Thursday, July 9, 2015

Venus cycles: The return of Love

Dear Beloveds!

A lot of us are entering a new cycle of our expansion, which is perfectly aligned with the current celestial cycles. Our Ascension is not a daily event, and we are gradually being upgraded and embodying new versions of ourselves, each time more free and true to our Self! At this time many of our planetary bodies are moving through their retrograde cycles, which means that we are also in a way moving retrograde in order to reflect and prepare for a new cycle of our Ascension. The whole Ascension process is just as multidimensional as we are, and as we are discovering more of ourselves, we are also discovering more about our personal Ascension and its nature.

For that reason alone I created a series of Mastery courses, which comprise of 7 basic initiations of Spirit, which every ascending Soul moves through, in their own way and experience, of course. The last course is coming out this week, and then this chapter of my Life will be complete, as I prepare to move on to greater Galactic levels of Divine service.

This will be coming up for me in the Fall, so at this time a Summer holiday/personal retreat invites me, so that I truly move even deeper and see what is lying in front of me as a part of this new path. This cycle is even more important for me, for I will have my Venus return at this time, which happens only every 8 years, so a larger cycle is completing for sure. The Venus alignment with Jupiter also relates to my personal planetary degrees of Venus, which is perfect ... major changes indeed!

You can find my Mastery courses here!

I made a video update as well:

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So during this time we might be experiencing some intense inner shifts, which are all preparing us for our Ascension. The base chakra desires are being replaced by something of a more refined nature, as we ponder and reflect on what no longer works for us. We are vibrationally preparing for a new cycle and although we might feel as somewhere right "in between", our wings are actually expanding and new opportunities are being offered to us, and it's to be of greater service within Universal Love and brotherhood. It is time to do some inner/reflective work at this time, to raise our frequency and totally devote to what we wish to see in the New. The material manifestations will follow eventually, as we head on towards the new horizons! 

All of us are currently being "squeezed" in some way, which means that things are coming up. It's just one of those times, as we let go so much in order to embrace this new Venusian cycle of embracing our Divine Royalty! The more we allow Divine Love to squeeze all that we are not out of us, the more we will continue to embrace Joy and Bliss. This is not always the easiest thing to do! Every Cosmic Master in training will constantly be asking themselves: "Okay, I know this Now ... so how do I come into embodying it?" This is where no advice will ever suffice, because we truly do master ourselves from within.

Here is my video update on moving into group consciousness:

Venus moves retrograde this Summer on July 25th, but not only that! She is completing her 3-folded journey as the Morning Star, the underworld and the Evening Star, and instead of rising in Capricorn, she will begin to rise in Leo at the end of August. We will each be feeling this shift in our own way, but Leo is all about leadership and shining our Light, with the influx of the Solar feminine, which is the empowered Goddess who embraces Her infinite nature as One with the Solar Logos and Creation Principles. 

The archetype of Leo will definitely being us many changes. The Wisdom we have gathered during the time of Capricorn will now be crystallized into form and used for greater service, especially because Venus and Jupiter move together in pair as Divine/Cosmic Beloveds (unlike the typical stereotype of Venus and Mars as Beloveds from a 3d perspective) ... and Jupiter moves into Virgo in August, which will expand our greater service in leadership. These two archetypes no longer need to be separate, and we can lead and be of service with our leading pioneering force at the same time.

Venus retrograde phase is almost here and then she moves into rising in the sign of Leo, the Solar Goddess! My Venus and Mars are conjoined in Leo and in those exact degrees. It's time to embody Venus, the Queen of Love and Divine sensuality in perfect receptivity of the Divine sacred feminine that never runs dry of Life force! Embrace your Heart my fellow Goddesses, men and women! Say "Yes"! 

I was guided to create a Venus Light grid. The Light represents the Divine masculine and feminine as One Essence giving birth to New Life in Joy. We are to open up and be receptive to all the gifts of the Divine! Our pure innocent like Magic awaits! 

Here is my video update on the cycles of Venus and our expanding values: 

Relationship harmony will also be important, because Venus and Jupiter made an important conjunction in July (on the day of the Capricorn Full Moon) and they kissed each other. Jupiter expands everything he encounters, and so the archetype of Venus is becoming closer and more known to us.

Here is my video on creating relationship harmony:

Something important needs to be addressed here! Venus will definitely "work on" bringing more Love back into our lives, but we cannot be complacent here. We are the ones who need to invite that higher and more refined level of Love back into our lives. The first step begins with honoring ourselves as in right here where we are Now. All that needs to come to us will, in perfect Divine timing. The second step is shedding the old layers of false self that are not aligned with our natural/organic Divinity. 

We are God/Goddess, we are all. This Truth is only lived through Divine knowing, which is pure Divine remembrance in action. This means that our whole DNA knows who/what we truly are as we embody more of it with each new step of our Ascension, which is a gradual process. The third step is the actual physical, emotional and mental cleansing, which will continue to make us feel lighter and refine our physical form.

The next step is preparing our sacred body temple for the embodiment of Purity, for that New which desires to come through us. As we do those steps, all the other steps will come naturally through our Divine Self, with the genuine Light influx of our enlightened Soul codes/luminary Self. As this is performed, all Life will become more sacred to us, and each thing we will engage in or co-create with will be seen through a new vision, a more Divine one ... a truly more enriching and inspiring one. As this is so, all Life will be perceived and lived differently, and yet we will feel as if nothing truly changed for our internal Soul Spark always remains. 

With this Soul embodiment, the next process will begin, which is the reverberation of that Cosmic Light of our unique Spark. This part is what they used to call true enlightenment, as the Holy Saints got their halos, etc. True enlightenment truly comes from deep embodiment of the most holy and sacred law of our utter Divinity. It all begins with us, and with these new and interesting planetary shifts, we have a great potential to master the current level and move to a new one that lies further ahead ... and yet it's already here as well. It always has been.

This Life truly is so beautiful when we choose to live from a Higher and more refined Octave of Being! It's an inner experience that no one can gift us ... only ourselves. And once we have a taste of it, no matter how big or small ... we will never be able to return back ... we will arrive in a new space, and even then ... another "new space" will call forth to us. 

It is all about initiation, which is present at every corner of our lives, with everything radiating Divine guidance, positive and negative ... perceived and not yet known. This is how we learn, grow and expand in Soul ... and grow in Wisdom! The luminaries are here to help us, as we remember our own Luminous nature of Soul!

The more we refine ourselves, the more we will wish to be surrounded with pure spaces, crystals and other sacred tools or Purity!

Open yourself to receive! We are all infinite abundance, and Venus is working to bring us more of what we truly desire ... but we need to vibrationally align with those authentic Soul desires, in order to fully become and embody them!

Here is a special video presentation of my "I AM" Mountain crystal stones:

These stones are super amazing! Precious Mountain "I AM" crystal stones are so powerful indeed! They immediately ground us into the "I AM" Presence.

Enjoy this "new space" as You become more of You!
Let yourself fall apart so that You can be more whole and complete!
The true You never falls apart anyway, it simply shines and creates with All Life in Unity!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn