Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The journey of Self mastery

Dear Beloveds!

We are in very auspicious times, for we have about 6 planetary retrograde motions Now, and our Venus and Uranus both moved retrograde this weekend. These times serve us greatly in our journey of Self mastery. How do we deepen our Self mastery? In Truth, we are all Beings of Creation, and Creation is deep and vast. As we open up to exploring the infinite realms and potentials of our Being, we will begin to see that we are as Creation itself, deep and vast. We will begin to feel impulses to deepen every experience that we have on this planet and beyond, which will cause us to to think, feel and act differently. We will engage our physical body in every experience, which will deepen our higher senses and awaken the inner Magic of our Soul. There are no words that can describe this process of inner deepening, because each initiate of Spirit will feel this differently through their internal/external path. With this deepening, we will feel more present and alive in everything that we experience, which will make us more conscious and observant. The more we learn to observe everything, the more we participate in Life, and Life in Truth is Creation itself.

Here is my energy update for the month of August:

Here is my video on the importance of ceremony in our Self mastery:

I finally completed all of the 7 sacred initiations through the journey of my Self mastery courses. You can Now find all 7 courses here! This time is truly prone to enhancing our inner Self mastery in order to begin to create a completely new reality through the Essence Self of our Core Being. Enter into my Self mastery courses which were designed to help You along that chosen path of Self Ascension and meeting your "I AM Presence."

The Ascended Masters are cheering us along the way, as we are becoming so masterful as well. Why is it so important to work with Ascended Masters in our personal Ascension? Because we are walking their footsteps in our own unique way, becoming like them in our personal Ascension journey. This means that we are freeing ourselves and creating deep transcendence for ourselves and those who follow us on this beautiful journey. The most important thing is to treat everything as sacred and live in true Bliss of Soul Union. When we attune to the Essence of ritual and regularly practice ceremony in our authentic way of Soul, everything will deepen for us because we will increase in focus ... and Magic will begin to transform us from deep within!

Here is my video on deepening our Self mastery:

In this New informational age, we have often been in the role of a Divine messenger, the seeker and inquirer of Light information, the planter of seeds ... the so-called "lightworker." Now it's time to become a balance "worker" more so than ever before. The seeds we have been planting need Love to grow, and so do we. It is with our own Self Love that it all begins with. It is our Love that nurtures all that we love and the planet through loving ourselves, living in our deep Self connection and feeling each moment as sacred. This is a deepening of Self Love Cosmic cycle which will make our seeds grow and expand on a new, renewed and higher level of Being. If we only continue to plant a certain way, we can't expect nothing but same results. The only real things in the Universe are Love and change. Change occurs through deep transformation, and Love is the acceptance that gets us there through deep compassion. The more we love ourselves, the more creativity we will emanate, and the more enriching our experiences will become through Joy.

It is time to deepen our Human experience and take our ascending journey to the next level. The magical Divine child within us calls us to deep Presence and commitment to love more in order to expand more.

An important keyword for us this Summer is "healing/wholeness". This is a powerful time, and our Beloved Venus moved retrograde this weekend on July 25th. This will bring us back from the early terrain of Virgo and back into Leo, to look into any hidden areas of disempowerment and hidden restrictions, which is amplified due to the current Pluto shadow that invites us all to transform and seek new ways that will be more unifying and all inclusive. It is time to dive deep into what we truly value through our Soul and to find importance in all things.

Our growth often occurs through relationships, which are all our mirrors/reflections. That is why a lot of our focus in Ascension is dedicated to relationship energy and Divine partnership which begins with that Prime partnership with Spirit. Through the reflections of others we can experience a mystical Self marriage and go deeper into who we truly are. The more we nurture this inner Spirit communion, the more our relationships will flow and follow that sacred alignment. The less devotion we have for Spirit Life, the more externally oriented we can become, which includes feeling lost at times and quickly agitated. When we know our priorities, our inner healing/wholing will always come first, and all of our relations will be nurtured from that first Primal point of our Source. We all basically yearn for the same thing, which is that most "primitive"/natural Source connection with our "I AM Presence."

With this energy we all have some inner healing work that is to be done, and due to the shadow of Pluto with its opposition, we are being faced with some old repressed patterns that are simply old stories of Humanity that are coming to a healthy conclusion and resolution. With this dissolution, there can be greater harmony, and it all begins with us. That is why we need to see whether we still can't own our emotions and often project them to others or use them as a tool of manipulation to get our own way. A lot of time such patterns are so deep that we consider them as natural to us, and yet it's something that is leaned on the level of our old Human experiences that were conditioned and limiting.

Here is my video update:

With the Cancer cycle and a Cancer New Moon behind us, we have been moving through some deep healing energies and the Essence of the Water element is coming through body detox, emotional cleansing and tears of release. We are releasing for the greater collective as well, as the old scenarios make way for the New. We need to stay in the role of a compassionate observer in order to continue to feed the energy that is New, not stagnant and old. Forgiveness work begins with our own inner responsibility that we take for each emotion that arises within us, so that we can transform those into pure feeling, which is intuition based ... it's Higher Self based.

In terms of relationship energy, we are releasing what no longer serves us and what doesn't hold the same level of commitment as we do, so anything that is not our vibrational match and equal. Some things are not meant to last and only come for our deepening, just as every seed does not sprout and grow ... some do, while others simply don't. We need to make peace with that as we learn to love more, laugh more ... and simply breathe more deeply and with greater Presence. This healthy change is making us grow and transform old and often perceived as negative experiences ... replacing them with Love. This is turning the negative into a positive and raising awareness. With this, our level of inner/outer abundance is increasing.

We are keeping doorways to this open by remaining positive about everything and staying open for new adventures. Adventure is a word that we use for something new, like something we haven't tried or seen before. But mostly it relates to co-creating with the Divine, so that our Life path becomes magical and precious to us. No one else lives the way we do, and that is truly an amazing fact! We cannot compare ourselves with anyone else, no matter where they are in their own Ascension journey. Our experiences will always be unique, and that is why adventure means different things to different people. Remember that true adventure begins with an open Heart ... a Heart so full that it continues to crack open and overflow. It does that even when we feel restricted or closed off. The Heart always beats ... as Life always Is. Our focus into that perspective will bring everything into conscious alignment for us.

With this, we are truly coming into our sovereign Power. We are blossoming because we are releasing the old addictive beliefs, like thinking that we need to be there for others before we are there for ourselves, that this is what selflessness means. This often comes with a belief in "sacrifice", which is too often misunderstood as well. In Truth, we are our highest commitment, devotion and attainment. It all begins and ends with us, but because we are all One, taking care of ourselves already brings all else into its most potent alignment as well.

This was the main pattern of all "lightworkers", and so the more we release this term and replace it with "balance and mastery", the more we come into true understanding of Being a spiritual sovereign, a Being in Divine service to their own "I AM Presence." As we serve the Highest order of Unity consciousness, all else is already part of it, so we don't need to serve someone in particular in order to serve the Absolute Truth in our own unique Spirit communion. We devote ourselves to our highest calling, while the rest takes care of itself as well.

There are great opportunities for healing and Self empowerment, so be sure to use them wisely and with Love. Our Sun moved into Leo Now, which is all about the power of creativity, and with Venus in retrograde motion this is so fabulous. It is also important to note that Jupiter moves into Virgo in August, so it will continue to expand us wherever Virgo is located in our chart, but in general terms this also implies more healing and Self service, the service to our Divine Self, in order to perfect our vessel to embody the Light of Spirit. The Aquarius Full Moon on July 31st is inviting us into deep freedom, and since this is the second Full Moon of the month, it has even more potency.

Here is a Light grid that I created for living in the New through Joy Light grid! It's not always easy to feel Joy due to the shifting realities and living in a "splitting" consciousness. This grid infuses the ability to be walking through all these changes powerfully and with courage! Joy can always be found when we align ourselves with the Core of our Being that is always in a state of existential Bliss! The Principle of "As Above so Below" is made manifest! The Power of Joy opens all Hearts as One! 

And this one is to anchor the seed of our Yin/Yang Essence of complete Balance/Harmony in polarity. Mastering Polarity is to be within our unified Self.

Another important keyword at this time is "manifestation". When we know our Divine sovereignty, we begin to take charge of our own reality and claiming our own rightful space. In our Ascension we may encounter feelings of void rather empty, but we are to remember that emptiness and Divine void are not the same thing. To be empty is not the same as being neutral. In Divine neutrality, our Heart is full and always overflowing, rich with Love and creativity, always neutral through compassion. To be empty is to be in denial of our Divine potentiality. We have the power to claim our personal space and create what we desire.

Sometimes our desires can be way ahead of us and the larger collective. This is because our pure consciousness can be "ahead of its time", and so we are called to create in this Now moment. To stay Present and yet dream of all that can be is our best recipe for the integration of Human Bliss, and so we are to always take the Middle path of Mastery.

Whenever we feel too spacy or hovering above this reality "like a ghost" as some might describe it, we need to remind ourselves of the Power of choice. We are not choosing what the general collective at large is choosing. We are choosing Ascension and so we are to stay true to that alignment. When we feel empty, sad or confused, we can easily see that we are not aligning with our sovereign choice, and that we are to vibrationally align with that which is more suitable for us in our personal Ascension. We don't need to be like others, and most definitely our choices need to reflect our highest Soul desires. This is true Heart centered living in the New!

At times this may feel like a Paradox, and yet it is not. To live in a constant state of Paradox simply means to transcend the "norm" and to continue to transcend anything that we are to think of. Whatever we can think of, already exists. Therefore it's not a paradox, and because it exists on some level of another, we can vibrationally tune into it in any given way, and from there on we decide what suits us best, in what way we will work with that Essence and how we will either expand within it or leave it to Be and align with something else. We can feel rather empty when tuning into others and their preferences and way of living, because we are not anchored within our own Being. One of the main reasons why so many feel sad and in despair is because they have not yet re-connected with that authentic Soul Spark within themselves.

When every Divine Human learns to do this with great Peace, Grace comes to them so naturally. And we are pure Grace in Truth. We are pure Harmony.

This way we will move from separation consciousness, lack and conflict ... into the "open air" of Source connection, feeling our uniqueness and Oneness at the same time. The "Crown portal" asks us to step through its Gateway, leaving all other attachments behind the Grand entrance that awaits us. This weekend we had two strong planetary retrogrades, first Venus and then Uranus, dancing together as one planetary dance, joining all other retrograding planets, so that we Now have 6 (including Chiron) dancing this dance, slowing down our movement, making it more possible and plausible for us to truly tune into our Soul. Our Souls are constantly calling us "Home." This is not a place, neither a planet ... it's a particular frequency that is true and right specifically for our Soul, and the moment we catch that wave ... we are standing before the door that leads to our Mighty "I AM Presence."

We are the ones who have the Key, and we are those who have control of our reality, no one else has it for us, and no one else can live our Ascension. If there are callings and yearnings unfulfilled, only we can bring water to those parts of us that are thirsty. Allowing Grace to enter will help us move through this door and step into Unity consciousness. When we are unified from within, we can feel Union on all others levels, with all other Beings and forms of Creation. There are no limits and boundaries within Union, only within separation we know limits and fragmentation. When our Focus is kept on what is true, we will learn to master the Reality that is fully authentic for us. We will know only by trusting ourselves. Everyone else can participate, they can advise, they can even take a short peek into what lies behind our doorway, and yet the Grand Mystery of our Great Path is known only to our Soul, and it is so for a reason. We each play an important part in the Grand design of all Souls in Existence, within All That Is, and yet each of us unique and Self responsible.

This time is great for that Self evaluation (not judgment), assessment of our journey so far, to see where we are coming from and where we wish to go next. The changes will be rather extreme due to all that retrograde motion, and this is all serving our Ascension. The Great Divine Design can be fully trusted, and we fulfill that Trust by trusting our own Soul Self, our unique Higher Spark of individualized Unity.

With all this retrograde energy we will also be getting lots of insights into the Self and more clarity will come, but our focus needs to be on that Grand Door, the door of our personal Soul liberation. We do the most when we truly listen to our intuition and trust it wholeheartedly. This is how we take care of ourselves and our personal journey before moving out into the world and reaching other particles of Creation with our own Light of unification as well. It is rather simple to manifest through our Essence Self ... we simply need to Be who we truly are.

Here is my video on that topic:

It is that simple, and we can do anything, for we are everything!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn