Do You wish to work with me?


Do You resonate with my Being and way of living through selfless service and would like to meet me in person, in the surroundings of the High Mountain Alps? Do You wish to work on expanding your Human mastery and tune into higher Cosmic nature of your Being?

I AM located in Slovenia, Europe, a village in the Julian Alps, which is a beautiful sacred space in Nature. There is a High Mountain Vortex of the New here, and I AM constantly connected with it and co-creating with the New grid templates of Divine Creation through it. We have many waterfalls, sandy beaches, meadows, hills and high Mountain peaks.

If You are ever near my area, or are thinking about taking a short trip to activate yourself, You can join me for a short Life Force Ascension retreat. You simply need to contact me and we will discuss what You wish to create for yourself and the following energy exchange. I offer trips to Nature's power places such as waterfalls, Mountain valleys and lakes, with Self empowerment guidance through Soul remembrance and Light activations.

I AM looking forward to creating group Ascension retreats/gatherings one day as well!

I AM looking forward to meeting You!