Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cultivating Universal Abundance

Dear Beloveds!

Recently we moved through the 888 portal, a triple 8-8-8 Gateway energy. We are expanding! This time is all about higher perspectives and expanding our views of reality! It is good to rest and contemplate so that the New can enter. Whatever blocks or fears we may be or may have been experiencing, they are only there because they are slowly leaving us! This is also a preparation time, cleansing our vibration and rising to new standards! The seeds of new beginnings are germinating and we are in a very delicate integration phase, needing much rest and Self care! This is a time to contemplate or meditate on our life purpose and prepare ourselves so that the new can come into our life at a higher frequency than the old! This auspicious time from August to September (when we have the Eclipse season) is very potent for integrating our renewed Self.

On this year's 8-8-8 a Grand portal was activated, and many of us stepped into greater Universal Abundance. After this 8-8-8 Gateway Spirit guided me to create a Light activation on Universal Abundance, which is now finally available on my web page Serapina Light. You can find it at the bottom of the list of all my activations! In this Light activation, You are presented with the understanding of the sacred Holy Trinity and the aspect of your eternal and infinite nature. Through this, You activate the Universal Abundance of pure potential to co-create without any limitations, in pure freedom of Being.

And here is more on expansion through Jupiter, which is a planet that supports our Soul expansion! On the 11th of August Jupiter moved into the sign of Virgo, which can expand our purification journey and devotion to service! We will definitely feel an inner shift, a desire to live a more devoted Life and create everything as more sacred! The pull towards the inner realms is strong at this time, but we are to balance it with the external reality and grounding our Essence into this world! Virgo is more practical and grounded, so we are supported as we bring more of our Soul into matter!

New Cosmic energies for Humanity came in this week, particularly at the Leo New Moon on the 14th of August! 14 is the number of temperance, moderation in tarot, and it teaches us to live our life through humility and non resistance, with patience and devotion!

It is important to enjoy this magnificent phase, relax more, treat your body kindly and with respect for all that it's integrating, do some yoga or just take a break or go on a Holiday! The energies strongly favor that!

Here is my Ascension update on all the changes taking place:

Jupiter changed signs for 13 months and moved into Virgo, the sign of service, purity and purification, devotion and humble living by appreciating the small details in our life! We are called to be of service, which does not necessarily mean doing something specific, because it all begins with greater Self care! We are asked to dedicate ourselves to our inner living, creating a healthy lifestyle that we can enjoy and live life in gratitude and deep appreciation for every moment! We are also asked to "romanticize" ourselves and those we love due to all the Leo energy ... in order to deepen the level of intimacy! The more balanced we are, the more intimacy we can embrace and experience! The more intimate we are with life, the more we participate in it and live it through Joy and in Bliss!

With Jupiter's transition into Virgo, we will be approaching all as more sacred and our devotion levels will be increasing. Here is my video update on Grace yoga, which is also a part of this personal and collective shift:

Virgo is the archetype of Purity, Divine Mother and devotion to Ascension, speaking from a higher consciousness. As we move from Leo based expansion into Virgo based expansion, we are going to deepen our devotion to physical Ascension, which applies for all those who are choosing this path as their main Life focus. We will be integrating all that Light influx that we received during the Leo expansion of creativity, and making everything that we have learned more practical and Soulful, so lived and experienced on all levels. We are going to feel everything as more sacred and deepen our devotion to participate with Life more fully while refining our physical Human experience.

Here is my video on Jupiter's transition:

Virgo also represents the Divine Mother, which is the sacred reverence for all Life in Creation. The Divine Mother's Love is Universal Divine Love for All!

We feel that Love uniquely through our unique Heart space. Leo is all about the Heart in astrology. The New Moon in Leo may have stirred up new deep feelings within us! What new Heart desires are You noticing? What are You feeling after this new activation? Venus conjoined the Sun and Now She moves into the underworld to Be initiated, as we will be! Spirit reminds us to always remember the true Love that our Cosmic parents have for us, to feel the Love of Mother Father God and to bring it into every aspect of our Heart, especially those that are still feeling wounded or neglected! 

Self nurture and care is important Now, as well as not giving up on our desires, no matter how far out of reach they might seem! We can dive safely into the unknown where there is only timelessness and patience! We are always planting seeds, as long as we stay committed to them in our Soul!

The blossoming part will happen perfectly on its own when we stay true to our Heart! Our inner child is also represented by Leo, so it's time to acknowledge it and care of it like a loving parent! A good question might be how our inner child wants to experience and play! Sometimes we think it impossible, and yet there is always a way! Leo is also about creativity, romance, children, fun and Self expression in general! Leo is all about the Heart and how we love and express that Love, so these will be our themes in this current Moon cycle! Enjoy your Life and don't forget to play in your own way!

Everything begins with choice. Here is my video update on shifting timelines:

We are moving through a new energy wave, and this has to do with the Venus shadow as She passes through the Sun, being initiated (as we are) into Her New state of Being. A metamorphosis is occurring at this time, and it will be as deep as we will allow it to Be. Everything begins with allowance, moves through deep Self acceptance/forgiveness, and later becoming the integrated embodiment. Venus holds our Earthly values and the honoring of our Life, and as She passes through the Light of the Sun, a new Solar Logos will be able to be born within us as well.

As we have been passing through the awakening years between 2012 and 2015, we have been moving through many different collective energies that we have each decided to participate in on a deep Soul level. As Human Beings we did not always consciously understand everything, and we still might not, but we have grown to the amount of being aware, objective and discerning. We understand Now what it means to be neutral and to see everything as simply and interesting experience. We have begun transmuting our reality by simply Being, no longer through effort, but mere acceptance of our Being.

Here is my video on Angelic metamorphosis that is taking place within the ascending ones:

What does it mean to truly embody our Angelic Self and how is our body transforming through that physical body integration? By embracing our unique path of physical Ascension we begin to practice radical Self Love through fully embracing the fact that our path is ours and ours alone. We begin to see everything and everyone through the eyes of the Soul, for we become our Soul, and our all resources flow internally from our unique Soul Essence. With physical Ascension, our bodies are getting more refined, and that is why they might feel more sensitive and sensitive, and yet even that is a part of this whole process. As we learn to listen to our body's intelligence, we become aware of the fact that it's the aspect of the body/Divine child that we are enlightening and uplifting in our personal Ascension journey.

With this new initiation phase, we can feel and receive much more Abundance, Beauty and pleasure of a simple Life. Why is that so? We need to know that every challenge we move through is only there to trigger something deep within us, and this is how we help to transmute eons and eons of ancient "karma", which is nothing else but creative energy that was unable to move forward and create through the law of infinity of the Universal Abundance and potentiality. Instead, it became unaware of itself, creating beliefs and patterns that were not of the Universal Law of One.

As we continued to break apart those belief systems that were building as lives were lived here on this planet and beyond, each breaking apart brought a new opening. With each challenge and the initiation that moved us through it, we created new waves of energy in infinite potentiality. This is a very simple truth of a Heart break. Whenever we feel that our Heart is broken, it's only so because a new opening follows after. Now Venus is ready to show us why in particular our Hearts have been "broken" so many times, from a higher perspective, of course.

We are New Humans Now, and although this process of transformation and blossoming is infinite and ever expansive, we have come to a major threshold. We have laid the foundations for something New, which will begin to sprout all the way until 2018 and beyond. In Truth, there is no time, and yet we are creating time as we walk our journeys here on Earth. Every timeline and the shifting of it, is here because of us. We are the Cosmic navigators of this journey and we are just barely beginning to remember how we affect everything in this Universe. We are time keepers of records. Our conscious and unconscious emanations are going out, causing ripples and reverberations. We are so Mighty, and simply because we no longer choose to see and present ourselves as small, is creating our new "timeline" shift on this planet. Not everyone will feel this shift leading to outer change, simply because this is a conscious choice made on a Soul level, with the participation of the Human counterpart. We need to activate and integrate in order to experience it in our Human form.

With this current shift and "timeline" alteration, we will no longer be feeling the "inner and outer" as so separate. They will be merging together more and more, creating a fusion of Light, with our conscious awareness of this being so. It takes our internal awareness, the "crowning" of Love to create this unification, so it's us who are creating this, it's not coming from the outside. We are generating waves of Cosmic awareness, and creating our physical Ascension as we go about our way. More synchronicity will follow. We are Now moving out of our own way, readying ourselves to experience more Joy, freedom and Love through Cosmic Bliss. No one stands between us and our Source anymore, and we are becoming aware of the fact that no one or anything ever did. We have simply passed our initiations, and we are Now moving through the dark void of Venus's underworld phase, getting ready to receive our new initiations that will define our path from here on.

We enter the void in order to re-emerge as brand New!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn