Monday, June 29, 2015

Walking through the Solstice Gateway

Dear Beloveds!

We have "walked" (or better yet, raced) through a powerful new Gateway of the Solstice. After this a whole new Self wants to be birthed through us, and so we need to be patient with ourselves during this time of the labor. Labor includes all such things as releasing the old, having contractions and bolts of sudden inspiration that can be overwhelming. It is time to gift ourselves with the greatest patience we have ever endured before, and it goes the same for being patient with others. Our body might not be as capable to be so active as before, for we are integrating a lot of the New Light and our physicality is once again making a huge leap forward. It is time to expand even further and know our true worth! We are experiencing some profound shifts at this time! 

Anyone who works on transpersonal levels of Cosmic service (planetary, Stellar, Galactic and Universal) will feel this intensely. Around the time of this year's Solstice we had several Earth directed CME's, which were produced by strong Solar flares. When anything as powerful as this happens simultaneously, it's time for our body to integrate and focus on higher levels of attunement. We might wish to do and create many new things on our Human level, and yet those of us who work on levels beyond just the personal reality, will feel this in a way to simply attune to grander cycles of All Life in Creation. All else will flow naturally once we are attuned to this new Cosmic cycle.

All these Solar eruptions are here so that many of us will be releasing old patterns that are held within our cellular body. So far we have done so much work on all the body levels, and yet what remains is the cellular body that still holds old memories and pain, so these are now dissolving and leaving us. The key is to stay Present with the feeling without identifying with it or trying to understand it mentally. Releasing cannot occur this way. When something comes over You, simply ask yourself: "Why is this coming up for me, " without the need to know mentally. It will move into your awareness body as You work on the level of pure Spirit and allowance. Our bodies continue to refine themselves, and this Solstice gateway has been truly intense with this inner process.

Hold on tight, Beloved Ones! Stay strong and treat yourself with kindness and Self Love!

Here is my monthly energy forecast for the month of July:

At the time of the Solstice our Sun moved into the sign of Cancer, which is a sign of the Divine feminine in a Galactic sense. When we move through this energy, we might feel a sense of wanting to merge deeper with our Roots, which may take us on a journey of deeper Self exploration or an adventure or two. The energy of Cancer feels very much like an adventure this year. The way to connect to the Divine Feminine is to allow ourselves to be open and receptive. This may not be a time to plunge into new things and ideas right away, but rather gathering our resources so that we will truly create something lasting and unique. The crab walks sideways, which is a sign to stay more alert and observant at this time, because many new ideas may be coming our way.

The Divine Feminine allows for things to occur naturally without pressure of controlled force. Our "home" becomes very important during this time, so we may be guided to move out old things so that new things can come into our sacred space. We continuously have to not just ask for the New to come in, but also prepare our sacred space for it. This is perfect, because Venus goes retrograde in July as well, which is again a welcoming of more Love into our lives. If there are any parts of us that are stagnant and Love cannot fully flow through, there can be a deepening of Love and more communion during this time. Whatever has been missing Love in our lives can now undergo a revival. This is what we will be holding the space for during this time!

And here is my Solstice Light transmission:

There are many changes we are currently sweeping through! Everyone of us will feel them in their own personal way, but we are all included in this great "Cosmic game" of Life. Our theme at this time is passion ignited. We have been traveling through some murky waters now, which means that the Solstice Gateway has brought up some of the old themes to be introspected and released. There has been an increase of Ascension symptoms and yet there is a new beginning that awaits us ... a new potency of creative potential. 

During the last few days we experienced some intense Solar activity, with a major eruption right on the day of the June Solstice. The eruptions had their counterparts (came in pairs), which amplifies the message of a Twin Union within. The Beloved Essence speaks to us in all ways and we are centering ourselves in this awareness more than ever. What does this mean? The Beloved Essence is the unique energy signature that speaks to our individualized Soul, and it's as unique as there are us on this planet. Each one of us has a Beloved Spark that speaks to them in a very unique way, sending messages and Divine encouragement.

When we become whole from within, we become a living magnet that draws to itself all that is not yet whole and unified. We become the Beloved incarnate!

We are becoming Angelic Humans in physical form:

We are in times of major changes and our purpose is shifting! If we don't know yet what that shift might be, or where to move our energy next, we can begin by focusing on creating a "secret garden" within our meditative state. We can put all the things we truly desire in our Soul into that space, as we watch them being anchored through a clear crystal globe, a sphere of Spirit. 

The more clear we are on the specifications of those desires, the faster they will manifest for us ... but we also need to know when to let go and surrender them to a higher Force, working on our behalf through our Higher Self. When we become very clear in our communication with ourselves through Spirit, we will also be clearer in our communication with others. As the shadow phase of Mercury retrograde ends this week, we are stepping into a brand new territory, with old cycles of integration behind us and new ones beginning ... with a void of the recent New Moon stating to fill us up with pure potential. We are already walking towards the Full Moon in Capricorn with immense determination!

The Universe (our You-niverse) already knows who we are and what is in our Heart, but we need to allow ourselves to receive it.

This Solstice not been an easy Gateway to enter through, and we are still passing through it, because it's a continuation process. This Gateway is bringing up all of the old fears of separation, in order for us to finally clear them for good. Is there anything that still repeats itself? Is there anything we might be missing? Let us ask our Beloved Essence and allow it to speak to us in profound ways. The Beloved language is also very dynamic, and it uses a unique Soul language that we will always understand, because it's familiar to us, as it relates to our "Prime" Home frequency. The more time we spend communicating with our Beloved Essence, the more deeply attuned we are to our inner feeling. The feeling side of Life is what fuels our creative pursuits and directions within the Higher dimensional New. We continue to expand, and our Beloved Essence expands with us.

We continue to enter the Heart space and feel into the New!

We are seeking greater balance:

At this time we are bringing our sacred space dynamics from inside out. We might have a desire to change location, to travel, to go somewhere we haven't yet been, even if that only considers taking a short trip. A new profession or "Home" might also be calling us, and this is only true because our vibration has shifted so drastically, and so Now we long for our external surroundings to reflect who we are and how we vibrate. We begin by creating that sacred space from within, and then we focus on all the opportunities that might present themselves to us during the course of the unfolding events. The last of Jupiter/Uranus trines happened this week, and it's a powerful instigator of change and expansion. There might be a time to change something very quickly, from one day to the next, from one moment to the next ... something is calling us out and it already has "our name" on it. This means that we simply need to create enough sacred space to be in tune with that highest choice for us and choose accordingly.

We are here to embody our Highest potential in Human form. That is why we are here. By being grounded in what Is we are preparing for a new phase of our Ascension journey. For a lot of us it might feel as if something truly died off recently. A part of us that was no longer fit to this renewed version of us did ... and it's quite well this is so. We must simply remember that at our very Core we are pure Divine Love, and that everything else and every fleeting experience is momentary ... because only Spirit is eternal, all else continues to expand and change course. 

We are definitely in times of changing course and beginning a brand new direction! Choosing that new direction might not be easy, but our signals will be Divine synchronicity and a sense of new found Joy. When something no longer feels joyful or passionate, we no longer have to do it. Period. We are here as Love experiencing itself and generating more Love, and so whatever we Love will continue to expand as well. We don't have to stay in a situation or a relationship just because we feel obligated to do so in some way. We only pursue that which is pure Joy and Bliss. And that will come to us with ease and very naturally.

We can always feel the Bliss of Spirit!

Spirit is bringing us many Beloved Yin/Yang messages of the highest potential. Spirit speaks to us in all ways, in light and shadow, positive and negative ... until we learn to master all Polarity as One. What is there within the not yet seen, and how can we make it real? Only by combining the shadow with the Light we can see the whole picture. We cannot bypass things and scenarios that our Soul has in store for us, and so we are to stay fully Present and alert. The more observant the better! Our Life needs to become an artistry, a teaching tool for others who are entering into the New! Therefore it's important to stay focused on our personal desires and how we desire to create them. Two things are true. It is not all about us ... and yet it's also not all about others.

We need to find the proper balance/attunement between both, and stay connected to our Center through being centered universally as well. It is very simple to do that, and we have a lot of guidance and protection whenever we decide to claim our personal space. 

The Divine Lovers Venus and Jupiter are coming closer by the day. At the time being they are also aligning with the Moon, which is a powerful triad in our skies. They will get the closest to each other right by the time of the Capricorn Full Moon in the beginning of July. These Cosmic lovers also represent the Essence of the Beloved in their own way. As we look up the sky and watch these two Lovers coming together and embracing each other, what do they make us feel like? I first noticed their Cosmic dance when I was on my short retreat by the seaside. It made me feel very optimistic for the future and it almost felt like true Beloveds coming together through many Human counterparts around the world.

What a blessed time of Divine Reunions taking place! Let us all hold the Light of Truth for that to occur within Divine Perfection and for all those who are ready ... to walk through this beautiful Twin Gateway!

We can more deeply embrace the Twin Soul Reunion within ourselves by taking a step towards its physical embodiment each day. Each day we are becoming more Soul embodied and refined in our Essence here on Earth. Each day we can envision the Essence of the Beloved, play with it in our Heart in many creative ways and continue to ignite the Spark of the infinite and eternal Beloved that lives through each and everyone of us. Everything that we can imagine can unfold in perfect Divine timing. We can do this personally and for the collective, as we move closer into our own inner Union. The more we are balanced in our counter-polarization, the more we will feel nothing but Bliss in acknowledging this Divine Union as our true enlightened Self ... as Divine Love that we are. 

This is my Beloved grid to honor the Essence of the Beloved, the Twin Soul Union from inside out, within all and everyone!

And the painting I created on that same day! It was created on a huge canvas but finished rather fast! This painting represents the Beloveds married through the Holy Spirit, and Divine masculine and feminine as One! This sacred marriage creates the Ascension pillar of Light, the gateway into the Realms of Illumination!

I AM expanding so much in all that I do! Last weekend (during Solstice) I performed my very first spontaneous Serapina Light (TM) healing/wholing. In the New, we are each asked to develop our own healing tools and techniques, and so I AM working on perfecting my own. The sacred sounds of the Seraph (songs of our Creation Self) that come from my Angelic Self are so strong and harmonious, so we both cried a lot because it was so deeply moving and the energy so strong.

We were both in awe and I AM looking forward towards mastering this ability to source such Divine Perfection into matter! So far it's all still behind the scenes!

I will continue to perfect my Mastery in "Serapina Light" technique, so that it's available once group gatherings/retreats are set in motion!

I share more on these higher activations in this video:

I also began with Galactic signature readings, which I can only do a few a month, so stay tuned for openings! I wish to focus more on teaching You how to attune to this knowing yourself and activate yourself into a Galactic state of Being and knowing!

Here is my video about these readings:

And here is my latest video with all the updates on my upcoming changes:

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn