Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Solstice: Traveling through dimensional rift

Dear Beloveds!

The Solstice point brought us to the maximum difference between the length of night and day, but it also brought us to the pivot point of merging polarities of our visions and ideals and the real world at hand. The question arises how to bring everything into practical embodied reality, and how to merge all of the elements that we have been working with so far. We have been evolving rapidly within our Ascension cycles, and Now it's time to let some of the loyalties and allegiances dissolve if they no longer hold our Soul and serve the bigger picture! Most of these things we already feel what they are, but our Human egos can be stubborn at times, keeping us in the familiar for far too long. The recent Sagittarius Full Moon triggered our curiosity for the New, the ideology of greater ideals and the seeking of new adventures to expand ourselves and serve the Whole! For those who walk the path of Selfless service, things will get interesting as they surrender their current visions to the unfathomable mind of the Divine.

We are all being called to bigger things and merging realities, collective dreams for New Humanity and collaborative projects of many within the New Light grid reality! Our mission required our uniqueness for so long, for we needed to learn to fully trust and rely on ourselves. We needed to become a unique channel of the Divine, a conscious sovereign ... in order to truly function as a member of a greater group consciousness and collective! This is where many rays of Light come together as One and unify, for the planet and its awakening inhabitants will need us and our knowledge in unconditional Love and service! Whoever is being called to bigger things Now, is simply ready, for the initiative comes from the Divine! New thought pathways are leading us in those New directions which will begin to stream into our daily realities! All that is required is our willingness to serve in devotion to Unity consciousness and the New Earth, as the rest will unfold in its own Magic! We are here as pure vessels, channels and healers for the Divine Light of Unity! And we will recognize the right new people, places and projects through our inner integrity!

Here is my latest Solstice update:

This year the June Solstice was a "special" event, which only occurs once every 70 years or so, and it denotes the synchronicity of the Full Moon with the June Solstice! This is also the second Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius, the archer, which occurs in the last critical degree in astrology! There are big underlying changes at hand, and a lot of them concern the New energy wave that has arrived on our planet by this time, which we will be stabilizing and balancing out all Summer long! These are important months that lie ahead of us, because we will be developing greater observational abilities for our personal mastery and Soul embodiment! We are to be very watchful for what occurs for us during the passing of the Solstice, for it has important messages for us in the long run.

These messages are nudges of Spirit guidance which point the Way towards our new directions, the enhancement of what we have been establishing so far and the deepening of Self awareness! Sometimes things won't develop exactly the way we have thought at first, and this is because our greater Self knows much more about the whole process than our conscious minds often do. The more we develop our Self, the more we can attune to that knowing. We are dissolving into a New Light, a greater Light Being within us that is emerging and beginning to take the lead! This second Sagittarius Moon will expand our inner thinking, Life philosophies and demonstrated routines, for it's meant to broaden our horizons in a new way, because the more flexible we are in our awareness, the more we can receive from the ever unfolding New!

For us to embody higher density Light, we have to first make ourselves fully susceptible to it! We do that by our own rituals of devotion, the sacred honoring of our ascending process and readying ourselves energetically! This energy wave will be with us for a while, pushing us into making our Ascension steps and services more practical and Self sustainable! There are some things that will finally begin happening for us, and others that will begin to die off, because we have outgrown them big time! We are constantly feeling into multiple timelines, and that is one of the main reasons to stay flexible as we are undergoing this major shift of the whole planet and our personal Ascension. Many things will begin coming our own way, and we will only have to be ready for them! The most important question at this time is, when something that we have been waiting for finally comes to us, are we in the knowing that we truly do deserve it? The Great Fates know what they know! And so must we! 

We are traveling through a dimensional rift, a space of major shifts and dancing energies, which is not always an easy space to find ourselves in. So many Beings are struggling at this time, trying to make things work, or not caring and deluding themselves with false detachment! No one can actually truly detach from what is happening at large, because we are all involved in this, and everything is interconnected! But what we can do is create a sacred space of our inner reality when we can daily surrender to non action and the Silence of our Soul. There might be so many voices pulling us in different directions, and for us to truly align with our inner compass, we sometimes also have to wait it all out. That is not the same as being passive, for we are simply engaging in a reflective state of Being, learning to slowly navigate through a new state of density, where things and principles of Being are no longer the same as they used to be.

The more we tune out, the more we can actually tune in, for this is a great paradox of our Divine nature! When we become more still and tranquil, we don't disengage from life and reality, we are simply giving ourselves the space to do it our way, and to do it in a New way! So we must not lose hope when we don't feel as inspired as we used to be, particularly about the same situations, people and even spaces! Our vibration is rising so much at this time, and our "oracle"/visionary abilities are returning, if only we will give them the proper space to grow, evolve and blossom! The Soul is no more expanding in the same way in this new density, and it takes some time to adjust and re-pattern ourselves! 

As we are traveling between dimensional spaces, we are meeting different aspects of ourselves, sometimes internally and other times through other people who cross our path. Everything is perfect, and as much as we might doubt it, this is still a natural process with everything occurring as it should be! We are truly becoming the precious gems that we are, and the more that we understand this process, the more we allow things to simply unwind and just Be! 

A lot of us are clearing our way through the old debris, getting liberated from false situations and shackles of illusion! Our vision is being enhanced and we can Now see through almost anything like a piercing flashlight that knows its source! All the illusions that we have experienced in our lives have made us stronger and more courageous! They gave us the proper information to learn to decipher what is not of the Truth, and embracing all of the elements so that we know how to alchemize and always move forward like a giant serpent! The great Serpent Gods always reflected Wisdom at the face of adversity, for it's often at such times, through situations and people that we learn the most about ourselves and others, see through what of the false is being presented to us and learning how to transform it into pure Truth!

To be the embodiment of pure Truth requires great focus, courage and constant devotion, with lots of self sacrifice in order for the Greater Self to become revealed and apparent! The more that it penetrates through, the less the lower selves have power of us, and this is how we manage to tame the lower serpents of desire within us, in order to witness and live the desire of Soul that has awakened to the Great Almighty Spirit! We know that we are in the Presence of Great Spirit when we will be presented with lots of Grace and the responsibility to hold the torch of Truth and continue to pass it forward! The inner Magician within us knows the Way, and it can pierce through any false flags, signs of energy vampirism, insincerity and disrespect! We have to continue liberating ourselves from this, for this is the biggest offering to this World that we can give ... To see and live as Source sees, in total Purity and humble honoring of All that is true and born of Spirit! 

So many Ascension Pioneers were ascribing to the label of being an empath, which often denotes feeling the feelings of others and the world almost as if they were our own! There is a huge breakthrough and new beginning happening around that, because we are Now becoming more evolved, embracing our role as a Cosmic empath, which does not need to heal others or become immersed in their feelings to the point of associating with their choices and path! The higher we rise in our awareness, the more we realize that our only role as a Master of the Self is to live our own choices and responsibilities. 

Compassion for All Life is a higher octave than empathy. So many precious beings were taking on responsibilities of others, thinking that they can heal the world this way! But this actually supports the laziness and non action of those that continue to stumble and use excuses not to expand and evolve! We are here to show the Way and be conscious ambassadors without taking on the things that are not ours in the first place.

As a Cosmic empath, we are Now learning to stay present in our own Vortex, radiating with compassionate awareness and acceptance, without interfering in the lives of others! Yes, we are here for those who are still choosing whether to shift or not, but it should not come at our own expense! We are Now feeling more free from those "roles" and wish to claim our amazing service to the world without a sense of false sacrifice! Just being who we truly are is enough! We are getting clear new directives and ideas in that direction, and we are truly magnetizing and seeding life with our presence! That creates such miracles, and we ourselves are the biggest Miracle for being able to hold the capacity for such Light of Truth, no more feeding illusion and delusion! We create such powerful Self foundations with that! 

As ascending Beings, we are moving through many different layers and Spirit initiations, and on each level of our personal Self mastery we are going deeper. For us to integrate our Soul expansion cycles properly, we have to turn to our inner Silence, in order to connect to our inner Mystic, teacher and guide. After we have absorbed everything that we can from the external environment and learning experiences on a particular level, we have to turn inwardly in order to truly feel into the uniqueness of our path and the proper guidance for it! The more awareness that we activate, the deeper down we have to descend and integrate it, so that it becomes grounded and practical Mastery, and who better to assist us with that than our inner hermit! 

When we connect to the teacher within, it has to feel welcoming, almost like meeting an Ancient Master full of compassionate Wisdom! That is how we know that we have truly met our inner Master! True Ascension journey is the path of meeting and applying that mastery on every level of our Being and living reality! Our inner Master is always allowing, compassionate and lovingly practical as well, and we can have a conversation with it on a regular basis!

Here is my video on mastering Divine trust:

In our ascended descension we are walking away from the lower to activate something higher, more refined and purposeful. When we outgrow things, people and situations in our life, we are merely growing out of different self associations and roles, so that we can continue to wake up bigger potentialities and realities within ourselves! The more of the Self that we truly embrace in our awakening, the more of the old and outgrown we will have to release simultaneously! Sometimes we like to keep things as they are because we want to keep up with appearances, play it safe and refuse to grow and expand into new life directions. This all comes from deeply rooted insecurities, but it will invoke a sense of stagnation and boredom when we persist in it for too long! Our challenge is to continuously move with where our faith wants to move us and know that all else will follow, for everything always follows our Life force! Our life force truly creates our sacred new spaces, not external conditions and conditionalities!

We are feeling the new upsurges of Love, calling us forth to create new things and environments where we will be using the new density template which we are integrating as New Humans! There has been so much talking about Humans entering into new evolutionary phase, and for the first ascending wave this can Now already be felt. We are becoming the living prophecies of the New Existence, and the whole of Cosmos celebrates as this comes to pass! Initially it may feel almost like a baby taking those first few steps into the unknown! Nature becomes our Divine inspiration and muse, as we see ourselves as not separate from Her and working with all the creative elements of the Universe! The more we ground into our planet, the more Universal Wisdom we receive as well, for both of these processes are interconnected as One! A doorway of new creativity sees us leaving things from the past behind, which might also include some of the people and activities that we used to know! This doesn't imply constant bliss, but it does mean that the new guidelines are based on Joy!

The Gaia creators team is rising, as there are already so many different Beings on the planet who are following their passions and creating things of Soul value! Only by engaging with Soul we do not create entropy, for our Soul knows how to be and what to create! Love should always be our driving wheel, our first Prime Essence of whatever we create! Our bodies are already so intelligent that they simply won't allow us to create without love. Also, if we have been feeling a bit "stuck" as of the late, let us remember that the action planet Mars is retrograde until the end of June! 

This transition serves us to engage in only that which truly feeds and nourishes our Soul, and so that no action is ever taken for granted or because we feel obliged to do something! We owe everything only to Love and how it flows through us, for everything else is an illusion which every ascending Being must eventually break through! The temple path teaches us that true actions are those that are truly Spirit guided and Soul inspired! And that all of Life should be seen as a magical playground where we devote to Spirit and our Self!

Here is my video about how we serve as Cosmic empaths of the New:

The sacred sisterhood of the Rose is Now growing in our hearts and communities! The sacred sisterhood of Ancient and timeless Wisdom is Now connecting and coming together as One! The teachings of the sacred Divine feminine are not imposing more of duality, for they are here to actually awaken the rise of the merging polarities of Divine feminine and masculine! This is a time when the rising of the gnostic feminine also raises up the gnostic masculine, so that they can come together in equality, mutual reception and Unity consciousness! Any extreme polarities that we have been experiencing so far in our Human relationships, served us as a gateway into understanding the old false templating! 

As we have done the conscious awareness work of inner polarity integration and healing on all levels of our body-mind-soul complex, we are Now readying ourselves for sacred Unions that feed and sustain the New templating of a unified yin-yang polarity of both masculine and feminine, male and female, gender and role free, only here to partner up and co-create! None of them teaches the other, for they are both responsible equals unto another, and they know that they only desire freedom of Being and sacred devotion to the path of Unity!

How do we work with the power of the Moon? Its consciousness definitely makes us dive deeply into the world of our subconscious and prime Soul desire! The Power of the Moon is at its maximum potency at each Full Moon, especially when we know how to devote ourselves to the streaming energies through the power of ceremony, ritual and sacred prayer/intention holding! These are offerings that simply reflect our current state of awareness and Being. As we work on magnifying our intentions, we can utilize the magnetic forces of the Moon, which correspond to the lunar/feminine forces of Creation and womb consciousness, which birthed all of Life in Creation!
With each Full Moon, we can align with these lunar cycles and enter into our own womb awareness, tuning into our renewed cycles and Life chapters! The lunar power is such, that it can either free us from the unwanted and outgrown, or make us feel even more burdened and entwined, depending on our state of mind! When we know how to relax and flow with Life, the lunar influences will always work in our favor, for we will align and unify with the magnetic and receptive Power of Life! The more we learn how to magnetize and alchemize through tantric Soul alchemy, the purer our intent will be, and the more our creative manifestations will grow! Some people still fear the Full Moon, but the only fear is the illusory fear of our own shadow! Yes, the Moon can magnetize and intensify that, but through conscious awareness, it can also free us from it! Surrender we must! 

This wave is all about Divine Reunion!!! When two Beings come together in mutual understanding, reception and compatibility, whether that be in romance, friendship or business endeavor, they do so to ignite a Spark of sacred Divine recognition within each other! Each partnership begins as a Soul partnership and agreement first, before descending upon this physical plane and blossoming on the levels of embodiment. When people come together, they do so for many different purposes and levels of Being, and yet one of the highest attainments is that of two Souls coming together in sacred devotion to Spirit! As they do, they manage to ignite a sacred flame within each other, and this begins as the flame of Divine recognition, which later becomes the flame of devotion and togetherness! Sacred Union of two Beings on all levels of Being is only possible when there are both Love and awareness present, and a higher maturity that leads into tantric Presence and spiritual understanding! We can have all the knowledge in the world, but without devotion and commitment to most high, there can be no sacred marriage in Union!  

This is our Full Moon Solstice stone mandala for the tantric Reunion of the sacred feminine and masculine forces of Creation in Divine partnership, merging the Sun and the Moon, solar and lunar, above and below, and yin and yang! Creating the sacred merkabah, the 6-pointed Star of David and the intertwining sacred Passion flame of tantric Life force through the merging of both polarities as One, in a unified field of magnetic electricity, creating the third energy and overflowing through the cup of Life, the Holy Grail of sacred Union! Spirit meeting matter and becoming One, Divine born in flesh through the highest consciousness attainment! 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

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