense of everything, and Now this habitual patterning is being dissolved. Just because we cannot see something with all of our physical senses, doesn't mean that it does not exist, and we also don't need to label our every single ascending experience. Any label is only good for a short time of being until we dissolve and transcend it. At times we must simply allow for everything to naturally align and coagulate in a perfect way.
Some old things also need to be digested before we make our new steps, and until every single layer is in alignment with the totality of our New Being, we will continue to make tiny steps until we are ready to make a bigger move and shift drastically. Everything is a process of unfolding, so we don't have to reason with it. We only have to listen and merge our heart with the mind, and Truth with compassion for the Human experience. On every level of our Ascension journey we meet a new aspect of the Self, moving closer into the God Self of our Prime Existence. We are always where we need to be, and as we are lighting our own way, we are also lighting the way for others. We are passing the torch, and this primarily occurs through our energy emanations, sound harmonics and love exchanges that we focus upon. We don't have to work with effort that much anymore or use so many words to explain, defend or overly protect our own position or that of others. The energy already changed and we are different. We are ready to begin emitting on a higher octave of Being!  

We have been anchoring a new energy wave which has Now stimulated a new growth cycle for us. All of a sudden we may Now find ourselves wanting to create new routines and healthy life choices, as well as finally changing the name of the game! This means that if there are things that we have been thinking and talking about for a while Now, it's Finally time to start acting on them! The law of energy flow is so natural, that it simply cannot be forced! Sometimes we may try so hard at accomplishing something, but it simply won't work. At other times we are able to effortlessly move through anything, following the guided action steps by fully trusting ourselves. This is one of such times, so we can use this great "yang" energy to finish our projects, complete things from the past, because with the upcoming Full Moon and the Light of Solstice on June 20th/21st, we will begin a New Creation cycle!

So many of us are ready for this, which is to live our greater dream on higher density level and do only that which feels most natural and benevolent for us! It's those healthy choices that we make Now that are affecting what we are to bring with us into that new cycle! This is such a potent energy, and we can firmly affirm "Yes" to ourselves and get things done! We are the ones turning fate into Destiny, and with that growing into an even bigger potential of who we are that has not yet been realized and explored! 

All this New will open up as we complete all that we wish to bring into fruition before we raise even an octave higher! We don't have to fear those next steps, because our Soul is always the driving vehicle of our Being, and we know exactly where we are going, even when we think that we don't! The dissolving Light is not just dispersing the old, but bringing the New, so all that we surrender Now, will reap even greater results later! It all comes back to us eventually!

Here is my video about the current process we are undergoing:

There is so much happening behind the scenes at this time! Our bodies are being rewired and prepared to receive new energy waves! When this happens, we are receiving new messages and signals about our current choices which align with our New. When this is so, our focus needs to be placed on our body and ourselves, so that we are not blocking the energy flow of Divine receptivity. We might wish to do other things, but our Soul will make sure that we surely pay attention to what is truly going on. Divine messages can stream in many different ways, from our inner knowing or through other people and other signposts. New openings will always create new energetic pathways, which we can only access with great focus and perseverance. The messages that we may be receiving at this time are not just fleeting momentary guidance nuances, they are also announcing larger energy themes and revelations ... in the bigger scheme of things.

We may, for example, finally understand why we are built a certain way and why we respond to life in such a unique way. It is so important to understand our energy flow and how we are. Our uniqueness is such a beautiful thing, a gift of the Divine. There will be new things driving our focus and luring us into a new energy stream, so we must not fear the unknown or get too defensive about the already familiar and established. When things leave their energy signature, it's hardly ever permanent, for we are moving through the waves of constant expansion. What will have our current focus is much more important for us to observe than what we perceive it should be happening. The answers lie in swimming with the stream, learning the art of utmost surrender and losing control in order for our grand Self to finally be in charge! Spirit is making sure that we are receiving what we need to ... we only need to make sure that we are the conscious recipient! Take heed, feel into the New! It soon comes to You! 

A lot of individuals are Now completing the density of experiencing on karmic levels of energy, moving into a cycle of co-creative partnership, Soul family gatherings and the coming together of the ascending Humanity! Yes, there are still those that are not choosing to ascend and continue to feed on separation, and many of those signed up to serve our Earth mastery at this time, as we worked on mastering our own energy and inner polarity through personal relationships of different kinds. As we are slowly but firmly entering a new vibrational cycle, we will be asked to let go of such a way of experiencing, which needs to come as a conscious choice, a sovereign decree of our true Self! If we wish to enter into this new energy dynamics and mastery, we need to will it so! Great times lie ahead of us, and we are the ones moving those changes along!

Everything comes into existence through our conscious alignment, and as we are taking those new steps, it might feel weird and spacy at first, because the New has no drama, energy hooks and entanglements! It is based on pure love, respect and adoration for each other. Everything that is not in that alignment only serves to deepen our Self mastery and makes us choose even more wisely! We are meeting members of our Soul tribe and connecting through the Cosmic Heart, growing in brotherhood and sisterhood! As we know who we are, we know that our natural state is pure Love, so we deserve to be treated with love and respect, not ego games and endless battlefields! Because we no longer choose to fight for who we are and work hard for it, we choose to be who we are naturally, only by staying true to who we are and our higher will! That lifts our frequency and makes us love as a sovereign Being, with discernment and honest assertion!

We don't bring ourselves down anymore because we know our true worth, value and inner shine, and so others can no longer bring us down as well! We are gentle warriors of the New!

There are so many around the globe who are beginning to awaken at this time, realizing what they are truly here for on this beautiful planet and knowing that there are currently bigger things at hand than just our personal realities. There is so much unfolding and blossoming behind the scenes! So many Humans are also remembering their true power of Light, and that they do not have to suffer or feel pain in order to grow! As we are moving into a lighter density, we are releasing old karmic patterns and programs of the third density Human and slowly getting introduced and used to the New Light templates! This is not always an easy process, for our cells carry so much memory and since everything is always stored in the infinite information database of One! But as we begin to release even the idea of memory in our pain bodies, we will enter into a new way of being. We need to begin working with our New Light body which is perfectly restored, rejuvenated and held within the new template that goes beyond our current record memory.

We can do that in many ways, for there are many Light exercises at our disposal. The easiest and most effortless way into our unified Light body is to begin working with the White Light, feeling into how the spiral of white Light daily cleanses and rejuvenates our cells with a powerful vacuum, feeling how everything that is not of our New template is dissolving and leaving our experience! The ascending resurrection process does not have to be difficult or complicated, and although it does require the proper "burial" of the old, it is not something that we need to hang on for too long, because it only keeps us in the old! The next time we find ourselves struggling with something or try too hard even to let go, we can simply visualize the spiraling White Light, working with it in Unity consciousness! It is that powerful and we will know how to simply allow that Almighty Power to work in flow with our physical bodies!

It's time to finally embrace our full Light emanation and shine, and doing the proper energy mastery work in order to become fully New! We have everything that we need for our Ascension, we just need to know how to use it!

Descended Ascension denotes stability, grounded action and living our present choices physically, not just energetically! To live our Heaven on Earth, we must choose vibrationally, energetically, mentally and emotionally, so that the physical reality would shift as well! Doorways don't just open on their own, it's our vibrational alignment that creates them, and then our physical Being chooses to live and embody that alignment with conscious action. When we master that, we become our own Master Pillar, ready to activate a higher potential of choosing in others as well, becoming a humble way shower for others and the collective shift! As we master our inner world, there will always be even more to master, bringing our beautiful Light out into the world and our communities, where the potential for brotherhood and sisterhood will grow and expand. The Pillar of two is a solid and stable formation, while a pillar of four promotes and denotes physical achievement and earthly mastery, which is a foundation of all that is cooperative, familiar and based on Unity consciousness! Divided we stand, together we thrive!

We are always tuning into infinite Creation potentials, becoming more of a conscious Creator, growing in our own unique God-head, the sovereign I AM awareness. As we ascend in our Human form, we begin to take notice of how our energy creates and how it emanates and radiates outwardly, bringing our seeds into the world. It comes after a decision of what line of creativity we will follow, for although we are multidimensional beings, we still experience things as a part of a linear process. There are always infinite choices, but as we merge our free will with a Great Will, the perfect Creation begins to appear in front of our awareness, beginning to sprout forth through our conscious mind. 

This is where we might physically consider undertaking a new project or wanting to move our energy towards conscious service. As we take what we do personally out into the world, we begin to meet new aspects of ourselves, and we start realizing that we desire feedback and co-creative partnership as well! Nothing is impossible or unreachable when we partner up with Spirit first, forming a Divine Trinity between our Spirit, Soul and personality. Here our identity no longer creates, but the most holy potential of our Soul in Human form that wants to feel how it is to radiate and freely express ourselves! 

How do we create in the New energy mastery template? The New energy mastery is all about creating the proper conditions for our abundance to grow! When we are so full of passionate but also down to earth creativity, we are truly able to achieve anything that we desire! The drive and stamina that we invest into our creations daily is beyond ordinary luck, because it comes through commuting ourselves to the causes that we truly love and adore! Adoration is the key element in the New paradigm, because it keeps us in a state of awe and appreciation. How can we create things we don't even respect and hold dear to our heart? The seed of New Earth manifestation of infinite abundance is the overflowing of Love into everything that we do! When we know how to use our Life force properly and assimilate the proper external resources and values, we can create anything that we desire if we stay true to our Soul. Those who are still tuning into the false matrix grid system are feeding the illusory energy which continues to dissipate and create entropy! It requires constant plugging into external sources in order to even survive. When we feed our light into the creative projects of the New paradigm, we are in constant Heart connection and the overflow of energy! And this New energy mastery is the gateway into the New Earth and how we truly thrive as free sovereign Beings of Unity Light!

The growing of the inner knowing is about becoming our own Source of knowledge, receiving Divine knowing and honoring our intuition. When we start listening to ourselves, it's like a whole new world opens up, a world of complete Self Trust. To master Divine Trust we need to fully embrace it in all of its polarity, which includes mistrust and doubt. These energies all want to come together in the Light of Unity, and that is why we can no longer see them as separate. When we don't judge doubt, we will be able to see its gifts, which will push us further into Self questioning and exploration. When we embrace doubt rather than trying to avoid it or see it as bad/negative/false, we embrace the totality of Being and transcend duality by moving into Unity consciousness of complete Self integration. We are able to do that only by embracing the polarity of each experience and then neutralize it within the Greatness of Truth! 

And ... here is a message for all those that know and feel that they are on the path of the Divine Reunion, the most sacred Divine marriage when a man and a woman come together not only for themselves, but to partner up with Spirit and co-create within Divine service and dedication to Holy Spirit, the Life force of All That Is! We have done so much work of preparation for such a reunion to even be possible in our physical body, but we know so deeply what guides us and continues to push us forward! There are so many external influences and people generalizing, saying this and that, and yet our Reunion is deeply personal and unique! No one can tell us the Truth, for only our Soul knows the way and what we need!

Those of us who have stayed true to our sacred Heart and devoted to this highest ideal of perfect Spirit Union in Human form, have been setting up a new template for enlightened partnership, and that is why we are not to give up, for the law of Divine compensation works, and all shall occur perfectly in Divine timing that we as Humans don't always understand. But when we connect to the feeling within, we can only know and there is no space for confusion! We need to persevere, do our energy work and continue to magnify the Light of our inner Union! We need to sing it out, paint it, dance for it, make love to it, call it in in every way possible, so that our Human vehicle of consciousness immerses in it so deeply, that there is nothing left but Divine Love, the Love of the Beloved! It lives within us all!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn  

P.S. Let me tell You a secret about a new step that I will soon be taking! Personal Alpine retreats with me will soon come into being, for it's time to live my greatest passion outdoors, meeting those who wish to move deeper into their personal Self Mastery and Ascension, learn more about the cultivation of our precious Life force and have some Cosmic but grounded Human fun as well! Oh yeah, ascending in Human form can be fun and so joyful, and that's the only way for me! I can't wait for these precious Elven retreats in the Alps, and I will share more about this soon when the time comes! So excited!!! It's time for us to truly live our greatest passions through Soul gifts and what we are most unique at! Stay tuned to find out more ... very soon!

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